The Financial Statement Of Jesus Christ Pt 2

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

So before I even get into Jesus Can I tell you the story of the Good Samaritan There we go who was the Good Samaritan This was the brother who was on his way To Jerusalem and noted a man Who had been robbed stripped beaten and Left for half dead a man that needed his Help The Good Samaritan went down to the man Laid hands on him and said be well my Brother be whole God loves you see you Next time no he didn't do that He went down picked up the man Put the man on his own Transportation Took him to an inn And paid The Innkeeper for all of his Medical Expenses and said if this is not enough When I come back I will settle the bill Do you notice that the story assumes That good people are in a position Financially To help the most vulnerable people in Society There's an assumption that actually if You are a good person you are going to Be in a position to not only say Comforting words but to offer practical Assistance And that assumption runs current through Every passage that says how God will Bless those that remember the poor and

How he will uh you know that he's for Those people who who consider the poor Well you can't consider the poor unless You are in a financial position to offer Practical assistance So there's a success assumption running Current through the Bible And we'll give you another one before I Get to Jesus Because context is everything right Introduction is context and context is Everything Proverbs 13 22 I believe says a good man A good man lives an inheritance to his Children's children Now hold on a second a good man let's All say a good man Right that means uh Upright honorable Noble virtuous Pious Man Will leave an inheritance For his grandchildren Which means that just enough Is not enough For a good man Just enough Is enough for a selfish man But just enough is not enough for a good Man Because a good man has generational Goals A good man has generational vision and a Good man is concerned with creating Platforms upon which his children's

Children can stand tall And this in the Bible is called good What's it called Good So that actually being wealthy Biblically is good So I was conflicted once I was Conflicted I didn't know I was Conflicted I did not know I was Conflicted until I had a conversation With a Jewish rabbi Who became a friend of mine And Has written several books On the subject I'm going to talk about In just a moment And I know Myron's read some of his Books and they are absolutely Transformational In his book he attempted to demystify Jewish wealth And he says when it comes to Jewish Wealth he said you need to understand That the Jewish people Are less than one-tenth of one percent Of the world's population And yet occupy Elite positions in the Major Global industries of the world There was a time I'm not sure if it's Still the case now that Israel had zero Unemployment And was actually paying people to come Into the country to work The land was once a desert and is now

One of the largest exporters of citrus Fruit in the world There is a mystery to this And he said that some people on the one Side Say well I know why they're so they're Wealthy because You know they come up with a lot of Negative things as to why they're Wealthy He said to me on the other hand Wayne You guys Think we're wealthy because we're Related to Abraham and it's just the Blessing of Abraham and we're just Blessed And he said none of those two positions Is the truth He said the reason we are wealthy is Because of the Way we teach our children to view Money Who And that started to make sense to me Because I had also read Rich that poor Dad and realized from Mr Robert Kiyosaki That actually the way children are Taught to view money has a huge bearing On their financial outcomes in life Because the rich view Money a particular Way and the poor view Money another way And here I'm speaking to a rabbi who's Telling me that the secret to our wealth Is the way that our children are taught To view Money

He said to me Wayne in our religion Money is a good thing Y'all y'all hearing this He said gold is the universal symbol of Wealth And the first time gold is mentioned in The Bible It is called good He says there is no Jewish feast that Does not involve the exchange of money And he said we grew up to believe That creating wealth Through serving our fellow man Was a religious and moral duty He said I feel morally obligated to Serve my fellow man in exchange for Money and create wealth for my Generations he says a part of my Religious Duty And he said because I grew up thinking That way I have an advantage over you he Said because truth be told Wayne you Grew up thinking that money was bad Or you were at least suspicious of it You didn't quite know where to put it And he said That in a war The defending Army has a five-time Advantage over the offending Army Why because the defending Army is Convinced of the Morality and righteousness of their War And when you are convinced that you are In the moral right position you find a

Strength that the offending Army cannot Find because they have doubt That makes sense So he says until you believe that making Money building a business By serving your fellow man Until you believe in the inherent Morality and righteousness of your cause You are at a disadvantage for someone Who is not conflicted at all and Believes in the inherent morality and Righteousness of what they are doing wow Okay this is making sense Yeah now I used to be complete I'm not Conflicted anymore oh no I'm not Convicted I'm not conflicted I Absolutely believe in the inherent Morality and righteousness of the Entrepreneurial cause And I I heard some of it this morning I Hate the phrase giving back I didn't ever even discuss that with Myron but I hate the phrase because Giving back suggested I took something From By virtue of Simply building a business I am a blessing to the world I am creating jobs I am stimulating the Economy come on now I am rendering hope I found out because we do a lot with Emerging countries at a philanthropic Level and I found out that no no size of Aid package has ever delivered a country From extreme poverty so no matter how

