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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

All the same feelings you have you would Think someone who gets successful the Problems go away and the worries go away They don't what they do is you learn to Deal with bigger problems you learn to Handle bigger responsibilities and you Become a better version of you don't Wish for things to get easier wish for You and work hard to get better When the outside world is out of control We need a place to be plugged in so we Can find inner control Inner Strength When the world is seeing obstacles We need to see opportunity the only Person you have to be better than is the Person you were last week last month Last year let regrets go let them burn Down in in the previous year let let Hesitation let procrastination let Imposter syndrome burn down and realize We all get to start fresh today we can't Rewrite the past we can't predict the Future but we can take ownership of our Actions today so we create a culture of Progress of just moving forward at your Pace when you doubt yourself move Forward when your mind tells you we Can't do this move forward when you're Feeling a little off come back to this Amazing community and get the support of Friends and I know it sounds crazy People use this world light word lightly But come back to this family And also I love sharing the word

Uncomfortable action because usually When we take action into something new It is uncomfortable and if it feels Uncomfortable congratulations you're on The right track okay today uh busy Weekend I had a business Mastery with Tony but I got to do that virtually Um But more important I am at a mastermind Hence We own because Masterminds have changed my life more Than any other one thing my hands get a Little tired here so I'm gonna switch And Hence why we own it that's why we love This company it's the collectiveness Mastermind is described by Napoleon Hill Is two or more Minds coming together and Creating one smarter version and man Man women you know really It is the biggest Game Changer in my Life now I don't get to do it as much as I used to multiple times a year I used To do it almost every month but I'm up Here with people you'd know it's a small Group of people where we come together And all share our greatest experiences Our greatest breakthroughs how we impact People the most we also come here and Share our biggest challenges or Opportunities and we help each other Through them some of the people that I've been spent the last two days were

And maybe you know them Um Brandon Bouchard Ed mylett Um Trent Shelton Jenna Kutcher The list goes on Dave Hollis Lewis Howes Um Tom bilyeu the list goes on it's it's a Group that we've been getting together For six years now And why am I telling I'm not telling you To brag you know that's not my Personality what I'm telling you is the Benefit of staying connected to people Who have the same dreams as you the same Goals as you and the reason I'm sharing This Is because you would never believe the Success that people had in that room While simultaneously you would never Believe that they still deal with the Same Human Condition the same worries The same questions the same feeling of Imposter syndrome the same feeling in my Focusing too much on my business and Ignoring my family or am I ignoring my Family too much and not going all in on Business the feeling of not being good Enough when I'm trying to go to the next Level I want to get to your level and I Don't know if I have the capabilities And what if no one believed all the same Feelings you have you would think Someone who gets successful the problems Go away and the worries go away they

Don't what they do is you learn to deal With bigger problems you learn to handle Bigger responsibilities and you become a Better version of you don't wish for Things to get easier wish for you and Work hard to get better and I just the Reason I'm sharing this today is because In my heart I want you to hear this the Group that I was around you would know Jamie Kern Lima was there Um my brain's going flat here but so Many just probably the top influencers You follow in the world about 30 of us Get together several times a year and Just pour out our hearts there's tears There's I'm stuck I I work so hard I'm Losing my marriage or I feel Disconnected to my kids The Human Condition is real whether You're broke and wishing or struggling To start or you got started and you're Going to the next level know that it's There and know that it's worth it Because that Human Condition whatever You want to call it life is going to Happen no matter what struggles are Going to happen no matter what you're Going to question yourself no matter What people are gonna You're Gonna Lose Friends because you are the dreamer Who's going after it and they're not Willing to do it that's going to happen You're going to feel yourself dim your Glow for other people and then one day

Go I am not turning myself down anymore For others I am going to shine and if They don't like it let the brightness Burn them off if not the brightness will Bring them towards me all those things Happen at every single level So if it's going to happen no matter What my little shout out today is Why not go all in We're gonna deal with this stuff anyway We might as well go after our dreams we Might as well tap into our full Potential we might as well fall in love With our future we might as well take That uncomfortable action and be a Incredible culture of progress the next Thing I want to tell you is that Collectiveness of being around people And I'm sorry if the wind is making this Hard to hear me Um that collectiveness of being around Like-minded people to to not feel crazy For wanting more to going after to Starting new again to start you know Sometimes we're just scared to start Start small if all those feelings if You're in a shell if you're in a cocoon By yourself they can get overwhelming And they can make you do that one thing That will stop you for for sure it's Quitting right you know I love ogmond Dinos quote Yeah I will persist until I succeed that

Persist means if you persist you will Absolutely succeed it's the only Guarantee in life and if you quit that's The other guarantee that it will not Work out so stay connected this is a Mini Mastermind staying a part of this Community a mastermind find a way to get In proximity of people around you that Support you that have the same dreams That have the same goals that are also Dreamers because then you don't realize You know in a room like this the Transformations the tears yesterday There was tears 10 different times Yesterday of people at a certain level And they felt stuck and they got one Thing from somebody maybe at lunch the Person sitting next to him or Or somebody presenting that they saw Their bigger future the Breakthrough Happened like that so stay connected Stay a part of something bigger than Yourself staying in proximity get a Coach whatever it takes to feel like You're connected and not alone because When you feel a part of something bigger You're not alone and you realize you Could do this and all the same fears Worries goals dreams desires hesitations Stress that you feel everyone feels at Every level so if you're gonna feel it I Know I'm repeating myself then you might As well go after last thing I would love Below do this for me are you already in

Business Are you already in business and making Money in in this business or any Business if you put below I'm in then I Want to challenge you to get one person In that phase that's already in business Right of course we'd love to work with The coach we have all kinds of great Tools to help you but if you're in Business already generating money in Whatever business you're in Self-education or your current business You're transitioning put it below I'm in Business and then start thinking who in My life who around me in proximity who's Already in business around my level that I can meet with once a month and share My best ideas Or share my biggest challenges Now if you're not in business it's like I'm starting right put that below I'm Starting and then find someone else Who's starting who has the same fears The same worries and get something That's accountable this is how you start The transition of having a different set Of my place a different set of people in Your life people that cheer you on People who Champion you not condemn you So below I'm in business if you're in Business making money but I'm in Business and find somebody at that level If you're just starting and you're Making 10 grand a month five grand a

Month thousand a month or if you're Making a hundred grand a month find Somebody in a similar place and lock in A once a month meeting could be Zoom if You're just starting do the same thing And see that you're not crazy That two is better than one five Thousand is better than one I appreciate You so much let me know below and then Go to work Gotta Love masterminds see ya [Music]

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