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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Instead of looking through the dust Cloud of what could happen Let's pretend it's a year from now and We're looking backwards [Music] So many times in life because of this Thing right this this phone that's in All of our pockets we are so connected To everything everything is in the Moment right people can text you and Email you and call you it's it's so in Your face that I think it's the busiest We've ever been and our brains don't Even have time to set goals in the way We used to Because we're just trying to get through The day like some of us are like I just Want to make it through the night your Head hits the pillar you're like oh I Made it out alive I got another day Right it's hard it's got this it's like A dust cloud around us and we're Expecting to set goals when we can't Even see two feet in front of us So I like to do it a little differently And this is how I set my compelling Future let's call it a compelling future Not just goals for the next 12 months Let's talk about our compelling future I like to pretend It's one year from today And instead of us looking through the Dust cloud stay with me a minute I know This might sound a little hokey but

Instead of looking through the dust Cloud of what could happen Let's pretend it's a year from now and We're looking backwards And let's pretend It was the best year of your life What would have to happen in your life For it to be the best year of your life In your career or your income or your Business or your relationships or love Or health or joy and I don't want you Your brain's going to go oh I would love For this happen no no no I want you to Trick your brain I want you to focus it and live it Positive Focus as if it already happened Take a moment and really visualize How my my coaching business is launched I'm coaching I'm coaching a hundred Different people A hundred different people are giving me A thousand dollars each I coach them Monthly and I'm transforming their lives I get to help them through that trouble That I figured out in my life They send me thank you cards they're so Excited that I get to be with them every Single month and transform their life It's filled my soul And I I get to work from anywhere I want With this laptop and I can't believe This became real in my life I can't believe I get to coach people For a living that I get to make more do

More be more well simultaneously serving And living into my full potential God And I love the fact that I get to make a Hundred thousand dollars a year just Just by serving That's different than saying I hope to Make a hundred thousand dollars a year Right So I I'm not trying to oversimplify this but I want to tell you this has been one of The biggest game changers in my life is When I can project myself a year from Now and I'm looking back right I I Our relationship has our intimacy back I Can't believe when I walk through the Door the way he looks at me is the way He used to look at me 15 20 years ago I Can't believe that's it's so it gives me Butterflies when he looks in my eyes it Makes me feel like the man I used to be When my wife looks at me and I know she Knows I have her back I have her back in A way that I haven't had her back in so Long and she deserved that she's come Alive I see the fire in her eyes God it feels so amazing and you just Write this down When it comes to your health I can't Believe I look in the mirror there's me There she is God I love the way you look You're at the ideal weight you want to Be not someone else's weight your ideal Weight

This is different than writing down 100 Grand a year getting the best shape ever Uh you know make more money buy the House Everybody does that and all of them fall What I want to share with you is We have the opportunity To pretend it's a year from now and We're looking backwards yeah I wrote the Book you can even sue you said my book Is written great your book is done take It one step further my book is done and There's people all over the world with My book in their hands And they're reading it and they're on Chapter six and they get that story I Never told anybody except what I wrote In this book and god it feels good when They hit me up on social media and tell Me about chapter six the more we Visualize the more we have a positive Focus on it the more it's not just this Dream it's our reality that we just Haven't got to yet When we can when we can see it in our Head Eventually we could hold it and see it Because it's real So I'd love for you to shift this whole Goals process thing and turn it into a Compelling future and put yourself in That spot You could sit and say God I haven't Laughed again

Hear me on this I know this might sound Subtle and some of you are probably like Get to the point Dean here's the point You could say I can't wait to laugh and Smile more in the next 12 months Or you could close your eyes and go oh I'll so goddamn much now it's ridiculous People think there's something wrong With me I smile so much Oh my god when people I'm so full of joy I'm so full abundance I feel so Connected to other people I love living In my full potential but I love that I Smile more than I ever have people think I'm up to something I'm smiling so much That's different than saying I'm gonna Smile more put yourself in this spot of Saying it's the best year of my life and I smile so damn much people think I'm up To something When you start visualizing that You start crafting what that means to You and that's where you get your goals You start visualizing the best year of Your life with your career and your Income or your health and your Relationships and your joy Allow yourself to think allow yourself To be there see it crystal clear And that's how you craft a compelling Future because when you know where you Are The next piece is Where do you want to go we that's how we

