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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

So I want to talk about three things I'm going to try to cover these so you Don't focus on the next one okay I'll Talk about three things that are Essential to your success [Music] [Applause] And they all they're all prompted by Seeing the focus and people that are Successful they talk about all the stuff And then they talk about what they're Good at or they're a world champion at And all of a sudden it gets laser sharp Wow look at that Focus like you could Feel it you know when you're around Somebody who's so focused you feel it in Your belly okay so let's talk about Focus complete Focus now this is Something That I focused on talking about Focus That I've thought about for years this Wasn't something I grabbed from Tony but I want to share this with you And This is more on the masculine side not The feminine side so ladies Um you're not programmed to think this Way men are more solution oriented am I Right you have a tough day at work or a Tough day home with juggling the kids And running all over and your husband Comes home and you want to tell them What happened and your husband just Simply blurts out a solution right and

Maybe you know tough day at work with Your boss your husband goes I want you To say this to your boss okay let's go On or you just want to talk about it Right Um and I'm not trying to put labels on Anybody but that happens a lot at least It happens in my life so problem verse Solution focused to me means this So many people I've known so many people I've met so many people that were in my Lives or may still be in my life family Members people I love dearly Don't realize that there's two ways to Focus on a circumstance and if the Circumstance happens to be an obstacle That you have to get over Some people will spend their time Focusing on that problem and we've all Done it I have two how many times is Something going on in your life or it Started and you need to talk to somebody Or you need to address something or you Need to approach something or change Something and all you do is focus on What's wrong you focus on the problem We've all done it don't lie you know you You took the education and all of a Sudden you're going wow I spent a lot of Money I'm only halfway through what if It doesn't work what if I make an offer And it's not accepted what if I call Somebody and they think I'm uh pathetic And I'm not good what if all the good

Deals in my area are gone oh these Problems all these problems all these Problems you know I'm out this isn't for Me it's not going to work all you did is Focused on what could go wrong and Coming down here you are what you focus On the results you get are absolute Direct correlation to what you focus on What people do wrong in life is they Don't realize they're focusing on it not Working expecting it to work It it just simply does not happen that Way what you focus on is what you get Write that down write it on your hand Check yourself on a daily basis on what Your focus is because the problem Focused person gets absolutely paralyzed Because I wrote this in totally fulfilled seven Years ago eight years ago whenever I Wrote that book I said there's two kinds Of people in life I made it really Simple somebody who spills a glass of Milk And they say wow why did that spill Whose fault was it is that the Manufacturer of the cup is it uneven is The table off and it's spilled all over The rug oh my God the rug's gonna stink And and what are we going to do we have To call a carpet cleaner oh my God this Is horrible and they could talk about it On what went wrong and get frustrated on Why that milk spilled we're a solution

Oriented person we'll go get a towel and A new glass of milk which one are you Are you worried about how the milk Spilled I mean there's people in life That would go so far to say well maybe It's the manufacturer's fault I'm going To write a letter because the cup is Crooked and someone's paying for my Carpet and it's going to go down it's Going to go into the bedding underneath And it's going to mold and it's going to Stink in here oh my God and oh my I mean Literally I'm obsessing over the milk But think how many times you or someone You know have done that in life over the Problem rather than just fix it find a Solution so what I incur what I Encourage you to do Over the next couple weeks is as things Come up immediately go to the solution What is there a way that you could fix This or learn from it I mean just think When you focus on Solutions it's either A way to fix it or learn And both of those are really positive Outcomes right it goes back to the the Both have failed both these guys fail I Failed more than I've succeeded but I've Been fortunate enough to when I fail I Try to work on a solution and I learn From it or I fix it and I get better So realize that what you focus on I'm Saying again is the end result of what You get out of life now

