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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

If you saw that next level of you even If you lived it for an hour a day a week A month guess what it's in Think about people in your life or even You uh in the past not you now but you In the past are people in your life who Went after something and then a couple Obstacles gotten away and then all of a Sudden the obstacles got stacked in Their way like this was going wrong I Got it I got it and then like four or Five things went wrong at once and they Retreated or gave up I think that's when You are this close to your breakthrough And I think that's when most people Retreat I think that's when most people Give up so all that I shared so far is To commend you for being here right now You know people will get my book like Millionaire success habits or success Courses or anybody's Tony Robbins Brandon bouchards any one of my friends Courses they'll go through the course And try it but not be plugged into Something like this and that would be Like going to the gym for a month like Crazy no carbs eating eating lean Veggies and protein a little bit of a Good carbs sustainable carbs complex Carbs going to the gym like crazy Getting in like a month you see a change And then just stopping and then just Hoping that maintains hoping that Continues and and we know that's not the

Case your body will go back to the way It was if you eat the same and and don't Work out the same so why would our minds Be any different right we might get Inspired I hope I motivate you I hope I Inspire you I hope other people do if it Drives you I'm I I love this industry as Long as they're fueling you with what You want but it is like the gym I mean I I listen the reason that I want to talk About this tonight I just got done for The third time in seven years reading Dale Carnegie's book stop worrying and Start living it is such a good book oh My God was it ahead of its time when you Read and the research and the time and The effort that guy put in that book yes We've all done so many of the things he Talks about And so many people have kind of ripped Off that book and like out of chapters Of that book people have made Their own complete books right but man That book just was something special to Me and what I've been doing over the Last 15 days of listening to it's a 10-hour Book Um I burned through it in the last say 15 20 days took me longer than I thought Some days I want to listen to music if I'm running up a mountain it's hard to Listen to Dale sometimes but uh when You're trying to exercise but I do every

Day and I've been taking notes for over A month on the things that I think are Important to you and that's what I want To go over today it's it's Dale Carnegie Inspired but Dean graziosi translated I Just made that up I hope that sounded Good right now before we get started I Want you to think of before I start Talking about worry and how to kill Worry and why what it does to you what It does to your success I want you to Start thinking about right now if you Have a piece of paper or even on your Phone write down what you feel your Biggest worry you're facing right now is And let's let's talk through it but I Want to talk about what worry does to You As someone who wants another level of Life you're here because you want more You want to tap into your full potential You know there's more you know there's More gas in the tank you know there's Another level of you not just the the Next level of money will follow the next Level of you right you know you've had Those again I don't want to generalize But wherever you are in life you've had Moments of clarity that were a whole Nother level right or wrong you've been In that flow State you've had those days Where you're just like I'm grateful I'm I'm badass I can do this and you want That feeling but then some things rob it

Right A lot of times worry robs it Stress robs it um you know things not Going right and then you fall back if You saw that next level of you even if You lived it for an hour a day a week a Month guess what it's in you and what's Cluttering is the thoughts that are Going on the worry that's happening and Even you know even if you say I'm not a Worry wart some of you watching right Now are worry warts if that's a that's a Word right that you've heard that Forever but some of you don't realize That the things you're thinking about Are holding you back from your full Potential meaning like the way I look at It is what worry does Um I was a mechanic as a kid right so I Know engines and a lot of times with Older engines if a spark plug went bad Or a cylinder a piston was the seal Around the Piston was broken or an Eight-cylinder engine can run on seven Cylinders an eight-cylinder engine could Actually run on four cylinders and I Remember when a eight cylinder engine Would run on say six cylinders it would Be like but you could still go down the Road it would still drive and then I'd Get in there change the spark plugs fix It and all of a sudden this went and it Got completely quiet and then the engine Would just go and be faster quicker and And it was because they were running on

All cylinders so when worry is a part of Your life realizing it or not Subconscious or not you aren't running On all eight cylinders if you're an Eight-cylinder engine and what my goal Is today My goals today is to give you some tools And and literally some notes I took from This amazing book to really just get you Thinking about the worry that you have In your life and how can we just nuke it Now Saying just nuking worry sometimes could Be like Dean you don't understand what I'm facing I have you know I'm doing Good I'm not complaining but I got a lot I get that But everybody does I would bet to say You know that the hundreds of people That are going to watch this all have Worry we all have stuff I'm going Through some stuff right now but how I Handle that stuff is the result of my Life it's the outcome of who I am the Outcome of who I get to be so what worry Does to you when you worry It robs you of your full potential I Want you to get really upset with worry Right now Think about in your life the things that You've worried about that didn't come True that caused you a lot of angst and Anxiety did you have you ever been a Relationship that you worried about for