Attach an emotion that's how we get to See it and as you visualize it write it Down that's where goals really come from And don't feel like it's just the Predictive model I want to be healthier I want to be happier I want to have more Joy I want more love and I'd like more Money yay you and everybody else that Everybody else after a month those Things go away And then there's one thing I want to Share with you once you craft these Don't just read them once in a while Let's spend the next year together and Read them on a regular basis the biggest Sales job in the history of the world we Have to do is sell ourselves that we Deserve this and we can take the steps To do it and don't allow ourselves to Fall into old habits and old routines So once you craft your compelling future Why not read it every day Why not look at it every single day of Your life Because it's your life and we only got One shot If you know where you are and you know Where you want to go the third thing is Why If you guys know my journey but you know This story this is an exercise I've been Doing for 20 years of my life why Why are you here Why do you want to go from where you are

To where you want to be Why do you want to empower your girls Work from home live into your full Potential why You see we all think we want what we Know but a lot of times especially those Of you new sometimes you got to dig Under the hood of really getting out of Your head get out of your head and get Into your heart And when you attach that emotion to the Why oh my God that's the secret The Secret of this whole thing is stay Engaged learn from people who've already Been there stay engaged take Uncomfortable action and lead with your Heart Get out of that logical mindset it's not Logical that you could be happy every Day it's not logical that a broke kid From upstate New York with nine Marriages and dyslexia and no College Could have more success than I could Ever imagine possible it's not logical Get out of your logical head get into Your heart your heart can accomplish Anything model those at a Verde Bay that Have been there stay connected and let Your heart be your driver not your Thoughts And when your thoughts do use all the Other stuff we trained and what's in Accelerated successful if you get the Right thoughts but let your heart lead

And that's what this little section of Why is about for those of you who know My story About 15 years ago 12 years ago I didn't Exercise call seven levels deep I hired A gentleman a consultant at ten thousand Dollars his name is Joe stump an amazing Human love the guy still friends with Him and I said how do I get my students More success He said have them do the seven levels Deep am I great I paid you 10 grand give Me that seven levels deep and he's like No no I gotta take you through it I'm Like oh all right I'll go through it and I had team members with me I remember we Were sitting outside of my house at the Time we were sitting on the outside Table of 10 people And I'm like all right I'll just go Through this what is this seven levels Deep Joe I paid you if it gets my Students more success I'll do it He's like we're going to find your why I'm like oh it's about purpose yeah I've Done exercises about purpose and why no I've never done anything like this this Is the simplest way to get into your Heart holy changed my life forever I remember this day like it was Yesterday especially when I cried ugly Cried in front of my team members for The first time But he said to me why would you started

With I could say to you why are you here Today Why'd you join up why'd you come today Right there could be a lot of reasons I Want to make more money you want to Launch my business I want to be happier More joy right you could put in in the Chat if you want but why are you here Right he said to me why'd you pay me 10 Grand We ended up doing a barter but that's Originally was ten thousand bucks Um And I said I remember popped out of my Head I said I want my students to have More success he's like oh that's really Notable Dean so I asked you why you Hired me you said students more success Great so the seven levels deep is asking The same question with the previous Answer Not to give it away but that's really it So he said to me why is it important for You for your students to have more Success I remember being in my head and I gave Some kind of noble answer it's like hey People deserve more I see the path but a Lot of them give up on themselves so I Want to help them leave a legacy he's Like oh that's great I asked why you Paid me and said you want your students To have more success the next one was You know you want them they deserve more