Focus on what you want now there's Another one you need to and it sounds Almost the same but it's different you Need to focus on what you want not what Won't happen so for example if you say Hey I'm going to try my first deal and What I want Is I want To find a buyer I want to find a seller I want to make a wholesale deal and I Want to make five grand and you start Focusing on those steps Here's this is very subtle but focus on If something went wrong or while the Process is going on if someone says oh The title has issues you go oh this real Estate stuff it's got a title issue Maybe something wrong maybe there's lots Of money owed on it or you could say When there's a title issue what's the First thing you do let me Google it find A title company how much does it cost to Figure it out and get this resolved There's two completely different thought Processes here the problem focused Person will get paralyzed the problem Focused person will hit one road bump And then they'll be at a Starbucks with A friend or relative or be online one Night and go I tried that Dean graziosi Program you know I had this one deal Locked up and there was a title issue This is a bunches this is a scam it Doesn't work while the solution oriented

Person is sitting there solving problems Getting that deal done which one do you Want to be you get to decide so just Check your focus on a regular basis Check your focus okay Make it a must I talked about that Before when you focused on something you Need a clear compelling future It's hard for me to share this without Like jumping through the camera but when I want something I have such a com Clear Vision of what that's going to look like When I succeed I can feel it I can Literally give myself Goosebumps Literally and that took years to do and I don't do it on purpose but I start Envisioning stuff I'm working on a Project right now that you guys will Have opportunity to see probably Mid-January I am so amped on this it's The greatest thing I've ever created the Greatest thing that will ever be there For you it's going to be a product that You guys will be able to use for nothing So it's not but it is the best thing I've ever created in my life I have Already got such a compelling vision of That end result and how my students are Going to love it and if you guys can Post you guys I know what you're going To say I know what you're going to feel I knew that when I created it inside Early I I had a Clear Vision I was Compelled to do it and nothing was going

To make me have problem Focus every time There was a road bump all I did is Immediately try to figure out how can we Solve it how can we learn from it how Can we fix it and that just when you Train your brain that way it makes life So different now here's the thing Anybody who likes to think about the Issue if you want to talk about the Problem that's okay because you want to Express how you feel but don't just Linger on it don't make that part of Your life talk about it get it out and Immediately go on how can we fix this How can we not only fix it but make it Change forever okay that's the first Part of the three You guys having fun so far okay good I can't hear you but I'm hoping yes Okay Second part get the best tools now this Is one I robbed right from Tony he was Talking about getting the best tools a Map a mentor proof of concept here's What I want to share with everybody Watching most every single person Watching I think most of you have been a Part some part of our education even if It's just my book or you've gone to a Live event or you're considering going To a live event get your butt there or You've been through boots on the ground Been to a buying Summit part of our real Estate Success Academy

Maybe just a member of this site there Are maps mentors and proof of concept if You're an ie member if not get your butt Be a part of the IE member meant to be Mentored by somebody who's doing it find People who show proof of concept you Know I talk about this all the time I I Share this story and if my mom's Watching she won't like this but my I Was on I did a TV show one time and I Was in this zone of making sure make Sure you follow people that can give you Proof of concept people who have Succeeded get a mentor who's doing it Right I said when I want marriage advice I don't ask my parents they've been Married a lot each time they're watching They're going to be upset I said it as a joke to make a real Impact but it's true at the time of my Life my parents had been married a lot If I want good marriage advice I'm going to find somebody's been Married for 35 years they're super happy And I'm going to learn how they did that It's the same thing here don't listen to Your miserable friend and I don't mean That in a rude way but you could have a Friend that's miserable over money all The time and you're going to talk to Them about making money in real estate Or taking a chance on education or Stepping out of the norm coloring Outside the Lines no they're going to

