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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

I want to talk about things That if they take away your confidence Let's identify them And let's do less of them right and then We're going to identify some things that Build your confidence and what are we Going to do with those Four of them [Music] [Applause] Right I don't I don't simplify things but sometimes we Kind of do that Einstein thing the Definition of insanity same thing over And over expecting a different result There's things that Rob our confidence And I want to talk about outside Influences they rob our confidence Confidence put us in a bad state We don't take action because of it but We go ahead and do it the next day over And over again Can that be true Could that possibly be true so let's Talk about some outside influences that Could Rob your confidence we all agree Can we agree that higher confidence can You can achieve higher success can we All agree Is there anybody that doesn't believe That Is there some people that just never Raise their hand right So if outs if confidence if low

Confidence will stop us from having the Success we want and high confidence can Get us to jump out of the plane and grow Wings on the way down What are some things that take away your Confidence I'm not going to do through All of them there we go coach Danielle How about the news There's news Raise your confidence or lower your Confidence up or down give me an up or Down Right have any of you watched the news In the last six months and say to Yourself damn things are growing in a Great Direction I feel amazing God our Country our world we're in a really good Spot honey if you missed the news you Should watch it tonight it's so Inspirational no if you watch the news Right now tell me you don't get mad I Don't care if you watch conservative News or liberal news you got to be Pissed off true Right so if it pisses you off and it Makes you feel insecure But you do it again tomorrow and you do It again the next day that is one of Those things that you are doing that Frustrates you that lowers your Confidence Stopping you from taking that Uncomfortable action but you're doing it Anyway

Here's a revolutionary idea Go on a two-week news diet not an ounce Of it don't read it don't watch it don't Listen to if your friends start talking About go I'm on a two-week news day See what it's like I know some of you Got to go through a little withdrawal See what it's like to go two weeks with Zero influence on the outside because The only way we get to change the world Anyway no one's coming to save us it Doesn't matter if you like the last President or hate them or you like the New president or hate them wherever you Live in the world or the next one if you Love them or hate them none of them are Fixing our excuse my language none Of them are coming to fix us so if They're not coming to fix it why the Hell are we letting that outside Influence dictate how we feel when if we Want to change So what outside influences are robbing Your confidence Number two Unqualified people For some reason we are looking for Edification we are looking for Permission for people that are Unqualified to give us that permission What the hell is that like if you have a Husband who doesn't believe in what you Believe we're just always working to get Him to give us a pat on the back God

Gave you this Vision the universe gave You this Vision not him not your friends But for some reason you're looking for This come on just say add a girl go do It you may never get it and when we look For it and we don't get it it robs our Confidence I just wish they'd have my back maybe They won't The best definition I've ever heard of Um who is it the best I think it was Frank Sinatra said the best revenge is Success I don't mean you want to get Revenge against someone who doesn't Believe in you but don't tell them what You're going to do show them what you've Done greatest lesson my grandmother Taught me she taught me that when I was Really little she goes don't ever tell Anybody what you're going to do just do It they'll find out How cool is that like just do it they'll Find out right so don't ask for Permission the only person that needs to Give you permission to build your Confidence is the person you see in the Mirror when you're brushing your teeth So stop looking for unqualified people To give you a pat on the back and add a Boy add a girl it's you Okay Number three What do you guys think is the most Expensive advice in the world bad and

Free advice but you have to remember it We're asking our broke friend about our New business we're asking our single Friend about our relationships Come on we're asking the negative person You already know some of the people you Ask advice You already know what they're going to Say You already know what they're going to Say Amy flux I see you shaking your head You already know they're going to tell You ah you're crazy you should ready for This one Amy you should be happy with What you have You already know if you asked the right Person that's exactly what they're going To tell you so what the hell are we Looking for the most costly advice in The world is bad advice Listen I told this story before but we Have so many new people here today Um Okay my parents I love them dearly and My parents are really good at getting Married but they're exceptional at Getting divorced my parents between the Two of them were married nine times my Mom five my dad four And my dad's single my mom lost her Husband Um I love them more than life but the fact Of the matter is I do not ask them

