The Financial Statement Of Jesus Christ

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

One of the things that struck me Was that the philosophies of success That were being taught by by the success Classics Were typically a fusion of theology And psychology To produce a philosophy of success And I liked it because there was Theology in it all right God was in the Philosophy of success didn't matter Which book I read when I read the power Of positive thinking it was a book about Prayer Okay and when I read Think and Grow Rich It was a book about faith And so there was theology in it then Over the years I guess there was an Attempt to hijack our stuff And to systematically remove God from The success from the philosophy of Success So I think it part of my mission okay to Reclaim some territory that has always Been ours always been part of the Anthology of truth and the history of The Kingdom it's always been ours and And so I'm gonna put a lot of God back Into the philosophy of success a lot of Bible into the philosophy of success and This is one of the reasons why I have Been so attracted to the work of Myron Golden and I think we can all say Amen To that So what I've what I've done is I've

Written a book called spiritual Intelligence for entrepreneurs And I guess what I'm doing over these These nights is I'm going to give some Context to the concept of spiritual Intelligence and how it is the ultimate Form of Leverage for an entrepreneur I Think of it as the critical success Factor and the ultimate advantage that You have in business and it is to locate Listen to And leverage your spiritual intelligence All right so I spoke a little bit about The three part man or the trichotomy of A man the fact that a human being exists In parts That we are fundamentally Spirit beings Our Essence is spiritual we're really Not human beings having spiritual Experiences We Are Spiritual Beings Having human experiences because we are Fundamentally spiritual in essence we Have a soul and we live in a body these Are three parts to us but each part is Itself a center of Consciousness because With the body we are World conscious Through our five senses we connect to The physical world and without the Senses we cannot connect to the physical World okay we have to see something hear Something say something smell something Touch something in order to relate to The physical world and thankfully the Physical world is not all that exists

And so we have other parts of us that Are centers of Consciousness that allow Us to connect with other realities that Are not physical That makes sense all right so with the Soul we are self-conscious With the soul we are self-conscious Because the soul really is the mind the Mind and when it comes to your mind you Have a conscious mind and you have a Subconscious mind It is with the conscious mind that we Think conscious thoughts and we can have Conversations with ourselves we can even Think about what we're thinking about This is an internal world and we connect To it through the mind or through the Soul which is itself a center of Consciousness the subconscious now That's a big issue because your Subconscious mind is a thought storage System a thought storage system So that everything you've ever learned Ever experienced any environment you've Ever been exposed to it is all stored Systematically in your subconscious mind And what we call a bad memory is usually Poor methods of recalling And if we change our method of recalling We can recall virtually anything because It is all there there's a problem with That because what we've learned what We've experienced and environments we've Been exposed to haven't all been good or

Helpful or productive some of it's been Toxic and some of it has been Dangerous and we've still got all that In our mind so that's where the battle Is okay there's a battle Going on in the mind typically at a Subconscious level I'm going to unpack That a little more tonight when we get Into our subject right because I'm going To help you to figure out what's Actually going on in your mind at a Subconscious level But thankfully There is another part to the human being And that is the spiritual Essence that We are the spirit being that we Fundamentally are and that part of you Was made by God From God and for God It has the god Gene Divine DNA it is That part of you that is God like So Let us make mine in our image after our Likeness the image and the likeness of God cannot be seen in your biology And it definitely cannot be seen in the Soulish part of a man that is already Somewhat polluted by misinformation and Other forms of indoctrination if you Want to see the image the likeness the Reflection of God you're going to see it In your spiritual Essence which is great News because it means that there's a Part of me that fears nothing

There's a part of me that is very wise And courageous enough to to follow Through on a on a smart choice and a Wise decision It means that there is a part of me that Is strong enough that is resilient that Will bounce back from a setback in fact That part of me won't even Call a problem a problem That part of me will look at a problem And call it an opportunity It is constantly reframing my experience In ways that benefit me That part of me says this setback is Really a set up for a breakthrough And we all periodically tap into that Side of us And we appear Very powerful very determined very Focused very energetic but we are really Tapping into a part of us that is that Way is another part of us that's Terrified as another part of us that Doesn't want to do the work there's Parts of us that are struggling so we Exist in these parts I think there are Lots of things we're trying to create That we really shouldn't be creating Because they're created already and Pre-installed within us so the idea is Not that you create energy you locate Energy That makes sense the the idea is not That you go about trying to create a

