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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey There YouTube Myron golden here and Today I am going to share with y'all a Concept on the Timeless thesis of God What does that even mean it means god is Eternal and I've always when I was a kid And I started reading the Bible when I Was 16 or 17 it was the first book that I ever read and and interestingly enough That was not a comic book or a karate Book I read some comic books I read some Karate books didn't read books for School I'm a slow reader I've always Been a slow reader so after I came to Christ My a friend who led me to Christ he said Now you need to start reading the Bible And I was literally horrified and I was Horrified not because it was the Bible But because it was reading right and and Reading has just always been labor for Me I was the kid and you ever when you Went to school and you had kids read in Front of the class when you learn how to Read and like one kid would get up and They'd just read everything like they'd Been reading since they came out of the Womb and then somebody else would get up And they'd read and it was like they Were stumbling all over the page and all The kids would laugh I was the one they Were laughing at because like I I felt Like I was chasing the words all over The page trying to make them sit still So I could read them and

Um and so when he said I you need to Start reading the Bible I was horrified Until I started reading it and when I Started reading it I started seeing These principles with promises attached To them that if you do this then you can Expect this right and and I started Buying into the idea that if if I do This then I can expect you know XYZ and So Um that was pretty amazing and I saw Time After Time After Time like people Say well how do you know there's a God Can you prove there's a God no I don't Can't prove there's a God I can't prove It I don't need to prove it he's already Demonstrated he's already proved to me That he is who he says he is right Because when I've done things that Didn't seem to make any sense They worked anyway right and so I have a Lot of people ask me in business Settings they'll say Myron how do you Have this like you have this sense of Certainty that's like unlike anybody That I've ever seen and like where does That come from I've even had people say So can you teach that to people and I Can't teach it to people but I can tell You where it comes from and it comes From like the confidence that I have is Not confidence and confidence the faith That I have is not faith and Faith the Belief that I have is not belief and

Belief but the confidence I have is Confidence in the one who cannot lie the Faith that I have is faith of the one Who is faithful and cannot lie the Belief that I have is the one that's Believable and cannot lie that's what It's based on it's not based on I've Just conjured up I've just conjured up This oh I'm just envisioning good things Are going to happen to me I'm just Envisioning good things you're gonna I Think that's probably a better way to do It than I'm just envisiting bad things You're gonna happen to me that's Probably right so that's a better way to Do it but but like God has demonstrated Throughout human history that his word Is truth you want to be blown away you Want to be blown away by the Timeless Nature of God read the book by Rabbi Jonathan Khan called The Oracle it'll Blow your mind because it will show you It will like the things that are in the Bible that were prophesied down to the Specific day that they happened Thousands of years before the people who Did those things were even born Which means in order for that to happen The person who had the knowledge to put That in a book before it happened by Thousands of years has to exist outside Of time And so I'm going to read a passage to You it's one of my favorite passages of

Scripture and when I think about all of The similitudes and the and the Significance and the analogy and then The fact that these were real people in This passage it just like it's it's like Like what am I doubting what do I have The doubt so understand that God came to Abram this is Genesis chapter 15. God Came to Abram in Genesis chapter 12 and Said look If you will get out of your country Out of your father's house away from Your Kindred he said if you will do that If you will leave the land of the Familiar What I will do is I will make you the Father of many nations now why is that Important because Abram's name before it Was Abraham his name was Abram the name Abram means High father but Abram was a High father who couldn't have any Children and when God came to him and Told him that he was 65 years old his Wife was 55 years old they didn't have Any children and God said if you will if You will leave the land of the familiar And journey to the land of faith Abram says okay Lord I got a question For where's the land of Faith you will Know when you get there I will show you That you are there when you get there Now I'm going to show you how to get There before you get there I will show You that you're there when you get there

