Weird Connection between DR. FAUCI & THE KARDASHIANS

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

[Applause] She made a sex tape [Music] He was recognized as Time magazine's 100 Most influential people in the world Ladies and gentlemen bring to the stage Miss Megan Kelly When covet hit I was in Miami they're Coming to my office we owned the Building and the police would come in And they would be like tell Mr Cardone That we it's he can't he can't be Working today so the security guy would Come tell me hey they're out here Telling you you're not supposed to be Working I said good tell them that you Told me We did this like every day like every Day two and three times a day Um how did covet impact you it Radicalized me I right can you say that again it Radicalized me I used to I'm almost embarrassed to say This out loud trust government officials Stem when it came to Public Health Advice I used to think a little bit the Same about who I went into it Open-minded on people like fauci and Rachelle wolenski both of whom I have Serious problems with today Fauci should have been fired not allowed To quietly retired I'm sorry he's a villain

Can you say that last part again he's a Villain yeah he's a villain yeah and the Way you know he's a villain and not just Somebody who was misguided is he won't Own his mistakes right if you've gone The wrong way and you bump into science That redirects you then you get Redirected and you apologize yeah yeah He's still wanting mandatory Vaccinations and masks on toddlers the Man's insane yeah [Applause] I mean that is the biggest crime that I Have witnessed in my In my 65 years it is the biggest crime I've seen compelled on mankind look at Look at this the information that just Came out today and it's not brand new But today's uh study was new talking About the suicidality amongst teenage Girls in particular but if you look at The wider population it's with boys too Just to a lesser extent it's not all Because of IT Tech Instagram I'm sorry But the Kardashians they have a lot to Do with it too Um don't even get me started [Music] I'm sorry but they are a terrible Influence on America yes She made a That's it that is not cause for Celebration but anyway and we do we do We celebrate this we celebrate this

Madness like I Kardashian the Kardashians are a force for evil in the Country she became famous because of a Sex tape that her mother reportedly sold And pimped her out on then America sort Of started signing on on Moss to their Instagram accounts and celebrating the Pictures of their butts and their Breasts they are the opposite of the Message you want your daughter to think And know which is I want people to hear Me not see me not look at me don't you Want to be heard and listened to and not Just stared at they're the opposite of Everything we should be for Eign This 10x right here [Applause] What I was gonna say is that right now With people like that dividing our Culture and so on like and and bringing Down the psyche of American girls and so On it's all related we need to be more United we need to be focused on Patriotism we would be much more Pro-immigration if the country could Still be patriotic and love what America Stands for and people would assimilate Right you can't have a country that's This fractured and that hates itself and Have masses of immigrants coming in Everybody forming their own faction That's why immigration became as Problematic as it did that plus an open

Border okay but so that's one piece of It but on the coveted piece of it Um we have these Regulators who Basically decided to shut down schools Without any thought for the well-being Of the children and now that we see the Suicidality going through the roof young Boys too killing themselves and boys Don't reach out for help boys try it First and they succeed and we shame them For when they reach out to somebody like A Jordan Peterson right because they Connect with what he's saying what do we Do we have Olivia Wilde call him an Incel and anybody who follows him in in Cell so in any event we're so messed up Because we we kick the kid to children Out of school we mandatorily backed them And mask them we refuse to let them play Basketball in the Public Square and then We act confused about why they're Depressed and don't want to go to school And don't want to see their fellow right It's like we're doing this to them there Are people like fauji who are Responsible for these policies there are Cultural breakdowns like the one I just Outlined that is causing young girls to Feel bad about themselves because they Don't have an enormous Straight out of the womb and these People don't admit that they've done Anything to themselves they're all Related

It's getting better and better man okay So So where were you on the Mast the mass Mandate I'm a hardcore anti-massacre Yeah yeah foreign [Music]

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