Years have you worried about a job for Years have you worried about things Going wrong for years did you worry About the last presidential election and What it was going to do to you did you Worry about when the economy shifted Even if you got hit bad I'm bringing this up because worry has Robbed so much of your life even if You're not the person considered a Worrywart It just has And when you think of it that way I want You to get Disturbed and pissed at worry Because we get to create what goes on in Our lives I know that's a big statement But our Consciousness whatever if you Want to use the word Consciousness our Thoughts what we think about on a daily Basis whatever word terminology that Fits you that's what causes a stress and Worry or what causes us to focus on Another level So what has worry cost you and I you Know I'm this is casual we're all Sitting here today and I want to I want To I encourage you to write down some of The things in your life that worries Cost you what what did you worry about That didn't come true what did you worry About that did come true and you were Still okay what did you worry about that Came true it sucked going through it but When you look on the other side you

Wouldn't change it for anything in the World because it made you a better Person it made you stronger faster Quicker where is the smoothest Stone In The Stream it is always always in the Roughest part of the stream right those Who stand at the rocks that are on the Sidelines never get any water on them They're fine but they're rough you want To live abundantly you need to jump in The toughest part of the stream worry is Going to happen But there's a way to combat it so it Doesn't have to be worry it can just be Part of the process So I want to start with kind of the 30 000 foot view of worry and how I Approach it with my kids and this is Stuff I've learned through reading books Being a part of it generating you know Hundreds of millions of dollars in my Life being blessed to sell millions of Books all that stuff I'm not bragging But I've failed miserably to create all That like when I say hey I've generated Hundreds of millions of dollars but I Really want to say is if you knew this I went through the struggles I went Through the failures the sleepless Nights my family telling you you I'm Nuts the publisher saying no one will Ever buy this book it's a it's a 250 Page conversation it's written by an Eighth grader I mean all of those things

When when things were you know when I Ran out of money and was completely Broke living on credit cards like I've Been in those places and when I look Back I realized I wasn't always as good as I Am now with handling worry and I'm still Not perfect but I realized I didn't have To worry about all that in fact all of That happened to me exactly the way it Was supposed to it built me it be it it Made me the man I am it allowed me to be Here and share with you guys today Um so I want you to think about This that you probably heard me say Before you probably read about in Millionaire success habits but we're Talking live now and let's get real Because if it's not a part of your Everyday life Then it's like going to the gym once in A while so solution based thinking Solution-based thinking has to be a you Have to remind yourself every moment of Every day I know that sounds extreme Right I wouldn't care you should write Solution based thinking in your car put It a sticky on the fridge put it have an Alarm go off every day at three o'clock On your phone seven o'clock on your Phone that says solution based thinking Because that immediately kills it's one Of the ways to kill worry because what Happens is we have this tendency we were

Taught to worry about things like as if Worrying will solve the problem has Worrying ever let me ask you has Worrying ever solved any problems in Your life ever I can't believe that's Going to happen I'm going to lose this Job and then if I lose the job you know How if you're one of my students if I Don't get real estate going and has it Ever solved the problem or have you when You stepped away from the worry and went After it and took action you solved the Problem or you rode through the if It was raw if it went wrong you rolled Through it you learn from it came out in The other side so Here's something that I've been working On with my kids since they were little And I love I love this because I have to Make it simple for them and I'm not Saying I got to make it simple for you But I do this for me too again we gotta Make it part of our life when you are Worried about something when something Goes wrong when you're stressed about it Instead of thinking what happened and Whose fault it is and why they did it or Someone did it or how could this happen To me which is very easy to think of all Those things what if you could train Your brain to immediately grab a piece Of paper and I I say paper if you're Younger you probably have barely write On a piece of paper but I do you see

Here's my notes here I'm always writing Because when I write it gets into my Head what if you said wow this is Bugging me why do I have this knot in my Stomach this is bugging me so much what If you just grab the piece of paper and Wrote down three possible solutions Because sometimes we get a frame much Like nothing can fix this nothing can Fix this you don't understand what Happened it's not true someone's been Through exactly what you're going Through and they came out okay on the Other side you may have been through Exactly what you're going through and Come out on the other side there's People you know during the Depression so Many people during this last recession So many people lost everything and Worried and worried and worried but Nothing changed in their life till the Worry was over and they started taking Action towards the solutions why not Shorten the gap how long do you want to Suffer between the worry to the solution When all I know is when you start Working on the solution the worry goes Away Foreign [Music]

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