God was showing Abram that I want you to Trust me not because you know what I'm Saying I want you to trust you because I Want you to trust me because I want you To know who's saying it okay and so he Comes so he says if you will leave if You read Genesis chapter 12 you'll see In the first couple verses he says he Says if you'll leave the land of the Film familiar and go to the place of Faith here's what I'm going to do for You I'm going to bless you in ways you Can't bless yourself I'm going to give you things you can't Get yourself I'm gonna make you Something you can't make yourself I'm I'm going to take the source of your Shame and make it the source of your Fame I want you to think about that what Was the source of Abram shame so so we Name our children names that we like the Sound of right I like the name Taylor I'm gonna name right Bible names were not just names that the People like the sound of Bible names Were descriptions so Abram's name meant High father so every time somebody Called his name the 65 year old man Whose name is high father he knows he Don't have no kids his wife knows they Don't have no kids and everybody who Knows him knows this is the high father With no children what if that was your Name

Right what if your name showed everybody Who you weren't Can you imagine the anguish of Soul of Like having a name that is a Misrepresentation of how you do your Life And so God says if you'll leave I'm Going to give you so 10 years later Abram 75. He still don't have any children Ten Years After God gave him a promise now Ten years to me is a long time 10 years To a 10 year old is all the time they've Experience so it's everything they know 10 years to a 20 year old is a 10 years To a 20 year old is half of their life 10 years to a 60 year old one sixth of Their life that's why time moves by it Feels like time moves by slower for Children than it does for people who are Older right as you get older it feels Like time is going faster but it's not Going faster it just represents a Smaller portion of your life the older You get how many how many I'll track it Okay So God comes to Abram tells me we're Going to have a child at 65 at 65 and It's uh at 75 he still has no children How many y'all would begin to doubt in 10 years if God gave you a promise this Is what I'm going to do for you even if

You heard his voice audibly Like Abram did 10 years I don't know sir Sarah you do you think I really heard God or did you think it was just like I Was imagining things right which I mean Isn't that the kind of conversation you Have and so God comes to Abram in Genesis chapter 15 And reminds him of what he already Promised him 10 years ago and so if 10 years is all There is to a 10 year old and half of What there is to a 20 year old and One-sixth of what is to a 60 year old to God there's no difference between 10 Years and one second it's all the same Because he God Lives outside of time in Eternity are y'all tracking so he says After these things the word of the Lord Came unto Abram in a vision saying fear Not Abram fear not Abram fear not Abram What would even be afraid of he'd be Afraid I'm going to die with no children I remember I was at a funnel hacking Live conference in 2016 uh in San Diego California And no it wasn't it was um it was it was Somewhere else I don't remember where it Was because they have them all over the Place but it was I think it was 2017 and Tony Robbins was speaking Now there's 3 000 people there I'm sitting there minding my own

Business with my son and my daughter my Wife and Tony Robbins is speaking And Tony Robbins points at me Sir I want to ask you a question Me And he asked me a question that was so Hard to answer because it's not the Question that he asked me was not the Answer was not something that I Really Ever entertained He said so tell me the two things you Fear the most I literally could not think of anything I literally like I was more thinking like why are you Talking to me right now bro right Because the year before Marcus Lemonis The prophet he was speaking at the one In frontal hacking live and he picked on Me and asked me a question I'm like do I Have a sign on my head that says pick me Or something and so I remember saying Um I don't know I my greatest fear in Life is that I'll die without Grandchildren And my name's not even Abram So can you imagine a 65 year old man I Mean a 75 year old man but that's that's 14 years older than I am now he has no Children God comes in and says fear not Why is he telling fear not don't be Afraid that the promise that God gave You is not going to come to pass It doesn't matter how long it's been

