The Dangers Of A Double Mind

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

What I want to talk to you about is Before you can achieve anything in life You have to overcome your internal Conflicts [Music] In internal conflicts come from the fact That We have so many different influences in Our lives And so what we have to do is we have to Become more intentional about the Influences that we actually give the Power to Because if we don’t then we got all These different mixed messages coming From all these different places and and It’s like trying to drive a car in two Directions at the same time and you just Can’t do that right a car is designed to Go in One Direction at a time well a Human being is designed to go in One Direction at a time the Apostle Paul Said this one thing I do for getting Those things which are behind I press Toward the mark of the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus he said this one Thing I do and it doesn’t mean you only Do one thing but it means you’re not you Don’t have a split focus and a split Attention and a split intention a lot of Times people will ask me to do something And I’ll tell them no just because it Conflicts with what I know my purpose is Not that there’s necessarily anything

Wrong with it it just doesn’t add any Energy To the direction of my intention and so I have to say no I’m not going to do That so in James Um In James A lot of people take this out Of context and I want to I want to give It I’m going to read it to you first Um and then I want to give it to you in Context it says in verse 5 it says if Any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally and Bravest not and it shall be given him Now a lot of people think that’s just Saying well if you lack wisdom General Wisdom that you should ask God well That’s true if you lack General wisdom You should ask God right why because the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom right so so understanding the Greatest perspective that exists on Earth Is a perspective that exists from heaven Are y’all tracking so the greatest Perspective that exists on Earth is not A horizontal perspective but it’s a Vertical perspective and we have the Ability because we have the word of God We have the ability to gain that Perspective while we’re on the earth and If I have a perspective that’s from up Here and everybody else’s perspective is Down here that gives me an advantage

Because I can see more of the floor does That make sense and so uh that verse is Not just talking about General wisdom Even though I think it applies to General wisdom that’s not specifically What it’s talking about in the context So I want to I want to make sure that Y’all understand I’m not taking the Scripture out of context right the Context that it’s talking about is the Wisdom to go through trials joyfully That’s the wisdom that this verse is Talking about we should be asking God For the wisdom to go through trials Um Joyfully because it says in in James 1 James a servant of God in the Lord Jesus Christ in 12 tribes which are scattered Abroad greeting why were they scattered Abroad they were scattered abroad Because they were being persecuted by The Romans Okay He said but he said count it all joy and We I’ve covered this before so I’m not Going to go into great detail count is a Perspective word it means assign this Meaning when you look at this you assign A meaning to this that will bring you Joy Doesn’t mean you love trials I don’t Love trials anybody here love trials you Love it when your car breaks down in the Middle of the night in the rain and

There’s nowhere around to help no nobody Likes that you like when the doctor says Well I’ve got bad news for you got this Disease blah blah blah no you like when The boss says you’re fired or if you own A business or your biggest contract says We don’t want to do business with you Nobody likes that but we can still count That as joy and it says my brother Encountered all joy when you fall into The diverse Temptations I want you to Notice there’s not a scent there’s not a Period at the end of that phrase there’s A semicolon or a colon I’m knowing my Glasses on I think it’s a semicolon Knowing this that the trying of your Faith worketh patience now there’s a Period So what does that mean that means Knowing this knowing is a perception Word counting is a perspective word Knowing as a perception word so counting Means this is what you assign the Meaning to be But knowing means you can only you can Only count you can only Define this Thing as meaning this if you know what You need to know so you can only count Like you’re supposed to count when you Know what you’re supposed to know your Perception your perspective can only be Right when your perception is right if Your perception is off your perspective Is going to be off

And we live in a world we live in a World of people whose perspectives are Off because their perceptions are they Don’t know what they need to know so They can’t count how they’re supposed to Count count it all joy knowing this the Trying of your faith worketh patience What does that mean the reason I can Count it Joy when I go through a trial Regardless of what the trial is the Reason I can gain Joy through that trial Is because I know that God is getting me Ready for something that he already has Ready for me Right so God is using the trial to make Me stronger than I am right now so that When I get where I’m going I can stay Longer than I would have if I had not Gone through this trial Are y’all tracking okay so it says but It says knowing this is the trying of Your faith worketh patience and then it Says but let Patience by the way the Word patience means persistent Consistent endurance you don’t need Persistence If the trial is not long I mean if the trial is not hard you Don’t need persistence the only reason We need to persist in some of this Because it’s hard nobody needs to tell You persist just keep on eating the ice Cream nobody needs to tell you to do That but if you’re working out somebody

