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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

I know you might be facing stuff that I Don't even know about I get that but Here's what I know did you ever have a Headache and you go online and you Google for what could this headache be By the time you're done you feel like You got a tumor and you got three months To live right we find what we are Looking for [Music] [Applause] I at this phase of my life I love being Underestimated More than anything I love I don't know If you guys have known the last couple Years all I wear is t-shirts by the way This isn't one t-shirt I have like 20 of These and I have like five colors and 20 Of these shirts I used to I feel blessed I had a partner that we did really great Business together real estate a whole Bunch of other stuff and he was a watch Person and he brought me some of the Most amazing watches on the planet Watches I mean I had to watch on Yesterday it was almost fifty thousand Dollars or forty two thousand bucks Something crazy I would never spend that For watch even if I had 17 gazillion Dollars But I had on yesterday was the first Time I had a watch on almost two years I'm in this place in my life where I Want to be underestimated it makes life

Easier because it empowers me I found a Way I I know some people teach you know Perfect suit dress Sharps pointy shoes Shiny I own all that stuff and maybe in Six months now a year I'll go through That phase but where I'm at right now is I like to be underestimated because they Never see me coming I've had big Multi-million dollar companies with Board of directors and CEOs look at my You know I run my companies I own my Companies have about 13 companies I run Them and I know for a fact some of them Were like that that they won't get to us Because we're a big conglomerate and I Love that and they never see me coming And I drive right past them like I have Nitrous and they're dragging concrete Blocks behind their car I love that but Let me give you an example I want to Give you this and I want to give you as Many examples as I can today because I Want you to frame this in your whole Life like I want you to think about Well they don't think I can do it Instead of oh they don't think I can I'm Nervous about saying what's on my mind I'm nervous about asking the partnership No if they don't think you can use that As fuel I love when people look at me Like who's this guy does he know like Again framework flip the framework so Example conference room now I could I could share an exact scenario here

Um I wrote down conference room story That I want to share with you but let's Just think about this in every single Negotiation I go into everything you Know what I love more than anything I Love when everybody's dressed in suits And dressed sharp and I love people who Dress nice I love the dress nice when I Go out but if I'm going into a really Important meeting The more important the meeting I I just Closed the 14 million dollar deal I Don't know six months ago and I wore This t-shirt not this exact one but one Just like a pair of jeans and some Nikes Literally at the deal on purpose but I Want to tell you so here's what I like Let's you I want you to visualize a Conference room I close a lot of deals At this phase of my life a lot of a lot Of Partnerships I'm buying into a couple Companies right now and I love Negotiating I love to make it a win-win For everybody never looking to take Advantage of anybody ever but here's What I know I love going in and Everybody's dressed to the nines couple Attorneys right couple CEO everybody's Dressed nice I like walking in like this Because I know at first like and get the Memo is when you're supposed to dress up And then secondly I like the fact That I wear a watch that helps me in my My loving being underestimated and then

Third I never talk when I first went I Introduced myself and I sit And I let and especially listen I'm not I'm a dude I'm a guy I love being I have Testosterone I'm a driver I'm Enthusiastic I love closing deals I love Winning as long as it's a win for Everybody but what I've come to realize Is most men especially like want to come In and just vomit up everything they're All about and what they want Hey listen This deal I want to tell you I'm going To go first we've been doing this for 14 Years we've compiled this together and This is what I want this we could do we Can take the numbers to do and I just Sit and listen and just sit and listen And I even get to the point where it's Uncomfortable especially if someone's Trying to sell me or I want to buy from Them if I get to the point where I don't Ask many questions or don't talk I can feel they're underestimating me Like in their head they're doing one of Two things they're like have I said this Guy was smart he shows up in a T-shirt And he hasn't said two words But what happens is that Uncomfortableness or that Underestimating you what happens is People just continue to talk and here's What I know a couple strategic questions Like so I don't understand if we did This deal what would that look like in a

Year from now that's like maybe I say That 15 minutes in or And if this was a complete win and we Were celebrating a year from now what do You think that would look like like the Silly questions like the old Columbo Questions you ever watch that old uh Show Columbo on TV my whole point is What will happen is because they Underestimate me because they're Uncomfortable because I haven't said Much or maybe they think I'm an idiot They start to talk about the things that I'm using as my fuel they start telling You what their desires are what their Fears are and people get to say you know If I don't close this I'm not going to Get the promotion if we don't close this Deal we really don't have the cash flow To get to the next level if I don't Close this deal and people just talk and Talk and talk and then I come in at the End and being underestimated all of a Sudden flips When I close the deal in About five minutes when I go because I Accumulate all this I know your fears I Know your worries I know your desires I Know your dreams and the cool part is I Don't use it unfairly I want to make Fair deals for everybody but someone Else is being unfair and I need to get Them where they are I will win every Time because I walked in And I was underestimated and I listened

