This test will tell you WHEN YOU DIE!

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey welcome Gary brecka good to have you Here before we get started bro let's see I'm gonna have you roll The Big Cube all Right okay I know you love this game I'm Feeling lucky right okay okay And an eight that's how it goes with me Right that's 4X right and then I'm gonna Give you a chance with that Cube and I'll take the Red Cube unless you who For a hundred the difference for 100 a Point okay 100 points let's go 100 damn 100 to me you want to go again One more okay 300. okay one more time one more Hey down to two down to 200 okay times Eight times eight all right you know I Always add a little bit piece there hey Look so great so glad to have you here I'm sorry we couldn't do this sooner man I know you've been really busy doing all These thanks to you well yeah yeah and Uh Gary you're my partner uh you guys Might not know or may know he's a Partner he he started treating me what Three years ago three and a half years Ago I think I was 61 years old I was Having a lot of pain in my my knees Ankles at that time I think uh What do you remember I remember you had Sore and achy or your soul to your feet You know hurt when you got out of bed First thing in the morning ankles were Sore in the morning you're waking up Stiff and achy like you had a workout

The night before when you haven't Um and then you're you weren't sleeping Deeply often enough yeah you weren't Getting that really good deep restful Sleep yeah and I still struggle with the Sleep thing every once in a while I get You know the best sleep I'm getting Right now is either in the red light Therapy that we're going to talk about Or on the mat no doubt I'll tell you Exactly why that's about that well the Mat is is creates alkalinity right Remember your body builds up a charge I Thought alkalinity was about water no That's a complete fallacy that alkaline Water can make you alkaline if you think About it if this is a bottle of alkaline Water right and this is a bottle of Non-alkaline water I can't transfer the Properties from here to here and have Them still be here So in other words alkaline water can't Donate its properties and retain them so In other words if it gives up its Properties it's no longer alkaline so That's a complete fallacy that alkaline Water can make you alkaline but wouldn't Alkaline water be better for me than Acidic order it would be better than Acidic water but people think they can Change the pH of their blood by drinking Alkaline water oh I didn't know that That's not true yeah but the remember pH Is a charge it stands for potential

Height and avocado change my my pH and Avocado will Um well it's alkaline yeah yeah okay so Alkaline foods don't make you more Acidic but if you actually want to Change the pH of the blood but why would I want to change the pH because as you Get more towards the alkaline side of The spectrum right if you get less Acidic and more alkaline everything in The body every function in the body Improves is that is cancer more alkaline And less acidic more alkaline and less Acidic so Diet Coke would be acidic Terrible bubbled water yep like the Branded branded drinks tell them not to Drink that stuff I do you Um I guess any alcohol is going to be Acidic right alcohol makes you acidic to Hang over there what do you have the Next day is from acidity oh wow you're Acidic that's why if you put that oxygen Mask on and breathe oxygen for 10 Minutes watch how fast the hangover goes Away oxygen just don't drink alcohol or You could also do that so so what what Else would make me acidic uh It's one of the things I found out when I did the gene test okay and then my Health came back you started talking to Me about foods that weren't good for me Which I want to get into let's finish This alkaline okay one of the biggest Reasons why we get acidic is because

We've lost contact with the Earth we Don't ground or Earth anymore think About the last time that you had bare Feet touching bare soil or grass or sand Yeah we just don't touch the Earth Anymore well there you go yeah so you Were getting always a little better There dude you always feel better the Best nap I ever had in my life that I Remember in my entire lifetime was on Um It's a beach in San Diego just south of La Jolla I just finished surfing for two Hours I got out I was exhausted I laid on the Beach took my wetsuit down I'd been in The ocean yep laid on the sand directly On the sand no blanket and dude I felt Like I was hooked into the yes like like The magnet of the Earth was pulling the Earth has a magnetic field it only goes 55 feet in the air so once you're above 55 feet you're out of the magnetic field Of the Earth but when you're touching The Earth you're discharging into the Earth you're actually discharging so Remember alkalinity is a charge pH Stands for potential hydrogen it's a Charge so when we touch the surface of The Earth when we ground when we Earth We actually discharge into the Earth and We become more alkaline that pemf map That you're talking about is mimicking That practice

It mimics the magnetism of the Earth Yeah so I should walk barefooted on the Beach if I don't have the mat yes I Should or soil or grass oh okay surface Theater yeah so let's say I'm doing my Deck and let's say I'm doing a deck do I Want it to be grass do I want it to be Wood or do I want it to be Stone well Preferably you'd want it to be grass or Um yeah or sand but you have the beach Right there you can go down those steps And just walk the beach and that will Make you alkaline that's grounding for You is that why people like being at the Ocean so much yes between the ions and The air and between contacting the Ground that's why you feel so good You've discharged you become more Alkaline yeah you've actually eliminated Charge from the body Yeah love that so in all fairness to Everybody watching watching this uh Gary Is uh I think I need to tell everybody He is my partner at 10x Health he owned A company called Um streamline streamline which wasn't That streamlined It is now we have it's streamlined now And it was doing X dollars per month What about a year uh about a quarter of A million dollars a month that's what You were doing yes and and then what's It doing now four million uh so we we so It's been a good deal it's been a good

Deal for you yes you're a minority owner In the company um I know people hate Saying they are but Um we're Partners now and and the Biggest thing that's happened post Acquisition is I've gone from working in The business to working on the business Yeah yeah you moved your team in and Brandon and yeah and and Natalie and That whole entire team in and they Basically packaged the operations and And the reason I'm excited about this is Because I was you know I remember that Ad years ago where somebody some guy on TV's like I was so excited about the Company I bought it and I'm like I want That to be me one day And then when I at 61 years old I made a Commitment to get in shape started going To the gym every day and I still found Things wrong like my legs were hurting My knees were hurting my ankles were Hurting my back was hurting like it was Inflammation it was inflammation yes and Then you came over one day I forget what Happened or how we got introduced do you Remember I got introduced by Alex Morton Yeah yeah he was uh he was making an Investment in your fund and he said I'm Gonna make this investment but as a as a Part of making this investment I'm going To get you this blood test in this Gene Test uh I want you to do this bloodness Genesis we were really thrilled about it

In the beginning yeah well because I Don't really think much of doctors I Mean frankly no no offense to doctors But I've just my dad died in their hands And so I've never had it and my mother And I've never had a great experience With extending life or improving they Extend life but they don't necessarily Improve the quality of life that's right I mean we're really good at crisis Medicine we're not really good at Optimal Health yeah I mean medical error Is the third leading cause of death in The United States What is medical error yeah yeah no Medical Care medical can that even be Said on YouTube without the state well That's a channel being distracted I mean There's a 2016 Harvard study there's a 2018 Johns Hopkins study they're public That's Medical Error error is the third leading cause Of death in America you have Cardiovacious it's not malicious here no I don't mean to no no it's not medical Malpractice yeah yeah it's medical error Right now which one would concern you The most Um just the error or malicious well Medical malpractice if that was the Third leading cause of death would Concern me more but this is medical Error doctors doing their best you know Their best judgment and actually making

