Why Wealth Is Easy For Some And Hard For Others

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello there YouTube Myron golden here And today I'm going to talk to you about The Divergence of wealth creation what Does that even mean it means why is it Easy for some people to create wealth And it's hard for others and that's Exactly what I'm going to talk to you About today so Um if if you look at if you want to look At success principles I believe the First success principle that we were Ever given God gave it to us in Genesis Chapter one when the first thing he ever Said to a human being it's really Fascinating to me that the scripture Says in the beginning God created the Heaven the earth now I don't know how Your mind works but when I read that I'm Thinking to myself like as soon as I Read that and I understand the Heaven And the Earth as much as I understand I Think why would he do that like why Would God create the Heavenly Earth and Um well Heaven is God's throne and Earth Is His footstool was it was he tired did He need someplace to put his feet no so So why did he do it the only answer I've Been able to come up with is God created The Heaven and the Earth because he is Creative and therefore it is his nature To create so think of the heavens and The Earth as an expression And an extension of God's creativity Right that's what that's what why did

God create the heaven well it's an Extension expression okay so that's the First thing that God tells about God is That he's creative and as I've asserted In videos in the past the reason like if You meet somebody the first thing you Tell them about yourself may not be the Most important thing about you but it's The most important thing you want them To know about you are you are you Tracking so when God introduced himself To man in Genesis 1 1 where it says in The beginning God created the Heaven and The Earth he's telling us something About himself that's important for us to Know why is it important for us to know That God created the Heavenly Earth and That God is creative why is that Important for us to know that is Important for us to know because it also Tells us in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26-27 that God created man in his own Image and after his likeness so the Reason it's important for us to know That God is creative is because he's Telling us that he created us in His Image and therefore that means he Created us to create stuff and he made Us to make stuff and by the way if you Are not living in your creative space You are not going to feel feel fulfilled In your life you're going to feel Unfulfilled if you are not creating and What's really interesting about it is

That God In His Infinite Wisdom Deposited a different aspect of his Creativity inside of all of us Right so I I I've got creativity but I Don't have the same creativity Tom has And Tom doesn't have the same creativity Patrick has and Patrick doesn't have the Same creativity Denise like we all have A different aspect and God set up in Such a way that what your creativity Lacks mine has and what mine lacks yours Has Right and so God didn't make us he Didn't make us co-dependent but he also Didn't make us independent he made us he Made us interdependent right like you You can't kill your left arm without Your right arm dying too right so Everything is here to support everything Else and so so God created us to be Creative so that's the first thing God Tells us about God the first thing God Tells about man is that he created us in His image which means he created us to Create stuff and he made us to make Stuff so that's why when we are creating Some people create music and it makes Them feel fulfilled other people create Words and it makes them feel other People use Hammers and not nails and Saws and they make furniture out of wood And that makes them feel fulfilled right So all of us have a different aspect of

God's creativity deposited inside of us Now here's the first that's the first Thing God tells us about God that's the First thing God tells us about man man Adam man Adam not ishman each would be Male and the Shah would be female in Hebrew but Adam is man like humans right So the first thing God tells us about Man is that he created us in His image Well the first thing he says to man Genesis chapter 1 verse 27 28 it says And the Lord God commanded the man and Said oh and God bless them God blessed them and said unto them be Fruitful and multiply now I love the Fact that it says and God blessed them And said unto them be fruitful multiply Why because God blessed them first which Means he gave them the capacity before He gave the command he gave the ability Before he gave the assignment so if God Tells us to do something we know we can Do the thing because he doesn't tell us To do something he hasn't already Blessed us to do can I get a witness Where are my people at all right so so I Love the fact I love the fact that when I when I have it in me to do something I know that thing that's in me to do is Something I can do now I may not be able To do it today But eventually Over time worst case scenario I can Become the person who can do the thing

