What I learned from Dyslexia…

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Don't be at a an observer of your own Future be a part of it take the Uncomfortable action do the work [Music] [Applause] Know this we all have our stories right We all have our back story we all have The thing that brought us to this moment I can remember so many things in life That were a millimeter away from Derailing me right I think I remember in My 20s you know I I was running away From a childhood without money and Watching my parents get married and Divorced a lot and and some days going To school without lunch money and I had Dyslexia so I wasn't the best in school And I can remember having two voices in My head I don't know probably as young As seventh grade I can remember being in Seventh grade with Mrs Thompson who was My special ed teacher because I had Dyslexia really bad and I remember going To her classroom remember the special ed Room listen most of you walked by the Special Ed I was the kid in it I was the Kid in there and Mrs Thompson always Used to yell at me just sound it out are You dumb are you stupid just sound it Out and I can remember being in that Room having trouble reading because my Dyslexia was so bad And I can remember all the way back in Seventh grade saying to myself wow I'm

Never going to amount anything because I Don't get to be one of the smart kids I Can't read as easy as everybody else I Don't like school I feel like just not Even showing up here And then there was another part of me in Seventh grade that was like Her calling me stupid I'm gonna make More money in a day than she makes in a Year someday does anybody remember Having those two voices sometimes we Still have those voices like screw you I'm not too old I'm not too young I Don't need money I don't need education I can freaking do anything I put my mind To don't you love it when we have days Like that and then there's the other Days and go wow with this government With this craziness with this separation With this recession with this inflation With a husband that doesn't have my back When I need him to have my back with Friends that think I'm crazy maybe I Should just be lucky or fortunate for What I have don't we don't we all have That crap story those stories going on Inside of ourselves always Well I want to tell you I want to make Sure the story that tells you you're Meant for more you could be more you Could do more is the one in charge There's a difference between motivation And transformation you can go watch a Seven minute YouTube video of you know

Uh Nelson Mandela or other amazing People and you can be inspired and Motivated I want to motivate you today so I'll be Transparent I want to inspire you today I want to get you to take uncomfortable Action I want you to commit to yourself That you will not allow yourself to give Up on the man or the woman God designed You to be but I don't want to just Motivate you today I don't want to just Inspire you today I want you to have the tools to Transform today and if it sounds like I'm being a little cocky or overly Confident Maybe I am because I've been here I've I've you know I was telling you a little Bit for those who don't know my story I'm not going to go back a long story I'll just tell you I had both of those Voices and I was my parents were married And divorced nine times between the two Of them and I did move 20 times by the Time I was 19 years old and I used to go To lunch with a school without lunch Money and I remember being that kid that Said wow I guess this is just this is my Life But I also remember thinking no there's Other people who have been where I am And they've achieved achieved incredible Stuff and I'm not going to settle Because I am meant for more and if I

Want to be more I got to do more I got To have different thoughts I have to Have different capabilities I have to do Things different than my parents did I Love my parents but I had to do Something different I had to be Different and sometimes if you're on This group you are the different one in The crowd There should be everybody in your family Should be here who in here invited a Friend that probably won't show up Because they think ah you don't need That stuff I'm just going to work hard Does working hard alone get you the Dream you want You all probably work hard but we need To work the right way we need to find we Need to break through new layers we need To take new uncomfortable action gain New capabilities [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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