An error in a diagnosis and actually Leading over medicating people and Leading to their early demise I mean you Have cardiovascular disease you have Cancer and then you have um medical Error I mean the interesting thing is if Modern medicine where's kobit in that List Um way down the list okay yeah way down The list Um gunshot wounds Um I don't know where gunshot wounds are I mean heroin is the leading cause of I'm sorry a fentanyl is the leading Cause of of death in males 18 drugs Okay so the first thing I did if I Remember right it was the it was that Swab it's a cheek swab then we looked in The DNA Then you did my DNA test yep and then And then at the same time I think we did A a an IV yep so explain to me what Happened in that process and I have my Test results here and then yeah so two Things happened we look at 64 biomarkers In the blood from that from the genetic No from the blood test so we do a blood Draw and we look at 64 biomarkers in the Blood mainly we're looking at three Things glycemic control how well do you Control your blood sugar Um we're looking at nutrient Deficiencies what's missing from your Blood that needs to be put back in and

Then we're looking at your hormone Balance those are the three big areas That we're looking at with the 64 Markers in the blood and then we look at Five genetic markers right and those Five genetic markers are going to tell Us what your body can convert and what It can't you see I think one of the most Overlooked things in all of modern Medicine is that we don't study human Beings anymore like we've gotten so far Away from studying human physiology Human biology like understanding how Human beings work so we don't actually Go in and ask the question well what Could be missing from this body that's Keeping it from performing optimally why Am I not sleeping well Um thinking clearly why do I brain fog Why am I sore achy in the mornings when I when I wake up you know why is my Libido off why is my response to Exercise libido means what sex drive Okay yeah Um I'm from Louisiana from the Bayou in the Back you know don't be using those big Words Libido you're saying the thing gonna Work no I'm not saying that's erectile Dysfunction I'm saying you're not Motivated to have sex oh okay I didn't Understand what that was yeah and Attraction and love are very different

From libido libido is physiologic Right Meaning meaning meaning meaning you can Be in love with your spouse you can be Deeply attracted to your spouse you Still have no sex drive oh wow those Three those things what causes that we Tend to use them synonymously but They're very different see that's why I Asked you laughed because I said what Does that mean but I guarantee it half This audience doesn't know the Difference between libido the video the Video and Habitio yeah or erectile dysfunction but What they do is they sadly they lump in Love and attraction with libido libido Is your sex drive you can love your Spouse you can be attracted to your Spouse or your significant other and Have no sex drive well but a lot of Times when when sex leaves a marriage They think that love and attraction is Leaving and that's something now let me Let me there's a little deep right here But let's say you have no let's say you Have love attraction for your wife no Libido libido libido libido but you got Libido for other people well that's a Whole different story you either have Libido or you don't okay got it so That's not a man that's just some other Neurosis going on yeah that's just cheap So so you did the cheek thing then you Did the blood right okay because the

Cheek it took a minute for that to come Back to you guys but it took like three Seconds for me to swab my mouth it was Not painful yeah that's at a time well Covid wasn't popular yet so we weren't Doing the nose thing I did I'm like Hey Where's this thing going to go he's like Bro just around your mouth boom I sent It put in a little package it went away It was completely painless and then you Did the blood test at the same time that Came back if I remember pretty quickly 48 Hours okay yeah and then the cheek Swab took about five to seven business Days yeah to get that DNA test but Remember you only do that once in your Lifetime once you have that information You will never guess again for the Balance of your lifetime on what you Need to supplement with that's missing From your body because there's not a Single compound known to mankind not one That enters the human body that's used In the format that we put it in right Everything that enters the body gets Converted right gets refined something Into the usable form yeah I always use The analogy that you know we pull crude Oil out of the ground but you can't put Crude oil into your gas tank right it's Got to be refined to gasoline the human Body is no different so water I take Water in and I'm converting into Something else you convert water into

Gas and you convert gas into water or Body potato I eat a potato and you can Break that down into starches and Carbohydrates and then the components of Carbon carbohydrates proteins you eat a Piece of chicken that chicken is not What fuels you it's the amino acid in The chicken so it has to be broken down Into individual amino acids yeah so some Of those foods that I eat then if I'm if I'm converting them by the way this is Helping me more than even Talking to you because now I'm like Really digging in like I eat a piece of Bread why does that piece of bread And you told me some of this and some of The chips that I eat One tend to make me want to just take a Nap Um because you have a gene mutation Called MTHFR this comes from the swab Just come out from the blood test right Now this comes from the one-time test That we do you have the most common gene Mutation in the world it's called MTHFR I will tell you what the nickname is for That Gene what is it the [ __ ] Gene oh wow MTHFR come on Jake meaning What it makes me it makes me doesn't Mean you're a [ __ ] that's just The nickname okay it's actually called Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase but MTHFR so this GTH FR just write it down That's in here that's in here that's in

My that's in your Gene test okay that's Your blood so that one's in your genes So this doesn't allow you to take folic Acid and convert it into the usable form And folic acid is not a natural you Can't find folic acid anywhere almost Every product yeah that we make it in a Laboratory we spray our entire grain Supply with folic acid we spray all White rice white bread white pasta white Flour is all sprayed all grains with Folic acid so the pasta is not the Problem then the pasta is not the Problem it's the folic acid that's Sprayed on the pasta you know it's Sprayed on cereals it's sprayed on um White flour look for the words fortified Or enriched see you know I thought Fortified was good for me no fortified Is awful for you I thought enriched Meant it was a level of rich in that's a Marketing boy if we said sprayed with The chemical folic acid or fortified or Enriched you'd go for the Fortified or Enriched 100 dude I I swear Annie can You grab any package uh out of my office Or some Fritos or Cheetos or anything Maybe we're eating in the other Studio Any of that you spin that box around It's going to say fortified whole wheat Enriched bleached white flour These diets out there they're not diets Aren't looking at whether it's fortified Or enriched or that's why diets are not

Affecting your mood your emotional state Your add your ADHD your gut health They're not they might strip weight off Your body okay that's improving your Mental health so I'm looking at these Deep River snacks is this going to be Fortified no but that's going to have a Bunch of seed oils in it just as bad Okay hold on this says Non-GMO potatoes vegetable and contain One or more of the following cotton Seeds vegetable oil some seed oil canola Oil awful why is that awful because Those are seed oils and the way that They're processed is they take that oil From the seed they heat it over 450 Degrees which makes it rancid and then They actually have to bleach it to make It clear and then they have to put a Deodorizer in it to kill the smell Because it's a rancid oil I mean I'm Eating You're putting basically toxic rancid Um oil into your body when you eat those Seed oil is one of the worst things for You why seed oil is one of the worst Things for you it is that's the title Vegetable safflower worse than the Enriched Um just as bad yeah um it's a it's an Oxidant right it's a free radical how do You know all this stuff Gary because I'm A human biologist so what does it mean You're a human biologist so my

