Take A Stand Even If You Fall

Curated By Ralph

My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

I'm going to share with you all some a Message that I've never shared before in A passage that I've talked about more Times than I can count so but the Bible Is infinite and we're finite so you know It reads us while we read it that's Right and sometimes when it reads us it Shows us stuff that we've missed in the Past and so praise God for his infinite Truth all right um we're going to look At Daniel chapter three today Daniel Chapter three I'm going to read 15 Verses pray for me as I read out loud Because I read better when I'm reading silently Then nobody hears my mistakes it's all Good though so Daniel chapter 3 verses 1 Through 15 and then we're going to look At the entire passage the entire chapter Because I believe I believe that all Good preaching is teaching yeah and so If you get excited and you don't learn Something well then what good is it Right it'll wear off by the time you get Out of the parking lot Um if it um if it if you learn if you if You feel good you don't and you learn Something that's better but if you learn Something you don't do something then What then what right so we need to do Something as well and so we're going to Read Daniel chapter 3 verses one through Yeah y'all can be seated sorry about That Daniel chapter 3 verses 1 through

15 and says Nebuchadnezzar the king made An image of gold Whose height was three score cubits by The way I'm going to talk to you today About let me just tell you what I'm Going to talk to you about stand up Speak up yeah And show up Stand up speak up and show up and I Believe we live in an age where that's Very very absent in society people who Are willing to stand up are very absent People are willing to speak up are Absent and therefore people who show up As their true authentic self who God Created them to be doing what God told Them to do they're very very very absent From our society today everybody is Walking around attempting to be a carbon Copy of everybody else and that's Impossible as my good friend Pastor Kenny Grant says Myron don't ever try to Be somebody else because if you do Nobody's there the person who's trying To be ain't there and you ain't there so Nobody's there so let's all be here Today and be who God made us to be so in Daniel chapter one Daniel chapter 3 Verse number one it says and Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of Gold whose height was three score cubits Then the brethrough was six cubits and He set it up in the plane of dura in the Province of Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar

The king sent to sent to gather together The princes the governors the captains The judges the treasurers the counselors The sheriffs and all the rulers of the Province to come to the dedication of The image which Nebuchadnezzar the king Had set up then the princes and the Governors and the captains and the Judges and the treasures and the Counselors and sheriffs and all the Rulers of the province were gathered Together unto the dedication of the uh Unto the dedication of the image that Nebuchadnezzar set up that they stood Before the image that Nebuchadnezzar had Set up and then Harold cried aloud to Who uh to you it is commanded o people Nations and language that at what time You hear the sound of the Cornet the the Flute the harp the segment the sultry The dulcimer and all kinds of music he Fall Down and Worship the golden image That Nebuchadnezzar the King has set up And whoso failed who so falleth not down And worship it shall the same hour be Cast into the midst of the burning fiery Furnace therefore at that time when all The people heard the sound of the Cornet The flute the sacrament the Sultry and All kinds of music All the people the Nations and the Languages fell down and worshiped the Golden image that Nebuchadnezzar had the King had set up now that's a lot of

People everybody say that's a lot of People that's a lot of people okay just Want to make sure we're on the same page And then it says in verse 8 wherefore at That time certain Chaldeans came near And accused the Jews and they spake and Said unto the King Nebuchadnezzar O King Live forever Thou O King has made a decree that every Man That shall hear the sound of the corner The flute the harp the sack but the Sultry and the dulcer and all kinds of Music shall fall down in worship the Golden image and whoso Falls not down in Worshipeth that he should be cast into The midst of the burning fiery furnace There are certain Jews amongst certain Jews that have set over the Affairs of The province of Babylon Shadrach Meshach And Abednego and these men O King have Not regarded thee They serve not thy Gods nor worship the Golden image which thou has set up and Then Nebuchadnezzar in his rage and fury Commanded to bring Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and they brought these men Before the king and Nebuchadnezzar Spake and said unto them is it true oh Shadrach Meshach and Abednego do you not Serve my gods nor worship the golden Image which I have set up now if you be Read it At the time you hear the sound of the

Corner of the flute the heart disciple The sultry the dulcer and all kinds of Music You Fall Down and Worship the Image which I have set up which I have Made well But if you worship not you shall be cast The same hour into the midst of the Burning fiery furnace and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my Hand father thank you for your word that It is truth speak to us today through Your word and change us that we may have The impact you put us here to have in The name of Yeshua amen well Interestingly enough This story didn't start in chapter three It started in chapter one and Shadrach Meshach Abednego and Daniel Took a stand that they wouldn't defile Themselves with the king's meat and the King's Wine And as a result of that they made a Request not a demand but they made a Request to the to the people that were Over them and said Um just give us 10 days and Feed Us Pulse and water pulses vegetables and Water and it says at the end of that 10-day challenge that they were Healthier than all of the people who Were eating in King's meat and they got They got promoted and God gave Daniel Insight into visions and dreams and they Got promoted well these are Hebrews that

Were taken captive into Babylon and they Were slaves or servants or eunuchs Working for the king And so but they had high positions in The palace and apparently just like in The workplace today the other people who Had positions were jealous of the people Who God had promoted that doesn't change Right and so they were jealous and Um and they were looking for an Opportunity to get their job back and When Nebuchadnezzar made this Idol they Saw this as a perfect opportunity Because Shadrach Meshach and Abednego Regardless of whether they were in Israel or in Babylon they remember the First commandment Thou shalt have no Other gods before me Thou shalt not Worship any Graven image right so now They they've got a decision to make see They were not they were not fair weather Followers of God they were the kind of Followers of God that we do what he says Regardless of where we are regardless of What it costs regardless of what it Takes and so when the when the music Played and the a sea of humanity it said All nations all languages everybody in The sound of the music is going to bow Down and in the sea of humanity there Were only three people people that we're Still standing Let me ask you a question as Society Moves more and more and more away from

The truth of God and closer and closer And closer to the lies of the World the Flesh and the devil are you willing to Stand In the presence of a sea of humanity who Is bowing down and capitulating to Everything because they want to get Ahead or they want to preserve their Life or they want to preserve their Status are you willing to stand Regardless of Christ Because they didn't bow down they stood Up And I believe one of the biggest Problems that we have in the world today I believe that we have too many pastors That are unwilling to stand up and Unwilling to speak truth because they Believe somehow that it's more important For a church to be relevant than it is To be righteous Our more In than they are in being faithful and So what we've got to do we've got a Decision to make Shadrach Meshach and Abednego didn't make that decision that Morning when they got up Shadrach Meshach and Abednego had already decided Long before the music was played Composed created or practiced we are not Bowing down to a false god and see Here's what happens you have to have Some principles that go deeper Then the current ERA then the current