Relationship advice because they only Know how to do it wrong I'm just being honest that sounds you Might be thinking you're a horrible son No they just screw that crap up every Single time and my father refuses to be He just brings the same old dude to the Next relationship I'm like that's about 18 months I could watch it on the clock Like time because he's bringing the same Dude so how could I get advice from him When he knows how to do it wrong Sometimes you think let me ask somebody Who tried and failed no because they're Jaded and they only know how to do it Wrong someone who's tried failed and Then succeeded in a big way hell yes But not someone who's just failed Because they don't know the other side Of the spectrum my sister does that Right I get it David my sister did too So there are just a few things oh here's Another outside influence that'll Crush You comparison Today in social media we start going Online and going oh they're happier they They're faster they're younger they're Quicker they understand technology we Have no idea what's going on in people's Lives social media could be some of the Fakest crap you've ever seen in your Life somebody take 72 pictures with 14 Different filters to make everything Look perfect and they get done and they

Kick their dog and yell at their spouse Like you don't know what's going on Behind people's doors so don't compare Yourself to anyone else Compare yourself to who you were last Week That's who we have to compare ourselves We just have to make progress progress Internally we just have to look back and Go I was pretty cool a year ago but I'm Freaking better now I was scared a month Ago I'm less scared today I didn't Understand my DOT three months ago I Know what the hell that is now Right all we have to do is be a better Version of ourselves today than we were Last week that's the only person to Compared to so with that simple analogy I started to if things Rob our Confidence like the news and unqualified People and bad advice in comparison what Should we do it's a trick question what Should we do with those less ditch them Get rid of them right sounds so simple But if you don't remind yourself in a Month from now a week from now you're Going to be watching the news asking Your sister comparing yourself to Someone online going why the hell is any Of this working for me I should just Quit like that's just the way it goes so What do we have to do we have to stay Engaged stay engaged in this community Stay engaged in the Facebook group find

People that's that light you up read Books that Empower you don't look at the News find the when you don't not look at The news listen to a Wayne Dyer book not Looking at the news find something that Inspires you not looking at the news go In and do schedule an inner circle once A week for the next two months instead Of your news you're dying to watch the News tomorrow night go grab the inner Circle from three months ago It'll blow you away go watch a module Inside the course do something other Than what you were doing that robs your Confidence And do something that empowers your Confidence that's the kind of things we Have to do guys we have to just do more Of the things that Empower our Confidence and less of the things that Don't pretty simple so that's number one Outside influences you guys get it more Of the stuff that empowers you less of The stuff that doesn't go on a news diet Try it Number two Inside influences oh they're just as Powerful right who in here has ever used The word to a friend or internally that Self-doubt or imposter syndrome who's Ever used any of those terms in your Life like I don't have a following Who Would know me who would buy from me I'm Not that that internal talk that's

Already cost you way too much in your Life self-doubt imposter syndrome how do We Crush that Well one thing I want you to think about Is When you think of your own value I've Asked this question a million times I'm Going to ask it again just to think About it what would it be worth if you Could go spend a day A whole day With your 18 year old self What would that be worth to give your 18 Year old self-advice To say what you should do in Relationships in business and life right Look at all the what would that be worth Just think of that little mo like think Would you what advice would you give Like about relationships oh my God don't Jump into the first thing or don't let That one pass right or oh when it comes To work I know you went to school and You have this debt but follow your heart Because you could do anything you put Your mind to or I don't know what the Advice is but you do look at this coming I bet if we spend enough time on it I See Mary you shaking your head you could Go back and cry thinking about what you Would love to tell you grab your 18 year Old self by the shoulders just just stop It listen to me right That's how valuable you are

That's how valuable you are you're Saying Priceless everything you are Priceless you are everything and you Have a message that valuable to someone Else But here's what I want to tell you the Part that we have to kill at a high Level Is you have already missed opportunities In your life Because of that limiting belief because Of that story because of that voice is That true Right I was gonna do it but ah I didn't Have the money at the time I was going To do it but you know that's that's for Dudes girls don't go into that market I Was going to do it but my mom said I was Crazy my spouse didn't believe in me Though that story hurts now How bad do you think it'll feel when You're 97 years old and at the end of Your life We got to get Leverage We got to get leveraged today to not let That crappy story not let that inner Self-doubt because here's what I would Say as an exercise And you could do this later but what has Self-doubt imposter syndrome fear Whatever you want to call it it's all Fear What has it already cost you What's it already cost you

