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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

We all need that little boost of Inspiration a little boost of motivation Inspiration transformation whatever you Need to keep the momentum alive to be Disturbed Within action to not fall back In complacency not let that inner Self-doubt stop you this is our culture Of progress a culture of taking Uncomfortable actions that's the only Way to get to our dreams our goals our Desires our outcomes it's scary but it's Worth it [Music] Me [Applause] So today I was thinking what could I Share I'm in Florida because yesterday I Spoke at Unleash the Power Within the Only live one uh that Tony does here I Should say only one in person the Virtual ones are amazing but the person The in person is just equally incredible And I got to speak yesterday I spoke at The last I don't know 15 of them Um and it's so amazing if you were there I hope I had the chance to see you know Hope you had the chance to see and be a Part of it Um so what is my message today You know sometimes you just forget The journey in life You forget what is possible And I I want to share this so maybe Today is not so tactical not so

Strategic but maybe it gives you Opportunity to see that your dreams are Absolutely attainable if we don't stop If we persist until we succeed if we Don't give up on us if we don't settle If we don't tuck our Dreams Away You know 25 years ago I ordered Tony's Course off of an infomercial I bought All of it I bought his course power talk And every upsell possible I bought uh Um no personal power I bought power Talking all the other ones right And that course fundamentally shifted my Life that's a fact that that's not Hyperbole that's a fact I I not only Changed some things about me because of The personal development side but I also Realized oh my God Tony sold me Information it impacted my life I want To be in this business it truly was the Turning point in my life hopefully you Know he gave me the spark hopefully we Give you the spark and and you get to Feel that same thing right But this morning as I'm taking a walk And the reason I'm I'm sharing this While I'm walking Is what something else happened 20 Something years ago when I got that I Wrote in my journal at the time someday I wanted to meet Tony thank Tony and Partner with Tony I even wrote down I Want to speak on a stage with him Someday

That was 20 something years ago And now sometimes you not take it for Granted but you forget You forget I'm gonna sneak over here so I'm not in the road you forget What's possible when I said that I owned A collision shop A used car dealership I probably had About 15 Apartments I was building a Couple uh starting to build some houses I was driving a tow truck at night and I Said I am going to be partners with Tony Robbins and speak on the stage it did Not seem feasible at all statistics Would say I was an idiotic dreamer as Probably most family people in my family Thought now I'm not saying this to brag Please know that if you know anything About me you know that's not my goal Here it's to inspire But when I said that there was no proof That could happen there wasn't even the Slightest bit of evidence that could Happen I didn't have a following I Didn't know Tony I lived in a tiny town I didn't have a college education I Didn't have all the money I didn't have Notoriety nobody knew my name I had dirt Under my fingernails every day because I Was fixing cars And I just want to give you the Opportunity to Talk about helicopter going over

Um I want to give you the opportunity To just train from it Fast forward not only I get the pleasure To speak to 12 000 amazing humans Yesterday and hopefully impact their Lives and partners with Tony and Multiple companies I get to help run his Baby company we get to impact lives Through Mastermind this is our Brainchild we get to talk every single Day of Our Lives if you would have asked Me 25 years ago you could meet anybody In the world it would have been Tony Because of what he did for me not a Celebrity not with Tony So what's possible for you if you Persist until you succeed what dreams do You have that everybody else tells you Is too far off what dreams do you tell Yourself and in the other voice the Millimeter apart goes that's not for us We'll never make it we don't have a Following we're not great on camera we Don't have like all these things that Come into play because the statistics Say you can't Life says that's not possible but that's Not true So today if nothing else first off I Want to say thanks for being here thanks For staying connected whether you're Watching live or replay there's a Million things you could be doing you're Here secondly don't dare give up on you

Third persist until you succeed four Take uncomfortable action but number Five I would love for you to be bold Enough To below post what's one of your big Audacious goals if you would have asked Me 20 something years ago I would have Said meeting Tony Robbins being his Partner and speaking on a stage Everybody would have laughed Nobody's laughing now and I'm not Laughing at you you have my heart you Have my soul you have the connection of This team and I know sometimes dreams Can seem so far away and some days it's Easier just to say I should just settle I get that I've been there a million Times the two voices saying you're not That you can't do it why would you try In the other voice that says you are Meant for more don't you dare give up And I'm telling you you are meant for More don't you dare give up we are here [Music] Thank you

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