Age then the time in which we live you Gotta you got to be will Be with to submit yourself to some Principles where you won't sign the Banana and be one of the bunch where you Won't go along to get along where you Won't where you won't get in where you Can fit in Stand out where you stand out and these Men they stood up when everybody else Bowed down So what is it that we're supposed to Stand for the first thing we must stand For is truth and by the way we have to Understand the nature of truth if we are Going to stand for truth right we can't Stand for truth if we don't even know What truth is and by the way we live in A world that does not know what truth is So the first observation about truth is This truth is not subjective That's right truth is objective what Does that mean subjective mean it Changes depends on Whose truth it is Right you know we live in a world now Where people talk about his truth and Her truth and your truth and my truth But in reality there's no such thing as History with her truth Your Truth my Truth there's only the truth and Anything that's not the truth is a lie So stand up for the truth how do we know Truth well uh the way we know truth is By studying God's word because God's

Word is truth now when you understand When you understand the anatomy of Truth When you understand what truth is Because Hebrew in Hebrew words are not Just spelled spelled they're built right So English is a phonetic language if I Spell the word if I spell the word cat C-a-t the letter c doesn't have a Meaning the letter A doesn't have a Meaning and then letter T doesn't have Meaning I just know it's a cat right a Lot of a lot of Eastern languages are Symbolic And so Words are actually pictures and symbols Of things but the Hebrew language is Both phonetic symbolic and constructive So if I say H2O you know I'm talking About water if I say Au you know I'm Talking about gold why because I gave You the characteristics of the thing and You knew what the thing was well Hebrew Words not that are spelled or also built So the word for truth in Hebrew is the Word Ahmet And a mat is spelled Olive Now there are a whole lot of things About that word that are interesting one It sounds Ahmet sounds like what ah man And amen means what so be it right okay So so the word I met Olive every letter Every one of those letters is also a Number So the olive is the first letter of the

Hebrew mem is the middle letter Tom is The last letter which tells us we can Only know the truth about anything if we Look at the beginning the middle and the End And see there are a whole lot of people Looking at the beginning of some bad Decisions and because it's going well For them now they think it's going to End well because it started well but Your best day with Satan is your your Best day with Satan is your first day And your worst day is your last day can I get a witness and so what happens is People haven't lived long enough to see How their bad decisions turned out so Because they're going along A-Okay right Now they think they're going to be able To go along A-Okay forever Just wait till you get to the middle and It changes a little bit wait till you Get to the end and it changes a lot the Word Ahmet shows you the beginning of Middle and then but also the letter Office I'm going to show you the letter Olive Represents God The word Elohim begins with the letter Aleph So aleph is the letter that also El Shaddai begins with Allah and aleph is Made of two other letters it's made of Two yoges and above what is a yode a Yoda's hand

What is above above is a nail the letter That represents God is made of two hands And a nail That's what I said And and one of one of the hands is above The above the other hand is below the Book and what does the nail do what does The Cross of Christ do it connects the Hand of God back to the hand of man that Was severed by sin in the Garden of Eden Ma'am what is ma'am ma'am is the might Of the ocean what is more powerful than A hurricane what is more powerful than a Tsunami what is more powerful than a Flood did you know it only takes six Inches of moving water to knock a grown Man off his feet that is the power of Water so when we see Allah and we see Mem is the might of the ocean It's Mighty and then Tav is a cross or a Covenant now what's really interesting About that is the the the the the the Letter top the letter mem is mighty the Letter Tav is across our covenant but a Covenant is a very interesting thing That I would say probably 97 of Church-going Believers have no idea what A covenant is Why because we think a covenant is a Contract and a contract is a covenant But not only are they not the same thing They're actually opposite things why Because a contract is an agreement Between two or more individuals based

Upon a mutual distrust So if Pastor Tom and I get in a covenant Together And and we get in a covenant together And um I'm saying to him if you don't Keep your word to me I can take you to The law and they'll make you keep it and You're saying to me Myron if you don't Keep your word to me I can take you to The law and make sure you keep it that's What a contract is a contract is an Agreement between two or more Individuals based upon a mutual distrust But a covenant is an agreement between Two or more individuals based upon a Mutual love and trust and when two People entered into Covenant together Pastor John can you come help me so when Two people got ready to enter into coven To stand all the way over there they Would both get an animal so we're going To lead our animal to the place of Covenant right in the middle okay and so Now turn around To face your animal fate your animal's Gonna be right there he's gonna face That animal and he's gonna kill your Animal kill the animal Very very violent man okay so and and Man cut it in pieces okay so I'm gonna Turn around kill my animal cut it in Pieces Okay now we both killed our animal Stay there stay keep facing animals so

When two people got ready to enter into A covenant in the Old Testament what They would do they would sacrifice an Animal Because the word cut and they would cut It in pieces because the word covenant Means to cut Means what And so I'm facing the carcass of my Animal he's facing the carcass of his Animal we got ready to enter in that Covenant relationship we would walk in a Circle around that animal just looking At the animal and taking in the Brutality of the death of thy animal so Go ahead walk around slowly walk around The animal look at the look at the Carcass of that animal we walk around The animal and then we come back in the Middle where we were face to face And so now we're facing each other come A little bit closer now we're facing Each other and he would take a knife in His left hand his left hand cut his Right hand and I would cut my right hand We'd put our hands together we bind our Hands together with a rope We we would become Covenant brothers Because his blood becomes my blood and My blood becomes his blood but not only That we would also exchange Covenant Vows and I would say uh Pastor Tom I'm Gonna make sure that I give everything I Have to protect you and yours in this