Magnificent Obsession that you can Commit to but that you locate the Magnificent Obsession that was already Pre-installed in your spiritual Essence When you came into the world because we Came into the world with knowledge Yep at a spiritual level we did but that Knowledge expresses itself fundamentally Through instinct So that babies know things that they Haven't been taught in a school And they instinctively do things if you Blow on a baby's face the baby's going To respond if you put your finger in the Baby's hand the baby is going to hold on To it these things are instinctive Responses and then as we grow Our spiritual intelligence expresses Itself through other instincts and if You were to ask me what is the big Difference between those who are doing Well in business and those who are not The answer is what I call Entrepreneurial instincts See because tools are only as good as The technician that is using them So that if you put first class tools in The hands of a poor technician they Cannot get a good result but you put Substandard tools in the hands of a Great technician and they'll still get Outstanding results That makes sense why because they are Instinctively doing things that others

Who whose instincts are not strong and Their entrepreneurial senses are not Sharp they are not doing those things And then you find yourself having to Teach people things that you think they Should already know and that's one of The big problems with the current Success movement is there's a lot of Assumption about where people actually Are So I Discovered Through a lot of biblical study and a Lot of interrogating interrogation of my Own clients that that the the Entrepreneurial instinct is a Manifestation of spiritual intelligence And that you don't have to go about Creating the Instinct you have to go About locating it And so locating that part of you that is Godlike learning to listen to that part Of you that is Godlike and then Leveraging from that part of you is the Critical success factor and ultimate Advantage for an entrepreneur in Business today does that sound all right Cool So What I'm gonna do today so that was all Introduction by the way I never you know I never preach a long sermon right it's The introduction that takes all the time

Okay so we are now part way through the Introduction which is really cool Some of you heard that some of you did Not but we are part way through the Introduction and that's really cool So today I'm Really Gonna Operate somewhat okay A little bit of Therapy a little bit of surgery tonight Because today I'm going to go into our subconscious Mind In order to eradicate some Misinformation That is holding us back In business because of the internal Conflict that it creates All right and we're going to identify it And we're going to extract it and we're Going to replace it with some truth It's going to get deep in here So the last time I did this the stage Got rushed And I had to step back a little Please do not rush the stage Okay Please So what I'm going to talk about tonight Is the financial statement Of Jesus Christ And I'm going to answer the question Was Jesus rich Or poor Now why is it important it's important Because

The character Of your Christianity emanates from your Concept of Christ And it is very difficult for you To say I'm a follower of Jesus And I'm an entrepreneur making money If in if at a subconscious level At least you believe that Jesus was poor Thank you Okay That's called conflict And of course I'm gonna do this but it's Going to have applications to virtually Every area and aspect of our lives so Let me start with some context to that Is that would that be exciting if we Could do that Okay I'm going to read from James right James chapter 1 verse 5. To 8. Listen carefully it says if any of you Lacks wisdom Let him ask God Who gives generously to all without Reproach and it will be given to him Any doubts there that there's no doubt If you ask God he gives generously to All and it will be given to you if you Lack wisdom But let him ask in faith with no Doubting Everyone say no doubting For the one who doubts is like a wave of

The sea that is driven and tossed by the Wind For that person must not suppose that he Will receive anything from the Lord Wow So there's a lot to consider there first Of all if anyone lacks wisdom so what is Wisdom okay I guess in this context if You don't know what to do in order to Get the result you desire then what you Are in need of is wisdom All right because wisdom is going to Show you how to get the result that you Desire This passage says you can ask God for it And God will give it to you generously And he won't withhold it from anyone However you must ask in faith without Doubting it says that the double-minded Man Is unstable in all his ways So that's what I want to talk about to Start with is the double mind Okay now if you cannot read my writing Okay Join the club We have something in common The double-minded man that's what I want To talk about the double-minded man I Used to think that the double mind Was someone who kept changing their mind Right But when you understand that you have a Conscious and a subconscious mind

