Trust the Process

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

How long does it take to learn to ride a Bicycle no one knows you know it's Impossible to guess but it's a process And if you follow the process and you Follow the regime and you have a little Discipline a hundred percent you'll get Into shape but no one knows when And business is the same right which is If you follow the process there's a few Things that that are pretty stable And you go through the motions sometimes It's quicker and sometimes it's lower But don't worry if it's not meeting Arbitrary goals the trends the trend Data is much more important than the Absolute targets If you're trending in the right Direction be happy regardless whether You hit the goal or not it's a process And I think business we have to remember Yeah for as much talent and you know uh Uh you know beauty that there is and Creativity that there is in in building A business some of it's some of it's Discipline and rigor

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