Why It’s So Hard For You To Get Rich

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello there Myron golden here you've Been wondering you're an entrepreneur And you're wondering why it's so hard For me to get rich why is it hard for me To make six figures why is it hard for Me to make seven figures why is it hard For me to make eight figures what just So happens that I did a video on it's Easy to get rich in fact there's never Been a time in human history when it's Been easier for average people to create Wealth than right now I'm going to tell You what the number one secret is number One secret is stop trying to make a Living in the past and make a living in The current economic era and the current Economic era that we are in I don't want To give it away but I'm going to tell You anyway the current economic era We're in is the era of Partnerships when You understand and master making money Through strategic Partnerships either With affiliate offers or presenting Other people's offers or doing joint Ventures together it's going to make Making money so much easier for you Here's what I've realized a lot of People don't like shared Revenue but I Love shared Revenue here's why because 50 of a watermelon is a lot more than a Hundred percent of a grade [Applause] [Music]

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