Now okay so God said so God bless them And said unto them be fruitful and Multiply replenishly or subdue it and Have dominion now If we look at what God Said in the Beginning and I know I'm going to do This part really fast because I've got Other videos on this and I don't want to I don't want to go into too much time But Um one of my favorite authors is Daniel Priestley he's a British British dude British author and he wrote key person Of influence if you haven't read that Book you want to read it he wrote Um Oversubscribed one of my favorites of All times I wrote 24 Assets in the Entrepreneur Revolution those are four Books that I've written well in 24 Assets one of the assertions that Daniel Priestly makes is that income follows Assets right and the reason people who Have wealth have wealth is because they Have valuable assets they've created Valuable assets the reason people who Don't have wealth don't have wealth is Because they've not yet created valuable Assets and so some people some people Get paid for assets in real time and That's the only time they get paid and Who are those people people who sell Their time to the highest bidder like Hourly workers the only asset they have

Is the thing that they know how to do so As long as they're doing it they get Paid right well I don't want to be I Don't want to be my only asset right I Want to create some assets that don't Require my attention and my intention in Order for me to get paid I I think you Probably would desire to have the same Thing and the more ass sets we can Create and and or accumulate the more Wealth we can have I promise you if you Look around if you look around your life And you see the the things that you get Paid for And you count them if your income is low The number of assets that you have that You get paid for is a very small number Right but if you look around your life And the number of assets you get paid For are a lot then you're probably Making a lot of money why because income Follows Assets Now where do I get the Assets from I can either create them Or I can buy them acquire them right so I'm going to do one of those two things Okay so the first thing we see in Genesis chapter one God established the Platform he established a what platform So the platform is this The platform is time Space What's the other one Matter time space matter like God set That up at the very beginning of Genesis

1 when he said in the beginning God Created the Heavenly Earth for sheep Barack Elohim God that's Hebrew by the way for in Beginning God created the Heavenly Earth And when that happened God established The time space matter in the beginning Before that there was no time so now we Have time God created the heavens that Space and then the Earth that's matter Y'all tracking right okay so then God Gives the parameters And the parameters are Parameters okay the parameters are God and the Lord God command the man say Uh um and God bless them and said to Them be fruitful Be fruitful What is a fruit a fruit's living Organism whose seed is in itself and Apple has apple seeds in it Orange has Orange seeds in it right whose seed is In itself so When God said be fruitful what he's Saying is produce on the outside based On what I put on the inside now here's Why most people don't do this by the way This is the this is the Genesis of your Asset Creation your asset accumulation is be Fruitful okay that's the Genesis of your Asset accumulation what does that mean God said produce on the outside based on What I put on the inside here's why most

People don't have assets because they've Been programmed by the world system what I call the cultural hypnotic societal Mechanism to not value or trust their Creativity And because you don't value or trust Your creativity you don't use that Creativity to produce assets that income Can follow are y'all tracking okay so he Said be fruitful why because Fruitfulness is not something you do Fruitfulness fruitful is something you Become fruitful is not something you do You wouldn't say to somebody do fruitful Right and then it says and multiply well Multiply is a do You wouldn't say be multiplied that Wouldn't make any sense you say do Multiply go do multiply right so the Implied verb not stated but implied is Due multiplication is something you do So What what how do I how do I do the thing By becoming the person Right so so what's interesting is The implied verb do Presupposes that you've become the Person who can do it be fruitful then Multiply whose seed is in itself Producing outside based on what I put on The inside and multiply what's multiply Mean it means to increase right what did Warren weirsby say I don't remember Which book it was in but one of his

Books he said any fool can count the Number of seeds in an apple but only God Can count the number of apples in a seed Right and so so when we think about what God is saying when he's saying be Fruitful and multiply we're supposed to Create things that perpetuate right We're supposed to create things that can Create for us Perpetual income from that Asset be fruitful and multiply increase Which The other thing he's telling us is that Our lives as human beings are to be Progressively productive Be fruitful and multiply replenish What's replenishment it means to fill up So I'm supposed to increase and fill up The Earth that's what the scriptures Command that's the first thing God ever Said to a human so it's important for me To be fruitful producing the outside Based on what God put on the inside Multiply increase fill the Earth with That increase you know it a lot of People would have us to believe that Somehow Um like people are the worst thing that Ever happened to the to the planet right The whole the planet thing whatever Whatever that's nobody ever defines it They just talk about it right I believe That we should not pollute I believe That the scripture says clearly Thou Shalt not pollute the land in which you

