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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey There YouTube Myron golden here Today I want to talk to you about one of The biggest mistakes coaches and Influencers make and what they what Happens is People begin to believe their own press I heard a story one time about Um a guy who got up to do a speech and Man he got up like he had it down he Walked up there shoulders back chest out And then he got ready to do his talk and He opened his mouth And nothing came out And he couldn't remember what he was Going to say and he was humiliated in Front of hundreds of people he's just Standing there he's like they put his Head down And he goes back and sits down And his mentor said to him If you had gone up like you came down You could have come down like you went Up And what happens is we start doing good Work and we start impacting people's Lives and people start telling us how Wonderful we are and we make the mistake Of believing them And by the way that's always a mistake It's not a mistake to believe them from The standpoint I'm glad the stuff that I'm doing is serving you but it's really A bad idea for you to become a legend in Your own mind and a lot of people become

Legends in their own mind and then what Happens is they begin first of all they Create A divide they Divide Themselves from the people they serve And so they create this division well I'm the guru and you're the Guri right And I know that's probably not a word Right but but like I'm the teacher and You're the student and they act as if That that means they're bigger they're Better they're smarter because they're a Little bit further down the road than us Like don't get to the place where you Divide yourself from the people you Serve One of the reasons Arnold Palmer had Such a ginormous fan base in golf is Because he always walked through it Slowly through the crowd and treated People when he was talking to them like They're the most important person in the World and see one of the things you Cannot go wrong treating people good Right right you can't go wrong treating People right you ain't gonna do bad if You're treating people good like stop Making it about how they make you feel People don't like if you want to have a Sense of significance go out and serve Let your significance come from the Service that you provide and not from All the Praises that you receive so they

Create this divide and sometimes I'll be Honest with you it's hard not to do it's Hard not to do if you're if you're in a Conference for for instance and there Are thousands of people there you're in A conference there's thousands of people There and you're one of the speakers You can't like you literally can't take Two steps without somebody wanting to Take a picture with you now it was way Better when everybody didn't have a Camera in their pocket right then they Just ask you to say hi or give them an Autograph or something but now it's like Everybody wants to take a picture you Got you're at a conference And and so for me I don't ever want People to feel badly and I don't want Them to feel like I think I'm better Than them because I don't I really I Don't think I'm better than anybody I Don't think anybody's better than me so Let's don't let's quit tripping okay but But but I don't think I'm better than Anybody and I don't ever want some I Don't ever want me the way I behave to Make someone feel small I want to let them know that I see the Image of God in them and I'm going to Treat them like they are made in the Image of God right and so Sometimes we're at conferences Especially a big conference where I'm Speaking

It's it's Overwhelming It's it can be overwhelming and so I'll Usually have somebody with me that keeps Me from getting accosted when I'm going To the bathroom for instance right so It's like let me see what can I take a Picture can you take a picture I would Love to take a picture with you but I Can't right now because if I take one With you for you it's two minutes for me It's two hours that's not an Exaggeration right and so even though You have to have an appropriate way of Doing things we were at funnel hacking Live last year And I was one of the speakers again and It happened like that I was like I can't But here's what I did I said here's what I'm going to do tomorrow From 4 P.M to 6 p.m I'm gonna be right Out here in this hallway and I'll take Pictures with anybody for two hours Right but I can't just stop while I'm on My way somewhere and take a picture Sometimes but don't create a divide Don't get to the place where just Because everybody wants to take a Picture with you that you think you all That and a bag of chips Right because you ain't that cute okay So all right so they create a divide and Then after they create a divide the next Thing they do is they