In time it feels like in time 10 years Feels like an eternity but an eternity 10 years feels like no time at all Are y'all tracking he says fear not Abram I am thy Shield I am thy Shield I am thy Shield it's really interesting I am thy Shield and thy exceeding great reward He did not say I was your Shield He did not even say I will be your Shield He said I am your Shield we're going to Come back to that in a minute I am thy Shield and thy exceeding great reward What is God saying I am your protection I am your provision By the way that is like we God could Like God could say the same thing that That's the very same thing to me today I'm your Shield I'm your protection I am Your great reward I'm your provision What does it tell us in Psalms chapter 46 verse 1 it says the Lord is our Refuge and our strength what a very Present help in trouble therefore will Not we fear though the Earth be removed And though the mountains be carried into The midst of the sea though the waters There of war and be troubled be still And know that I am God like God said Look like just just sit still because I Am everything that you need for this for The sustainability of your life Okay cool

And Abram said Lord God What will thou give me watch what he Says seeing I go childless and the Steward of mine house is this aliasure Of Damascus so what Abram just told us What he was afraid of What are you going to give me what are You going to give me so I can know that What you said is true because I am Childless and the steward of my house is La Israel Damascus and Abram said behold To me that I was given no seed and lo One born in mine house is mine Heir and Behold the word of the Lord came unto Him saying Thou shalt this shall not be Thine air but he that shall come forth Have our own bowels shall be thy near And he brought him forth abroad God Brought Abram forth abroad and said Look now toward heaven Look now toward heaven and tell the Stars if thou be able to number them and He said unto him so shall thy seed be Can you count the Stars That's what your seed is going to be Your seed is going to be like the stars Of the heaven like the Sand by the Seashore Just the sand At the seashore Clearwater Beach would be a lot of seed But all the seashore That's a lot of folk

And this is a 75 year old man with no Children this is one of the this is this Is like one of the greatest Promises of All times what is God showing God is Showing Abram look I can be trusted But it'll be easier for you to trust me If you stop trying to time me Because you're late is my right on time How many all tracking And so Um Abram said what are you gonna give me This story is so cool and I'm taking way Too long on it so but I'm gonna it's all Good it's all good and so Um and he brought him forth if you can Be able to number them and he said so Shall thy seed be verse 15 and he Believed the Lord And he counted it to him for Righteousness he believed the Lord and He counted to him for righteousness see See God does not count our righteousness as Righteousness What is the counter righteousness says According to the scripture in Isaiah our Righteousness is as filthy rags So we can't do enough Good Deeds to earn Favor with God By the way that's not a new thing that's An old thing That like God didn't save Abraham Because Abraham did good works God saved Abraham because Abraham believed God

And when we believe God like God still Saves people today same way you believe God believe God about what the death Burial resurrection of Jesus Christ Like it's not baptism baptism and I know People get all hung up on that baptism Does not save anybody What does baptism do baptism is like the Wedding ring To people who get married it just shows That you're married it doesn't make you Married somebody who's single putting on A wedding ring doesn't make a married Somebody who's married taking off a Wedding ring doesn't make them not Married somebody married who never put On a wedding ring doesn't make them not Married baptism is a sign it is not it Is not the signifi the signifier it's Just a sign it just shows it's not the Thing that makes it so Are y'all tracking like the good deeds That you do and the tithe that you give And the helping people old people across The street if I need help across the Street please help me okay so okay I'm Just saying if y'all see me struggling Getting across now no no hang on don't Hang up on a brother okay so so so no That The Reason God saved Abraham is the same Reason God saved anybody who's ever Saved and that is because they believed Him

Because of God will lie about anything He's already lied about everything Okay you believe God accounted from Righteousness and he said unto him I am The Lord that brought thee out of the Earth the chaldees to give thee this Land to inherit it and he said Lord God Whereby shall I know that I shall Inherit it he's like I hear you I hear what you saying I heard you 10 Years ago show me something Please show me something I need a sign And he said unto him take me in half of Three years old She got three years old a ram of three Years old a turtle dove and a young Pigeon and he took unto them all these And divided them in the midst and he Laid one piece against the other but the Birds he divided not And when the fowls came down upon the Carcasses Abram drove them away and when The sun went down And when the sun was going down a deep Sleep fell upon Abram and low and horror Of great Darkness fell upon him And then it says And he said unto Abram Whoa Time out You gonna put Abraham to sleep Abram to Sleep and then you're gonna start Talking to him how many all know Generally speaking if you have something

