What Is A Brand ?

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

What is a brand and I remember I used to Hear people talk about branding before I Had one and I thought they're just Talking about Brandon because they don't Know how to sell they're just talking About branding because they don't know How to do marketing but the reality is Branding is absolutely the most Effective and Powerful method of Marketing what is a brand a brand is a Name that reminds you of a story and Ultimately if you're a client for that Brand for for that brand you see Yourselves in that story that's why Brands work that's why branding works And if you want to do something that's Really powerful for your business begin To build a brand make sure your name Associates people in their minds with a Story that they can insert themselves Into and when they insert themselves in That story it either makes them feel Better or makes them feel like other People are going to look at them in a Better light and then and only then will They want to be a part of your brand and Spread your brand message a name that Reminds you of a story you want to see Yourself in

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