Covenant relationship I'm going to give My time my effort my energy my resources And my very life if necessary to protect You and yours he's saying to me I'm Going to give my time my energy my Effort my resources and everything I Have to protect you and yours and even His very life and then we both pointed The animal Point your animal and we say If I don't keep my word to you may what Happened to that animal happen to me Wow okay y'all tracking and so now we Become Covenant Brothers might we Exchange Covenant names not just Covenant promises my name becomes Myron Tom golden his name becomes Tom Myron Garrett so now we're Covenant brothers And now what happens is we've exchanged Covenant names we've exchanged Covenant Promises now if either one of us breaks Covenant now we have to die this is why In the Old Testament when somebody Committed adultery not an affair right Right let's go with God's word not the World's word it's not an affair it's not A party that you bring a gift and Flowers right it's a it's an adultery an Abomination that's why the Old Testament Somebody committed adultery they were Taken outside the camp instead why Because they broke Covenant everybody Say Covenant Covenant now so if he and I Enter in this Covenant together this is A relationship between two or more

Individuals not based upon a mutual Distrust but based upon a mutual love And Trust I'm y'all tracking wave at me my peeps And so now that we're in this Covenant Relationship I know even when I'm not Looking he's got my six he knows even When I'm not looking uh I've got his six Right because we become Covenant Brothers There's a saying in the east in Societies of Honor that blood is thicker Than milk what does that mean that means That blood of the Covenant is thicker Than two siblings that were weaned by The same mother The word nurse by the same are y'all Tracking yes and so blood is thicker Than milk when you have a covenant other You already you've already promised and Made a promise on your life okay so Thank you give it up for pastors past Your time y'all okay so it did that to Help you understand the nature everybody Say nature the nature of truth because Truth is not Myron's Mighty Covenant It's not Tom Garrett's Mighty Covenant The truth is God's Mighty Covenant oh by The way I I I neglected to tell you that When you separate the olive which Represents God from the mem Tav mem Tav It spells met What is meant in Hebrew death when you Separate God from the truth all you have

Left is death When we remove God out of society now There's more crime there's ever been why We've removed God from sight we remove God from all you have left is death I Mean on track and wave at me and my Peeps but not only that But this shows us the significance of The fact that God refers to himself as The God Who Cannot Lie not the God who Does not lie and not the God who will Not lie not The God Who has not lied but The God Who Cannot Lie why can't he lie Because If you separate God from the truth all You have left is death but if God Himself doesn't keep his word then God Himself has to die and if God dies Everything ceases to exist absolutely That's the nature of truth that's why There's no his truth her truth Your Truth my truth their truth there's only The truth and anything that's not the Truth is a lock yes because see I don't Have faith in faith Right I don't have faith and faith I Have faith in the one who is faithful Right Okay y'all tracking so we have to what We have to do in an era In an era Of error we have to be willing to stand Up for truth And regardless of where that leads us

Regardless of where that takes us Regardless of consequences we have to be Willing to stand for the truth now Here's the thing that a lot of Believers Have a problem with We have a problem speaking the truth in Love See we don't want to speak the Bible Does not command us to speak the truth In hate it doesn't command us to speak The truth and anger it doesn't command Us to speak the truth in irritation but It commands us to speak the truth in Love let me ask you a question can you Have a hard conversation with somebody You disagree with without becoming hard Can you have a difficult conversation With somebody you disagree with without Being difficult see the truth doesn't Need you to get emotionally worked up in Order for it to be true can I get a Witness right you can just be as calm as You want to be because you already know And then understanding what it is What I'm gonna get worked up about Right it's interesting at my Bible Study Last Wednesday I wrote something on one Side of a piece of paper and then I Wrote something on the other side of the Piece of paper and on this side of the Piece of paper I wrote I'm going to give You one thousand dollars that's what I Wrote on this side of the piece of paper I said I will I will do this for anybody

Who wants to take this I'm going to do It as long as you agree to the other Side So ask me what's on the other side No I don't want to talk about that So if I didn't want to talk about what's On the other side what would you suspect That I'm trying to hide something right See here's what you have to understand We have to understand the fact that if Indeed people are unwilling to look Examine the opposite side of any Argument they're hiding something Right right and and it doesn't matter Whether they hide it under the term hate Speech yeah or whether they hide it Under the term intolerance or whether They hide it under the term Discrimination if you are unwilling to Have a conversation about it either You're you're wrong and you know you're Wrong Or you're afraid you might be wrong and Don't want to find out you're wrong yeah I don't there's nothing I believe that I'm not willing to examine The Bible is truth Examining that because I'm not afraid That I'm going to find out that it's not True Can I get a witness how are y'all Picking up what I'm putting down and so People unwilling to have conversations Today because they're afraid somebody's

Going to label them they're afraid They're afraid that someone well here's What here's what I noticed if you can Learn to speak the truth in love and Speak out against wrong without hating The wrong doer I think you'd be Surprised How open some rational people are to at Least accept the fact that we can agree To disagree now there are some people That are crazy enough they don't care They already know they got the Dug in and wrong but where are the Followers of Christ that are willing to Stand for truth amen it's interesting You know when it comes to conversations About things like abortion things like Homosexuality things like Um uh those those two in particular Things that like Um gun laws people are unwilling to Examine the other side of arguments like You can't know the truth about anything Unless you look at the whole thing it Doesn't matter who you are it doesn't Matter who I am if I'm willing to look At it I'm afraid of something see truth Never has to be afraid of a lie right Amen but every lie has to be deathly Afraid of the truth why because the Truth is light and lies are Darkness Right and so I can't bring enough Darkness in here to get rid of the light But a little bit of light gets rid of

The darkness and more light gets rid of More darkness and more light gets rid of More darkness and so we have to have Some people who are willing to be what Lights hmm you are the light of the World and men do not light a can middle And put it under a bushel what's that Represent you don't hide your faith at Work Like like your job take care of you God Provides for you and your job is just One of those ways he does that right now Can I get a witness Think that we have to back in the door With our faith because somebody's gonna Be here's what I found out the people Who make the most noise about people Standing up and speaking up for God They're in the minority they just have Really big mouths so they sound like a Crowd Yeah So stand up for truth If you stand up for truth God is Faithful regardless of how that turns Out now sometimes you stand up for truth And you get thrown in the fire furnace Like these guys did We'll look at the consequences of that Later And it worked out okay but sometimes you Stand for the truth And you end up like John the Baptist With your head cut off