Dwell okay there's there's the clear Command from God but I don't believe That the Bible like the byproduct of Anything is is free radical damage right So you can't That's that was a very scientific Explanation so like you eat food and it Turns into waste you drink water which Is good and it turns into waste you Can't produce something good without Producing a byproduct that's not good Does that make sense it's not possible Right so so human beings try to act like That cities are inorganic and I've Always been fascinated by that and I Know I'm chasing rabbits but it's a good Rabbit I I I've always been fascinated By the fact we go into the woods we see An eagle nest we say oh that's so Beautiful that's so natural we see a Beaver dam oh that's so beautiful so now We see an ant hill oh that's so Beautiful it's so natural we see a Beehive oh that's so beautiful it's so Natural so when animals use their Limited creativity to create something That makes their experience of life Better we call that natural and organic But when human beings do the same thing We call it inorganic I believe the city Of Tampa Atlanta Los Angeles New York Chicago Tokyo Etc et cetera I believe those cities are Just as organic as a beaver dam out in

The middle of the forest In the in the river in the forest Because I know you wouldn't have a Beaver dam in the forest you have to Have a river I get that part but it came Out faster than I thought about it okay So there so do multiply replenish the Earthmings with fill up the Earth subdue It which means to trample down why is he Tells trampled down that's all he's told Us to increase well because God Understands that intention follows Destruct disruption file always follows Intention so when you decide to do Something good the first thing that Shows up is something difficult that's How life works you decide to start Eating right before you feel good you Have a healing crisis you feel terrible Right You start working out you don't get Stronger first you get weaker and then You get stronger why disruption always Follows intention don't be deceived by The disruption that followed your Intention to make your life better Just check it off as part of the this is Part of the process it's part of the Pattern this is how it works right okay So he said and then subdue it and then So those are all dues do increase do Replenish or fill up the Earth and then Do trample everything that tries to stop You and then he says and then have

Dominion Now if you look at this In realm of time the purpose of time Is being the reason time exists is so That we have a platform on which to Become more than we already are that's Why time exists anything we're going to Become that we're not already is going To take time so here's my here's my best Advice to you Don't rush the washing machine let it go Through all the Cycles if you want the Clothes to get clean Right and so like like if you have a a a Standard shift stick shift five speed or Six-speed car If you stay like if you just you can't Start out in fifth gear it takes time You got to go through all the gears if You don't want to eventually tear up Your clutch or your transmission you Want to go through all the gears to get Into fifth gear or sixth gear or Whatever the gear is you want like don't Rush the washing machine take your time Getting there and give yourself more Importantly than taking your time you Don't necessarily have to take your time You can have a level of intensity but Give yourself time as you're being Intense Right instead of comparing yourself with Somebody who is already higher on the Ladder of success when they came into

The same opportunity as you and so you Think they're doing better than you Because they are better than you when They're only doing better than you Because they already had some of the Resources necessary when they came in That you didn't have when you came in So so the purpose of time is being the Purpose of space is doing the reason Time exists is for us to become the Reason space exists for us to do the Reason matter exists is for us to have So the purpose of matter is having your Desire to have a nice car and a nice House and a bank account filled with Money and to take nice vacations and to Wear nice clothes and to provide the Best life you can for your family that Desire okay I hope you're looking at my God-giving eyeballs y'all looking I'm Gonna say it now that desire came from God God gave you the desire to have more why So that you would be willing to do more And then when you bumped your head on Your inability to do and stub your toe And your lack of capacity to do you'd Finally yield to the thing he cares About the most which is becoming more And when you become more you will Automatically be able to do more which Will automatically mean you deserve to Have more that's how life works Okay

