Unleash the Power Within | November 2022

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

[Music] Welcome to ubw A [Music] Ladies and Gentlemen let's welcome to The stage [Applause] [Music] Foreign Ladies and gentlemen This program was sold out two and a half Months in advance so we have 3 000 People around the world and 90 countries Attending they're all on the walls how You guys doing at home out there give it Up to the people at home I've been so looking forward to serving You and we're excited I'm excited Because I know it's coming and you don't We're in a season And it's important to know where you are If you're going to navigate to where you Want to be Certainly there are things we can't Control But there's plenty that we can the most Powerful thing we can control is what we Do here and here and so my goal with you This few days is to have you have the Time of your life whoa you're mastering These patterns like what makes you happy What makes you angry what makes you Excited what makes you passionate what Makes you decisive

Whatever your pattern of focus is is What's controlling your life whatever Pattern of meaning is Right and if you don't like your home we Need more energy we need to emotions to Put in there to shift it it's where you Live emotionally that determines the Quality of your life But today right now your whole life is Literally changed with one decision Unless I've set up a new standard that Said I don't need to be happy for a reason I Am happy period I could be joyous I could be prayerful I could be grateful I could be playful I could be joking I Could be fun any high energy state but I Will not stay in a state of suffering it Will still not be happy as long as your Happiness depends on life being a Certain way that you have envisioned and Expect Because life is rarely that moment Tomorrow who's interested in maybe Making this decision today to change Your life First key to fire walking walk in a Normal and direct pace [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] Fastest way to change your state is the Radical change in your physical body

With your voice your body and your Movement if you do it dynamically you'll Have a dynamic shape And so if you ask me what is the single Most important element to creating Change in your life for any human in any Area what's changing your business or Your relationship or your body or your Kids or your finances it's energy Technically in its simplest form Momentum is forward motion with energy The more emotion you have in any given Moment will determine how much energy You're giving towards the momentum that You're going wherever you look is where Your body's gonna go So when you figure out this is exactly What I want then your body is going to Take you there I don't want to be taken Care of I want to take care of Make no mistake it's a spiritual game It's who I had to become and what I had To let go of and what I had to move Through to get that to make happen And that's the thing that makes you walk Different and feel different when you Look in the mirror and take control of This and then you look at them and go I Did that I did what I said I was gonna Do and look what happened And that's the feeling you're gonna get Who's up for that one say yes so the Only way you get certainty my friends is You do certainty and the more you do it

The more you will feel it the more You'll experience it and the more you'll Experience the results you deserve no Outstanding isn't just the skill is it It's a standard it's a heart it's a way Of being it's just force inside of you You pull from it's when there's nothing Left of you and you say that's There is more and you push yourself and You find it and you that continuously And this will be the way you live so Self-esteem means esteem for yourself You can only earn it with yourself it Doesn't come from what other people say You get it by doing what's hard Continuously you get it by breaking Through continuously right Alice what's the worst belief what's the Worst consequence who comes if you Constantly tell yourself I'm too young Because they've limited themselves to That belief and they're stuck in that Comfort zone and they're not ready for That change because it takes too much Effort because when you're certain about Something now it takes effort to change It how do you destroy your future you Take no action that's right fear breeds In action you're my hand for that Because at the time of death The only thing in your mind Is all the regret of all the that you couldn't do because you Didn't do it because you just said to

Yourself I can't I don't have the money I'm too young I'm too old [Applause] When I sing I not only heal myself wait Wait do you have gas right now Are you about to fart Because you're building up a lot of Pressure tell me again now maybe from a Different place I am a goddess of light and I can heal Anyone with my voice Beautiful [Applause] Progress is what we Progress comes in another dimension if You came here as a square you want to Leave as a cube you look the same There's more depth and dimension think About how could you provide love and Certainty So the secret Secret is for us to build this inside Ourselves like a muscle so it's there All the time I'm gonna tell you this Much it feels good to be in a room with So many people that are trying to do the Right thing so thank y'all once again For having me here we highly appreciate It now who came to Unleash the Power Within [Music] Me [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Self-doubt kills more dreams than almost Anything else and if you're gonna walk Out of here not trying to be anything You want but trying to be everything you Are right The most important thing you can do even When you don't see away yet Make the decision to believe it's Possible for you all change starts with Being honest Why are you in this room do you know you Need to evolve to another level do you Want to have a different mindset and a Different level of confidence through a Shifting world most all of you in this Room are already grateful that's the Type of person you are you're already Blessed you could be blessed and Grateful and still be disturbed Within Action in times of great uncertainty You must create your own certainty How do you do that With habits with rituals what is it that You do in your life that brings you Energy that makes you feel confident That makes you feel alive do those Things multiple times a day it's your Life changes when you decide someone say Decision the only reason why we're in This room is because 40 plus years ago a Man with a massive heart made a decision The only reason why I'm here is because

My parents when everyone told them that Institutionalized me to abort me they Decided that they were gonna put me in This Earth so I could do something Amazing in your life there are two Identities that you can step into you Can neither be the victim Or you can be the victor All the love all the joy all the Gratitude all the achievement moments Are proud moment you're excited moments Of laughter feel them all inside all That energy ready to be Unleashed All That Joy ready to be experienced and Enjoy Hearts And soul In you as you this is the real you Unfettered my limiting beliefs Unfettered my expectations This is trading expectation for Appreciation this is what it feels like Appreciating what's already here inside You all that you felt all that we've had The privilege to Science to love to enjoy It's not something you have to pursue It's already here Clutter in the mind come back to the Truth inside you make the sound one more Time go [Applause] [Music]

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