Then it becomes clear that the Double-minded mind is really the man who Believes one thing with his conscious Mind And something else At a subconscious level Person believes one thing consciously But something else subconsciously That man is conflicted And according to this passage access to Infinite intelligence is denied Think about it now Access to infinite intelligence Is always granted to the person who is Congruent in their conscious and Subconscious belief But if there is conflict between what You believe consciously and what you Believe subconsciously then access is Denied when it comes to the infinite Intelligence the omniscience and the Wisdom of God And that person must not suppose or Assume that they will receive anything From God in other words you're on your Own So long as you are conflicted In your conscious and subconscious Beliefs you're going to have to find Your own way to do it But if you can become congruent Consistent And unconflicted At a conscious and subconscious level

Then access is granted to this Warehouse Of omniscience infinite intelligence Strategies Solutions Innovations Everything you could possibly you know God knows exactly how to scale your Business Huh come on now But you don't know Just yet But he would give that to you if you Asked him without doubt So I'm gonna explain The difference between conscious Beliefs and subconscious beliefs you all Ready for this Okay What you believe consciously you are Able to articulate You can tell me what you believe Consciously you can say this is what I Believe But what you believe subconsciously you Can only show me by what you do It's your behavior that reveals your Subconscious beliefs Not your rhetoric so that if there is a Discrepancy between what you are saying And what you are doing you are Conflicted And you are a double-minded man Okay Think about it it's deep So

Conscious And subconscious Conflict Yeah Yeah that's exactly what it says Conscious and subconscious Conflict So I'm going to expose I'm going to Expose Subconscious conflicts right now okay so How many of you have ever heard the Saying All the preacher wants is your money Yeah you ever heard that before Now you can't say where you heard it Or when you heard it But it sits with you at a subconscious Level And it shows up whenever you see a Preacher Sporting money It shows up whenever a preacher says We're going to take up an offering right Now It shows up whenever a minister of the Gospel says okay I have an offer for you It shows up because it's sitting there At a subconscious level you've never Said it consciously but at a Subconscious level it's there that right That's why when I said it you all Instinctively went yeah yeah yeah yeah Relates to that right okay so let me let Me try this one

How many of you have ever heard the Saying all Kellogg's Corn Flakes wants Is your money Never it's never crossed your mind right His name across your mind it's never Come up in a conversation You've never thought about it right But let's test the two theories okay Let's test the two theories So what do you do to test the first one Is go to church right go to a church Turn up Usher's stewards are going to greet you Welcome welcome to our church They're going to seat you And you should sit there listen to the Music Enjoy the music listen to the preaching Enjoy the preaching You should go to little Fellowship Afterwards eat the sandwiches Drink the beverages And then at the end just turn around and Walk out Okay just walk out and as you walk out The door look back you're going to Notice no one is following you Come back the next week do it again Come back for 12 weeks straight and do It again Okay no one's following you Now on the other hand Go to the supermarket Okay

Go to the supermarket And look for the cereals You're gonna then find Kellogg's Corn Flakes And what you should do is lift the box Of corn flakes off the shelf Turn around and start walking towards The door Okay When you get to the door walk out the Door with the cornflakes straight past The checkout and walk straight as you Possibly can towards your car now here's What's going to happen you're going to Look around and a security Is going to be following you they'll Apprehend you bring you back to the Store and once they have got you back in The store you will suddenly realize That all Kellogg's Corn Flakes ever Wanted was your money How you can put plant a seed in Someone's subconscious mind That actually throats and Derails And distorts their decisions for life Even though there's no justification for It That however you test it it's wrong but It's a seed it's been planted there and It is now shaping what you do not so Much what you say but what you do So we go to the grocery store and we Fully expect to pay for whatever we want

To purchase And we never think for one minute That all these companies here all they Want is my money But you meet a preacher Somehow you think The oldest person wants is your money Seeds sown at a subconscious level So what I'm about to address Is Some seeds that have been sown into us At a subconscious level when it comes to The relationship Between Faith and finance Okay It's almost like faith is over here Money is over here You pull them together you're doing Something wrong We've inherited these paradigms

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