So Usually when I talk about this I talk About the fact That that this Being speaks to our identity I'm not really going to go into detail About that today because just I don't Have time okay doing speaks to our Activity And then having speaks to our property Okay now here's what I'm going to do Today I'm going to talk about I am going to talk about We're going to call this what we call These we'll call these Powers these are The powers that you have okay the power Of identity power of activity the power Property these are so we got the Platform the parameters the power and Now we are going to have what I call The presets what are the presets This is this column right here this Column over here on the right is the one That makes it so Some people Are really really Uber successful and Some people are on The Struggle Bus Every politician who has ever said and Will who will ever say I'm just going to Solve income inequality they're all Lying Anybody who ever says they're lying why Because you can't solve income

Inequality because income doesn't exist In a vacuum income is the result of Something legitimate income is the Result of something what is legitimate Income the result of it's the result of Value so you can't cure income Inequality because you can't solve value Creation inequality Right everybody's going to bring a Different level of value to the table And we're paid for the level of value That we bring to the table so some People think they're paid for the amount Of value but if you do bring a lot of Value at a lower level you still don't Make that much money So I'm not going to go into it on the Board I'm just going to tell you like in Genesis chapter 1 God also created four Levels of value and it's a principle we See all throughout scripture the lowest Level of value is implementation if You're on the implementation level you Use your muscles the resource you use to Make money is your muscles over time Right so you have a muscles or a Physical resource time is a limited Resource so you multiply a physical Resource times a limited resource it's Going to give you Lack it can't produce an infinite return It can't produce an abundant return why Because the the components are limited So the result also has to be limited are

Y'all tracking that's why people who are Hourly workers don't make that much Money because you'll never be paid Hourly based on what you are worth you Are only going to be paid hourly on what The job is worth Are y'all tracking Okay so so Implementation if you're on the Implementation level on the low end you Make minimum wage on the high end you Might make 80 000 a year but it caps out Pretty much about 80 000 a year low end Like minimum wage you're making tacos And Taco Bell flipping burgers at McDonald's high-end you're making eighty Thousand dollars a year maybe you work On exotic cars and you're an exotic car Mechanic you might make 80 000 a year Okay great What's the next level unification what's Unification unification is you use the Resource you use on that level your Management skills right on that level You're gonna make on low end 40 000 a Year on the high end you might make a Quarter of a million dollars a year low End you're managing Taco Bell high-end Your manager middle manager at Lockheed Martin or Boeing or one of those places Great you're making a quarter of a Million dollars a year but when you're Making a quarter quarter of a million Dollars a year from a company they want You to know

They know they own you they don't just Want you to know it they want you to Know they know it right can I get a Witness right you know no your kids I Don't care about your kids baseball game I ain't paying you all this money so you Can go watch your child play baseball Right okay y'all tracking okay that's The that's the second lowest level of Value the next to the highest level of Value where wealth begins to be created Is called communication The resource we use on that level is we Use our mouth we use our mind and our Mouth we use our mouth to create Messages that move the masses we have Conversations that create cash flow this Is something almost like a very small Percentage of our society has ever Learned right it's how to have Conversations to create cash flow Now there are a couple of caveats one You have to have a mouth And then two you have to be willing to Use it skillfully or to learn to use it Skillfully right so you create messages Like what do I mean I mean like authors Screen screenwriters like people who Write movie plays people who act in Movies singers songwriters these are People who create assets that they get Paid on for the rest of their life they Make the movie once they get paid on it For the rest of their life they write

The song once they get paid on it for The rest of the life they perform the Song Put it on album once they get paid On it for the rest of their life see one Of the one of the reasons if you're Struggling financially you're struggling Is because you signed up for the wrong Program there are two programs one is Called go to work go to work go to work Go to work go to work get paid go to Work go to work go to work go to work go To work get paid the other one's called Go to work get paid get paid get paid Get paid get paid go to work get paid Get paid get paid get paid get paid you Sign up for the wrong program Right because you signed up for the Program where you're going to work to Help someone else create their assets Are y'all tracking So they're you're creating assets for Somebody else and they're buying your Time from you to create that asset so They don't have to do it themselves I Mean this is how it works So so what are the presets that are Going to give us the ability to have Assets Because income follows assets so this is This is this whole long drawn out Conversation all of that was Introduction Right now we're going to get to the Point say Myron what's the point the