Has to tell you persist right right if You’re doing something good it requires Extra intention and so He says uh uh if you’re building a Business it requires extra intent it’s Easy to want to quit Like all of us have I think there’s Somebody there’s somebody at the door Y’all nuts Rob that’s Rob I think it’s Rob it’s we’re all good So so Persistence Persistent consistent endurance we need Persistence because this trial that We’re in this this challenging Experience that we’re going through is Hard but consistent we need consistency Because it’s long so we need persistence That lasts for a long time Anybody can have high energy in the First quarter but it’s the team that has The high energy in the fourth quarter That wins the game Right don’t run out of gas in the last Quarter don’t run out of gas when you’re Almost across the finish line Right so So he’s saying count it all joy when you Fall into diverse Temptations Knowing this to try your faith to work With patients then it says but let Patients have a perfect work what does That mean it means let the trial do What God ordained for the trial to do

When he ordained that you go through the Trial dear God please get me out of this Trial I was like I just put you in that Trial What you talking about get you out I Just put you in there I mean God doesn’t Have that voice I’m sure but but anyway But y’all get what I’m saying right like Like I just the the this trial that you Were in this difficult thing that you’re In I put you in it so it can work on you Or if God didn’t put you in it because Sometimes the enemy puts you in it right But the enemy can’t put you in it Without God ordaining that he put you in It that’s why Joseph was able to save to His brothers you meant it for evil but God meant it for good God meant you’re Evil for my good What Let’s go So So he says Let patients have a perfect work why That you may be perfect that means Mature and entire that means complete La Wanting nothing lacking nothing And then he says but if any of you lack Wisdom if any of you lack wisdom let him Ask of God in other words if you lack The wisdom The applied knowledge To do what I just told you to do ask God For it you don’t know how to if you

Don’t have the wisdom to go through the Trial and lash through the trial and Count it all joy while you’re in the Trial ask God for wisdom okay so that’s The context that’s the interpretation But with with scripture we have to Understand that the scripture is Infinite one of the reasons it’s Infinite is because there is one Interpretation there’s no scripture of Any is of any private interpretation the Bible means what it says and it says What it means and I love what my Daughter always says it can never say What it’s never said it can never mean What’s never meant right and so when it Says Um if any of you like Wisdom ask of God It’s telling us that that’s what we Should do And then it says Um Who give us the all men liberally and Bradeth not it shall be given him in Other words when you ask God for wisdom For the thing that you are dealing with He’s not going to chide with you he’s Not going to say what are you here you Were here asking for wisdom yesterday Get out of my face God’s not gonna say that Right Um so there’s one interpretation but There are many applications

The interpretation is when you’re going Through a trial you don’t know how to Count it all joy ask God for the wisdom To have joy in the trial ask God for the Ask God for the wisdom to have patience While you’re in the trial and ask him to Give you the strength to let the trial Do what the trial was ordained to do While you’re in the trial don’t just Start begging to get out of the trial Maybe he wants you in that furnace so he Can show up and shine with you in that Furnace so other people can see the god You say you serve instead of just Hearing about it how many y’all picking Up what I’m putting down wave at me my People Okay so then it says Um if any of you lack Wisdom ask of God Who give to all men liberally and Abradeth not and it shall be given him Here’s the here’s the part I want to get To but let him ask in faith Nothing wavering That’s a tall order This is not one of those prayers Lord I Believe helped out my unbelief this Ain’t that kind of Prayer Asking Faith nothing wavering ask With the conviction That the answer has already been given Ask Knowing It’s it’s so interesting

If if I see Especially By the way you want some trials you want You want to Stack up some trials start a Business Can I I get a witness right yeah you Want some trials what What’s Madness Right so so Let him ask in faith I see new people Get started in business and the the Biggest problem One of the biggest problems I see Is They have too much doubt mixed with Their faith The word faith by the way in scripture Comes from the Greek word in the New Testament comes from the Greek word Pistus which means a system so faith is A system What does that mean what kind of system Is that faith is a system in fact and This is Um uh Where was I believe I’m asking Faith There it is again pistus And it says In the Strong’s moral conviction Of a religious truth or truthfulness of God’s religion uh or a religious teacher Especially Reliance upon salvation Abstractly consistent professing Um