Reel you back in make you feel stupid For trying and you're going to go back To a life that if you loved you wouldn't Be watching me right now so why not grab A map listen here's what I want to Encourage you right this moment If you've been through our education go Back to it if you're part of our one of Our VIP Advanced education buyers and Members and students call your coach Tomorrow if you're an Insider elite Member book a life coach appointment go Back and watch one of our live events That were recorded that are inside there Get the education get the road map learn From somebody who's doing it and see the Proof of concept what you need is Leverage how do you get leverage by Seeing other people taking a step before You who are doing it you don't find Someone who's done it wrong because they Only know how to do it wrong if you find Somebody who bought a house in 2005 Right before the peak when everybody Thought it was cool to be an investor But with no education and you bought They bought that house they bought an 05 For 300 Grand and by 2009 it was worth a Hundred thousand bucks and you say hey I Think I can learn for this person Because they didn't do it right and you Go hey what do you think of real estate And they go oh stop it it ruined my life I went into foreclosure I ruined my

Credit and I'm sorry if somebody Watching went through that it's a Horrible experience but you're here now So now is your time to make up those Losses but what I'm saying is you can't Learn from that person they only know How to do it wrong they're only going to Discourage you from the path that you Can take in the life you can have so you Can't learn from somebody who does it Wrong you got to learn from somebody Who's got who is a mentor of that is Actually doing it and what I was talking About before learning doesn't take Forever people think it's even Going to therapy I've gone to therapy on And off in my life because I love to Learn expand my brain I go to therapy When nothing's wrong in my life and I've Gone when things have bugged me about my Childhood but the only thing about Therapy and I love therapists this is Not knocking you but so many times it's So slow it's like molasses running down A hill on a cold day it's like this Little tidbit of change man I want to Jump in I loved going to the Tony Robbins event it was three days of Blowing your mind total immersion get This thing fixed and let's move on and That's what I feel about real estate Stop dabbling jump in the education is In front of you dump it and jump in dive In absorb it all you are smart as heck

We can do so much more than we think Jump in find a mentor find a map jump Out the plane grow wings on the way down Get in the game that's the definition of How my successful students get in this If you're if you've been sitting on the Sidelines and it's just not working for You you feel like you can't get that First deal think about all the stuff I'm Sharing with you today this is I could Sit up here and I could teach you how to Find buyers and sellers that's what I Was going to do I was going to go Through wholesaling again today for Those that are new but man that's all Over the site the education we have is Second to none Our education listen this is the stuff The the road map I provide for you guys It's not something I dreamed up it's not It's coming from me doing deals over 130 Of them in the last six months probably Much more than that but I know that for A number for sure it's me partnering With Matt Larson and working with Jen Gray and and all these Gina heredis and All these amazing students and Ali and And Joe jerk and all these great Students that I get their feedback and I Know what they're doing so I could take All that this stuff works the map The MENTOR the proof of concept is there but I got to give you this stuff so you jump Out the plane get in the game take the

Shot And like if I could do that then we Could work with you along the way so Jump back into the education and if You're on the fence thinking about going To one of my Live Events or thinking About joining Success Academy or Thinking about getting my book or Thinking about getting involved in IE on The site there's a Little Banner on the left side jump in Get the total immersion get the Education get in the game okay But it's got to be from the best then Well we are the best okay Last we're doing pretty good here I know I'm going fast but I know everybody's Busy and I want to give you total Immersion tonight okay Resolve inner conflicts okay I wrote this down again but 80 percent Of it is this I wrote this This on this board and I wrote this was My little note accept it accept the fact That if it's not working for you I'd bet with all of me that's not the Education The stuff we teach the stuff I do the Stuff we teach is the stuff so many of My successful students that you see on Dean every day posting when You see them They're using My map they're using our mentors they're

Using stuff that has proof of concept so In a lot of cases 80 percent Is you what goes on between here and it Doesn't mean that you're bad doesn't Mean you're wrong doesn't mean you have To change everything about your life Memorize I always talk about Kaizen one Little step at a time make small Incremental changes and you'll turn Around in six months and your life will Be completely different forever But you got to take action and that's Why I share all this stuff that's why I Get passion that's why I don't need a Script I don't I literally Drew this a Few minutes ago because this is the Stuff that I live by I need this stuff If I'm going to get better for you I Need this stuff so I just want to Deliver it so 80 is this stuff And then you got to really think What's holding you back what is your Inner conflict If you're not successful right now if You've been lingering not getting your First deal done there is something in Your life holding you back now I I know You might say no Dean I'm in an area Where it's really booming so are a lot Of my students I'm in a small town so a Lot of my students I'm in a big town so Are a lot of my students I don't have Money some of my students with no money Made money I don't have a lot of time