What has self-doubt imposter syndrome or Fear already cost you Everything Freedom time billions money Freedom my dreams 10 years 10 years feel Oh my God I just got emotional thinking About that It's cost you 10 years Right everything So I want you to look at this in a Different way today If you know it's already cost you money It's already cost you 10 years it's cost You Freedom it's cost time it's cost so Many things stress it's already cost you That You kind of already know the enemy don't You You already know the thought you already Know listen when you guys get on the Edge of going all in on doing a part of Mastermind and going in and creating a Course a workshop a mastermind you're Going all In You Know The Enemy is going To show up and be like we're too old for This your husband doesn't believe in you You're too young there's a million Things you already know yours it's you Know the enemy's coming Is that true we already know the story's Coming so if you know the story's coming It'd be like if you're an army And you already fought an army like 10 Times and then you had a scout ride in And say hey the Army is three months

Away they're coming you could fortify The camp you could build up the Army you Could do whatever it takes to be ready You don't have to say oh it's three Months away Let's ignore it and then one Morning you're like oh my God the Army's On our front door you already know it You can identify it and you could start Building a fortress to not let that Story that that horrible belief that Thing that's already cost you too much You don't have to let it in again you Can make the decision that I am stronger Than this story Because what's stronger letting that Story stop you again uh you know Dean And Tony they're it's cool and I like it And it's a great Community I really Enjoyed everything so far but I'm gonna Quit like seriously let's just be honest Some of you are gonna be like I love This Inner Circle was amazing this was Amazing the challenge was amazing this Was amazing but I don't think it's gonna Work for me sorry that's just a Story that's already cost you way too Much in the past and you're letting it Win again How many times are you gonna let it win You already know the enemy so start Fortifying start shifting start changing That story because I could tell you Right now as bad as it feels right now Amplify at times a thousand when we're

At the end of our lives and you realize You played small You let some crappy little belief some Crappy little story that you're afraid Of putting yourself out there you're Afraid because you're an introvert You're afraid because your family Members would know you want to do Something different there's something That seems big today and at the end of Your life it'll seem like a pimple that You should have said at the end of your Life who would literally beg and plead To go over and do it again and say oh I Could give two craps about that now Please can I go back we don't get a Do-over We don't get a do-over so are you going To let that inner self-doubt because Stop you and and for those of you that Were a part of the challenge and almost All of you were I told that story about When I took that walk and said should I Go into this industry or not I don't know if you remember that I I Wasn't that wasn't made up that that's a Walk we've all been on whether it's a Walk a talk a shower conversation of do I go for I I know I'm meant for more I could be More I could do more it's uncomfortable It's scary it's unknown but damn it I Can do it and on the other side is the Voice of you should be happy where you

Are why are you always pushing the Envelope why can't you just be satisfied You're too old for that get you young For that you live in the wrong area You're not that great with technology Those two voices are a millimeter apart Just like the old story of the two Wolves which one are you gonna fuel The Unstoppable you Are the one that lives with regret That's a choice we get to make all the Time guys I only can share this because I go Through it every day I have to think About these things every day it's like The gym remember that's why I started Inner Circle I started Inner Circle Because I know we need this all the time Who can't wait to be on next month right I'll have another topic next month That'll get us back on track right we do Weekly every why do you think I go live Every Monday in the Facebook group for You guys every one of you if you're on Here you have access to the Facebook Group if you don't know I go live every Monday 10 15 minutes just to jump start The week because I know how easy it is To fall back in the old you and if you Love the old you exactly the way it was You wouldn't be here you'd be doing that So we have to stay engaged we have to Stay plugged in So what inside influences

Do you need the shift And can you do it Through some routines What routine or habit however you want To call it a routine or a habit What routine or habit could you shift I don't know when you wake up in the Morning and the first thing you do is Roll over and look at your phone And you see maybe a bad email or a weird Text Or you get sucked into social media and Like oh I'm just gonna look for a minute And then all of a sudden you look it's Like oh my God 27 minutes went by where Did I just go looking at stupid crap Right and then you're like running a Little late and you you missed going to The gym you mistake a routine like is There a routine that you could start Doing can you say hey I'm spending an Hour a day Inside Look at listening to Tony Robbins Listening to anything that empowers you A certain podcast that you love going Through the modules in the course being In Mastermind looking through the inner Circles watching Monday trainings I Don't know is there something you can do As a routine find the best book of your Life and when you wake up in the morning Before you look at anything you open the Book and you read just two chapters