To tell somebody it's better to wait Till they wake up to tell them than it Is to wait till they fall asleep to tell Him Right but it says it says okay I think I Read that right I'm pretty sure I did The house came down verse 12 and when The sun was going down a deep sleep fell Upon neighbor and a of great Darkness fell upon him and he said unto Abram no of a surety thy seed shall be a Stranger in the land that is not theirs And they shall serve them and they shall Afflict them 400 years can Abram hear This No he can't hear you sleep so why is he Talking to him why does he sleep Is that a good question Right I mean I know preachers put people To sleep and then start talking to him That's different That's different I know seminar speakers Put people to sleep and start talking That's different this is God So there's a reason he put Abram to Sleep and started talking to him but Wait a minute there's but wait there's More And then so serve them 400 years verse 14 and also that Nation whom they will Serve will I judge and afterwards they Shall come out with great substance now God is telling him something's going to Happen

Way down the road How can he know Because He Lives outside Of time Are y'all tracking and then he says Thou Shalt good thy fathers in peace and they Shall be buried and shall be buried and Buried in a great in a good old age but In the fourth generation they shall come Hither again for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full the amorites Were the descendants of Canaan who who Inherited the who were already living in The land of Canaan the amorites were the Amorites the Hittites are the Gerguchites all of those ites were the Descendants of Canaan who were living in The promised land and God said I'm going To give this land to you And in the same day uh and then it says In verse 17 this is the verse you Already Verse 17 and it came to pass that when The sun went down it was dark Behold a Smoking furnace and a burning lamp that Passed between those pieces in the same Day the Lord made a covenant with Abrams Saying unto thy seed have I given this Land from the river of Egypt to the Great river Euphrates what just happened Here's what happened God put Abram to sleep and started Talking to him because he wanted us to Know That we don't have to hear what he said

In order for him to keep his word he has To hear what he said in order for him to Keep his work If I don't know what God Said That's not God said I'm not going to let Myself off the hook because you don't Know what my word says I'm gonna do what I said I'm gonna do Because I am the god who cannot lie Not who does not lie can't can't do it God can I get you like can't do it And so He said it came to pass when someone Went down his dark Behold a smoking Furnace and a burning lamp that passed Between those pieces so we if we Understand the picture Abram is asking God To show him a sign that he's going to Keep his word What was the sign that God showed Abram He said I'm going to enter a covenant With you why because when two people Enter in the Covenant And I know some of you have seen this Before but when two people enter in the Covenant they would stand They would stand they would stand facing Each other Right They would lead an animal to the place Of Covenant They would kill their animal here they Would cut it in pieces

Because the word covenant means to cut Okay that's what the word covenant means It means to cut he would kill this Person would kill his animal here this Person would kill his animal there they Would cut him up in pieces they would This person would walk around in a Circle Come back in the middle oh actually when They started they were back to back Sorry they when they started they were Back to back when they came back they Were face to face so when they started They were facing opposite direction back To back when they came back there face To face this person walks around in a Circle walks around this carcass of this Animal in a circle this person walks Around the car because of this animal in A circle they come back in the middle Face to face they while they're walking Around this animal they're observing the Brutality of the death of this animal Observing the brutality of the death of This animal they come back in the middle Let's say Um these two people they would come back In the middle let's say this is if this Is God And this is Abram They come back in the middle they take a Knife in their left hand cut their right Hand put their hands together bind it Together with a rope bind together with