But it doesn't matter see that's not the That's not the point What happens to me is not the point Right right that's right because of do You understand our children are watching Us our grandchildren are watching us and If we don't stand for the truth then the Only voices they hear are the voices of Lies It's really it's really fascinating so a Couple things one Um I I teach in the business space Like in like in the marketplace I teach Business I teach people who are Believers in Christ I teach people who Are Buddhists I teach people who are who Are Muslims I teach people who are Whoever they are because I'm teaching it Like their beliefs about God are not a Prerequisite for them to learn from me But I don't change the message Amen that way they know who they're Dealing with out of the gate right so Interestingly enough like we have I have A couple of live events for my higher Level masterminds every year and one of The things I teach the people at those Events is you should stop today using Profanity it is costing you money Now It's costing you way more than money It's costing you health it's costing you Well it's costing you relationships it's

Costing you respect I've got a three-year-old granddaughter Right can you imagine my three-year-old Granddaughter cussing at me I can't by the way Let me ask you a question better Question than that if you had a Three-year-old daughter could you see Your three-year-old daughter or your Three-year-old son cussing at your Parents Why why is that not acceptable Why somebody tell me because it's what It's disrespectful so here's my question At what age does cussing at somebody Become respectful Can I get a witness at what age does it Become respectful and I know third Church-going folks because they cuss They cuss people out they do because People they come to come to church Praise Lord go home cause after family Right go to church praise Lord go to Church work on Monday cuss out their Employees or their co-workers y'all Notices y'all know I'm talking for real And and then you see these celebrities They talk about God out of one side of Their mouth and then they talk and then They're cussing out the other side of Their mouth and sometimes in the same Sense it's crazy All I'm saying is this You don't have to change your who you

Are because Who You Are Like it brings you into the space you're Supposed to be in and if you hide it it Just takes you longer to get there So stand up for truth You know I speak out here's here's there there Are a lot of problems well some people Say well Myron do you believe do you Believe that homosexuality is wrong for Instance this is a this is one that's Really and this is probably this would Probably be emotionally charged even in Here you know why because all of us have People in our family that have declared Themselves to be homosexuals or most of Us can I get a witness and so we don't Want to offend them we want to love them And accept them but okay but our first Loyalty Should be it's a God Amen and his truth Now I don't hate homosexuals Like if I say well I just don't like Smoking like one of my rules for me I'm A golfer a lot of golfers smoke they Smoke cigars because they think that's Part of golf it's what you do when You're really bad at golf to distract People from how terrible you are okay Okay so so but I don't ride with people Who smoke It's not that I I'm not condemning you I'm just not going to let you condemn me With secondhand smoke right right now

Some people might oh yeah why are you Being so I'm being so me you go be so You in a different car And I'm okay with that I want to breathe Oxygen and drink water right okay y'all Track so so so so so in the air when it Comes to homosexuality because it's been Popularized and by the way I see a lot Of African-American folks in here a lot Of black folks in here the fact that we Have allowed the homosexual movement to Hijack the word discrimination is a Travesty because the fabric the the Infrastructure of the United States of America was built on the backs of the Free Labor of our ancestors Now with that in mind with that in mind I have now and have had in the past People who are homosexuals in my Mastermind why because it's not a Requirement but I'm not changing the Message right they like you know who You're dealing with and I love I I like I treat them with respect right but you And don't try to back me in a corner Over truth right you know you get these You get these famous you get these Famous celebrities or uh celebrity Pastors on television and somebody say Well do you really actually believe Homosexuality is wrong like it's a Foregone conclusion that it's not and Then they start backpedaling How about this for an answer when

Somebody tries anybody here have been Backed into a corner like somebody tried To back you into a corner how about this Let me ask you a question before I Answer I'd be happy to answer that but Let me ask you a question before I Answer that question do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only son of God and The only way that a person can have Eternal life and do you believe that the Bible is the 100 accurate and literal Word of God what would they say what Would they but what would they say They'd say no I don't believe that okay So here's my question for you before I Answer your question if I don't need you To believe what I believe in order for Me to believe it Why do you need me to believe what you Believe in order for you to believe it Because if it's true it doesn't require A consensus right if it's truth it can Stand on its own right it's not it's by The way that's not me hating anybody Right that's just me I believe it's Wrong I've also believe fornication is wrong Right I believe I believe adultery is Wrong right I believe cussing is wrong I I'm like I don't have any pet things I Just like why is it why do you believe It's wrong okay I'm gonna give you three Words everybody ready God said so It's all all the reason I need

And by the way maybe that's not enough For some people I'm okay with that see Here's the difference you are trying to Force me on your in on your beliefs I'm Not trying to force you into mine all Right Celebrate your right to believe anything You want to be believe do you boo But but Don't try to get me to go along so you Can feel more comfortable right with Regardless of whatever And by the way I've had I've had I've Confronted close friends and close Family members I've confronted them Personally about adultery Amen like one-on-one wait how are you Gonna be a are you gonna be are you Gonna be a preacher and then be acting Like this and then act like I'm okay With it because I'm not going along to Get along right no no no you can't no no No no no what you what you doing oh okay You should be following why because Truth my relationship with God is more Important than my relationship with any Human Okay so stand up for truth okay but not Only stand up for truth stand up with Your tribe Right so sometimes you'll sometimes your Tribe is going to be in trouble Right Shadrach it wasn't Shadrach that Stood in the Meshach and Abednego sat

Down When mishacher stood up and Shadrach and Abednego said no no no no no no no no They stood together Where are the people of God who are Willing to stand together you know What's really interesting it's Interesting how easy it was during the Covet propaganda For people In churches to become enemies with each Other over something that the world has Decreed When the scripture clearly says they Will know we are Christians by our love And if you want to like if you want to Wear a mask wear a mask And if you don't want to wear a mask Like like I celebrate you're right not Not to wear one right Right really just okay y'all doing A lot of times what they said about Cove Had changed by the way I'm not when I Say propaganda I don't mean there was no Disease I understand covid was a real Disease I get that I had people in my Family who got sick with covet y'all Tracking I'm not saying it wasn't a real Disease I'm saying they changed the LIE They told more than 50 times Right And if wearing a mask Works why do you need your neighbor to Wear one

And if it doesn't work why are you Wearing one By the way you're I'm not saying that Wearing a mask was wrong that's not what I'm saying I'm saying let's let Individual Not let's not help the government Destroy our rights to be individuals A person is a racist they have a right To be a racist It doesn't make them right but they have A right how are you on track it yeah see The problem is thinking is the hardest Work most people never do so we don't Ever sit down and think about this stuff We just go around repeating what we Think we heard somebody else say on CNN Or Fox News or any of the rest of those Yeah Proponents of noise Stand up with your tribe amen Stand up in times of trouble when Shadrach Meshach and Abednego stood they Knew the consequences And they still stood Do you understand What the world system is getting Everybody ready for Okay let's see if we can Mass control The people Let's see if we can force everybody To do what we say one see when I saw When I saw when I saw Like you can't get on a cruise ship and