Or you listen to something or you Practice gratitude or you pray to God Or you drink a green drink or you take a Walk or you go to the gym there are Things that we can do that start to Shift routines and give us confidence in A new way I've used this terminology for a long Time I want to set my day up for offense Not defense Think about that when our confidence is Down I believe we play defense Right just wait for the to go wrong And I'll fix it I'll take care of that What's going on with the kids what's Going on with the family what's going on With the husband the wife the business I'll just fix it I'm the fixer who in Here considers themselves a fixer Raise your hand if you consider Yourselves a fixer I am and that's great You're a fixer but when's the last time You had thoughts of being proactive Instead of playing goalie you were out Front getting ready to score a goal that You're seeing where the world was going Doing something Innovative doing Something new Breaking patterns Sometimes we get stuck in Fix-It mode And though you might be great at it and You need that in business you also need Offense you need creativity you need to Be out front trying to score goals how Do we set our day up for offense how do

I set our dip for confidence I don't Know what you can do but you should find Something I'll tell you what I do I wake Up in the morning and I immediately Think of a win that I had the day before I've just trained my brain to do this I'm like what was something that Happened yesterday it could be something Personal like hey that that ride with my Daughter on her way to softball practice God she opened up to me so much God I Must be doing a good job as a dad that's A win right or being at my son's flag Football and he scores a touchdown and The first place he looks is me watching I'm like damn good I'm that I'm here Right now damn it I'm so glad I'm here That's a win or it could be I had a Kick-ass Inner Circle I watched Everybody being engaged or I wrote two Chapters in my book or I created a new Course I had a great conversation with Tony or we're starting a new company I Just think of what's a win from Yesterday and then what's a win I'd like to have today Right that's simple that's like five Seconds 20 seconds maybe a minute right And then for me I get up and I go drink A green drink I've been drinking a green Drink for like 20 years I just drink a Scoop of green powder sometimes apple Cider vinegar a little lemon I just do a

Green drink and I pack because I feel Like I I nourish my soul I help alkalize My body and nourish my soul and then I Immediately right now my routine as soon As I do that I immediately go take a Walk I take about a mile and a half loop I walk I think I pray sometimes I shoot Videos You'll see one of my Instagram that I Shot this morning right and then I come Back and I work out for about 45 minutes And then I go do a morning routine with My kids If I do that I am empowered there is nothing that can Mess up my day I've been doing this for a long time There are some days I wake up I'm like Let me just check that one email and Then I get sucked into something else And sucked into something else and Sucked into something else and then I Walk into the gym and I sit on the bench And I go let me just finish this one Email and then I'm like oh my God an Hour went by I can't work out I race Into the other room I didn't work out I Got sucked into emails I'm in defense Mode I'm scrambled to get my kids ready And to get them to school it's just a Routine that I love to do I drop them Off frazzled And my whole day is set up for defense Confidence is down you just set your day

Up for kind of a crappy day So as far as inside influences are there Subtle little shifts in your routines That you can do that help you fuel the Millimeter over here of the Unstoppable Year that you could do anything you want That you'll be Innovative that you'll be Creative that you'll take a step in the New Direction you got this you feel Amazing you don't have to model your Husband your wife your friends your Family you could be you you could do you You could look in the mirror and give Yourself permission fuel that guy fuel That woman right so what do we have to Do subtle shifts right discipline cold Showers Heather meditation whatever it Is for you I tried meditating for years That's my walk I can't meditate sorry There's some of you when you build your Meditation course I'll probably buy it Because I buy meditation courses all the Time I found my closest thing is my my Mile walk and I I try to let my it's Just my gig right But some of you meditation is it some of You it's yoga some of you it's a walk Some of you it's praying some of you It's going to church find your gig to Fire you up in the morning to set your Day up for offense which equals Confidence you guys feeling this So the first one First one is

Watch the outside influences the second One is inside influences Watch that story Third one This is this is a huge one Stop Working or focusing on your weaknesses Stop focusing on your weaknesses You guys want to put that in the chat Write it in your Journal I think it is the biggest lie we've ever Been told growing up is that we need to Get better at what we're not good at Biggest Croc of Do do okay I didn't swear that's ever Existed Raise your hand if you know you're not Good at something Okay Do you guys feel amazing when you work Is your confidence High when you work on Something you're not good at Right think about that I suck at reading I still I have dyslexia I can't read I Didn't read a book by the time I was 25 I had not read one book in my life true Story I did not read one book I couldn't I have a form of Dyslexia where it's so Hard to stay like my eyes go faster than The words and they just don't set in and I can't spell so I hate writing and and It was brutal getting through school and I couldn't wait to get out of school I