The Rope they exchange Covenant vows So if if Um um let me see I'm looking for Somebody whose last name I know Larry so Larry and I were going to enter into Covenant We exchange Covenant names my name would Become Myron Larry golden his name will Become Larry Myron destine right so we Would exchange Covenant names we'd Exchange Covenant promises the Covenant Promises this I am going to keep I I'm going to do Everything Larry I got you I got you six I'm your guy if you ever need something Like your car breaks down in the middle Night call me right you broke as a joke Ready to choke call me I'm broken choke I'm gonna call you right I'm gonna give My time my effort my energy my wealth my Resources my wisdom even my life if Necessary to protect you and yours he's Telling me the same thing So God's getting ready to go into Covenant with Abram what's the problem Abram's in Double Jeopardy what's the Double jeopardy well first of he enters The Covenant with God he's going to come Back in the middle he's going to be face To face he's gonna have to die die What's the other problem he has he can't Keep the Covenant Abram can't do it like Abram because he Has a sin nature he cannot keep Covenant

Because you have a sin nature you can't Keep Covenant so so it it's no wonder God doesn't accept religion As a propitiation for sin Because our Good Deeds aren't good Enough and the Good Deeds that I do in The future won't outweigh the bad Deeds I've done in the past And the Good Deeds I've done in the past Won't outweigh the bad Deeds I'll do in The future I'm I'm I'm hopelessly trapped in a sin Dirt suit That I have to do my best to yield my Mind to God and yield my body to my mind So that I will live more along the lines Of doing the things that God desires me To do not so God will accept me but Because he already has Me on track and wave at me my peeps and So what happens Abram's in Double Jeopardy because number one no man has Seen God at any time And lived so he's gonna be face to face With God he would have died and he can't Keep the devil now he's got to die again So that's double jeopardy Now we know why God put Abram to sleep Because Abram needed a substitute to Take his place in the Covenant walk What's the substitute notice what it Said in verse 17. it came to pass that a Smoking furnace You ought to know how so artistic did

You watch what I did you don't even know Brother man can draw fire and all kinds Of stuff Kind of Pass smoking furnace And A burning lamp So they put olive oil they put olive oil In here right and then they stick a wick In here and then they light a can they Light that lamp And then fire would come out that fire Was better than that fire but you Already knew that okay so so it says it Came to pass when the sun went down it Was dark Behold a smoking furnace and a Burning lamp passed between those pieces Those pieces what those pieces of dead Animal carcass that God told Abram to Come to bring and kill and cut it to Pieces Are y'all tracking why because Abrams God's still entering a covenant With Abram but what he's doing is he put Abram to sleep so the burning lamp Yeshua hamashiach Jesus said I'm the Light of the world And the smoking furnace that's God the Father passed between those pieces so God said I The sun just like when we received Christ the son said okay if Abram Doesn't keep the Covenant maybe what Happened to this animal happened to me

God says if I don't keep my promise to Abram May what happened to this animal Happened to me God's going to keep us coming Abram's Not going to keep his Covenant Abram Needed a substitute that knew he Couldn't keep the Covenant that was Willing to walk the Covenant in his Place anyway So that Abram wouldn't be in Double Jeopardy and So you wouldn't be in Double Jeopardy And so I wouldn't be in Double Jeopardy And that's why God doesn't accept Anything except the death Barrow and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and it Doesn't matter what your religion is it Doesn't matter what religious beliefs You believe religion is just something Satan inspired man to create So that humans could try to hold other Humans hostage By making them think you've got to be More like me in order for you to get to God Hedonism is the first religion in the Bible it's in Genesis chapter three Humanism what was it Well That man becomes God what did Satan say If you eat the fruit that God told you Not to eat if you disobey God that will Make you more like God Wow every other religion is a derivative