Uh profession by extension the system of Religious gospel truth itself Assurance Belief faith and Fidelity what is the System of Faith the system of faith is God Is a God who put a restriction on Himself God put a limitation on a limitless God What is the limitation God put on Himself He cannot lie It is not that he will not lie It is that he cannot lie There’s a difference between will not Lie and cannot lie there’s a difference Between has not lied and cannot lie There’s a difference between does not Lie and cannot lie cannot means cannot And the Reason God cannot lie is because The word for truth God’s word is truth Jesus said I’m the Way the truth and the life the spirit of God is called the spirit of Truth John wrote to John wrote a letter Um to the church uh and said I have no Greater Joy than to hear that my Children Walk In Truth see we live in a World that is filled with error error And we live in a world that’s so filled With error that now all of the evil Forces that exist are fighting tooth and Nail to silence truth Do you understand the truth Truth never has to silence a lie why

Because a lie will eventually be made Self-evident that it is a lie The reason the re one of the reasons That Channel slavery lasted so long in the United States of America is because it Was against the law to speak out against It there was censorship Against slavery Now I like It’s it’s interesting when they say the Only thing we learn from history is that We learn nothing from history right But now we live in a world where like The concept of free speech is only now a Concept because you’re not allowed to Believe anything anymore you’re allowed To believe something until the consensus Of the world system says you can’t Believe it anymore like you look at the Situation with Kyrie Irving for instance Kanye West Um They are being censored by mob it’s it’s Like it’s like it’s like it’s it’s it’s Like a Business It’s like a societal Modern day Analogy to a lynching Same thing Same thing happened then you weren’t Allowed to speak out against it so now The mob can rule right and now you’ve

Got like Kanye West I mean not Kanye West Kyrie Irving I’m going to talk About his in particular because he spoke He posted a link to an Amazon video In a tweet And Nike cancels his contract you know Why because Phil Knight is a coward That’s why And Truth Is not Popular In a world of error And you say why do you say Phil Knight’s A coward he he capitulated because he Was afraid of all the noise makers it’s Interesting we think that the world Believes all of this Ridiculousness That’s going on in the world because the People who don’t believe it are silent And the reason you’re silent Is because people are scared that They’re going to get canceled Well you can cancel the trumpet but you Can’t cancel the truth As my dad would say the truth is the Light and the light shines all over And the reality is They cancel like Nike canceled his Contract Um the Brooklyn Net Brooklyn Nets or Whatever the name of that basketball Team is they suspended him for five Games this is so stupid this is so Cowardly it’s one of the weakest we live

In such a an era of cowardice In capitulation to loud noises Anyway I don’t have any opinions about Any of this stuff if I did I’d never Voice them in public But whenever whenever there’s whenever Somebody is being silenced I’m always Suspicious of the people who are doing The silencing I would recommend you do the same thing Because the reality is they don’t really Care that much about the content of the Movie the con that uh Kyrie Irving Posted the Lincoln They wanted to silence the voice of Somebody that a lot of people know who They are and a whole bunch of people Could jump on the bandwagon Because the reality if they cared about That much about it they’d be canceling Jeff Bezos Real talk Anyway you say my what does that have to Do with anything Um God is a god of Truth so faith I don’t have faith and faith I have faith in the one who is faithful And he cannot lie And I would recommend that you have Faith in the one who is faithful and Cannot not it’s interesting to me that The world system wants to lump

Homosexuality which the Bible calls an Abomination it doesn’t even call it Homosexuality calls it sodomy wouldn’t It be interesting if you just called it Sodomy Instead of changing the language and Making it homosexual and then making it Gay right sounds happy Right implying that people who are not Homosexuals are miserable that’s the Implication of changing language why Because Satan is a master at changing Language and changing the meaning of Words say Myron what does this have to Do with anything what has to do Something with the fact that the Ultimate objective is To end human life the thief cometh not But for the steal to kill and destroy Two men can’t produce life and neither Can two women Hmm That’s interesting so the reason the Enemy loves homosexuality so much is Because it’s anti-life Why is it wrong it’s wrong because God Says it’s wrong if it’s not wrong for That reason there is no reason What does that mean well Here’s what it means If you have a son and a daughter and They say hey come to you and they say Mom and Dad we’re moving in together Okay we’ll go moving together no you

