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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello YouTube Myron golden here and I Know you like this part of this video Series but you're going to love the Entire thing I invite you to go back and Watch the entire thing in sequential Order so if this is if you're jumping in The middle somewhere go back watch the First video then the second then the Third like watch these videos in Sequential order they will bless you Beyond measure all right I'm gonna go into this quite deep Gideon is one of my favorite Old Testament characters Gideon Was hiding from the midianites his enemy And an angel addressed him as follows The Lord is with you You mighty man of Valor The angel is not lying to him The angel is speaking to the part of him That God made Not the part of him that reflects his Sociology But the part of him that God made the Lord is with you you mighty man of Valor And Gideon argues well if the Lord is With us why is all this happening where Are all his miracles God says you'll save Israel me He says My father's house is the least in Manasseh One of the tribes but not just one of

The tribes actually not just one of the Tribes that's right I have I have a gift Like that falling falling off is a gift Part of this is a dramatized sermons Right Not just One of the tribes Some of you will know the story Jacob Has his sons Joseph is the special son Joseph goes to Egypt and Joseph has two boys in Egypt Manasseh is the oldest and frame is the Youngest But when Joseph asked his father Jacob To bless his two sons He positioned them As the oldest at the right hand And the youngest at the left So that Manasseh was to get the special Blessing And Ephraim a lesser blessing And Jacob Because of his experience Right Crossed his hands And he gave the greater blessing to Ephraim and a lesser blessing to Manasseh so when Gideon said My father's house is the least in Manasseh he was saying actually my Father's house is the least in the Lowest of all the tribes We at the bottom of the bottom And then he concludes and I am the least

In my father's house So this is not now the bottom of the pan This is under the pan that is now baked I am the bottom of the box God says go in this your might your Might you will deliver Israel God is not lying to him and God is not Lying to you when he tells you about the Size of the Enterprise you are getting Ready to build He he's not lying to you when he speaks Greatness into you when when when he Speaks when God speaks millions and Billions into your mind he's not lying To you He is speaking to the part of you that He made because that part of you Is fearless Courageous Ambitious actually it has it has what I Call the god Gene and divine DNA which Means that there's a part of you that is Omnipotent To you to your assignment not omnipotent In anything but in the thing you were Created for you are the most powerful Entity in your world your omnipotent in Your field You're omniscient you know Exactly what to do next at a spiritual Level Even if it hasn't yet entered your mind You know it So that when it's suggested to you it

Resonates with you And you are in some strange way Omnipresent When it comes to your domain God is not lying to you And what I'm going to tell you to do Right now Is not asking you to lie It's asking you to agree with the truth Because there is a difference Whew Why am I enjoying this so much There is a difference Between the truth And the facts the truth is always a fact But the facts are not always true Because facts are physical But truth is spiritual And because the truth is spiritual It belongs to a higher Realm It is a higher Court And the truth Can overrule a fact That's what a miracle is It is the temporary suspension of a Natural law That has been overruled by a higher Court So it's a fact That if you throw human beings into a Furnace Their skin is going to burn But this was not true for three Hebrew Boys

It's a fact that hungry Lions will eat You If given the opportunity But this was not true for Daniel And therefore There will come a point in your life When you have to decide Whether you are going to agree with the Facts or you're going to believe the Truth You think you're ready for this Because this is going to happen Repeatedly in your life The facts are going to come up against The truth And you're going to have to decide Whether you're going to agree with the Facts or stand with the truth and it Will happen at each new level of your Elevation as an entrepreneur The facts are going to challenge the Truth And you're going to have to say let God Be true And every man a liar So The story of Jacob And his His Blessing his inheriting the Birthright it always posed problems for Me Because I studied the Bible in a very Particular way I'm curious I asked the pages questions

I asked the characters questions as if They were there Now I'm not delusional it's just a study Method right And I wondered why it is That Jacob could obtain the birthright By deceit And God Back him up And say from now on I am the god Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob That one there Who dressed up in fur And lied to his blind father Pretending to be Esau Conspired with his mother Rebecca to Obtain the birthright by deceit And yet God says Jacob have I loved I got issues with Esau I love Jacob That's My boy I'm struggling with that Because it just didn't seem to fit So I had to revisit the story And here's what I found I found that When Rebecca was pregnant With Esau And Jacob God told her Two nations are in your womb

And the Elder will serve the younger So in her mind The blessed one Is the younger When they were born Esau came out first But Jacob Was attached to his heel Right Which in the in the tradition Unless there was a gap Between the two You couldn't actually determine who was First born This was a this was a bit of a cultural Idiom that unless there was born born You couldn't Clearly say So in her mind That second one that's the one So she builds a relationship with him in Which she is convincing him You are the one that God has chosen To inherit the birthright and the mantle Of leadership for this family and the Family of Faith moving forward you are The one Now society says no you're not the one The facts say you are not the one She says you are the one

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