Train Your Brain For Success | Tony Robbins

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

How many of you when something really Great happens in your life You sometimes lower your energy about it Because you don't want to make somebody Else feel bad how many sometimes do this You know what it does it teaches your Brain it's not good to feel too happy All the time And that's the wrong thing to train when You get in a place where you've lost Some of that energy what you need to do Is part of what you guys teach which is The celebrate part very few people Celebrate but most people wait to an Unbelievable thing happens to celebrate If you wait till that happens you're not Going to be happy most people need a Reason to feel like crap You say to somebody how you doing they Go Feel like crap How come woke up I don't need a reason how many of you Have plenty of things in your life today If you focused on them you can feel so Grateful so excited about your life Then here's what you want to do you Don't want to wait to achieve your goal And then celebrate you want to celebrate So much there's so much energy and hope Your goals just happen

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