Don’t understand we’re going to move in Together she’s going to be my girl no we Don’t you don’t do that well what’s Wrong with it Well you’re he she’s her sister he’s Your brother But we’re consenting adults Right if it’s not wrong if that’s not Wrong because God says it’s wrong then There is no reason What’s the difference What’s the difference a man lying with An animal Or a man lying with a sister or a woman Lying with her brother what’s the Difference why is it wrong it’s wrong Because God says it’s wrong and if That’s not the reason there is no reason Say man what are you talking about I’m Talking about faith is a system that’s Based on the one who is faithful He cannot lie And what you have to do as an Entrepreneur is you have to understand That because God cannot lie if he’s got Principles in the word that teach you How to run a business if you apply those Principles to your business you don’t Have to wonder if they’re going to work My sense of certainty doesn’t come from The fact that I’m smart Um sometimes I’m smart sometimes not so Much My sense of certainty does not come from

My experience because I’ve got Experiences of things that have worked Well and things that have just gone put So where does my certainty come from Comes from I have I know what’s going to Happen why I have a book of precepts and Principles and practices and promises And prayers and prophecies and patterns And parallels Give me the ability it gives me the Ability to make predictions about Outcomes in the future so I can position Myself on the path of prosperity the Word Prosperity means flow I can Position myself in the on the path of The flow By the time so that by the time the Blessings get there I’m Already There Buckets in hand I’m not chasing a trend Let patients have her perfect work but That you may be tired perfect an entire Wanting nothing but if if any of you Lack wisdom let them ask him faith Nothing wavering nothing wavering faith Without waiver Wow it’s interesting though it says Without nothing wavering I don’t know if y’all remember the story Or not I just everything reminds me of Something so Forgive me I won’t cover I won’t share All of it but do you remember the story In Mark chapter four Jesus gets on the

Boat he says let’s let’s pass over to The other side he gets on the boat fall Asleep in the back of the boat storm Comes and Jesus is not he’s conked out He’s so sleep the ship is full of water He’s still Right he’s knocked out the disciples Master wake up wake up don’t you care We’re about to perish Parish I said let’s go over to the other Side which what you’re worried about See here’s what we need to understand we Need to understand that Yeshua is calm And comfortable in the midst of the Storm And if if I’m more aware of his presence And his peace in the storm the ship the Water being the ship being in the water The water being the ship is all the same Thing to me it can’t do anything unless He lets it do it Unless he’s already ordained for it to Do it Anyway here’s what it says Jesus rebuked the wind Go read it in Mark chapter 4 but he said Unto the sea peace be still I want you To notice Jesus rebuked the wind but he Just spoke to the Sea Bless you why did why did he rebuke the Wind and speak to the Sea why did he Rebuke the wind and the sea Well because the wind is a picture of False Doctrine and false Doctrine always

Has to be rebuked The waves are a picture of false doubt Christ does not rebuke us for doubt he Just speaks to our doubts And when we apply the word of God to our Doubts we know that Faith cometh by Hearing and hearing by what the word of God And so I don’t have like I don’t have Anything to worry about whenever Why I have a system what’s a system I Have faith in the one who is faithful I know it’s going to work because it Already worked because in time there’s No such thing as the present There’s only the past and the future As soon as I say now it becomes what Then As soon as I say now it becomes that in In the realm of time there’s no such the Present cannot exist in the realm of Time But guess what In the realm of Eternity the pastor of The future doesn’t exist there is only The present Eternity is the forever now That’s why God is the I am that I am and Not the I was that I was or the I will Be that I will be It’s a system That’s why he knows the end from the Beginning because the end is the Beginning and the beginning is the end