Of that but see God never established a Religion you know what God established God established a relationship and a way Got us God created creation connection And contribution he did creation what Happened God created creation he created Creatures what happened after that he Created he created because he couldn't Connect with creation he couldn't Connect with creatures he created man in His own image so he created creators That he could connect with but the Creators that he created severed the Connections they had with them now he's Back to square one so what do you have To do he had to give a contribution in The form of the death bear and Resurrection of his son to pay the price To re-establish the connection That's the whole that's like that's the Whole life that's the whole story all About what God's initial intention was We messed it up He restored it How many on track and wave at me okay so Now here's what's interesting If if if God Is willing to make a covenant and his Covenant Is truth aleph mem Tav that's how you spell truth in Hebrew Olive spells amen amen Ahmet I bet what Does I meant Ahmet is auth mem top what Does it sound like Ahmet what does it

Sound like Amen Let It Be So Oh I get it so aleph is the letter that Represents God Mem represents the might of the ocean Tav is a cross or a covenant So What is truth truth Is God's I don't need to write it there God's Mighty Covenant what's God's Mighty Covenant well God's Mighty Covenant is Truth By the way if you attempt to separate God from truth like this this word right Here mem Tav would be spelled m-e-t-h Met Guess what guess what this word is death What if you attempt to separate God from The truth all you have left is death Isn't it amazing When we had started kicking God out of Society how death began to multiply we Kicked God out of our schools and now Instead of having the Ten Commandments In our schools we're teaching children That they came from an animal and so now We got all these school shootings And people are trying to call it gun Violence and there's no such thing as Gun violence like gun violence that's That's the language they use to trick You Because there's not a gun that's ever Been manufactured that was violent it's

Actually people violence And people use guns to commit violence So There was a guy who lived in Pennsylvania And His wife got an argument He ran over her with a car multiple Times Intentionally and killed her Nobody ever called that car violence Why because it wasn't the car that did It it was the person who used the car to Do it hear me on tracking right so You say Myron which when we remove God From the truth all we have left is death But that's one thing it shows guess what Else it shows us if God Doesn't keep his word then God himself Has to die and if God dies everything Ceases to exist So literally the reason I can count on God's word I didn't even get to the I am Part yet wait till we get to that The reason I can count on God's word is Because God cannot lie because if he does the Whole thing goes kapui This is so good So what should I do the psalmist said in Psalm 9 90 verse 12 so teach us to Number our days Why that we may apply our hearts unto Wisdom there it is teach us to number

Our days that we may apply our hearts on The wisdom Hmm So here's God made Man In His Image But we're not exactly like God Because God Operates and exists In the opposite Realm that we operate in Exist in We operate and exist in the realm of Time God operates and exists in the realm of Eternity Without beginning Without End It's hard like we can't comprehend that You know you know why it's hard for us To comprehend eternity because Everything we experience in life is Bound by time space and matter So when somebody says eternity I don't Really have a way to Envision an Attorney I could say eternity is like a Circle it doesn't have a beginning it Doesn't well that one does that's a Terrible Circle Mary Um so it doesn't have a beginning and it Doesn't have an end it's just a circle Where does it start it's always been There where's it end it's always been There But the interesting thing about the Difference between Time and Eternity is This

Eternity does not Need time But time needs eternity What is it okay let me let me say it a Different way In time In the realm of time There's no such thing as The present This cannot exist In the realm of time it can't Why because soon as I say now it becomes What then So The present is an Ever evaporating Expiring Non-existent in the realm of time Idea You can't like now can't happen In time in the realm of time there is Only the past And the future Wrap your mind around here we go y'all Ready In the realm of Eternity There's only the present There's no such thing as the past or Future How can God know the end from the Beginning because to God there's no Difference he's outside of both of them He's outside the past he's outside the Future so what's a moving picture to us Is a snapshot to God now there's

Something oh this doesn't make any sense Okay well it does because God made us in His image so we can't do everything he Does but we can do we can do things Similar to what he does so we can Understand better the things he does So do we have any filmmakers in here Anybody ever A couple of filmmakers okay cool So let's say our two filmmakers Are going to make a film you're going to Do a feature film you're going to do a Feature film you write it You produce it you direct it Right Um let's even say you star in it you're The like you are the leading actor Leading actress you all ready You create this movie you hire all the Actors you create the film and then you Go to watch the premiere Who created the movie I did let me hear you say I did who Created it you did you create y'all two Created a movie Okay cool so y'all Created the movie Do you know what's gonna happen before It happens Yes Do the people who are the other people Who weren't in the movie watching the Premiere do they know what's going to Happen before it happens they have no Idea so it unfolds in real time for the