Didn't go to college in 12th grade I got Out of school at 11 15. I took math gym And one other credit and I was at work Working on cars by 11 45 I was at work In 12th grade because I just thought I Was the dumbest guy alive because I Couldn't read and I had dyslexia and I Remember Miss Thompson in seventh grade I still remember Miss Thompson calling Me stupid and dumb and just telling me To sound it out and I'll never amount to Anything Um yeah I'm gonna suck for her now Um anyway right uh The whole point is I was focusing on That and how cool is it at 25 27 years Old I discovered audio and I can listen To a whole book I listen to a book A Week sometimes a book a month definitely Sometimes a book a week I can listen to A book and remember the entire thing I Can recite some of it so I wasn't so Good at reading and remembering But I can listen or watch oh I retain it Forever I wasn't dumb I just needed a different Category I just I needed a different Learning modality right so but what Happens in life without us realizing is We focus on what we're not good at and We focus and all we do is get okay it's Something we originally sucked at rather The secret is get amazing at what you're Already good at and pay someone to do

The rest eventually That's the secret to success When you start you got to do all of it Sunny Carol just being honest Rika when you start You got to do all of it yourself But as you gain success what you got to Start doing is stop doing the things That don't Empower you that you're not Good at or you don't like get better at What you're good at make more money from That and pay people to do the other Pieces or barter with people I want to give you a story Um Two actually Ned Hollowell is a been on Oprah five or Six times she called him the world's Leading add doctor he's written his Harvard trained he's a Harvard Professor He's written multiple books on it And helps kids with ADD and I had the Chance to meet him became friends with Him and I asked them about add and he Said add it's a gift He said just think it's you're born with A Ferrari engine but bicycle brakes And he's like all I do is I help people Get better breaks and when you do you Can go faster with that Ferrari right so I said well how do you how do you help Um How do you help kids and people with ADD So he gave me this story I'm gonna tell

You the exact story he said let's take Johnny for example Johnny's in class and The teacher tells him to read this book And Johnny's trying to read and he's not He's not paying attention he can't focus And he's just like I said read that book Johnny get it done you're not leaving This room till you read that and all of A sudden Johnny can't take it he goes From a tapping foot now he's running Around the classroom so now he goes from Add the little guy's got ADHD because He's hyper He's like To me he just lost his confidence Johnny's having trouble reading and he Wants him to do something he's not good At he said here's how my I do I get with Johnny's teachers and his parents and I Find out what Johnny's good at maybe He's good at math maybe he's good at Art Maybe he's good at video games maybe He's good at a certain sport I got Goosebumps thinking about this he said Then we rally around Johnny and we help Him get great at the thing he's already Good at he's good at math let's get him Great at math he's good at Art let's get Him great at Art he goes you spend the Time to get Johnny great at one thing His confidence goes up you fat look I Don't know if you can see the Goosebumps On my face he goes you fast forward six Months or a year

Johnny's reading the book because he's a Confident young man So how important is confidence Ned Hollowell considered the number one World's leading add doctor helps cure Adults and children with ADD With confidence To Hell who would ever thought of that Right I'll tell you another story I had a I used to in the self-education industry As many of you might know I used to Teach real estate education and I had a High level Mastermind and it was only For people that were doing multiple Deals a month and it wasn't how to get In your first deal I taught people how To do their first deal but then people That were doing deal after deal I've Done several thousand real estate deals In my life we had a high-end Mastermind To help them go faster and do more deals And there was a gentleman named Tom he Was probably 65 years old at the time And I was going down the room and I said What's the number one thing holding you Back and I was just trying to get a feel Of where everybody was to go from four Deals a month to eight or eight to Twenty or Twenty to fifty I got to Tom I Said what's holding you back man He said now you got to realize Tom had Already done about 15 deals and he was Averaging about fifteen thousand dollars

