You can change from your mistakes. Here’s how.

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

We could be defined by what we've done Wrong Or we can truly and you already know This but I'll talk about a little deeper We can learn from that and decide to Forgive ourselves Whatever you believe in I think you make A mistake and you keep doing it it's Like ah You make a mistake even if you make it Two or three times but finally one day You learn from it and decide to never do That again I think that's what life is You deserve a second a third a fourth a Fifth chance it's your thing in my last Relationship my ex is awesome she's a Dear friend of mine but we started that Relationship off Um I didn't work on it I didn't uh it Was a convenient relationship we laughed It was it was cool and I have to tell You I look back I didn't work to fix it I I don't know if it wasn't the Relationship wasn't there and I was Scared To tr I don't know all I know is that I'm just as responsible as her for Mistakes made I'm just as responsible for that Marriage ending in a divorce I didn't do A lot of the right things I made bad Decisions during that relationship I Heard her she hurt me she did some

Stupid stuff I did some stupid stuff We probably were never meant to be in a Relationship we're better friends now Than we were in a relationship where Kick ass co-parents our kids come first We did a child-centered divorce we are Killing it as co-parents our kids are Thriving in a set listen it's not ideal I'm not an advocate of divorce in any Way so please put that note down but This was a relationship that wasn't Going to work and we kicked ass on being Co-parents But I want to tell you I know what it's Like to feel like a failure I know what It's like to feel like Missing your kids I know what it's feel Like to feel like you're screwing them Up I know what it feels like to know That I hurt her and made some dumb Choices while we were together and and Didn't care as much as I should and Didn't listen but here's the thing I could have been defined by that I Could have also said hey I screwed up so Bad in my last relationship maybe I Should never should have happened that I Don't deserve love or love doesn't work For me or love doesn't exist in the Whole world But instead I found a way to give myself permission To be open to a second chance to be open To not giving up

To obsessing on people who had great Relationships and extracting their Knowledge to looking back at my Relationships it didn't work and figure Out what didn't work and never do it Again to look at what was working and Compound that to literally read book After book on what makes a connected Passionate intimate relationship stick How does someone at 50 60 80 years old Still hold hands love each other still Want to kiss I interviewed those people And obsessed on them I gained that Knowledge and guess what I gave myself Permission to be open to another chance I found the greatest relationship of my Life I'm not one of those fall in love Overnight I'm not girl crazy I I don't I'm not a dreamer I'm a realist at least That's what the term I'd say and I'd Figure Real Love on that deep level Maybe most people don't get it but when I lifted that and decided to go for it I Found it Literally I sat down with Tony Robbins And I wrote down all of the things that Were unacceptable in my next Relationships my next relationship and I Wrote down all the things that were a Must in my next relationship you could Do that with the current relationship You're in too I wrote them down and I Stared at him I looked at him once a

Week And I found that relationship I have a Partner for the rest of my life and I Dropped on one knee and asked her to Marry me it was the most excited I've Been in my entire life about a Relationship about getting married about Being in love it's it's brought me to a Whole nother level so why am I sharing That my personal story because I don't Want you to think I got this all Figured out you don't have to have it Figured out and it's okay if you screwed Up excuse my language if you up More than once a whole bunch of times if You let people down if you hurt someone I don't believe you're a bad person I Believe you made a bad decision We can loathe in it we could focus on What we did wrong or what other people Did wrong to us or we could say enough Is enough today is the decision I did Wrong in the past or someone did me Wrong but that is the past I'm going to Learn from those mistakes I'm going to Model somebody who's doing it right and Damn it I am bringing that into my life Zero questions When I made that decision I manifested The relationship I'm in so many people Look at Lisa and I they're like oh you Two got so lucky screw that it wasn't Look I decided who I was going to be With I wrote down who was not acceptable

I wrote down everything I was a must and Everything that was unacceptable Somebody who you know talks about the Glass half empty somebody who talks About other people someone who's not Into their health some someone who's not Sociable like all these things and I Just decided to do nothing else except That unacceptable acceptable And I brought that into my life and so Did she And I remember thinking to myself you Don't deserve another chance you had it And you blew it go get a job settle it's Like this inner villain right that I Write about in millionaire success Habits Wanted to tell me to do that but guess What somehow I found a way that I said I Deserve a second chance I deserve a Fifth chance and I learned from those Mistakes I modeled people like you're Doing right this minute that were more Successful me I realized there was no Magic money machine it was all these Little fundamentals that we teach month After month right here I started Compounding that and I'm blessed to be Here right now with you the most Successful time of my life I want to say This If you are down and out right now you Deserve a second and third chance if Your business is doing okay or you're

Getting ready to start your business or Just starting off doing okay You deserve for that to be a monster if Your business is thriving like some of You I know so many of you on here who Are crushing it it's time for your next Level you deserve this you're ready for This and if your business is crushing But your health sucks if your business Is crushing and your relationship is ah If you're more excited about being out On the road and seeing strangers that The person at home we gotta fix that seriously I was aligned in so many Parts of my life except for my Relationship and now I I can't tell you How it feels to be congruent in all Areas of my life so when we're here do I Want you to make more money a ton More give it all away if you want impact The world do I want you to have more Freedom more than anything more control Of your time yes but I'd love for you to Take all these pieces and balance each Area of your life because you deserve it [Music]

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