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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello YouTube Myron golden here and I Know you like this part of this video Series but you're going to love the Entire thing I invite you to go back and Watch the entire thing in sequential Order so if this is if you're jumping in The middle somewhere go back watch the First video then the second then the Third like watch these videos in Sequential order they will bless you Beyond measure The three Part Man Genesis 2 verse 7. So here's what it reads and the Lord God Formed man from the dust of the ground And so say his body And breathed into his nostrils the Breath Hebrew ruach Spirit of Life Everyone say spirit And Man became a living Soul say soul We have here in one verse the body The spirit and the soul And The soul comes into being as the result Of the spirit which is the Breath of God Entering the physical form that is Adam And if you separate the spirit from the Body what does the Bible say the body Without the spirit is dead But when the spirit is united with the

Body Then the body the person becomes a Living Soul which is best understood as Mind a living mind a living mind is the Result of a union between the spirit and The body Genesis 2 verse 7 Psalm 146 verse 4. Psalm 146 verse 4 says his breath goeth Forth in other words his breath leaves Him that's his Spirit leaves him He returns to his Earth that's his body And in that very day his thoughts perish His soul His breath leaves him his body goes to The Earth and in that day his thoughts Perish Now that's scary because If your thoughts perish Then and your spirit goes to God Then how are you going to know anything To say oh thank thank you Lord you know I'm you know how are you going to be With him this day in paradise if on the Day that you die your thoughts perish Well the suggestion is that at a Spiritual level you already know things That have not yet entered into your mind You had to have had knowledge at a Spiritual level if your physical Thoughts perish and yet you are With God All right okay let me give you another One first Thessalonians 5 23 and the Very God of Peace sanctify you holy Completely

I pray God your whole spirit and soul And body be preserved blameless unto the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ so there It is the three-part man Spirit soul and body let's say it Together spirit Soul and body First test Okay because I want you to keep these Scriptures in your memory because we're Going to go pretty pretty deep tonight How many of you can see just from those Three passages that we exist in parts we Literally exist in parts And what I want you to notice Is that there is a part of you That was created And there are parts of you That were formed Oh this is deep Genesis 1 God created But in Genesis 2 God Formed Do not confuse your Creation with your Formation Do not confuse your Creation with your Formation Because if you confuse the part of you That God created with the part of you That was formed you're going to identify With a lower version of yourself And when you identify with the lowest Version of yourself you cannot perform At the highest level

So What do I mean Creation and form let's how many Familiar with the passage in Jeremiah 1 Where God says Jeremiah before I Formed you in the belly I knew you And before you came out of the womb I Sanctified and ordained you a prophet to The Nations So that Jeremiah existed in God Before his father met his mother And the Jeremiah that God is speaking to Is the Jeremiah that he knew before he Was formed in the belly Hence God can give Jeremiah a Monumental Mission Which for Jeremiah is incompatible with His age his education his ability and Yet God is speaking to him like he was Born for this God is speaking to his higher self To who he is in essence Not what he became In form Can we go deeper Are you sure Careful what you wish for Because this is all the introduction by The way and we're just getting started Okay so each part of you is A center of Consciousness everyone say Center of consciousness Okay what that means is That through the body you are World

Conscious And each of your consciousnesses connect You with a world so through the body you Are World conscious and you can connect With the physical world that's your five Senses that allow you to connect to and Relate with the physical world because Your body is a center of Consciousness Okay so I'm going to put this down here World Through the soul you are Self-conscious And through the body you are World Conscious that word says conscious even The squiggle Like I said in the beginning for the Newcomers if you can't read my writing Join the club We have something in common these are Hieroglyphic symbols Getting back to Our Roots here Okay so I'm World conscious through my Body but I'm self-conscious through the Soul Through the mind Which is made up of two parts the Conscious and the subconscious With my conscious mind I think conscious Thoughts we are listening to each other And engaging with with each other at a Conscious level But the subconscious mind is a thought Storage system In which all your thoughts are carefully

Stored When I say all your thoughts I mean Everything you've ever been taught Everything you've ever experienced and Any environment you've ever been exposed To it is all stored neatly at a Subconscious level in your thought Storage system And what we call a memory is really the Recall of a stored thought If you want to if we want an Illustration of the power of your Subconscious here goes are you ready for This What is your phone number What did you have to do when I said Phone number You had to go in because it wasn't in Your Consciousness till I said it you Had to go into the thought storage System and retrieve it People say they have a bad memory this Is not true You have poor methods of recalling Stored information you have forgotten Nothing You haven't forgotten the smell of your First school meal

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