Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec – Money or Success?

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

So the game becomes more complex the Bigger you get the bigger the bullseye On your back ladies and gentlemen How important is the money where do you Rate the money when you're looking at The the the vehicle that you might Select well I I think it depends where You are in life meaning Your ability to invest is determined by The level of capital you have at that Point and that's not a finality it Doesn't mean you can't get there but Wishing something doesn't make it so Right so what I learned early on was I Remember I was like working at a job and I wanted to buy a house and I figured Out how much I needed for a down payment And I was like crap I'm going to be like 30 30 before I can afford a house Capital is the hardest thing to Accumulate And anything you can do to start Building Capital because here's the Beauty of capital it grows It builds on itself so anything that you Can do to get a regular income stream That you can build into capital is gold One day and then what do you do with That Capital like how do you invest your Money what do you love to invest in Um somebody just asked me that number One thing I always invest in is myself I Know that sounds facetious but these Guys yeah they're with you on that

Because I guarantee you somebody said to You oh it's this it's that but you know What they didn't make the friggin effort To get up and show up you cannot win if You don't show up Speaker True right I told you that story I was A story I'm I'm two I'm not making any money I don't Know what to do with my life I don't Know what the answers are and I see a Seminar on how to improve your life and I'm like sign me up and I go to four of My buddies I'm like guys we are doing Nothing with our lives we should go to This and all five of us are like yeah The seminar was three hundred dollars Out of the five of us Guess who the only one who paid the Money and actually showed up was me To this day you've got to show up you Got to make that investment and you know As I get bigger it's not just showing up For this it's showing up for your family And it's showing up for yourself I work Out every day yes I'm vain and arrogant But I need the energy because I'm has Anybody in this room ever had a bad day We all have bad days you have bad days I Have bad days success is not doing great Things when the sun is shining and Everybody loves you and it's easy Success is doing it on the days where You feel like crap and you don't want to

Freaking do it and you can't do it where Failure is just like Seeping out of your body like you gotta Get up man and you gotta go on those Days so how do you find that like how do You find that thing when you're getting Beat up problems at home uh problems With the kids economy sucks things Aren't going how do you find that in you Robert so is it just there now because It now no man it's never there yeah you Know you never you never get to a point Where it's easy You get to a point where it's easier but Guess what happens your goals become Harder So the game becomes more complex the Bigger you get the bigger the bullseye On your back so you've got to keep going So for me what I learned about myself is I tend to feel sorry for myself and I Gotta shake myself out of it like so for Me it's working out and I I just learned A long time ago that we're working out You're a runner I'm a runner if you're Hard on yourself life becomes easy there Are days where I run and it's no big Deal but there are days where running That distance will be the greatest thing I've done that day But it's a friggin win and there are Days man where I need a win yeah because The rest of my day is all about losses So build on those wins little things

Every day yeah that's right how do you Like once you get so successful like how Do you still value the little victories In life and and then the big ones are You still looking for a big score I mean It sounds like you got pretty excited When you talked about the IPO and yeah Going public and I mean how much would That change your life like a score like That uh not at all no not at all but You'd go do something different no no so I I did a deal two years ago for the First time I did an equity deal I sold a Piece of my company for uh 480 million Dollars It's a lot of money right yeah a lot of Money huh So It was with an equity firm called Apex They're the uh 10th largest Equity Firm In the world so we were in Trinidad and Tobagos during covet it was the only Country we could go to so the two Founders of the company two principals Took me out for dinner and they said to Me We're going to give you all this money How do we know you're going to show up For work tomorrow And I was like well I'm freaking going To show up and I did we did the deal Next I was in the office at 4 30 again I Don't think great money or great wealth Changes who you are it simply amplifies

Who you are so if you're a bad human Being right and you beat your dog right And you're not a nice person guess what You're going to be like with a lot of Money you're gonna beat a lot of dogs And I love dogs man yeah I love dogs too And if you love what you do and you want To add value and you want to do great Things in life and you get great wealth Guess what you want to do you want to Add more value and you want to do more Great things Foreign

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