Undergraduate degree was in biology my Postgraduate degrees are in human Biology meaning I studied just the Biology of human beings human physiology Human anatomy human chemistry and then For 20 years I was a mortality expert For the insurance industry and during That time I I read voluminous amounts of Medical records and we would take these Medical records and we would determine How long people had to live to the month And when I say that people are like That's there's no way that you could Predict death to the month if you don't Think that predicting death to the month Is an industry then you don't believe in Annuities life insurance reverse Mortgages see what the insurance company Has yeah you're saying just slow it down A second so sorry because I I saw the Dana White interview where Dana's like Hey I got 10 years to live or something His name is Gary brecka from 10x Health Systems he's a human biologist he's not A doctor and he's a mortality expert so He used to work for the insurance Companies which he says are the dirtiest Businesses on planet Earth basically They send these guys in like him they do These tests on you and they know when You're going to die and they're right Within a month so I had to meet this guy I had to get my blood done by and I had To have him tell me when I was going to

Die which most people didn't were like You're crazy why would you want to know That right and everybody was freaking Out that was the headline everywhere but You're not selling huh I got attacked For that but nobody's asked me questions About that yeah so you're not telling Dana he's only going to live 10 years no No or did you probably even tell Dana Like you didn't give him his date did You I told him that he had his life Expectancy his mean average Um time of death was 10.4 years from That yeah if he didn't change anything That was going on in his life at the Time based on Actuarial it's even more specific than That everybody's on an Actuarial Table You're on one I'm on one everybody Listening to this is on an Actuarial Table but if an insurance company is Getting ready to bind 25 million of risk On your life they don't care where you Are on an Actuarial Table they want to Know your specific mortality if they're Going to put 25 million of dollars of Risk on one variable uh which is when is Grant Cardone gonna die or when is this Insured gonna die then you'd better bet Your ass that they are zeroing in on That variable meaning how many more Months does this person have left to Live you see because they want to know How many months of premiums they're

Going to get before they've had that Paid off yes Um Knows my chance of winning when I play Blackjack correct I know My percentage of winning when I play you And Back Again It's very high It's just so we cut this part out Because I don't like to admit it but you Are very good at background it's just a Matter of when it's my actual rare what To wear Actuarial actual rare real it's Hard for me okay I don't think it's just A quick important point one thing that Insurance companies have that no other Medical Institution has and this is how They zero in on mortality to the month Because a lot of people have called me Out for this thing that's bunk science Yeah yeah an insurance company knows the Day date time location and cause of Death for every single person that they Pay a death claim on so now they can Draw back from the day-date time Location and cause of death hundreds and Hundreds of millions right your Cardiologist doesn't know that if you Went in and you know if I was your Cardiologist and I put a stint in your Heart and you left my office I don't Know if you got hit by bus the next week Or died of cardiovascular disease or had A heart attack I don't know what

Happened to you right I mean maybe I do But I don't track all of my patients Yeah yeah they track this data then Accurately measure it so they can come Up with life expectancy yeah yeah I just Wanted get that in there yeah so When I went to the UFC I went to the one Of the fights on a Saturday night You weren't there Dana wasn't there I Was there Um I brought Brandon with me Jared was With me yeah and I brought Sabrina with Me so I'm sitting next to Hunter the Fighter's wife that got kicked in the Leg and he couldn't continue that night Was to my right she's going through Tremendous stress uh little Sabrina's on This side And as I'm walking into place one of the UFC guys comes up and says Do you know when you're gonna die you Had just done the interview with Dana ah And I looked at him I said bro I'm Immortal I'm Immortal okay and he looked and he Says that's a better answer than Dana Gabe so so you know and I say that and I Laugh at it but the reality is I still Even if I believe that my I still got to Drag this body around and I want it to Work as well as I can for as long as I Can I heard you say once that oxygen Would actually eliminate in the right Amounts would eliminate the possibility

Of disease the presence of oxygen is the Absence of disease and the reason why I Say that is if I if I was to boil my Entire 20-year career in in predicting Mortality down to a single sentence it Would be that the presence of oxygen is The absence of disease we did not find a Single disease pathway what's called an Ideological pathway not one that didn't Have its roots in a lack of blood oxygen Right I mean Alzheimer's begins in a Hypoxic and environment every human Being dies of the same thing we all Leave this earth the same way the Definition of death is hypoxia lack of Oxygen to the brain Only We tend to Think of it as an event a gunshot a Heart attack a boss But the truth is that hypoxia is Predictable right the more poorly you Are managing oxygen the faster you're Accelerating towards the grave the Better you're managing oxygen the more Slowly you're advancing towards the Grave There Was You Know type 2 diabetes Weight gain water retention hormone Imbalance brain fog Um uh because it's because of lack of Oxygen deprivation so the what oxygen Are we getting right here right now 21 Percent 21 there's 21 at sea level the ambient Oxygen in the air is 21 uh and so what What's ideal well 21 is fine the

Question is are you getting enough in And is it getting to your tissues right So Um you know this is what we use this Hypermax system for ewat exercise with Oxygen therapy 10 minutes a day you put In 95 O2 mask on Um you breathe 95 oxygen under mild Exercise it profuses A bike Stretch bands anything just to get your Heart rate mildly elevated while you Um respire with oxygen and then oxygen Profuses your tissues you see we need Oxygen to run uh the the cell the cell Runs on oxygen if you put oxygen into a Cell versus not putting oxygen it can Still operate it only creates two units Of energy versus 32 units of energy a Cell is 16 times more efficient in the Presence of oxygen it's called the Production of of ATP yeah so so but but I've heard that too much oxygen give me Those and then we'll just every once in A while try uh too much oxygen uh Freedose is going to have what yeah this Will be this will be fortified or Enriched you know corn potatoes Vegetable canola corn Canola oil okay Milk protein concentrate what is that It's a like a whey protein concentrate Acid lactic acid lactic acid what is That um that's an acid they use to bind

It to the chip Uh man you know all this stuff Monosodium yeah monosodium hydromate or Glutamate that's even worse what is that Sodium salt uh monosodium glutamate let Me see let me see this same thing Fritos there's no way Fritos are good For me they're seed oils remember what I'm saying about that I love Fritos why Do I love you so much because they Tastes good they're corn they're crunchy They're salty yeah yeah no yeah I need Breads that's what I need yeah breads I Need bread And pastas So I heard that too much too much Pure oxygen is bad for me that's very True that's number one why we don't ever Encourage you to breathe 100 oxygen and Number two you don't breathe oxygen at Rest you breathe oxygen under mild Exercise yeah it's called ewat exercise Yeah exercise with oxygen therapy there Are hordes of research studies that Prove that when you increase the amount Of oxygen yeah in in in the air that you Breathe for a short period of time while You exercise it repairs the Um arteries and the capillaries it Perfuses the tissue with oxygen just Think when you put oxygen into a cell It's 16 times more efficient 16 times 16 Times what's the cell going to do though Gary is there like what the cell cells