Point is this so it starts with mindset I promise you your mindset has more to Do with where you are in life Financially than any other thing Mindset what is mindset what is it like Everybody use the word mindset what does Mindset even mean right what does that Even mean what means your belief systems That's one thing mindset means it means The strength Of your ability To discipline your expectations What does that even mean the strength of My ability to discipline my expectation Here's what it means The better you are At only Expecting favorable outcomes To the complete Ignoring Of unfavorable outcomes The higher the level of your mindset Like people with with like great wealth Creating mindsets they have the ability To ignore impossibility And to believe that the only thing That's impossible for me is that Something will be impossible for me Are y'all tracking and so so and the Reason the reason most people have don't Have A very empowered expectation based on The discipline to just do it over and Over and over again like most people

Have no practice whatsoever in Only expecting outcomes they desire Most people only expect outcomes they Don't desire oh yeah this always happens To me oh yeah like I play golf with People and right before they get ready To roll putt they say I always miss these Why would you say that Before I get ready to roll up I don't Care how difficult it is last thing last Thought that goes through my mind Good thing I'm one of the best Putters In the world You say but Myron are you really one of The best fighters in the world as far as I know Right and see your problem is you Believe the lies people told you your Whole life about who you aren't I believe the truth about who God told Me I am my whole life So I already know that all things are Possible with him the beliefs so to Problemate whether or not I can do it The real problem is whether or not I Know how to believe I can do it Are y'all are y'all tracking and so what We have to do is we have to develop a Mindset that only gives energy to Outcomes we desire and ignores even to Our detriment sometimes Outcomes we don't desire That's it's that's not impossible to do

It's hard to do But it's so worth it like most difficult Things it's so worth it And so when you develop that as a skill When you develop mental discipline You have a mindset that can create Wealth for you Like I don't Okay for instance some people say well The author has mental has writer's block He doesn't have writer's block he just Believes the book's not going to sell How are y'all tracking right right like Like I take off like running like a Crazy person as soon as I get an idea I'm like oh yeah this is gonna be great And then I act as if it's gonna be great But what about this yeah that's just That's that's that's just that's Insignificant that doesn't matter it's a Mosquito Right and so we give so much energy to The disruption that follows Our Intention that we forget the intention That came before the disruption Am I telling the truth today and so so Mindset we have to develop a mindset we Have to develop a mindset of Conscientiousness which means I am going To become a person of my word do you Realize You realize one of the main reasons People lack confidence is because the Word confident means to confide which

Means to trust and most people don't Trust themselves or have confidence in Themselves because they've broken their Word to themselves so many times in the Past they can't believe a word they say You're going to be there and then you Don't show up and you think the only Person you let down was them but you Told yourself you are not a Conscientious person You said you're going to pay the bill But you don't pay the bill right you're Not you're you're telling yourself I am Not trustworthy well no wonder you doubt Every time you say you're going to do Something because you've lied to Yourself so many times in the past you Can't believe a word you say What we have to learn how to do the Scripture says a good man in Psalms 15 a Good man here's what it says are you all Ready sweareth to his own hurt and Changeth not What does that mean if I give you my Word even it's going to cost me money Time inconvenience pain difficulty or Whatever I'm going to do what I said I'm Going to do because the more I keep my Word the more I am being like God Okay so we have a mindset then what do We have to act so so mindset I am who God says I am and I expect what God told Me to expect because what God tells me To expect in the future in eternity is