And all of it is right now I don’t have to worry about what’s going To happen it’s done you say Myron what Do you mean it’s done we are more than Conquerors through him that loved us I don’t have to wonder how it’s going to Turn out it’s already turned out that Way done finished completely I read the Last chapter we’ve already won Amen Now If I can understand the system And I can ask God for Faith nothing Wavering why don’t I want anything to Waver because he that waverth Watches this is what it says now that’s What it says let but let him ask in Faith nothing wavering For he that wavers is like a wave of the Sea driven with the wind and his tossed I want you to notice that the waves are Driven with the wind the doubt Is created By the false Doctrine What is a fall it’s a teaching that you Believe that’s not true That’s what the word doctor means Teaching right so the waves create the Winds create the waves of Doubt The Winds of false Doctrine create the waves Of false doubt why not call it false Doubt because if you have doubt you’re Not trusting the system I’m not talking about the United States

Of America system I’m not talking about governmental System I’m talking about I’m talking About the kingdom system Okay So then it says But let him ask in faith in what Faith nothing wavering for he that way With is like is is like a wave of the Sea dribble the wind in his toss let not That man think that he shall receive Anything of the Lord what man the Double-minded man The one that has Faith mixed with doubt You must learn to abandon doubt because You trust the system of the one who Cannot lie Foreign So many people drive the vehicle of Their experience of Life they drive Their vehicle of the vehicle of their Experience down the highway of life with One foot on the gas and one foot on the Brake And what we have to learn to do based on The system we have to learn how to Accelerate into the curves I can’t see Around the corner but he can because He’s already there It says I I love this it says it says Let not him let him ask him faith Nothing wavering for he that waivers is Like a wave of the sea dream with the Wind in his tossed letting out that man

Think that he shall receive what empty Thing Of the Lord A double-minded man is unstable Hey hey In all his ways I need to be single-minded I need to be single-minded I’ve got to learn To be single-minded and once I learn to Be single-minded then I’ve got to Practice being single-minded Then I’ve got to discipline myself to be Single-minded why because Circumstances are going to arise That are going to cause me To be tempted to doubt And when that circumstances arise I need to learn how to look at it and Say thank you for sharing But this chapter is already done and I Already won Peace out Cub Scouts Why are you talking to me why why are You talking to me why are you talking to Me don’t you know who I am See I’m a child of the king and the King AR like he wrote the whole book he knows The end from the beginning I’m not Worried about I’m not worried about Anything Anybody who has any power at all to use Against me the only reason they have That power is because God gave it to him

And if they’re going to use it against Me they’re going to use it against me to Their own Peril as long as I’m yielded To the king What what kind of world would we live in If followers of Christ Trusted the system What system the system of God who cannot Lie The double-minded man’s unstable in all His ways stop mixing doubt in with your Faith I don’t ever work on anything and worry If it’s going to work I already know It’s going to work So you’re gonna work for me it’s gonna Work on me but it’s gonna work And if it don’t work for me and it works On me I’m cool because now that means The next thing I’m going to work on is Going to work for me because the last Thing worked on me and see what happens Most people get in a situation they’re Working on something the thing they’re Working on doesn’t work for them they Ain’t doesn’t work and then they start Over and they lose all the momentum they Had when they got started Like my prayer I I would I would love For God’s people to wake up one day and Realize who we are based on Whose we are We’ve stopped sticking our toe in the Water we Dive In The Deep End head first When Jesus when in in in

Um John chapter 9. When Jesus saw the blind man who Couldn’t see him And he said He went over To the man And the disciples asking who didn’t send This man or his parents he was born Blind Jesus said neither of this man Said nor his parents that he was born Blind but that the works of God should Be made manifest in him so the man Here’s what Jesus said the man the man Is not suffering his condition because Of anything he has done or his parents Are done The reason He has suffered this blindness so I Could come and do this miracle Some of the trouble some of the trials That we go through in our lives are just God making room in our life for a Miracle That’s all it is And here’s what it says so so Jesus Jesus said he says to disciple now you Understand this is this is so like Religion right The disciples said who to send this man Or his parents that he was born blind The man wasn’t deaf he was blind They talking about his mama and his Daddy right in front of him like he

Ain’t even there just because he can’t See And the religious leaders got it wrong And Jesus said neither one but I love it When Jesus upsets the religious Apple Carts neither have this man said nor his Parents but the works of God might be Manifesting him and then it says and Then he spat on the ground Can you imagine being in a sermon when a Preacher just spits on the ground but it Got worse he got down on the ground and Started making the clay of the spittle Can y’all see their faces In the Hebrew culture according to the Old Testament you touch spit somebody Spits on your unclean until the evening Jesus Spits him on the ground Gets down on the ground now he’s taking Dirt which is dirty and spit which is Dirty They’re like what’s he doing Right I can see him cringing right now Dan as if that ain’t bad enough he gets Up Like why Don’t try to act like you be acting all Normal if you were there you wouldn’t be You’d be doing the same thing you’d be Like oh did y’all see what he did oh he Spit on the ground with the fingers and Then put it on the man’s face Nobody would be going home that day