Do I have first of all um 32 trillion 32 Trillion 32 trillion I'm a trillionaire Yes you are if you had a dollar for Every cell for sure even if I mean I'm a Trillion the cells are probably more Important yes yeah you are a Trillionaire okay Um Yeah you're a 32 trainer and everybody Else is true now you have 110 trillion Mitochondria in those cells see your Body is not powered by the food you eat The air you breathe or the or the Um the nutrients you take in is powered By One Source it's called ATP So Eventually all of this stuff Becomes ATP denosine triphosphate this Is what powers a human being this little Chemical ATP is made inside t a t p Denosine triphosphate so inside the cell There's a little organ called the Mitochondria that's the PowerHouse of The cell you've got a hundred and ten Trillion of those in your body ten Percent of your body weight is Mitochondria so what this mitochondria Does it has a little motor that's Spinning around every time that motor Makes one revolution it has two choices It can either create two units of energy Two ATP or it can create 32 units of Energy 32 ATP so the difference between Two ATP and 32 16 times is whether or Not oxygen entered that cell uh no no

You put oxygen in you get 16 full steps 16x so what does that do when that cell Is pushing up 16x more so down the cell Is 16 times more energy so it can Eliminate waste repair detoxify divide So now that's not going to feel maybe am I going to be more feel better clear Clean cognizant awake you notice that Your Delta wave of sleep start to deepen See the problem with the cell so why Wouldn't God just provide me with this If it's so important well he does Because you get that when you respire When you're acting you think about it When we used to eat it was a very active You know task I mean we we didn't just Wake up and get on our phone and hit a Button and the food come to us we had to Go out and kill something catch Something chase something so the act of Eating was a a very active process we Either picked it or we skinned it or we Speared it or we fished it or we you Know we just delivered you're saying Uber Eats is the devil yeah Uber Eats is A devil that's why I don't eat on Airplanes domestically I fast on flights I don't like to have lots of food in my Body when I'm sitting at rest diverts All the oxygen from your brain to your Gut it makes you look lethargic it Drains your concentration so so when you Don't get adequate amounts of oxygen in Right then every organ system in the

Body begins to collapse remember in Covid we used to tell people take this Little monitor put it on your finger Call the pulse ox and when you're when Your percentage of oxygen gets to a Certain point that's when you go to the ER why would why would that be because Oxygen is such a key indicator of Healthy function when it gets to a Certain level you go into multi-system Organ failure which is then I become Susceptible to all kinds of problems the Way that the way a virus attacks your Body is it robs the cell's ability to Use oxygen that's the first thing it Interrupts say that again the way of Virus attacks your body is it robs the Cell's ability to use oxygen when I get On the oxygen in the mornings that That's 900 cubic liters 900 liters yep 900 liters I always say cubic liters 900 Liters which is 95 O2 yeah which is a Lot that's what this this is almost a Leader right almost a leader so it's Like 900 900 bottles of this and it only Takes you 10 minutes it takes me less Than that yeah it takes me six or eight Minutes okay that's on the bike I spin The bike That's very good I don't notice like First couple times I did it I started Sweating more why would I start sweating More when I was consuming the oxygen Because because when you consume oxygen

Remember you have that 16-fold step up In energy so you have a 16-fold step up In energy in 32 trillion cells at the Same time yeah so I mean this is a Massive increase in cellular energy Those cells are going to eliminate waste They're going to repair they're going to Detoxify they're going to divide at very Very healthy rates the difference Between disease But no go ahead would I notice my Digestion immediately working faster and And with less yes yes even though it's Digestion improved you'll notice mental Clarity improved your mood your Emotional state like what is a mood What's an emotional state a mood is Nothing more than a than a collection of Neurotransmitters bound to oxygen you Ever wonder why you you don't ever wake Up laughing You don't have the oxidative state to Wake up laughing you've never woken up Laughing uh um no human being has but Can you wake up angry yes because the Emotion of anger doesn't require oxygen You can be in a dead sleep and I could Pinch you you could instantly wake up Angry yeah yeah but if I want you to Laugh I can't wake you up and get you to Laugh I gotta wake you up you've got to Breathe so oxygen is a part of the Molecular structure of elevated emotions People that cannot be passionate elated

Joyful aroused enthusiastic enthusiastic Lack the oxygen to reach that emotional So let's talk about that okay uh what What how how does this Either Foods or the lack of oxygen Potentially causing people to experience Depression Well could it be if you think about how Do we Define depression in this country We Define depression as an inadequate Supply of Serotonin so if you are low on Serotonin you're by definition depressed This is how modern medicine defines Depression so you would think you can See this you could you can measure Serotonin you can't measure serotonin But you can actually look at the genes That make serotonin so we take a Harmless amino acid called tryptophan You know the one that's famous for Making you fall asleep at Thanksgiving Yeah we we take the amino acid Tryptophan and we methylate it into Serotonin so let's say that this process Is broken or impaired in your body Remember ninety percent of the serotonin Is in your gut if you don't have it here You can't have it here So rarely does depression begin here Most of the time depression begins right Here right so 90 of the serotonin is Here so if I'm not methylating Tryptophan in methylated methylene Refining okay right turning the crude

Oil into gasoline okay I'm turning the Amino acid into a neurotransmitter if I Can't take that that amino acid Tryptophan and turn it into the Neurotransmitter serotonin I have a Deficiency and this is what we refer to As depression so you would think that The fix would be to raise serotonin but That's not what we do we take people That are depressed we put them on ssris Serotonin reuptake Inhibitors and this Rations what little serotonin they have Grant so by definition it never raises Serotonin what do you mean we put people In modern medicine yeah SS or eyes or What or is that selective serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors these are these are Things that block the other capsule pill It's a prescription to to do what to Increase nope doesn't increase serotonin That's my point what it does is it keeps Your serotonin from crashing that's all It does but you're depressed because You're low so why don't we raise it Serotonin what we do is we fix Methylation we fix this refining process I would rather go into your body turn The serotonin Factory back on in your Gut right so you have healthy levels of Ceremony now with Godly like production God-given production yeah so so now Let's go back to the oxygen a second Okay now can I consume too much of this Pure is this pure oxygen no that I'm

Consuming in the bags medical grade Oxygen is 100 this is 95 O2 okay and you Breathe it under exercise this is Important you don't want to just lay Down right you don't want to just lay Down with the mask on actually breathe In pure 100 oxygen is very bad for you Okay so and I'm bringing the oxygen up Or going back to it because once we did A blood dump when you first took my Blood Um my blood came out Looking clumpy yes it actually took a Lot of time to even fill the bag up yeah It was slow I felt terrible at the time I was feeling terrible this was Pre-covered so what had nothing to do With the flu My uh everything was lethargic my whole System was slow I was feeling a bit Depressed you know and but always having To slug through everything pushed Through everything everything was a lot Of effort that when I saw my blood like All these big words you use you know Overwhelm me a little bit but when I saw My blood I was like bro we gotta we got A problem here it was clumpy just do you Remember it was very thick it's called Your hematocrit the viscosity of your Blood was very high you had left being Like water and you were training towards Motor oil we you took the blood dump and Then what happened was I took on I don't