Already done Because eternity is the forever now That's why God knows the end for me from The beginning because what's a moving Picture to us is a still shot to him Right anyway mindset we gotta have a Mindset then we have to develop the Skill set Which means what well I got to get good At a thing one of the reasons some People don't have assets you all ready Because you ain't good at nothing Did I say it too fast right Like you're just not good why because You've not dedicated yourself to an Activity enough times to create Mastery To develop mastery When you develop Mastery over time by Repeatedly practicing the same exercise Well eventually You can be good and here's what happens When you get really really good it Becomes impossible to ignore you When you become really really good People start painting wait wait what What just happened people start paying Attention to you and see see Unfortunately For most people They are legends in their own mind and Nowhere else Right and so most people they think They're better than they are you are so Much you will be so much better served

If you're working to become better than People think you are Here's what the Queen of Sheba said to Solomon Queen of Sheba said to Solomon I Heard of Your Action of your wisdom in My own country And I however I believed it not until my Eyes came and I have seen and here's What she said The half hath not been told your wisdom And your Prosperity exceeded the fame Which I heard which means what which Means it's okay for your wisdom to Precede you but it's not okay for your Wisdom and reputation to exceed you The experience of you should be better Than the reputation of you not worse Skill set And then the last one is tool set So when we had the presets for Success Are mindset skill set and tool set so We've got the platform the parameters The power the presets so here's why People don't have the mindset Because Mindset requires Perception You have to perceive it I'm going to tell you what my dad used To tell me Boy go get my mom I didn't see it no one Is so blind as you who will not see If we understand That we don't really see with our eyes

We really see with our mind and our eyes Are just one of the things that our mind Uses to see And if my mind Is blind to the possibility My eyes will be blind to the opportunity Which means like by the way that's why Some like I can look at something and See oh that's really great another People look at that that's great Wow Because I see my mind sees the possibilities my Mind doesn't miss the possibility so my Eyes don't miss the opportunities So perception you have to develop the Ability to see potential what is Potential the difference between what Something is and what it could be And one of the reasons people don't Believe they don't know how to perceive Potential is because they believe their Eyes and the scripture tells me I can't Believe my eyes because my eyes tell Lies that's why the scripture says we're Supposed to walk by faith not by sight Why doubt is created in the eyes faith Is created in the ears Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by The word of God okay perception skill Set you know what skill set comes from Skill sets hap in order for you to have The right mindset it requires perception In order for you to have the right skill

Set it requires practice You talking man you talking about me About practice yes I'm talking to you About practice I I heard this on Instagram I don't know Who said I heard some Instagram meme Amateurs practice until they get it Right Prose practice until they can't get it Wrong I want to be a pro I want to practice Till I can't get it wrong So you develop a skill set what does That mean it means Mastery what is Mastery Mastery is the ability to Execute effortlessly without the use of Conscious resources And then tool set where do we get the Tool set We have to pay we have to make a payment We have to pay for the tool sets because Other people have created tool sets that We can use with our skill set but in Order for us to get them we have to pay For it and here's what happens Most people most people have the most Resistance in their life when it comes Time to pay But I submit to you You will never be good at sales until You get good at buying why because Everything reproduces after its own kind And if you only love to get paid and you Hate to pay you're going to attract

People who only love to get paid and who Hate to pay One of the greatest things I do for my Clients is I charge them a lot of money To work with me some of you in here are My clients you know I charge a lot of Money To work with me And I'm back in the door you say that's Something you do for your clients yes Why because people who are unwilling to Pay will be unable to charge And if I buy into your belief that you Can't afford something I did not serve You I enabled you Because everything is figureoutable if I Buy into your lie that you believe that You can't afford something you're going To buy into the lie that your clients Tell you they can't afford it people Don't buy what they can afford they buy What they want And you already know it's true everybody In here has stuff in their closet we Bought before we couldn't afford it or a Car in our driveway we bought we Couldn't afford are we living in a house When we bought it we couldn't afford it But what we did we figured it out When you get this You will go from the Divergence of Wealth creation to the convergence of Wealth creation and you will Converge on

Creating wealth like you never have in Your life thanks for joining me for this Recorded video where guys make sure Y'all like comment subscribe and click The notification Bell and all the other YouTube stuff that YouTubers do when They're watching videos that they like All right peace out Cub Scouts I'm out Here

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