The Wisdom of Anxiety

Curated By Ralph

My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

For a generation that is not only Suffering more anxiety than previous Generations but also struggle with Forming deep meaningful relationships That feeling anxiety may be one of the Single best ways to form the connections That they so desperately need to manage The anxiety it's a virtuous circle it's The wisdom of anxiety and we have Completely cut ourselves off at the Knees from benefiting from it you know We talk about social media and how Dangerous it is to our youth here's Where I think it's most dangerous it is Cutting off our kids ability to go deep Connect with real community and purpose Which is what you need to leverage Anxiety for you need to actually have a Sense that there's something greater Than yourself so we're actually stopping Kids from Gaining these tools to Actually hitch anxiety and discomfort to Purpose and connection that's what we Have to fix

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