Know three minutes of oxygen You pulled some blood from me again this Blood I'll get a picture of it I'll find A picture somewhere on my phone my blood Looked like a A French 1958 latur And it was like look you could almost Already read it was it was it wasn't Even that dark yeah it was more it was More like it was it was almost like I Could see the oxygen do you remember This well because oxygen changes the Color of the blood it takes it from Being that dark muddy color like a Cabernet wine to being a bright Ferrari Red when the red blood cell takes up That oxygen it turns red but was I able To actually see oxygen can you see Oxygen in the blood you can see it in The color of the blood yes this is why If you bleed from a vein it's dark if You bleed from an artery it's bright It's bright red right because that has Oxygen bright red right so what is the Value of my or my oil my blood being Oxygenated well because oxygen is the Life Source remember if oxygen enters The cell uh it has a 16-fold increase in Energy so if I can get more oxygen into The blood right I can get more oxygen to The cell this is the whole concept the Whole presence of oxygen is the absence Of disease is that you know I I think

That aging is the aggressive pursuit of Comfort and I think that the more Aggressively we pursue Comfort the more Quickly we age and if you actually just Look at modern society we become heavily Sedentary sedentary lifestyle sitting is The new smoking yeah I mean sitting is The new smoking right and so sedentary Lifestyle is the leading cause of all Cause mortality we've got to stop Telling Grandma not to go outside it's Too cold or go outside it's too hot or Just to lay down and relax and just to Rest and and put her feet up because We're destroying our own defense Mechanisms yeah and I've never heard Anybody complain after they worked out No try to be in a bad mood like to get Out of a cold Punch or after a good Workout yeah you can't be in a bad mood Talk to me about genetic code I heard You you I heard you say once that you do The genetic code one time I have a twin Brother Identical twin does my brother and I as Identical twins have identical genetic Codes Um well you may or may not you may have So these are different than than the Genes that you're talking about these Are the genes of methylation so if I was To pull your whole genetic code I'd get A lot of noise right you have olive skin You have brown eyes you have detached to

Your lobes there's nothing you can do With that information you do yeah They're detached but but how'd that come From your genetic code because it's a It's a recessive trait are yours Attached um yeah mine are detached mine Are detached you'll see some people goes Right there it's like the length of These two fingers Elena what do you have Are you attached to me You can just look at my ears and tell me That but I could see it in your genetic Code my point is this is a billionaire Code right here I don't know if it's Related to wealth or not how about the Genetic code is there anything in the Genetic code that you can see that this Guy's going to be freaking he's got the Characteristics yes to be a a poverty uh Middle class millionaire billionaire yes You can see what's called consummate Overachiever profile right in the genes You're kidding me dude no you can see Active mind overachiever because people That have a certain genetic code have Very very active Minds right and we call Them consummate over Achievers continent Overachiever profile so what profile why Do people make the overach when people Call me an overachiever they're saying It like it's something wrong with it no It's because you're like they're like You're an overachiever you got to quit Being an overachiever you want too much

You'll never quit being an overachiever It's in your genes literally because This means that you have a very active Mind Um you said you're you're Your Own Worst Enemy you set very high priorities for Yourself right so you will you will Judge the success or the lack thereof of Your day based on how many things you Get done on an agenda you set for Yourself uh right and so yeah that's True you're very um and you can find Yourself very easily disappointed in Other people because you feel like they Just can't do the basics now why is that This is because you have a very very Active mind right when your environment Quiets your mind wakes up because I've Seen your genes Um so you have a very very active mind Right these are these are this is the Test that I took one time and I never Take a second time because it never Changes never changes your things never Change right it's like it's mine and Then we just supplement you for the Deficiencies so in this test you'll see That people have active Minds you'll see That they have issues with moving the Contents through their gut and they Spend a lifetime chasing food allergies They don't have a food allergy they have A motility issue in the gut the gut's a Giant conveyor belt if you start

Changing the speed of this conveyor belt Oh the entire system breaks down right But we don't think about this I mean When you talk to most people that say oh They have a food allergy and just ask Them well what are you allergic to I'm Allergic to Corn okay well can you ever Eat corn and not have a reaction they'll Say yes okay well now that's how I know You don't have a food allergy because Allergies are consistent they're not Transient in other words if you're Allergic to Corn every time you eat corn You'll have a reaction right right if You occasionally have a reaction and Occasionally don't you're not allergic To Corn this is pointing to the gut Motility that's why we test for it Because Once we know these utility means what The the speed okay the right is there's This word motility it's like peristaltic Activity right moving stuff down down The gut and the faster things move think About think about if I speed the gut up Let's just look it has a it has a a pace That it moves yeah that is uh the Healthy Pace what happens if I speed it Up I take acidic contents that just left The stomach I accelerate them to a basic Area alkaline area towards the rectum And functions perverts this is why People get gas bloating diarrhea Constipation irritability cramping and

They don't know they can't tie it to What they ate don't ever talk to Alexa Any of these things okay because she she Claims she has none of these None of this happens to her she refuses To talk about it but all that would Affect depression sleep yeah dreamy Depression sleep I guarantee you how can I get a good night of sleep if I'm proud Processing food how can you get a good Night to sleep if you're processing food And how can you get a good night's sleep If you can't quiet the mind you see the Way that the mind works is we don't just Create thought we also dismantle thought It's just as important to be able to Degrade thought as it is to create it Right if you create thought at a faster Rate then you break it down we call this Attention deficit disorder it's not an Attention deficit at all it's an Attention overload disorder too many Windows openings me up yes because you Have a very active mind right right but When you take supplements basic amino Acids vitamins Um Um to quiet the mind then the mind Doesn't doesn't race like it like it Normally does so for example most of These people that are listening to this They can't sleep I will guarantee you They lay down to go to sleep and they Can't fall asleep because their mind is

Keeping them awake it's not that they're Not tired it's that their mind's keeping Them up so we quiet the mind with you Know once we do that test we quiet the Mind with amino acids very simple so So if somebody has the genetic code That They don't damn that was noisy if Somebody has the genetic code that they Don't Process as fast or they don't have as Many open windows I don't think you use Those words but Um Are they going to have trouble with Somebody that does yes I mean there'll Be opposites uh right now can you see Could you actually look at two genetic Codes and say oh my God this guy's Running at 600 miles an hour and this Person is running at 30. yes you can Definitely tell that it is astounding we Should do couples genetic codes I've Done it on I've done them on stages Before I do them when we do these lab Reviews it freaks people out like I'll Say things to them like um you know People with your genetic profile will Have a notepad on their nightstand so They can get thoughts out of their bed At night they're like how the hell did You know that Um people with your genetic code will Say things like I work well under

Pressure and they go how do you know That I say that to myself all the time I'm like go ahead and do mine I'm giving You permission whatever the the release Is okay so you had Um you had three genetic breaks yeah so And we're sitting here we're looking at My whole yeah this is the results from My blood test and the genetic code so Yeah and you look at these we we take The blood test from time to time just so We see how the blood can change the Genes never will change right so you do That Gene test once you like that's the Test I want everybody to do because you Do it once and now you never guess on What you need to supplement with so in Your case you have three genetic breaks Right so what do these lead to one very Active mind right so Um when you have issues sleeping it's Not because you're not tired it's Because your mind is keeping you awake And the kinds of things you think about Are the most innocuous little thoughts Right it's not earth-shattering Life-changing kinds of thoughts not like Loss of a loved one that should keep you Up at night it's things like that I Returned that email did I finish that Project did my belt match my shoes did I Get everything on my grocery list yeah Yeah this is the kind of nonsense that Goes through your head at night right