By the way my wife and I love cruise Ships right you can't get on a cruise Ship unless you get a cover chat I'm Like well guess I'm not going on a Cruise again Right and I have people in my family got Covered shots I'm not but but that Wasn't me because I literally when they Were trying to make everybody do it it Reminded me of something that I read in The Bible What was the thing that reminded me of It reminded me of the fact that Eventually The the cultural hypnotic societal Mechanism is going to force people to Have some kind of Mark Some kind of Mark And I I like I follow technology and I Know they've already developed Injectable tracking devices they've Already started injecting them in Animals and in children and in old People under the guise of well if they Get lost we can find them Right because they're with the Government and they're here to help us Sorry Stand up in times of trouble now by the Way do you all do you all understand I Am not I'm not speaking out against Anybody in this church or anybody on YouTube or anywhere else who decide they Want to get a covert shot do you

Right What I am saying is this what we have to Do is we have to Resist our desire to force other people To go along with us And just if you believe something's true And you can't believe it by yourself I Promise you you have doubt Because truth does not require a Consensus Stand up for truth speak up Speak up for The God Who destroys doubt Now here's what I want you to notice it Said in verse 15. Excuse me said in verse 15 here's what It says okay it said now if you be ready Because Nebuchadnezzar likes sad Matt Rack Meshach and Abednego because they Were doing good work and he didn't want To lose some of his most productive People so he's like I'm gonna give y'all Another chance okay because you know by The by the way the king had already said The king had already said if you don't Bow down you're going into a fiery Furnace the same out they didn't bow Down and he's giving them another chance So he really liked them how many all Track them okay verse 15. and now if you Be ready at the time when you hear the Sound of the Corn at the flute the harp The sultry the dulcimer and all kinds of Music you fall down in worship the image Which I have made well but if you

Worship not you shall be cast the same Hour into the midst of the burning fiery Furnace and who is that God that he's Able to deliver out of my hand deliver You out of my hands and Shadrach Meshach And Abednego answered and said unto the King oh Nebuchadnezzar we are not Careful to answer thee in this matter Speak up for The God Who eliminates that But the way the word careful there Doesn't mean careful like you're you're Careful you're walking on the edge of a Cliff I don't want to fall off Not that kind of careful when he said We're not careful to answer thee in this Matter we are not full of anxious care About you you your idol or your fire And we're not gonna We're Not Gonna Backpedal We're Not Gonna We're not Gonna say it in politically correct Language we're not going to sign the Banana and be one of the budge we ain't Gonna go along to get along we want you To know hey hey we want you to know Shadrach Meshach and Abednego said Um said we are not careful to answer Thee in this matter this is the first Thing came out of your mouth we are not Careful to answer you in this matter What does that mean I don't have any Doubts right I'm not afraid of what you Can do to me I'm not afraid of what your Fire can do to me I'm not afraid of the Fact now now the king now the king's

Looking bad in front of his other people Right because why because Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were willing to Stand up and speak out and say I survey God who eliminates all doubt right amen Yes sir come on see I I I'm not I'm not Worried about I'm not I'm not going to Stand and worry All right I'm gonna stand or worry and Worry left 15 minutes ago How many are tracking and so so I'm Gonna stand for God's truth regardless I Consequences regardless of where it Takes me or blocks me from if I get Thrown into the fire I get thrown into The fire but I am going to stand yeah Yeah and I'm going to stand without Doubt it's really interesting it's Really interesting how God it says in it Says in um it says in James chapter one This James chapter one is a perfect New Testament principle parallel to this Story My brethren counted all joy when you Fall James a servant of God under the Lord Jesus Christ to the 12 tribes Mr Scattered abroad why is he writing to The 12 Stripes of scattered abroad Because he was a senior pastor at the Church of Jerusalem So he said to the 12 tribes which are Scattered abroad greetings And then he said Count it all joy when you fall into

Diverse Temptation notice he did not say Count it all joy F you fall into diverse Temptations diverse means different Kinds Temptations means trials you talk About a trial do you understand the Purpose of this furnace was to try the Gold what does that mean that means I'll Show it to you at the end I'll show it To you and they would put the gold in The furnace and they would refine it and And when it got really hot and started Malted like melting the dross or the Stuff that wasn't gold would rise Through the top right and then they Would shave off the top Okay y'all track So count it all joy when you fall into Diverse Temptations count as a Perspective word how can these men stand Up in front of the most mighty king on Earth and say we are not going to have Any doubt at all we're not going to have Any anxiety at all we're just going to Tell you right now we you can give us 17 More chances Chances we ain't bound that that ain't What we do this ain't This ain't gonna happen it says when They stood up and when they spoke out When they spoke out for the god Who delivers them from doubt the God who Removes all doubt when they stood up Like that for The God Who destroys doubt What happened was

How Nebuchadnezzar felt about them began To change See when you stand on Truth Faithfully In a faithless world and you stand for God in a Godless world and you stand for Truth in a world of life people gonna Get an attitude We will They ain't gonna look at you and say oh You poor poor poor poor poor baby no no Today what they saying how dare you Believe that how dare you say that thank You sir how dare you that's what it said He said we're not careful verse 17. then They said it would be so our God whom we Serve is able to deliver us the reason The reason uh That they God destroys doubt they knew He was able They knew God was able they knew God was More powerful than Nebuchadnezzar they Knew God was more powerful than the Furnace they knew God was more powerful Than the king's Mighty Men they knew God Was more powerful than their situation And they were they were like there and Had their mind made up this is how we do It around here Yes sir he destroys doubt here's why Here's why followers of Christ walk Around and have doubt because they Forgot Because they're unaware Can I get a witness see do you remember