Um They distance themselves And they become unreachable now You have to have a certain level of Distance in order to be productive right Like so my phone to keep to keep it to Keep it Equitable my phone lives on do Not disturb right so if you call me and I don't answer I'm not ignoring you I just didn't know you called right my Phone lives on do not disturb why if it Didn't live on do not disturb I wouldn't Do any get anything done but handle People's interruptions of my day right So then I have to figure out what Interruptions I need to handle what Interruptions my team needs to handle Because we have a really big business With thousands of customers and then I've got family members and so my if my Phone didn't live on do not disturb I Wouldn't get anything done so I don't Ever ignore people but I don't answer my Phone either generally speaking I don't I but that's no that no no no that's not The same thing right I'm not ignoring You I don't know it rang I intentionally Set it up in such a way that I don't Know it rang because your crisis can't Be my emergency right now unless you're My wife my son my daughter my Granddaughter my son-in-law or one of my Brothers right they or somebody on my Team then your crisis is my emergency

But if that's not the case then that's Not the case but I'm not better than you I'll take time with you I want to take Time people say like people say Sometimes on my YouTube channel I look Forward to meeting you someday I look Forward to meeting you someday that's my First thought every time I look forward To meeting you someday I really like People people are awesome when they're Not being otherwise they're awesome Right and so you don't want to create a Divide and then distance yourself and Then We do the last thing and it's we Disconnect I'm going to tell you something The Bible says it's not good for man to Be alone Yes it was talking about Adam not having A wife but it wasn't just talking about Adam having a wife because Adam and his Wife populated the Earth it's not good For people to be alone I get it people Some people like alone time I like alone Time sometimes but it's not good for me To be alone I don't want to be alone I Like people I like doing things with other people If I'm enjoying something I want to Enjoy it with somebody else you can Enjoy it with me so we can talk about How much we enjoyed it together right Here's why that's how we're made

God made us for creation that we're made In the image of God right so why why do You make us if we're made an image of God God created and beginning God Created so he created us to create stuff He made us to make stuff But he saw it's not good for man to be Alone do you realize that's the first Time God said something wasn't that he Made wasn't good It's not good for man to be alone okay So it's not good for man to be alone Then what I'm going to do is I'm going To give him an help meet for him help Meat means sufficient and help Sufficient for him I'm going to give him Somebody who can help him Why because none of us can do it by Ourselves God didn't make us Codependent but he also didn't make us Independent he made us interdependent You need me and I need you you're good At what I'm bad at I'm good at what You're bad at you play it when I work Out I play it what you work at that's How God set it up he created us to Create but he also created us to connect That's why if you're creating but you're Disconnected from people you feel Unfulfilled That's why you have people that have all The money in the world like more money They could ever spend in 10 lifetimes But they're still miserable why they're

Disconnected Are y'all tracking and so what we want To do is we want to have creation but we Also want to have connection And then The last thing is contribution What does contribution come from we want To do something for somebody like all of Us this would be good for us especially Gurus coaches influencers authors Speakers pastors like people who have Influence over people is one thing that Would be good for all of us to do people Who have a lot of money people who Really know some stuff it would really Be good for us To contribute to somebody who has Nothing to offer us Like find a way consistently to Contribute to people who have nothing to Offer you back If you will do that I promise you now You can contribute to people who have Something to offer you back as well but Contribute like sometimes just give with No intent to get It'll make your life better it'll make You happy And what's fascinating about that is Like one of the things that I don't Personally believe I don't believe in Giving back right Um and what do I mean I don't believe in Giving back I believe when I'm giving

I'm not giving back I'm just giving Right if I'm saying I'm giving back that Implies I got something from you before I gave something to you I'm not giving Back like the term giving back sounds to Me like people are trying to justify Their success By giving something back now it's okay Because I gave something it was okay Before that in fact one of these days I'm gonna do a video on why business is More noble than charity So anyway that'll that'll come down the Pipe but um so don't disconnect don't Divide And don't distance yourself from the People who are the reason why you are Where you are Never forget Those are the people you were sent to Serve I hope that helps thank you all For subscribing thank you for sharing Thank you for commenting thank you for Banging or smashing that notification Bell and until the next video Peace in the East my peoples stay Blessed by the best

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