People who didn't create it But it's already been unfolded for the People who did Laughs There's no difference between the Beginning of the movie and the end of The movie and the middle of the movie to You when the movie started it was Already done in fact before it started It was already done and then after it Started because it's captured on hard Drive or film or tape or disc or Whatever It still hasn't been done for the people For whom yet it hasn't been done Now we can do that as people but we Think God can't do that and he's way Smarter than us because he created Everything out of nothing in seven days And in all of that knows the end from The beginning because it's all just it's His thing God exists outside of time that's why When Moses God Called Moses to his assignment Moe's had a heart assignment too Abram Had a heart assignment how we all know You got a heart assignment like like To all of us our assignment feels Challenging right that's why it's an Assignment because we have to grow into It before we can go into it And so God calls us to the space to an Assignment that when we see it it is

Clearly bigger than us hey Moses Who Me Yeah you I want you to March into Pharaoh's Office and you tell him I said let my People go But I I can't can't talk it Did I ask you how you can talk See here's what we think we think our Limitation Is God's limitation The limitation in our Ability Is the leverage point of opportunity for God's ability It's what's missing in me that makes Room for God that no flesh should glory In his presence Everything good that I have is a gift Therefore the fact that I can see is a Gift the fact that I can hear is a gift The fact that I can read the fact that I Can think the fact that I can operate a Business like I can walk around and be Proud of it and act like I did it if I Want to But if I do I miss the point It's all a gift how exciting is that That's like the greatest news ever Go tell Pharaoh I said let my people go Can I ask you a Coco question Sure ask me a question who who

Should should I say send me I read that I was like Moses bruh come On now that's the best you got like if You're gonna ask him a question ask him A question bro like like I want to coach Moses like when I read that story I'm Gonna say Moses look here's what you Asking foreign Like here's what I would ask Can you please tell me what you said What to tell him you said you're going To do if he says no that's what I'd want To know Moses didn't say that you know what Moses said who shall I say has sent me What did God say I am That I am what does that mean I am is the ultimate identity what does I am mean I am That God what God the very present God I'm the god of Eternity I'm the God who Operates outside of time and controls Time and therefore I know what's going To happen before it happens because I Created it to happen exactly that way I can trust God because he's the one who Set the whole thing up and nobody knows How it works better than he does I am limited by my experience God is Unlimited because he has unlimited Experience And so when we understand the nature of God the nature of God is this that he

Exists in eternity because there's not Enough room for him in time You're going to hold something infinite You have to hold it in an infinitely Abundant space And so God operates in time Reigns from eternity And here's what he's showing us in his Word the same thing he showed Abram While you are operating in time Stand on the foundation of Eternity And you will not fall And just like he said to Abram I am your Protection You don't have to be afraid of enemies I am your provision you don't have to be Afraid of lack Greatest news of all times God Is eternal and that's why his name is I Am that I am not I was that I was and I Will be that I will be I am That I am The one that exists outside of Eternity The one who is worthy of all of ours all Of our yielding the one who is worthy of My life And everything that I do it's all his Anyway I'm just doing with it what he told me To do with it so when I give it to him I'm giving back to him something that Became more than it was Before he gave it to me are y'all

Tracking So yield to the one who is the I am that I am and then your I am can become the I Am that he created to become Because God is the ultimate identity And until you know who he is you will Never fully understand who you are Because all authority flows out of Identity And I don't know who I am until I know Whose I am thank you for subscribing Thank you for watching thank you for Liking and commenting and sharing and I Appreciate y'all and we'll look forward To seeing you in the next video peace Out Cub Scouts

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