The story of David And his father sends him to take his Brother some food while they're in a Battle against the Philistines yeah and While David's bringing and unpacking the Lunch he hears these steps of this 10-foot giant that had six figures on Each hand and six toes on each foot and He had a spear the spearhead of which Weighed 16 pounds And he's breathing out threatens and He's saying he's saying send me a Champion see like there's so much in the Bible when we read it doesn't mean Anything to us because we don't know What a champion is but here's what a Champion is a champion was one person That fought like my best soldier against Your best soldier whoever wins the Battle the war's over there right that's Why Goliath said send me a man that I May fight against him and if I kill him Then you become our servants and then if You kill he kills you uh if he kills me Then we'll become your servant now I Want you to notice something The battle The battle that the world wages against Us is always the battle For who we're going to yield to Amen are y'all tracking it's not like It's not they don't just want you to do One thing they just want you to bow The world just wants you to capitulate

The devil just wants you to capitulate What does that mean the scripture says Resist the devil yield yourselves Therefore to God resist the devil and he Will flee from you so what does that Tell us that's telling us we have two Choices we can either yield to God and Resist the devil or we're going to yield To the devil and resist God Tell me on track And so so these men They were so yielded not surrendered Because surrender is not a Bible word Surrender's not in the Bible not one Time all the Jesus I surrender all to Him I freely give that sounds really Good for a song but it ain't in the Bible right surrender is something you Do to a foe or an enemy but yielding is Something you can do to a family member Or a friend Good so They yielded and they said look Mike Our God just destroys doubt He destroys doubt he said why because we Know he's able we know whatever you do To us he's able to help us win and so What happened with with all the soldiers That were afraid when Goliath came over The hill they went and had hit Like I don't know if when you read the Bible if you imagine the actual Characters or not but I I'm like I'm Like they he's unpacking a lunch and

Everybody starts running Either Yeah but David remembered The Covenant that God gave Abraham Y'all remember the Covenant don't you Yes sir just chapter 12 the Lord God Commanded Abram saying Get thee out of your country away from Your Kindred and out of your father's House And go to a land that I will show these And here's what God said to him if you Do that I'm going to give you something You can't get yourself I'm gonna bless You in ways you can't bless yourself I'm Gonna take the source of your shame and Make it the source of your Fame he said I'm going to bless you and I'm going to Bless those that bless you and curse Those that curse you and in you all the Families of the earth will be blessed See David remembered his father telling Him that his father told him that his Father told him that his father told him That his father told him that his father Told him that Father Abraham told him What God Said And while everybody else had forgotten The word David said as soon as he heard Goliath Cursing God's people he knew Goliath Couldn't win Did you hear what I said why because God

Said I'm going to bless those that bless You and curse those curse you oh he Cursed me he can't he can't win Oh David I'll fight him now David's a Little boy maybe somewhere between 13 And 17 years old this is a 10 foot giant Here's here's what 10 foot giant means He would call Shaquille O'Neal little Fella Y'all tracking and and David everybody Else ran from him and David ran towards It One and Goliath I'm gonna tear you limb From limb he said not today bro He said today he said you he he said he Said today God is going to deliver you Into my hand and David prophesied over He said and I'm going to slay you and I'm gonna take your head from you today I'm gonna feed your carcass to the birds Of the air have some of that yeah Yeah Why because David remembered whose Presence was present yes sir amen For God destroyed he's the God speak up For The God Who destroys doubt Speak up for the God who deserves a Declaration God does not deserve for you to be a Secret service Christian Amen Don't you go don't you don't don't you Go To aren't you one of those Christians

I'm on an undercover assignment Right I got an undercover op rocking right now Bro don't mess that up don't mess that Up I don't want folk to know yet wow and Then exactly when do you want them to Know right right Our God demands a declaration here's What Christ said he said if you are Ashamed of me before men I will be Ashamed of you before my Father which is In heaven let the world know where you Stand don't vacuum the doorway You understand See we we start looking at stuff we Start figuring stuff out in our carnal Mind Instead of instead of just trusting what The word says Yeah I remember I spoke at this big Conference in I think it was in the First time it was in Nashville Tennessee 3 000 people were there And I started teaching them business Based on biblical principles I'm talking About Adam and he even the garden to eat All that Some people were looking at me like is He actually talked about God in public Yes amen that's exactly what I'm doing Why because that's where I come from and You knew that when you invited me to Speak so don't actually don't as my

Sister-in-law would say don't start Acting brand new now You knew who I was when you called me up Here yeah The God who deserves a declaration where Are the followers of Christ who are Willing to stand up and speak up for Christ by the way you make sure when you Speak up for Christ that the words that Are coming out of your mouth are the Works that are coming out of your Members he said God who deserves a Declaration that matches the Deeds that I do yeah Oh oh oh oh you're a Christian now Like don't be the kind of person someone Can say that they're shocked when they Find out you got faith in Christ I Didn't know I didn't know you believe That So interesting At that same conference there was this Woman and after she heard me speak I was Sitting out in the hallway and she came Up she said Myron do you have a podcast I said oh yeah I got a podcast she said What's his name of podcast I said it's Called Bible success secrets she was Like when she asked me she was opening Her purse I already had her notepad out Already had her pen out to write down The name of the podcast and then as soon As I said it's called Bible success here She said oh

She put the notebook back in put her pen Back in and started to turn around walk Away I said that was interesting what's That about she said oh I'm not the Religious person I said oh you're one of Those people She said she said what people I said You're one of those people who thinks The Bible is a book about religion she Said Bible is not about religion No the Bible is a book about a king A kingdom and a royal family that's Right and the culturalization of a Foreign land that foreign land is called Earth so the Bible is a book about a King who wants to make you a king but There's another fake King who wants to Make you a slave right And this king who wants to make you a King or make you a queen like he's got Some principles and the principles of His kingdom are Freedom prophets Abundance and life The tenants of the fake King's kingdom Are wages slavery lack and doubt I mean And death She says she she took her pen back out Took her notebook back out and said What's his name of podcast again I told her the name of the podcast she Started listening to it she started Posting on stuff that she was learning On her Facebook page every day about a Year later guess what happens she said

She sent me a message on Facebook I've Been listening to podcasts I've been Sharing podcasts and you talk about this Thing being saved I want to be saved Why not not because of anything that I Am Other than a witness right I wasn't Trying to get her get her saved like Trying to get her I wasn't trying to get Her saved that's not my responsibility My responsibility is to water and to sow It's God's responsibility to give the Increase my responsibility to be a Witness the witness is not the Prosecuting attorney that's right not The defense attorney and not the judge Witness's job is to speak about what They've seen and heard and let the Process do what only the process can do That's right I mean I'll track it And so Pleasing God to declare deserves a Declaration But I want you to notice this this is The part we forget I'm gonna go back and Read it for you so you know I ain't Making this up It says If it be so our God whom we serve is Able to deliver us out of the firing Furnace and he will so not only is he Able but he's also willing So he's able to deliver us and he's Willing to deliver us you know what's