Much Aid you pour in it never delivers The country from poverty There is only one thing that delivers a Country from poverty it is trade not Aid So when you move in with the aid you Have to move in with the educational Programs the microfinancing the Entrepreneurial tool set Because unless They move from Aid to trade they will Never come out of poverty and so I am Convinced in the inherent righteousness And morality and nobility and Virtuousness of the entrepreneurial Spirit and cause an ethic So I'm not conflicted and when I say God Show me how Everything in me is saying God show me How there's not a part of me saying God Show me how in another part saying but I'm not sure if I should All of me is saying God For Your Glory Show me how to make a billion Because we know what the world looks Like when the worst kinds of people have All the money We are yet to see what a society looks Like Come on now when the good people are Billionaires come on now when the good People have the resources to be a Good Samaritan and see that's God's agenda And in fact if I were to finish reading My passage in Proverbs that says a good Man leaves an inheritance for his

Children's children The second part says And the wealth of the sinner is laid up For the just And the wealth of the sinner is has Nothing to do with Heaven I need you to Know that There is no wealth of the sinner in Heaven right Now This really has to do With God's original intent That people who look like him Should be in charge of the Earth's Resources And should be the most resourceful People in the world that's what makes a Great society it's people that are the Image likeness reflection of God having The resources to do the right things Uh if we was in another setting I'd say There's a good place to clap because That's just good stuff right it's good Stuff Whew So you don't want to go into business With the psychological disadvantage of Doubting the inherent morality and Righteousness of the entrepreneurial Cause You want to get an advantage by Realizing That this is the original intention of God

And this is Kingdom in its purest form And there is no serious discussion about Kingdom that doesn't involve Entrepreneurial Awakening and Entrepreneurial equipping Because in the kingdom of God we are all The royal family and therefore Christ is King of other kings and these Kings have to be Kings of of domains They have to have domains Realms spheres Over which they rule and nothing is more Akin to Kingdom than building your own Business That's right Is that okay for introduction It's all in the book by the way it's all In the course but we'll talk about that In a minute now My concept of Jesus Is going to shape the character of my Christianity So if I think he was poor I'm going to struggle to become rich But if I think he was rich No scratch if I believe he was rich Then I'm going to struggle to stay poor Because ultimately I want to be like him That makes sense So I heard all my life Jesus is poor Jesus poised raised in poverty The foxes have holes that the birds have Nests but the son of man has nowhere to Lay his head They so hungry the disciples are picking

Corn on the Sabbath day That's what I heard So I decided to revisit the story with Economic Spectacles on Because you get out of the Bible what You're looking for And if you read it with religious Spectacles you come out of it with a Whole bunch of religion But if you read it With economic spectacles And begin to calculate the economic Implications of the of the interventions And promises and purposes of God then The book becomes comes alive in a very Sociological and economic way So let's look at the Life of Christ can We do that Okay So let's start with the family into Which he was born Correct you got married you got Joseph Uh we know from at least two gospels That they are direct descendants of King David So they are actually members of a royal Family I mean you can actually track Name by name You got it in my field you got it in Luke That both Mary and Joseph are Descendants of King David they are Members of a royal family

But Joseph was A carpenter Correct Okay So when we think of a carpenter you know What we think of we think of tables Chairs and shelves We think of the handyman that's going to Fix something that's broken in your House But in the ancient world and in the New Testament times The entire infrastructure of society Relied on the skill of a carpenter There were no houses without Carpenters There were no Farming tools without Carpenters and there were no fishing Tools including boats without Carpenters Nothing the entire infrastructure relied On the profession of a carpenter so far From this being a blue-collar uh uh you Know middle income trade this is one of The highest paying professions in the Ancient world because everything relies On it So Joseph is in the the uh he's in one Of the highest paying professions and And growth industries of the ancient World but he's not just a carpenter The Bible says of Jesus is not this The Carpenter's son Which means now come on it's different To being a carpenter and being the Carpenter

Because when people say you are the Carpenter it means that you are the one Above all the others that are calling Themselves Carpenters you are the Difference between being a singer and Being the singer Joseph is the carpenter And the only reason he is going to Bethlehem Is to be taxed And you don't get taxed Unless you have some money I wish I had some help in here Yeah Wow it's all about Jesus is born in the Stable Well let me tell you why The Bible doesn't say he was born in a Stable because Joseph couldn't afford it In It says because there was no room in the Inn Well how do you know there's no room in The end Joseph because I have been Trying all the ends in Bethlehem and They are fully booked Which means you had the money to move Mary and yourself into paid rented Temporary accommodation And in the end you moved into the stable Not because you couldn't afford it in But because there was no room in them Do I need to go much further I think I Do