Talking about preacher show Preach Today No that ain’t what they’re gonna be Saying And then he told the man Go wash in the pool of Siloam the word Siloam means sent well I’ve done some Research on the pool of Siloam it’s Really interesting to see like the Water Systems in Israel are mind-blowing like Crazy mind blowing Anyway he says go wash in the pool of Siloam the pool of Siloam in its deepest End was 70 feet deep You’re telling a blind man to go to a Place he may or may not have ever been And when he gets there he won’t even Know he’s there Jesus didn’t say he Didn’t tell him how to get there He said go Washington police alone You know why because when we have an Assignment We are to fulfill the assignment and Figure out the details on the way Come on in and figure out the details on The way stop worrying about oh but but I Don’t want to get started until I know How to I don’t even know where to pull Asylum is I’m gonna head that way as Soon as I get me a map get a program go Wash the pool Silo and then he tells This man to get in the pool of Siloam And watch what What You’re telling the blind man to get in a

70-foot deep pool To wash Spit clay off his eyes Hmm that’s interesting But the man did it he went here’s what It says he went And washed And came seeing He went blind but he came seeing Nothing Yeshua told that man to do was Easy He did it anyway And so we’ve got to do is we got to Learn to trust the system like that With no double-mindedness one of the Reasons one of the reasons some of you Are struggling in business because You’re too incongruent you’re like Well Yeah if this works I hope it worked well If it works well maybe if it don’t I Just go back and get another I’ll just Go back and get another job well maybe I Can get and you’re you’re always making Cons contingency plans And continuing to play small because you Don’t understand how big the God is that We serve Don’t be incongruent be single-minded Not double-minded Single-mindedness of purpose Huh Let A double-minded man is unstable in all His ways I shouldn’t be double-minded

What kind of mind should I have I think It tells us in Philippians chapter 2. I think it’s verse number Five Let this mind be in you Which was also in Christ Jesus Who being in the form of God thought it Not Riley to be equal with God so he Knew what his purpose was he knew his he Understood his identity But watch this Took um he was made um Let’s remind me in you which is also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought in our robbery to be equal With God but made himself with no Reputation he wasn’t concerned with what People thought about him One of the reasons people are Double-minded is because they are too Busy trying to prove to somebody that They they don’t really need validation From but they feel like they need Validation from that they are who they Say they are Like lose your need to prove something To anybody And then it says Um And was made in the likeness of men And being found in fashion as a man he Humbled himself oh maybe that’s why we Need people to think something about us Because we have all of this Pride

We need other people to believe XYZ About us You know what your life is going to get A lot better when you have nothing to Hide nothing to lose and nothing to Prove and nothing to gain You have nothing to hide because you’re Walking in uprightness of heart like Between you and God you got nothing to Hide you got nothing to prove because You know who you are based on Whose you Are you got nothing to lose because you Realize it all belongs to him anyway You got nothing to gain because Like he said to Abram in Genesis chapter 15 . if you’re not Abram I am your shield And your exceeding great reward God is Your provision of your protection Like I got nothing to lose you can’t lose the Stuff I use why we’ve already won we are More than conquerors to him that loved Us don’t be double-minded get congruent If if you understand by the grace of God That the word of God shows you that you Need to have a business and you need to Be about that business because a dream Coming through a multitude of business Study and that you study to be quiet and To do your own business working with Your hands as we can manage you that you May walk honestly toward them that are Without and that ye may have lack of

Nothing If you understand that and you walk in That I think you’re going to be blown away When you do this one thing I’m going to End it on this When you only give energy to outcomes You desire And you learn to act as if the only Thing that’s impossible for you is that Something would be impossible for you Be single-minded Hopefully this video helps you Make sure you like it you comment on it You subscribe to it you send it to all Your friends you smash the notification Bell and all the other YouTube stuff you Do on YouTube do that and we’ll see you Next time peace out Cub Scouts

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