Really interesting about that there are People In the world who are able to help us When we're in need but they just ain't Willing can I get a witness but there Are people who are willing to help us For the enabled right this is not a Person this is the god of the universe He's both Amor and Willy That's so good right because because now I don't have to worry about his ability Or his desire right they're both in my Direction right okay y'all traffic and Then it says Um uh verse 16. we're not careful to Answer this no matter if it be so our God and we serve as able to deliver us Out of the fire furnace uh deliver us Out of the fire in front out of the Liver side of the handle King and then They said something like this they said But if not But even if he doesn't but if not be it Known unto thee O King that we will not Serve thy Gods nor worship the golden Image which you have set up So I want you to say something our God Is able to deliver us and he will yes he Will but if he doesn't we still ain't Bowing down see what we need in 2023 is Some but if not Christians right some God some Christians who trust in the Sovereignty of God some followers of Christ who know that we're not going to

Be more than conquerors or we might be More than conquerors but we already are More than conquerors through him that Loved us amen I don't have to wait till I get to the end of my life to find out How it ends I don't have to wait till The world ends to find out how it is I Already know right I read the last Chapter and we've already won How could you say you've already won we Got to understand so sometimes I talk About science sometimes I talk about the Bible and these were some very Interesting observations right so Interestingly enough have you ever Thought about the fact that in the realm Of time everybody say time in the realm Of time there's no such thing as the Present The president What do I mean by that as soon as I say Now it becomes then I mean as soon as I say now then as soon As I say now then as soon as I say now Then So in the realm of time there are only Two times what are they the past and the Future the president can't exist in time Why because of the past and the future Coming on track yeah But in eternity everybody say eternity And the realm of Eternity There's no such thing as the past or the Future there's only the present

By the way that's why God is the I am That I am not the I was that I was See Shadrach Meshach and Abednego didn't Think of God as The God Who was Abram's God Isaac's God Joseph's God Moses is God but not theirs they thought of God As the I am as their present God God is Our refuge and our strength a very Present help and trouble therefore shall Not we fear though the Earth be removed Though the mountains be carried into the Midst of the sea though the waters Thereof Roar and be troubled though the Mountain shake with the swelling thereof He's a present God why he can't be any Other way the scripture tells us so many Things that we don't understand because We don't understand the nature of God's Present tenseness see eternity is the Forever now Eternity is the forever now and when God Told Moses tell him I am that I am has Cynthia I am first of all what kind of Question is that who shall I say has Sent you that's the best question you Got Moses like I would have said Okay God when I go into Pharaoh's house and I Tell him you said let my people go can You please tell me what what I should Tell him you said you gonna do if you Say no that's what I would have said Moses didn't bother with none of that Didn't care you know what he said Because we said who shall I say has sent

Me why because he understood that Authority is always an alignment issue Tell him that the I am that has sent me I am that I am which I am the I am that Said in the beginning God said let there Be light and there was light and God saw The light that was good I am that I am Yeah right and God separated the light From the darkness and the light that he Called David Right oh that fire you made and the fire You man that one right there oh no no no No no no no no You thought you put yourself there I put You there I am not I am Oh oh oh you think you're Pharaoh cause You that good you Pharaoh because Promotion don't come from east or the West or the North or the South promotion Comes from the Lord I am that I am yeah Are y'all tracking and so in eternity in Eternity there's no such thing as Past or the future that's why God knows The end from the beginning that's why There's no difference between prophecy And history because it's all the same Thing what's a moving picture to us is a Still shot to god wow and it's hard for Us to wrap our minds around because Everything that we experience in life is Bound by time space and matter The Eternity is not bound by time amen time Is a segment of Eternity it's a Manifestation within eternity that's why

God is the I am and I am how many are Tracking and so he said they said our God is able can we serve as able to Deliver us out of your hands and he will But if he doesn't we still ain't bound Down see we need some some followers of Christ that are willing to trust God When here it is stand up Speak out for the God who delivers his People into Danger Foreign He does what he delivers his people into Danger No no God don't do that really so why Did he tell Moses a stuttering Shepherd To go tell the king I said let my people Go you don't think that's dangerous Why why did God separate the Red Sea With a wall of water on the left and a Wall of water on the right and you can't See what's holding that water back why Did he tell them step into the water why Do you say like walk across the Red Sea On dry land two million people walk Across God delivers his people into danger why So he can show us he's greater than the Danger he delivered us We get closer to Close today we start huffing and puffing Hyperventilating having an anxiety Attack why because we forgot who brought Us there See if we never enter into a situation

That requires God Then we will never become fully aware of Who our God is Isn't it interesting the scripture says Now Faith what kind of Faith now Faith Right why does it say now it says now Because now Is the only kind of situation that Requires that you have faith you got to Enter into a Now situation or a Situation that requires that you have Now Faith Now Faith is the substance sub the Prefix sub means under so when I get on A submarine I go under the water when I Get on subway I go under the street the Subfloor is under the floor sub means Under y'all tracking it says now Faith Is the substance so whatever faith is It's something in the now that I'm Standing on So now faith is where I stand on what Things hoped for what's the word hope Mean doesn't mean wish Not a wish what is it it's the Well-founded well-grounded expectation For the future So I've got an empowered expectation for The future because of the I am that is Already in my future and has already Declared my future and has already Finished my future and I already won I don't have to wonder how it's going to Turn out because it's already turned out

How it's going to turn out The scripture says but our God he is in The heavens and he hath done what so Ever he hath pleased God doesn't answer To me or you or anybody else God don't Answer the people because they're famous Nope amen you don't answer preachers Because they have degrees God only answers to himself And the words that he has spoken and so Now Faith is the substance of things Hoped for what's the word things mean Amazing word here's the word things Means in the Greek things Now faith is where I stand on the things I expect so my expectation of a thing is The thing I expect are y'all attractive Now Faith is the substance of things Hoped for the evidence what's the word Evidence mean proof of Things Not Seen So what does it work what is what is What is Hebrews 11 1 telling us now Faith is where I stand on the things I Expect while I prove the things I cannot See Now faith is where I stand on the things I expect while I prove the things that Nobody in my family's ever seen now Faith is where I stand on the things I Expect while I prove things the people In my church have never seen my Community my job people in the world Have never seen now faith is where I Stand on the things I expect while I