Um because the mind is so active it Lacks an amino acid called Alma thionine Which we use to quiet the mind So when your mind is very active like That then the less stimulus you have Coming from the outside the more it Wakes up so now now why would would that Person also be stimulated by a lot of Activity because her mind is very active They're constantly they're thinkers they Need information they need data they Need changing situations they also tend To be anxious like I don't like to be in One situation for too long let's get out Of this restaurant I'm over this movie It's boring uh you know I want to get on To that I've never ever finished a movie There you go I mean six minutes to go I'm like I'm good let's roll I know What's going to happen get the pot and I Mean that's it dinner dinner uh the the You know literally like I'm like uh Dessert okay bring me the check yeah Exactly I don't need I don't care where I'm at either like it doesn't matter That's exactly well I want the check I Want to get out of here when I'm done I'm done yeah because this is not Serving my purpose anymore and there's No reason to stay here but that's not Bad I'm not saying that's bad that's Your personality profile now but it is Bad for somebody that's like can we Enjoy the rest of our meal yeah what's

The rush here yeah but but here's so Here's what it leads to this doesn't Mean that I have some neurology some Psychological problems no it doesn't Mean psychologist out of business bro Yeah You're going to put the pill the man the Big form is out of business here Right Or no are you going to make enemies I Don't know if I want to say that on Camera why not Um dude I'd love to put them out of Business by the way if you doctors and Pill factories in big form and don't Want to don't don't wanna people to do Less then that means you're not really Trying to get them to do less I mean the Goal should not be to medicate yeah I Mean look rarely rarely who wouldn't Pray for a world that didn't need Medication though when you have a Condition am I right I agree who how Many how many clients will you see this Year personal one-on-one swab blood Tests and read the results like you did With me thousand One-on-one that's a lot of people man Yeah So how many of those thousand would like To be on less medication oh every single One of them does have you ever met Anybody like I love my meds no No bro I cannot tell you in my career in

My 64 years I have taken Well I've been met I've been Prescribed medication I mean hard Medication lithium they put me on Lithium they put me on uh what was that It started with a p I was in a treatment Center Um it was a heavy narcotic they wanted Me on I was trying to get off of drugs right Um they had me on a epilepsy drug Dilantin thousands of vitamins Whey proteins Proteins plant proteins like and I never Finished any of the bottles right I have Never in my entire life ever finished a Supplement that I started because I knew After a week three days two days I'm Like this is Morgan I know it's not Doing anything and so I have like I Don't know how I have so many abandoned Jars of proteins mixes powders vitamins Capsules and that's what drew me to the Company well because those are those Aren't serving you because those are not Solving a deficiency I don't believe in Supplementing for the sake of Supplementing I believe in supplementing For deficiency you find the missing raw Material in the human body and put it Back and then get out of its way Phenomenal things happen to human beings When you just put the right raw material Into their body right so if we would

Learn to see we lost so much faith in Mankind and humanity and and human Beings and the power of this to heal This right and so rarely when you have a Deficiency in the human body is it Missing a chemical a synthetic or a Pharmaceutical usually it's missing some Very simple basic nutrients I'll tell You one of the most common things that We saw in the in the mortality space Because we could look at the medical Record we could get the blood on the Patient and then we would follow all the Way to their demise so it would be very Common for example if I strip D3 out of Your body vitamin D3 we get from the Sun Okay and you're not supplementing with It if I bring your D3 down low enough What happens is you begin to develop Rheumatoid arthritis like symptoms which Would be what what would those symptoms Stiffen achy joints your hips ache and Your soles your feet and ankles are sore When you get out of bed in the morning You're stiff and achy across the back Your neck you know you just you're Creaky and achy and your joints are Still you're making me achy right now So so you have a deficiency in vitamin D3 simple nutrient right and you could See that from the blood test you can see It from the blood test let's just look At it just hold that thought in fact Where's my D3 right now what do you see

Deficiency is this deficient right now That I need to to improve so this is the Capsules now Gary the 10x capsules that You send me this is the 10x capsules That I see And what do you charge me a month for The for those capsules 30 bucks yeah 30 49 49 yeah something like that Um well you own it now so yeah uh so now You're not paying as much uh but uh Triglyceride your your blood fat is a Little bit on the high side that's Usually because you're eating too many Refined carbohydrates white flour white Rice white bread and white pasta I'm not Eating sugar stuff I'm not eating Anything I've been off the sugar for Three weeks okay so oh well this isn't In the last three weeks as well so Um so that will that will bring your um Blood fat down because when when when Sugar rises in the blood insulin Rises When insulin Rises insulin blocks your Ability to burn any other type of fuel Source which means you can't burn fat if You're insulin's hot well and it builds Up in the blood yeah and I so you're Saying when I'm eating sugar I can't burn fat correct oh wow why Didn't you tell me that before bro I Would have the sugar a long time ago no You didn't I think I did I think we Should have done this interview Yeah I didn't got any added I don't bro

Like why do people think that I'm on Drugs Because you just an active thinker I'm The same way people don't have an Attention deficit disorder I don't like I I know exactly what I'm doing with you Right now I had a guy sit down in my Office one day much like you very big Vocabulary bunch of big number one big Vocabulary number one [ __ ] a guy Came in with a gender [ __ ] me and He's like why can't you give me your Complete attention I'm like he's like do You have ADD I said no I just don't have Any intention for you right now You lost me when you walked in bro You know I'm sorry like why do I have a Problem right I don't have the problem I'm thinking about other stuff right now I'm not thinking about you because you Lost my attention is that possible in That exchange that that yes people that Have ADD or ADHD don't lack the ability To pay attention they lack the ability To pay attention to so many things uh Right it's an attention overload Disorder this is why I don't have that Problem right uh the more the better for Me dude the more the better for me bring It on I know you're like bring it on Ding dong bro I like the action I know So so you're looking what's wrong with Me right now combating fluids we're Going into flu season

I think covid was a flu It was a flu it wasn't even as it wasn't Even it wasn't a flu it was a fluke Right So How do I combat the flu or the next Covet with 10x Health Um well by getting your Gene test done You'll see what your body breaks down And what it doesn't you'll supplement For those deficiencies which builds a Healthy immune system so that's why Somebody some people got sick from covet And some people didn't second leading Cause of morbidity in covid was a Clinical deficiency in vitamin D3 the First was morbid obesity and diabetes The second was a clinical deficiency in D3 why because D3 is the single most Important compound in the human body When God made us right right he made us With the ability to make one vitamin one There's hundreds of vitamins in your Bloodstream right now you're only Capable of making one right and it's Vitamin D3 wow you can't buy it Um you can buy it you can supplement With it I'm just saying but that's That's how important D3 is and when I Was saying earlier when people have a Deficiency in D3 they have these Rheumatoid arthritis like symptoms they Don't have rheumatoid but we used to see Misdiagnosis all the time G in the