I think I Do by the time the wise men Get to Jesus in Matthew they are in a House When the wise men came to the house Where Jesus was The suggestion is we didn't stay in the Rented accommodation for long Okay Yeah we used it for the moment but we're Not staying here For long we've now moved into a house This is the carpenter Direct descendant of King David Wise men These wise men have come from the East And I know we think that there were Three wise men the Bible doesn't say They were three wise men It talks about three categories of gift Gold frankincense and myrrh it simply Says there were wise men who came from The East This is called a diplomatic Delegation And we know they were diplomatic Delegation representing real kings in The East because they were given an Audience with King Herod On route to Jesus Now regular guys can't get audiences With Kings But a diplomatic delegation representing Actual Kings would get an audience with The king of a particular region so they

Come to Herod and they say where is he That is born King of the Jews we have Seen his star in the east and have come To worship him which means we have come To honor him which which if you Understand the ancient world the size of Your gift is the honor that you have for The king So when they said they come to honor it Wasn't simply a matter of we've come to Say oh Jesus we believe in you you're The one no we're going to give you the Honor from our Kings to your king And so according to the historians they Were not carrying a little bag of gold a Bag of frankincense and a bag of myrrh They they were not three old men Hobbling through the town You know with little bags where is he Where is he that is where Because King Herod King Herod would have Said He's that way just keep going guys Just keep it going he's that way But according to the historians when Kings sought to honor another king what They were sending was Caravans of wealth So that historically this diplomatic Delegation were moving with Caravans of Gold Caravans of frankincense and Caravans of myrrh this is why King Herod Could not sleep Uh after meeting them and plotted to Commit murder of all of the children

Below two years old in Bethlehem not Because Hera Herod was simply a psycho But because but because the the might of The delegation was evidenced to Herod That the other kings recognized another King inside of his kingdom so what these Wise men had brought was wagons of gold Wagons of Frankincense wagons of myrrh And the Bible doesn't say they gave them To Mary and Joseph it says they Presented to Jesus who's a little baby They're gifts which made Mary and Joseph Trustees or custodians of a fortune that Was deposited into the Life of Christ as A baby I am convinced that every expense he Would ever need throughout his entire Ministry was met in one move And I am equally convinced that God Can Finance the rest of your life in one Business deal I'm convinced of it One deal and your whole life is set up Joseph and Mary now have the resources To raise the Christ They can quickly move him from Bethlehem To Egypt live there for 12 years Undercover Bring Jesus back to Nazareth and pick up The business where it left off the Carpenter But they are custodians of huge vast Sums of wealth All right so far Do you want any more

I'm going to give you some more You got the promise not to rush the Stage It's Gonna Hurt in a minute So we don't hear much about Jesus Between 12 and 30. Round 30 he's baptized by John goes into The Wilderness and starts his ministry But according to John's gospel the first Miracle Jesus ever did Was to turn water into wine There What was it his What was it his Which means that before that we've never Seen him work a miracle We have no idea that he even works Miracles So when they had run out of wine at the Wedding And came to Mary And said Mary We've run out of wine They've never seen Mary work a miracle They're not asking a supernatural Question Because he's never worked a miracle Before They're saying Mary why tell Mary Because Mary's the rich family that's There If you run out of something at the party Who are you telling You're telling the people who have the Means to solve the problem

Mary says why don't tell me Tell Jesus Why is Mary saying go to Jesus oh Because Jesus Works Miracle no we've Never seen him work we don't know he Works miracles Go to Jesus because he can afford it He's the one with the money you run out Of wine tell Jesus [Music] It's Friday isn't it If you think about it now what was Looking for a miracle no one was looking For miracle wine He's never done it before Why are you bringing this problem this Economic problem to Christ Because clearly he is the one that has The means To deal with the economic crisis I know we still got doubts so let's Start to I told you we're going to operate I'm Gonna take the doubts out Jesus recruits a team of 12 full-grown Men with families who are themselves Entrepreneurs and convinces them to Leave the business and follow him while They still have responsibility for their Families Now poor people can't do that A poor man cannot walk up to you running Your business say brother leave the Business and come and follow me There's a reason why these guys are like

You know what yeah let's leave the Business and follow Jesus because you See It became very clear to them that Following Jesus would not produce any Lack or would not in any way Uh abdicate their responsibility to look After their families Because Jesus didn't look poor I'm going To prove that in just a minute Anyone that can recruit 12 full-grown Entrepreneurs To leave their business and follow them Definitely doesn't look poor You ever noticed certain places he told Them he said he said when you go in There don't take script don't take purse Don't take anything why are we telling People that don't have stuff not to take Stuff Because you've got it Just don't take it into that place Oh they had it Someone say they had it We know they had it because Jesus Appointed a Treasurer to look after the Bird [Music] Um Of course they had it Jesus had a Treasurer by the name of Judas Iscariot whose job was to look After the money bag Now my question is how much money was in