Nobody's got time so what's your inner Conflict I don't know is it I wrote a couple is It past failures have you failed in the Past and you don't want to feel that Pain again people do that with Relationships boom that relationship Hurt I'm never going Never Fall in Love Again that hurt is it a past failure Is it your parents philosophies maybe Your grandparents were part of the Depression they passed that on to your Parents and they taught you the only way To success is safety or get a government Job get a good job get an IRA don't Don't try your own thing that'll hurt When you fall it'll hurt really bad your Parents don't want you to fall what did Your parents do when you fell when You're a little kid they picked you up Hugged you and loved you they're your Parents what do you do with your kids You pick them up you love them your Parents don't want you to get hurt so They're gonna they're gonna of course Put their philosophies on you if they Think job is safety because outside that There's no safety net but is that true In today's world not really So many people I've talked to when they First started thought that being Successful and Wealthy was Anti-spiritual is against what their Beliefs were really I don't I can't I

Can't buy into that notion I can't I I Think people the Love of Money who are Obsessed with just money and greed of Course but money can do so many good Things remember I always say and it Wasn't for me it was from Dan Sullivan From strategic coach that I go to he Said if you can cut a check for a Problem you don't have that problem if You can help people by cutting a check Because you fine-tune your unique Ability And you know how to make great money and You can cut a check for someone in need You know last two weeks ago we went up To Oklahoma and we gave twenty thousand Dollars to a couple families who lost Everything do you know how amazing that Felt to be able to deliver that and cut That check to people who had no hope the Insurance companies were taking too long They're displaced they're bouncing Around from home to home is that evil is Making sure my kids are secure evil Retiring my parents who both worked hard Their whole life Blue Collar parents With no money and I get to take care of Them my mom's dream was to have a motor Home her whole life literally she came Out two weeks ago her whole life she Just her and her husband she's happy She's with her high school sweetheart Right now uh and Her Seven you know She's going to be 70 and and he's in his

70s and he's not you know he's not Feeling the best Um their whole they came down out here And all they talked about was their Dream is someday They're going to get a motor home and go Around the world go around the country Man they left I started thinking about It thinking about like what the hell Would someday I can cut a check for that Problem by the time they left and flew Home I bought them a 2012 uh 30 foot Vista Motorhome amazing motorhome I felt Blessed to be able to do it I'm not Bragging but I cut a check for that Problem when they got home it was Waiting for them and right now this Weekend or the weekend just passed they Went away and had the time of their Lives it has started why wait till Tomorrow because I could cut a check for That problem forget these old Philosophies you got to find out what The conflict is and you have to kill it You have to kill the conflict that's Holding you back I don't know dig into Your past find out why every time you Get close you stop do you feel that if You make money it's being greedy and You're taking it away from somebody else No you're creating value for the world If you make money you buy you get your Lawn done you get your house cleaned you

Go to dinner more you buy more clothes You're helping the economy you're Helping people around you it's your Obligation to get wealthy you want to Help this country get wealthy because You'll spend it and you'll help other People listen I know this if I didn't Have an ability to make money I know I Would spend lots of my personal time Doing anything I could to help others Because I truly enjoy it but what I Realized my gift that I'm blessed with Is I know how to do real estate I know How to educate know how to make money I'm going to work in my unique ability And then I can cut checks to help other People and I don't mean that I'm just Cutting check I care I have empathy I Want to know the story but I can do a Lot better good cutting 20 000 bucks to A family in Oklahoma than going up there And personally maybe help them clean out A garage I I that's what I've discovered Is my unique ability what's yours and What conflict in your life is holding You back because you got to kill it and How do you kill it Dig in deep find what it is and attach More pain to letting that stop you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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