Medical record you'd walk into a Doctor's office and you'd say my ankles Hurt my knees hips my shoulders hurt Lately it's hard to make a fist I'm Stiff across the back of my neck and the Doctor would go you've got rheumatoid Arthritis I'm going to hit you with some High-dose prednisone start you on Corticosteroids then what happens is Because you had a deficiency in D3 now You start taking corticosteroids we knew That once you started those you had six Years and one day until you were having A joint replacement Now you're getting a joint replacement Which you didn't need and now once you Have the joint replacement I would start To reduce what's called your ambulatory Profile how well you ambulate how well You move ambulate means ambulate means Um move okay how well you walk so once I Start reducing your motility Mobility Yeah now I bring in all the diseases That exacerbate with Boost Mobile Mobility so now you're diagnosed with The condition you didn't have put on a Medication that wasn't required which Led to a joint replacement that you Didn't need which Um led to a reduction in volatility Which brought disease forward and now You have a disease that you never should Have had and you succumbed to a Condition that you never would have had

If we didn't just notice that it was Vitamin D3 and I can give you hundreds Of scenarios like this that's why it's So important for us to have an income Statement and a balance sheet and a p l For a body because most of us you know Most even in the 10x Community these People know more about their businesses Than they know about their own blood Right so when we actually look inside And we say okay what what am I deficient In you know it's almost like when I do These tests I get you out of the room And I just interview your body and I say What can I do to help you because I Don't know what's wrong with me man yeah And really really I mean you can I could Go into a doctor and say man I'm feeling This and that I have this or that or That or this and I think this is wrong With me but the blood really doesn't lie I mean like money doesn't lie numbers Don't lie blood doesn't lie blood Doesn't lie it's a fact pattern it's not My opinion I'm just a subject matter and The g the genes would be even more Accurate am I right you get those two Pieces of information those five genetic Markers and those 64 biomarkers in the Blood that's all you need to be a Superhuman most of the people that are Listening to this podcast right now are Walking around at about 55-60 of the True state of normal right true state of

Normal meaning meaning How often have you heard I saw Dana say It to you the other day I feel great bro Yeah and and I'm like and I know your Your line is yeah I feel normal yes you Just feel normal yeah right yeah you Should feel great yeah we've accepted Such an erosion of our Baseline sense of Normalcy we've accepted brain fog and Joint pain and poor sleep and and poor Waking energy and slow cognitive Function and a lack of response to Exercise and weight gain and water Retention all of these things we've just Accepted that before we started bombing People with medication yeah We human be we should not none of us Should accept that walking around in That state human beings Were Meant to Thrive so Gary what do people do let's Say somebody's watching this right now And they're like okay I'm in pretty good Health but my grandpa's like got 23 Prescription you know bottles in their Medicine cabinet my grandmother's barely Moving around anymore my mom my dad I Could see them starting to ache and hurt I got You know I know people younger than me Bro look they look older than me yes I Got this new joke I meet people 45 and 55 I'm like I hope I look as good as you Do when I'm your age you know like I'm Like I look better people ask me all the

Time bro how you like you look younger Today than you were you guys because Your methylation's working yeah so what Would you tell people that are cool They're good but Mom Dad uncle aunt you Know friends aren't doing well well First of all I'd say to the people that Think they're good you don't know Whether you're good or not like you may Not realize how far below your true Sense of normal you really are Um until you get a picture get the Genetic testing get the blood test done I mean every Just because Daddy had a heart problem Doesn't mean you got a heart issue does It that's true we don't inherit disease The way that we've been told we inherit Disease we don't pass disease from Generation to generation we pass the Inability to convert a raw material Which leads to a deficiency and that Deficiency causes that disease so when You go to the doctor and they ask you Questions like did anybody in your Household have heart problems and you Say yes Now they're they're going to assume oh You could have that condition and now They check you and you have a heart Problem they're assuming you inherited The heart problem you didn't inherit the Heart problem very often what you Inherited was the inability to methylate

Just certain amino acids one of which is Something called homocysteine Homocysteine is almost inflammatory Compound one of the most inflammatory Compounds in the human body if this Amino acid starts to rise in your Bloodstream your blood vessels clamp Down you know what happens if you make The pipes smaller in a in a fixed system Pressure goes up right there's nothing Wrong with your heart but you have high Blood pressure right right and then they Go well your dad had high blood pressure Too so it must be genetically inherited High blood pressure I got to put you on Medication the doctors cannot explain Every doctor I've ever seen cannot Explain why I have low blood pressure They're like you come from a household Of high blood you should have it yes my Mom had cancer so they assume oh you're Going to be prone to cancer what are you Saying about that well I'm saying you're Prone to deficiency the same deficiency Had if you sure that deficiency meaning Fix that deficiency B vitamins amino Acids Methylfolate all of these different Things that your body needs to just do Its job then you won't have the same Methogenetics as they've had right so Your genes load the gun Your lifestyle pulls the trigger my Genes love the gun your genes load the

Gun right and the lifestyle pulls the Trigger right so but we have choices Over our lifestyle working out not too Much alcohol you know working out not Too much alcohol doing the three things That we do magnetism oxygen and light And then supplementing for deficiency if You have a deficiency and you fix it by Supplementation you don't get the Outcome of that deficiency so just so Everybody knows like I sleep on the mat I wake up I wake up I've already slept On it I don't need to go to the mat yeah I don't like I don't like waking up to Lay down so I do the same thing in our Bed the mat the mat even though the mat Looks like it's built for a body it Actually radiates A field oh yeah it puts a huge field out Like this so like it could be almost Anywhere on that and remember what this Is doing it's making you alkaline yeah Have you ever seen where I take you know Some of the what is that cost I forget What we charge for that about five grand Five thousand dollars yeah five thousand Dollars let me just tell you I dare you To get on that mat and try to stay awake Oh you can't I've never ever laid on That mat and knocked it's making you Alkaline it's a magnetic field that's Actually calming you down and the eight Minutes Feels like if you've ever had a nap that

Was better than a than a sleep the eight Minutes Feels like I do it all the time hours people ask me All the time how do you do six cities in Six days most of these weeks I've been On the road I've been doing six cities In six days and you look good man I hope I look as good as you when I'm your age You know oh that hurts me yes yeah it's The map now it's the mat so the mat you Do that eight minutes a day Um The oxygen takes me about eight minutes What does it take you about eight Minutes ten minutes And then the red light let's talk about The red light because we haven't talked About the red why do I want to bang my Body with what appears to be a suntan Machine but didn't yeah there's no UVA And no UVB in that bed so there's no Damage there's four like what looks like A bunch of layers of lights and a bunch Of them look like they're off and I'm Like hey man my lights ain't working Yeah those are invisible yeah those are Infrared and near infrared can't see Them today can't see them to the eye so So the bed does four things it improves Collagen elastin fiber in the skin one Of the reasons why your skin is looking So good is because you're bathing it in Red light I'm serious and that's the