The bag Are you ready I'm going to tell you how much money was In the bag This is fun isn't it Here's how I know how much money was in The bag Jesus was teaching one time Teaching 5 000 men Back then they didn't count the women They didn't count the children they just Counted the men that there were five Thousand men there were potentially 15 To 20 000 people actually in the Audience and Jesus didn't do like me and Myron and teach for four hour days he Just taught till he'd finished and Jesus Went on teaching for hours and days and The people got hungry and the disciples Came to Jesus and they said the people Are hungry they're tired shall we send Them into the village to go and buy food And Jesus said they don't need to depart Give ye them to eat Now here's what the disciple said He said shall we go into the village and Buy the food for them Now that was either Sarcasm Which you really wouldn't look into the Face of the son of God And be sarcastic What they are saying is oh I see they Stay we go and buy it

Because we have enough money to buy a Meal for 20 000 people Shall we go and buy it It's okay Still struggling Because if you struggled until now You're really we're going to need a Defibrillator and oxygen and everything Else for what I'm going to say next Hear me carefully Jesus War designer clothes Oh yes he did You see when he was crucified There were two garments that he had in a Garment the outer garment They took his clothes Roman soldiers by The way employees of the Roman Empire Took his one of his garments and cut it Into four pieces so they could each take A cloth Does that sound like a rag Does that sound like a poor man's rag That I just want a piece of his cloth Sounds like expensive cloth right Then his coat they said We cannot cut it Because it is a special garment woven From the top without seam If you look at the history of that those Garments took about five years to make Those garments were Royal garments those Garments were reserved for Kings So they said we cannot cut that

We are going to gamble over it So Roman soldiers are gambling over a Garment and they're also taking pieces Of cloth So your vision of Jesus now somewhat Changes when you realize that this guy Moved with an Entourage of 12 successful Entrepreneurs into a town dressed like a King and walked in and arrested the Attention of thousands of people and if They got hungry he fed them by a miracle That's the Jesus Of the New Testament Foreign Corinthians 8 verse 9. It says for you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ How that Although he was rich Yet for our sakes he became poor So that we through his poverty might Become rich And I know that at a theological level This is some reference to the Incarnation Of the riches he gave up in heaven But when you look at his life The fact that he was born into a royal Family and a massive deposit of wealth Was made into his mission at an early Stage with custodians and trustees Mary And Joseph looking after it for his Ministry to where he could afford to ask 12 entrepreneurs to retire and serve him

And carry enough money in a bag to feed Thousands if necessary and wear clothes That you wouldn't even cut you'd have to Gamble over it to see who could get it He was rich my friends And for our sakes He became poor And we through his poverty Can become rich Now you see I really Am a follower of Jesus And really want to be more like him Because see the Bible assumes all the Way through that good people Good people are in a position to help The poorest and most vulnerable people At a practical level Even in the parables Jesus said Come Ye blessed of my father Inherit the Kingdom prepared for you From the foundation of the world because When I was hungry you fed me What's the Assumption there the Assumption is that a good person is in a Position to offer practical assistance To someone that needs it And I shared with you in the beginning Of this these two days God's going to get what he wanted He always wanted The Earth's resources To be stewarded by people that look like Him

People that have his image and likeness And here we are in the greatest wealth Transfer in the history of the world And God's raising up people who will Educate inform equip and Inspire good People to take their rightful seat As Kings and Priests in the Earth And we're all privileged to be part of That Revolution you locate it You listen to it Until you identify with it that's when You can leverage it In other words to identify with it is to Say actually I am that I am You know and you begin to realize that This more than a conqueror thing and This head and not the tail and this Above only and and not beneath and this King and priest I am that Because once you start to identify with The better and the best part of you You unlock a reservoir of energy Creativity Courage Clarity conviction and this means that Whatever tool we put in your hands You're going to make the most of it Because you are the technician that's on Fire That make sense So that you you'll you'll take Substandard tools and build something Monumental

I mean this always confused me you know I used to do some work with uh music Producers in the UK And I noted That there were guys who were always Obsessing with the latest equipment Latest equipment this is the new version This is the new this is the new this is The new this is the new And then there were other guys who were Using the old They were making better music that the People who were obsessing about the new Tools because the reality is that tools Are only as good as the technician that Uses them And what you've got to locate within Yourself is that best version of you to Where you identify with it and you wake Up in the morning saying I am that you See the abundance you see the prosperity You see the the Jesus side of you that Designer clothes that guy that can Recruit uh entrepreneurs the guy that They're going to go to when they run out And you say I am that The guy who's not even concerned about The tax bill it's like he's not even Going to go in the bag to pay the taxes He's gonna he's gonna tell you where the Money is Because he knows where the money is I am that The part of you

God created Which is so much higher than the parts Of you that were biologically or Sociologically formed

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