They could see it you want to help them So why is that important to you and I Remember I said something that was in my Head something about a sustainable Business and making people in this Industry step up or step out I had all This stuff I was saying that was out of My head But when I got to the fifth question Changed I could physically feel my Answer change he asked what the previous Answer well why this And I remember saying I remember feeling My like literally like a dunk in my Heart And my physiology changed I got a little Emotional and I said I never want to go backwards I never said that out loud before the Hell did that mean he asked me why I Hired him when he started and now I'm Telling them because I never want to go Backwards what the hell was that and I Started thinking and getting emotional Of I didn't like being broke as a kid I Didn't like to go to school with not Having lunch money and tell my friends I Wasn't hungry when I was like 90 pounds Right I'm not hungry it's like no I just Didn't have lunch money today or my dad Gave me pennies one time 99 pennies Lunch was a dollar back then I was not Gonna pull out 99 pennies or 80 pennies And a couple nickels and pay for lunch

Hell no I'm just gonna pretend I'm not Hungry I didn't like being evicted from A trailer park when I was with my mom I Didn't like my mom working two jobs to Make nothing three jobs actually I Didn't like that the back window of our Car was busted out for like a year Straight and there was tape and plastic On it I started thinking of all these Crazy emotions that I had never thought Of in my heart I'm like I don't want to Go backwards there was a real fear of Mine it was from my heart and I remember Getting emotional And Joe said thank you for being so Transparent and he said what was the Next question why don't you want to go Backwards Like didn't I just answer it I Don't wanna I don't want to go backwards He's like no that was only the fifth Question you got six and seven And then it popped out of my mouth I Said I want my kids to have choices I never said those words before and I'm Not talking about raising entitled Children I have four of them now The last thing this world needs is Entitled children But I remember and I started thinking I Didn't have choices as a kid my parents Married and divorced and moved so much I'd find new family new grandparents This and I have to move and I have to

Move and I have to leave this school Need this friend I didn't have choices And I want my kids to have choices and If you guys are parents you know that's The time that the firework the the tears Are coming down my face going they Deserve choices I need them to be able To do their thing to live into their Heart and I'm like I found it thank you For my why And he said Dina I got to be honest with You that was only the sixth time like Son of a I don't know if I have Another one in me he's like why do you Want your kids to have choices And now I'm completely in my heart I'm Completely full of tears running down my Face and I said the thing that changed My life forever and I said I need to be in control of my life And I didn't mean to control freak What I've what what came flashing into My heart and why I've had lots of tears Coming out is because my parents were Married nine times they did move 20 Times and I was never in control I'd get New stepbrothers and a stepdad and a Step grandfather Leo Rizzo was the Greatest step dad in the world he took Me fishing and hunting and he let me Drive his car when I was 12 years old he Was such a sweet man to me I'd come home Every day from school he'd be waiting For me and he'd cook for me and I came

Home one day and it's over my mom and Lenny broke up so I don't have my Stepdad my step Grandpa anymore and my Stepbrother and sister and then I move In with my dad and I had new Stepbrothers and sisters and they were Cool and I went to school with them and I came home one day and that was gone And then this was gone and this was gone And all of this came flashing in my head And I realized in that moment why I've Worked so hard my whole life why I'm in I take an underdog and I keep moving Forward why I figured out what I wanted And I didn't stop I persisted until I Succeeded why when people told me I was Crazy I kept moving forward because I Found my why in that moment I need to be In control of my time I need to be in Control of my calendar guys success is Different for all of us I know that but You know what success means to me that I Would die for is every day I take my Children to school every day Every day I get my older kids every Other week every week when they're with Me I pick them up from school Every time there's nothing at three O'clock that'd stop me from not picking Up my kids nothing no one no one's ever Going to tell me sorry it's not on your Calendar you're gonna have to stay at The office today screw you I will do Whatever it takes make the money I need

And be in control I'm going to pick up My kids I catch for my daughter she's a Softball pitcher I catch for her twice a Week it is so hard to fit in juggling Two companies four kids wife it's so Hard but no one's gonna tell me I can't No One's Gonna tell me I have to raise My children in a way they think no one's Gonna tell me I can't wear a gray T-shirt every day of my life no matter Where I go I know that sounds silly but It meant something to me I need to be in Control of my calendar control of my Decisions not a boss not someone else me And in that very moment my life changed Forever because not only did I recognize Did I recognize why I fought so hard my Whole life I had the tool to overcome Every obstacle that ever could try to Get in my way [Music] Foreign

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