First thing I noticed was my skin and I Haven't been in it in four or five days And I notice when I'm not in it yeah I Do too Um I that's one of the reasons why I Don't like to travel away from it um but The second thing it does it helps with Circulation and inflammation but it's Microvascular circulation the little Tiny capillaries eyes your liver lungs Pancreas kidneys but the biggest thing That it does not to get too sciencey but There's a wavelength of light 810 Nanometers that will pass through your Skin about three and a half inches and When it goes through the cell It kicks out a useless gas called nitric Oxide mitochondrial nitric oxide and Forces oxygen to Dock and remember what Happens when you put oxygen into the Mitochondria 16-fold increase in energy So that red light bed and as you know We're working on on the next wave of Superhuman athletes um I can't name them On this podcast but very soon it'll be Public information you're about to see Human records Shattered by margins we Never thought possible strength agility Speed hand-eye coordination wait till The next Olympics people's Jaws are Going to hit the floor because we're Using red light therapy to improve Recovery right Drive oxygen into the Mitochondria to heal tendons ligaments

Cartilaginous surfaces that don't have a Lot of blood flow I mean that bed the Reason why we're putting them in all of Our centers as you know is because we Know that it's it's a big number for People to afford for their house right Right I mean most people are not Dropping 150 Grand to put those three Modalities into their house but Eventually but I I would just say for Everybody that can't afford the 150. I Spent 150 before I bought the company Yes and I was happy to spend the 150 I Was in a position blessed that I was in A position to but Like dude when you're hurting You spend anything yeah and the fact That this started providing me with more More confidence I look younger almost immediately I felt Better almost immediately I could see The results in my blood immediately like Literally I could see the results of my Blood before I actually felt it yeah Like you cannot lie the blood don't lie We can show that in real time in actual Real time like if you want to know if That bed's working take a nitric oxide Strip right put it in your mouth before You get into bed and you and when you Pull it out of your mouth it'll be like A pale pink showing very low levels of Nitric oxide in your salon lay in the Bed for 20 minutes and then get back out

Of the bed and retest with that nitric Oxide strip now why would nitric oxide Skyrocket because after the red light After the red light it'll look dark Cabernet because it's the because nitric Oxide is being kicked out of the cell And oxygen is being pulled in uh so you You can measure these things I mean I'm A science you're talking about the red Lighter red light okay I'm talking about The red one why did why would I be Bringing oxygen in it because because it Took all that oxygen from your blood and It forced it into In that order in that order so we should Do that we should add the the Nitro Oxide let people test it yeah yeah but Can we do that yeah of course we can Perfect the other yeah the other thing You can do is is I can take care I can Take your finger prick your finger right Put it on a slide and show you in a Microscope your blood before you get on The pmf mat I can actually show your Blood under a microscope bro if you say It you got to do it I will do it okay Yeah no 100 yeah don't tell me show me I Thought Gary was just a bullshitter when I met him I'm telling you I'm like this Guy I'm a bullshitter I'm like this Guy's a better bullshitter than I am and Then I I'm just going to tell everybody Watching right now like find out what's

Going through your blood system you Cannot deny that whether you're black White brown young or old your blood's Got something to do with the program no Doubt like the blood is the blood right Like the blood's gonna it's got going Through your brain it's going through Your heart it's going through your lungs It's going through your kidneys it's Going it's everywhere yeah and and my Skin I know my skin looks better from The red light I know I'm stronger in the Gym collagen elastin fiber yeah and and This isn't requiring a bunch of Surgeries this isn't surgeries and Implants how much pain are you in now uh Very little yeah almost none almost no Pain yeah And um And it's easy to do I don't this isn't Like going to do some two-hour workout That I'm dreading going to right I go to The red light I sleep I go get on the Bed I take a nap I do the oxygen you Can't sleep while you're taking oxygen No it's impossible no because you're Moving yeah I'm moving on a bike I eat It in in uh you know eight minutes and I Feel good about the oxygen I ate I can See it literally leave the bag take a Picture of the before and after do you Try to beat your last time oh yeah 100 And I'm trying to suck this stuff down As fast as I can

And you know it's there for me I have it I have it set up in here in Golden Beach And I have a set up in Malibu and it's Just been unbelievable and I love what We're doing for people more than the Money we're making we're meeting some of The most incredible people you just want To talk about How many unbelievable people not who They are but yeah the number of people That we have met because of 10x Health Oh it's you know anybody you can talk About I um well I mean we can talk about Dana White you can talk about we were on The Kardashian episode Um we can talk about some of the Professional football players that we Work with but you know we developed a Saying called get what the pros get Because Um it's great that we deal with a lot of A-listers and celebrities and athletes And entertainers and rap artists but the Truth is that we want this to touch the Face of humanity you know when when you Actually made the offer to acquire us Um our decision came down to one thing And that was will this acquisition allow Us to serve more people that's the Gospel truth about whether that's what That's the basis that we use to form our Decision and I don't know if I've ever Said this to you but I mean I'm I'm I am Beyond grateful for this this

Acquisition not only did it change my Life monetarily but the number of people That we're serving now because your Teams come on board yeah and built a Platform to allow me to work on the Business and not in the business and Actually take the dreams and the ideas I Had here and bring them to fruition Well you're very articulate you're a Great communicator you've got a great Personality and people listen they Listen to that so and and we're having Fun doing it because I know you know my Goal is to to reach the world and you Can't do that through sales you can't do It through marketing or real estate Health is actually a Runway to meet Everyone because everybody's going to Have this problem And you don't need a light Grant Cardone It'll be like my knees hurt man can you Help me yeah uh Grant you said this on Instagram I don't like that but damn my Shoulder hurts can you help me like that Kind of solves you know right it's a the Universal solvent is communication love And health yeah and if you can help Somebody be healthier they're going to Like you yeah so Gary appreciate Everything we're doing man I got to have You back maybe we'll do a before and After next time yeah look at my we'll Bring mine in because this is all Protected by HEPA It's Your Privilege

Though you can publish it so what we'll Do is we'll come in here like that's not Protected by HIPAA future if you no I Know but everybody else is yes yeah We'll do a before and after we'll do it Before hey what I look like and then Show the graphs of my Improvement thank You Matt appreciate you coming in all Right awesome all right hey if you like This today make sure you subscribe to The channel we'll do more Health stuff Bring more people in as as we uncover More stuff learn more stuff make sure You subscribe to the channel you see me Doing a whole bunch of other stuff here From Touring Monaco Yachts to homes in Malibu To showing you real estate deals that I'm doing we're going to drop seven Different shows on this channel here in Just a little bit and become a TV Network so if you hadn't subscribed do So while it's still free make sure you Post or share your comments if you want To be part of any of the television Shows we're doing right now please take A moment just to say hey dude I want to Be more part of what you're doing right Now if we can help you Johnny maybe put The link to the genetic test 10x Health test 10x Health test I hope that's right it Is yes and uh thanks for

Watching God bless you be great keep Your health up Oh

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