And I listened and I accumulated and When I regurgitate it back It's a win I want you to think about that where are You underestimated where do they not see You coming where could you jump in a Company jump in a business ramp up your Real estate do things don't don't feel Like here's the thing I hate when people Say what they're going to do I love when They just show me be that person that Just shows people have that I love the Word quiet confidence like you don't Have to wear the I mean if you love it That's great but you don't have to wear The Rolex and drive the Rolls-Royce to Be successful Success could mean anything you want you Got two million bucks in the bank or Whatever that number is or you get to Retire your wife or help your parents Out or be with your kids more that's Success let that fuel this again why am I going so deep on this because Especially in the last year of being Around so many people around the world I know we all feel like an underdog and I did my whole life and now I look back And I thank God I was the underdog I do I thank God that things didn't go my way Because I had to find new ways I had to Transform those feelings that were Anchors into gasoline do you feel this Do you see the shift do you see how you

Could change the framework let me know If you're liking this stuff what's up Liberio Deborah Wallace Ken Irene Sally Uh Francis everybody Deborah good to Have you guys here okay number three Innovation is a must Underdog Advantage Number three innovation Think about that you see I don't know how to I don't know How to start a company that's not making Money and raise a whole bunch of capital And use other people's money to see if You make it work now I'm not knocking That at all it's because I'm limited on My uh you know knowledge on that that's It I'm just not smart enough to know how To do it and I I have so many friends That are in Silicon Valley and Everybody's fighting to come up with the Next thing the next Widget the next app The next Facebook the next Instagram They're fighting for that a lot of these Companies will go raise 20 30 50 million Some of them raise 400 million before They've made a dollar before they've Made a penny And then I look at you know if now again I'm not knocking so I don't want to seem Like I'm bitter I I have so many Successful friends that their families Were successful and they just carried it On that's what I want my kids I just Want my I don't want to have to make my Kids suffer I want to teach them the

Right value so they take on what I've Done and start off where I left off Right but just think about if everything Went smooth you weren't an underdog Nothing went wrong in your childhood Perfect parents perfect income perfect Location then you went to the perfect College then when you got to the perfect College you had the money To start a company I've watched this happen sometimes when You have money to start a company you're Setting yourself up for failure because You don't need it to cash flow so I'm Going to use this one example this one Thought process is every company I've Ever started I sold firewood in high School fixed wreck cars out of high School fixed rent cars for business Fixed wreck cars to sell and then I had Then I started buying run down houses And remodeling them and putting Apartments in them then I started Subdividing land and building houses Then I went in the education business And then the book business and the live Event business and then you know sharing Now in masterminds and trainings like This right As I went through all those companies Never once And any of them did anyone ever give me Money to start so guess what I had to be Unfair Advantage number three I had to

Be Innovative I had to create cash flow Profitable companies so now what you Could say is Oh man I have nobody in my field that's Got money I have nobody that's got faith In me to lend me money I can't get any Money from the bank damn it I can't go In business Or you can say hmm I have no money Banks Won't give me money I have no friends That'll lend it to me no partners I got to be Innovative I gotta find ways To cash flow right away my company's Cash flow two weeks three weeks into the Company because I have to that's how I Grow everything but that started because I was a broke kid with nothing now I Know no other way I'm going to launch Two new companies you'll see over the Next six months gonna blow your mind One partner with a great dude in the Fitness World something else that I had Such a I gotta wait and tell you when It's when it's done But both of those companies I could fund Both of them with millions of dollars Just being honest I'm not I'm using the Same model that same innovativeness that That's the word the being Innovative Coming up with unique ways to say no no I'm not one of those guys that's going To run a company for five years and I Get a great evaluation I hope this I Don't know how to do that I was an

Underdog with nothing and I had to use That to my advantage and that Advantage Turned it into I had to be find a way to Be in to to be Innovative I keep using That word to be cash flow right away or I would be broke so now take that Underdog disadvantage and make it your Underdog Advantage you don't have money And if you don't think you can make Something work without using money then Google people that have Google Richard Branson Tony Robbins meet any so many Successful people started with nothing I Know I know you might be facing stuff that I Don't even know about I get that but Here's what I know did you ever have a Headache and you go online and you Google for what could this headache be By the time you're done you feel like You got a tumor and you got three months To live right we find what we are Looking for if you went online with the Headache and wanted to search for Someone that said I just didn't have Enough water drink a glass you'll be Fine you could find that in two minutes But our brains want to go towards The tumor and what could be worst case Scenario so we do that in our own lives Like I don't have any money look at my Friend tried with no money didn't work You're just searching for what went Wrong your subconscious is looking for

Security so you can feel safe about your Inaction get Disturbed get uncomfortable Go online and Google and find successful People who started with nothing that had Massive fear that were scared And all of a sudden you'll see all these People all these millionaires all these Great you know hugely successful people That started with nothing and all of a Sudden you start building momentum and Then you say I'm going to create Innovation here I'm Going to create cash flow we're talking About business but could that be the Same in every area of your life Of course it can so think of the unfair Advantage we have of being an underdog Because we get to be creative [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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