A deal so he's doing really well right So at the time what's holding you back He's like ah I'm a slob I'm so sloppy he's like I'm So unorganized I could clean my car a Day later it's true I can clean my home Office and there's stuff all over I Don't know where my paperwork is and I You know what I got to do this is how Long ago it was he goes I gotta go to Office Max get a filing cabinet I want To get an organization system and color Code it and put my bills on this stuff And I want to get organized and I said I Listen to him I said Tom I said Can I be honest with you You're going to be a slob and Disorganized your whole life you're 65 Dude give it up a never happened right And I remember him look at me like I get I don't even know what it was at the Time forty thousand dollar master I was A high level Mastermind I'm picturing You saying like really I gave this guy Money to insult me and I said to him Dude I can't believe you see that in yourself You didn't talk about the deals that You've done you talked about the one Insecurity that you've been holding on To I said Did your mom tell you you were Unorganized and sloppy he said yeah And I said all about teachers like oh

Yeah I said how about your wife and he Got a little emotion he's like Yeah A lot I said well if your mom didn't get you To switch and your teachers didn't get You to switch and the woman in your Dreams because he was always bragging About his wife didn't get you to switch Dude you're gonna be a slob and Unorganized for the rest of your life And who gives a exactly what I said To him who cares who cares Tom you're Making fifteen thousand dollars a deal You are amazing at finding deals he was A communicator he'd go knock on doors And talk to people and help him move and He literally when they moved out he'd go There with his truck and help him move And while they're moving he's like You're so sweet my cousin needs to sell My brother needs to sell and he was just Compounding because he was such a sweet Man this guy was an amazing Communicator Making amazing money doing all those Things and the thing he brings up is He's got to go to Office Max and Organize You know what I told him I said Tom what If you got better at finding one extra Deal I said you're averaging 15 000 a Deal what if you Got better at that do you think you Could do two extra deals a year if you

Got better at finding them fixing them Flipping he's like Course I could I could probably do one Extra a month still didn't trigger in His mind right he's like yeah I'm like Tell me some of the things you're doing Oh I advertise like this and then he got Excited I talk like this I do this I do This could you do that I'm like oh I Could get better at that oh yeah I could Send out twice as many I could talk to Twice as many people oh I could double My deals I said okay so if you did two Extra deals a year that's thirty Thousand Do you think you could pay someone Thirty thousand dollars a year to Organize your life And he got tears in his eyes he Literally stopped I remember this day It's why I'm telling the story sat there He went Why didn't I think about this sooner And I watched him let go 65 years of Thinking he was this slob unorganized Guy to realizing he was a badass that Just wasn't good in one thing I'm never Going to be good at spelling or reading I cannot if I write something in word Doc every third word is lit up and most The time the word doc or the Google Doc Can't figure out what I'm trying to Spell literally I gotta say it in my Phone I literally record it in my phone

So it spells it and then I type it out I'm never going to be good at selling Nor do I give a crap I don't care I'm a Multiple New York Times best-selling Author and I kill State can't spell Because I just hire an Editor to clean Up my Excuse me my language today I'm just in A mood right But I watched Tom drop 60 years off his Back of feeling like this unorganized Slob when he realized I'm amazing at This and here's the cool part I never Talked to him again if that was our last Meeting and he left he hugged me and Hugged me he's like I can't believe this Why didn't I think about that the last Piece and this is really quick Stay connected Stay in community Stay in a group like this support each Other Don't give up on you Don't have to be out there doing it on Your own there's plenty of things out There there's outside influences there's Inside influences there's self-doubt There's working on your weaknesses all Those things are out there But in here We get to focus on who we can become we Get to fuel the right wolf that internal Wolf we get to fuel the opposite of Self-doubt we get to fuel that inner

Hero We get to lean on each other we get to Take in information The biggest thing that could stop you is The self-doubt the lack of confidence so What I'd say is learn from those that Have already been there and have Succeeded and are playing the game at The highest level if it's in this space You're at the right if it's in the Self-education industry you're in the Right place Tony and I have 65 years Be around people who care and have Capabilities that's this amazing Community that if you guys are new You're going to fall in love with this Community stay inside the Facebook group Go through the inner circles show up Here live every month show up on every Training you could possibly do if you Can't be there live promise yourself You'll watch it within 48 hours while It's fresh we have to make shifts we Have to take uncomfortable action if you Keep doing what you did yesterday you Will have the same thing tomorrow if you Want a different tomorrow you have to do Something different today to have a Different next year it starts right this Very moment of committing and saying I'm In I don't know where this is going to Lead me but I'm not giving up on me I'm Not bouncing out I'm staying in Community I'm staying connected

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