Prove the things I cannot see The Shadrach Meshach and Abednego served A but if not God The kind that delivers his people into Danger See no no God don't do that no no you May not have let him do that for you yet But until you do let him do that let him Come walking to you on the storm in the Middle of the night until you do do that You will never truly understand the Nature of the God we serve Stand up Speak out I'm a stand up speak up speak up for The God Who destroys doubt speak up for The God Who declares deserves a declaration Speak up for the God who delivers his People from through danger through Danger God delivers them through the Red Sea uh uh through a battle with the mind He got some slaves coming out of Egypt How does he bring him out of Egypt well He's got a pillar fired by Dan a pillar Cloud by night So when the enemy tried to attack Through the cloud they couldn't see him When they tried to attack through the Fire they got destroyed that's the God We serve yeah amen and then watch what Happens now because y'all remember the Question he asked right right before he Got ready to throw him in the furnace he Said and who was that guy who's able to

Deliver around my hand do you understand That is the question that's on the top Of Mind of all the people in the world Who are watching so-called followers of Christ but who are watching real Followers of Christ as well who is that God that's going to deliver you from the Situations that coming that's coming Who's that God that's going to cause you This is going to destroy your doubt in The face of a very angry enemy watch What it says in verse number uh Verse number 18 but if not be being Known to thee we will not serve thy God's nor worship the golden image Without set up can you imagine these Guys are Enochs talking to the king in Front of his Royal subjects in front of His princes and his Governors and Counselors and sheriffs y'all tracking Okay here's what it says Uh as soon as they said that verse 19 Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of Fury and The form of his Visage was changed Against the Shadrach Meshach and Abednego therefore speak he spake and Commanded that they should heat the Furnace one seven times more than it was Once to be heated do you know when you Stand for God it will cause some people To lose their minds He said heat the furnace seven times Hotter than it needs to be heated I'm Gonna kill y'all seven times better than

Anybody's ever been killed Last I checked you throw somebody in the Fire Irregardless of how hot it is I know the Words regardless okay I know it's regardless I can promulgate my esoteric Consultations with the best of them okay But sometimes I use poor grammar for Emphasis regardless Of how hot the fire is it's still fire Right yeah and if you throw folk in it Don't burn up okay y'all tracking okay He went he lost his mind I'm starting to feel like I'm in the Fire I'm getting a little getting a little Warm okay So it says Um there was one to be heated verse 20 And he commanded I want you to watch This now the most mighty men that were In his army to bind the Shadrach Meshach And Abednego y'all know this wasn't some Little bitty shoestring ropes and they Just kind of It would look pretty little no no no the Most might when the most Mighty Men tie You up they start cutting off Circulation And stuff y'all tracking is it is it Um Commander most Mighty Men was in his Army to shut behind Shadrach Meshach to Bed and go and cast them into the

Burning fiery furnace then these men Were Bound in their coats and their Hosen and their hats and their other Garments and were cast into the midst They threw them off these are Mighty Men Here goes one Cast them into the midst of the burning Fiery furnace Says in verse 22 therefore because the King's commandment was urgent and the Fire exceeding hot the flame of the fire Slid those slew those men that stood up That took Shadrach Meshach and Abednego Wait what happened Nebuchadnezzar just killed his most Mighty Men That's how hot the fire was and then it Says then The King was astanied and Rose up in Haste and spake and said unto his Counselors did not read through cast Three men bound into the midst of the Fire they answered and said unto the King True O King and he answered and said Lo I see four men loose and walking in the Midst of the fire and they have no hurt And the form of the fourth is like unto The Son of God this is one of my Favorite stories in all of scripture Why because this is when you can show up See I don't want to show up by myself I Don't want the world to see me do Anything by myself because Jesus said

Without me you can do nothing Amen hey I ain't showing up to show me Off I'm showing up to show him off That's right and they said we're going To allow ourselves to go through this Difficulty through this trial through It's So many there's so there's so many Things in here we want a god We want to be able to show up in Adversity we gotta show up in adversity Do you know anybody can receive a Blessing with a smile yeah Let me ask you a question follower of Christ do you have the ability To go into the fiery furnace of life and Still have joy in your heart what kind Of Joy the kind of joy you counted all Joy when you fall into diverse Temptation doesn't that sound like what They just did knowing this so count as a Perspective word right you have have This perspective assign this meaning to It Joyfulness God is not telling us to Count at all joy because we love going Through trials I don't love going Through trials is there anybody else Here who does not love going through Trial I don't love going through Trump I've never been through a trial that I Love going through Amen I've gone through some trials that I knew were trials and I knew I was

Going to go through them before I went In them but I wasn't about to enjoy it I Wouldn't I would I just love trials That's so ridiculous that's not what God Is saying he said count it Joy how can I Count a trial Joy here's how I encounter Trial Joy because what it says next try Count it all joy when you're following Diverse Temptations knowing this see Count as a perspective word no is a Perception word right so he's and if you Don't know what you need to know you Can't count how you're supposed to count All right he said knowing this is a Trying of your faith worketh patience What does that mean well it means Patience the word patience is consistent Persistent endurance I'm supposed to am I supposed to be done already aren't I Okay wow I thought that said 857. it Says 9 57 okay I'm gonna wrap it up I'm Gonna wrap it up I'm gonna wrap it up Sorry guys I got I got Care University Show up in adversity show up in Awareness aware of what aware of the Presence of Christ Shadrach Meshach and Abednego we're so aware of the presence Of Christ that everybody else who was There could also see him And then show up in Authority was the Authority There are three kinds of fire in the Bible I'm going to tell you what they Were number one there's the fire

That doesn't burn that's the kind of Fire that showed up and called Moses There's the fire that does burn that's The kind of fire that Elijah called down From heaven to destroy his enemies and The most amazing fire in the entire Bible is the fire and Daniel chapter 3. what's that that's the Fire that burns some folk and don't burn Other folk why because when you show up In Authority God demonstrates his Authority in your situation and fire Something that consumes consume the men That threw them but in but could not Consume them our God is a God who Delivers father thank you for your word Thank you that it is truth may we stand Up may we speak up and may we show up As your true authentic representatives In the marketplace in the name of Yeshua Amen

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