You Can’t Stop Destiny, So Step Into It – The Business Bishop Pt. 8

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello YouTube Myron golden here and I Know you like this part of this video Series but you're going to love the Entire thing I invite you to go back and Watch the entire thing in sequential Order so if this is if you're jumping in The middle somewhere go back watch the First video then the second then the Third like watch these videos in Sequential order they will bless you Beyond measure so she's like the Preacher Telling someone who is sociologically Disadvantaged That you are the one God has chosen to Build something monumental In terms of a business and Enterprise a Value-add system you are the one So She goes further and says I'm going to Show you how to get it You ready for this She says first of all Jacob You need To believe that you're the one Believe it I am the one I am the one I am the one God has chosen it says now you need to Act like you are the one What do you mean well the one would go Out hunt get and make soup and Everything else so you do that you start Acting like you are the one that God has Chosen

Do what the one does So she says I'll help you I'll make the Soup I'll make the soup you're going to bring It into your father because that's what The one would do You're going to act like you're the one She said but Jacob is not enough to act Like you're the one go get some fur put It on your arms because you need to feel Like you are the one Okay so you need to start acting like You're the one and then you need to feel Like you are the one Oh my gosh how many ever got that Million dollar feeling I feel I feel so You know see you know when you're about To break through because you start Feeling it You start feeling it I can feel you you Can feel it you start to feel like You're the one He says and listen your father's gonna Draw you near so you need to smell like You are the one oh my gosh you need to You need to believe you're the one act Like it feel like it and smell like it What are you doing now you're you're You're siding with the truth against the Facts He says go into your father Isaac he is Blind So he's going to feel you he's going to Smell you he's blind you know what Isaac

Represents Isaac represents principles Because principles are blind to Personalities A principle is not looking at your Personality It's blind to person It's looking For something else go before Isaac Present He presents it Isaac feels it you feel Like he saw Coming in you smell like Esau Tell me are you Esau Now here's what Jacob heard Jacob heard Are you the one that is worthy of the Birthright Are you the one that is worthy of the Blessing are you the one that God chose To inherit this role are you the one and Jacob said he didn't say I am esor he Said I am I am And Isaac released the blessing to him And God stood by it because actually The facts were against Jacob but the Truth was on his side And every now and again You have to Act like feel like Smell like and behave like you are the One God has chosen for what is next and When you're asked are you the one you Have to say I am

Because that's coming out of your Spiritual Essence is this making sense Is this good so far because once you Accept that there's a part of you that Is Godlike that is fearless that is bold That is courageous that is supremely Creative Innovative smart wise every now And again we tap into it we're like oh That was so smart I'm so glad I did that But it's almost accidental that we tap Into this greater part of ourselves and Every now and again we're in a seminar And we're reminded of who we are well It's beyond locating Your Spiritual essence It's now learning to listen Learning to listen So I feel like I've got probably like 20 Minutes right So I'm gonna go crazy in 20 minutes okay Just like I'm just gonna say crazy stuff Because I feel the Liberty to say crazy Stuff in this environment because this You know you know what the world has Seen What cities look like When Wicked people have all the money But they are yet to see what a city will Look like When godly people come on now who are Kings of their thing are using their Gifts for the service and upliftment of

Humanity They are yet to see what wealthy Believers really look like and we are The generation that God has chosen for That Whoa someone say yes we are that Generation So I'm going to share with you something That I personally did and I I needed to Do it because I needed to locate The best version of me And I needed to learn how to listen to The best part of me the part of me that God made and the part of me that is Smart The part of me that's just unique Unstoppable I had to find that person Dr Myron I've got a feeling you're gonna love This piece right I went on A 40-day Fast Now I know what's happening you're Looking at me I you're saying no you didn't Bishop You're looking at me you're saying yeah He's really speaking out of his Spiritual Essence right now [Laughter] And you're right it wasn't the food fast It wasn't the Food Fest I went on a 40-day Media fast

No news You know why Because the news Is not only a weapon of mass instruction It is a form of slave indoctrination Why because what is promoted Fundamentally Is Lack and shortage Limits as to how far you can go And uncertainty about your future And if you absorb a daily diet of lack Limitation and uncertainty you cannot Even listen to the part of you that God Made because at a soulish level you're Battling the sense of lack you start Believing the shortage in the world you Start believing there's limits as to how Far you can go and you start believing That whatever you you do it might not Work out because the future is uncertain Said cut out all the media Is making sense to anyone And by the way if you do this you will Probably never go back You will simply on a need to know basis But as a general rule you will re it Will be so liberating You will realize that actually there's a Part of you that doesn't believe in lack That doesn't believe in limitation and That doesn't see the future as uncertain And that's the part of you you're going To learn to listen to

Because you simply cannot take action in The direction of your destiny while you Are in being indoctrinated as a slave

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