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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey There YouTube Myron golden here I am Here with my friend one of my students And a brilliant entrepreneur who teaches People how to create wealth in a weekend Amanda Moxley Amanda how are you so good Thanks for having me I'm so excited to Be here well I'm glad to have you here So Amanda you discovered this concept of How to have create wealth on weekend by Actually creating wealth in a weekend We're going to get to that a little bit Later okay But like where did you start what did Like did you go to college to learn how To like do well in a weekend right so Yeah that might I don't think they have That I don't think they have that I Don't think they have that as a major so How like would you do before you were Doing the whole wealth in the weekend Thing okay so I remember at a young age Knowing that I did not the traditional Normal life that I saw people in my Community living but I still went what About that was unappealing to you it Just felt so boring and not fulfilling And not satisfying because I think Secretly those people that I was seeing Were not living their purpose and their Calling okay So I decided but I went ahead and I got My masters and I have so I have a Master's in social work and I was Working with your undergraduate degree

Communications and French actually Communications and Friends Okay so there you go that's all the French you're going to get out of me Okay yeah other than we and us no oh Yeah that worked so go ahead so I I went ahead and I was highly educated But I also had this free spirit so I'd Love to travel the world and I love to Do fun things I'm also I was a Competitive skier and a competitive Mountain biker and I loved Adventure so Competitive Adventure cool yes Competitive and Adventure which is Perfect for entrepreneurship 100 yeah And and then I decided I was working Actually at 30 years old working with my Mom she has a PHD in social work and ran A clinic and I was working working with Court-ordered substance abuse Clients and it was not for me and Meanwhile I was also studying to be a Coach and I was the worst employee so The entire time I was supposed to be Working I was like Googling marketing And this was early in 2005. that's so Funny it's it's interesting to me how People with an entrepreneurial Spirit Who are competitive and adventuresome Are oftentimes psychologically Unemployable and vocationally Dysfunctional because I resemble that 100 yes so one day my mom is out of town

I'm working I'm like on this track I was Going to take over her therapy practice And I was set I was just going to do That and was that a successful practice Yes okay she had multiple locations and And and her business partner who was my Supervisor said hey Amanda you don't Have to do this if you don't want to and I was like really I don't have to do it And so I quit while she was on out of Town Okay before I ask you how shocked your Mom was when she got back in town yeah Because obviously if that was your plan That was probably her plan too to take Over for you to take the practice uh Before I ask you that what about like What about like doing the therapy was so Felt so much like bondage to you what About it felt so wrong that you were Like oh I hate this you were like about To be set for life in your own business It's already successful one thing An office okay being being in office Working with people like no Freedom you Have to do what they say you got to show Off you've got to do the things and you Have to show up and and honestly you Can't really be yourself and I feel like No offense a lot of therapists are they This sounds really bad but are they Really living in integrity Are they really walking their talk and Are they really embodying what they're

Helping people with and I wanted that Freedom to because you felt like Therapists that you had seen were not Doing that yeah their marriages weren't Great they were smoking drinking alcohol Watching TV all day and not healthy no Offensive therapist right for the Therapist who that's not all therapists But apparently some yeah and so if you Can help other people how come you can't Help yourself that's kind of what you're Thinking right and it just I'm I love Personal development personal growth Expansion and to me there was just this Entire adventure of an entrepreneurship And personal growth and evolution of Growth over a lifetime that was so Satisfying to me cool so so you decided To quit while your mom was out of town She comes back you're gone how'd that go You know what my mom bless her heart she Was she said I realized I wanted this More for you than you wanted it for Yourself and she blessed me and released Me oh that's awesome yeah that's awesome That's really awesome what was that yeah Felt really loved good good Um well I think that's I think that's Pretty much all good parents though they Want the best for their children and Sometimes they think they know what that Is and so they wake up and realize that We don't because we're not them yeah Right so so that's really fascinating

Okay so you you said you were studying Coaching you were is that what you said Yeah so I was actually studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I got a degree in holistic health Coaching okay and so I had I started my Business in 2005 January 2005 and I went Around town to speak at local venues and I got my first 10 clients within six Months wow yes and then I just naturally Was attracting clients working with Clients and I loved coaching people okay And helping them transform and so you're Doing coaching And you got 10 clients in six months so I gotta ask because it was a business How much were those clients paying you Well this that was the sad part because I didn't really care that much about Numbers so I charge them eight hundred Dollars for six months yes oh but I had Got great testimonials and it helped Build the foundation of my business sure So you made basically eight thousand Dollars in six months basically okay Cool I was also I also was a fitness Instructor as well okay so I had that Income which was not a lot but okay yeah But this is before kids so my life was Perfect then Well let's let's hope yeah and let's Hope your kids understand the spirit in Which you said that when I see this Video exactly okay

Um so so Where did the whole wealth and the Weekend thing come from what's that About okay so from 2005 until 2011 or 12. I shifted into becoming a business Coach because a lot of health coaches Were coming to me and saying how are you I had built a six-figure business as a Health coach by then oh cool yes and I Had programs called how to be fit Fab And Fierce and release up to 50 pounds In five months that's a really good Title thank you and I I had all the Success but I was passionate about Marketing and money mindset so I shifted To become you started caring about those Numbers I did I was like Mama's got to Make some money okay yeah so I had my First kid and then everything you know Got real okay and so and then I went I Had dreams and visions and yes and so Then One of my friends invited me to go and Speak on her stage and at the time we Were living in Hawaii for the summer and She said well you were successful you Were living in Hawaii for the summer yes She was summering it in Hawaii I was Summering in Hawaii yes it was such a Great adventure and it was one of my Biggest dreams and so I had my Three-year-old and then my baby was Literally two months old and I have the Best memories of my son he would no

Offense but he would not put on a diaper And he was living his best life at the Beach Um yeah he was loving life so I'll never Forget that that memory okay I'm sure he Would like for you to forget that I'm Sorry you're putting your kids on a Blast today I'm just saying okay okay She says I'm doing this event in La I Want you to come and speak on stage so I And like it's a little inconvenient I Have a two-month-old I gotta take the Red eye I don't really want to but I Knew I had to so my husband was like go Ahead this is your break go and do it And up until is she paying you for this No But it was exposure to I think she had About 180 people at her event okay and She invited me I took the red eye I have My two-month-old baby and we roll into This event and I got to introduce her on Stage and then I got to have a co-led Session with her on wealth Consciousness And during that time I remember just Sitting there just like crying I was so Vulnerable I was just like I just want You guys to love yourselves and believe In yourself and you are worthy you can Do this and I'm like crying I think it Was the hormones or something but from The pregnancy but it may have just been Like you're seeing a glimpse of your Purpose and you're seeing that your

Purpose could be beneficial to other People I mean I don't know that but that Could have been what it was and you were Just having this awareness that maybe You'd never had before it was a really Amazing experience and out of that just By naturally being myself and I didn't Make any offers at the time because it Was her event however three people Became my clients and by then I started Charging ten thousand so that was Exciting and it was so effortless and Easy because before that I was hustling On the doing back then we would do Telescence tell us oh I remember and People wouldn't show up on my tele Seminar it'd be me on my cell phone and Then my landline tucked underneath the Pillow in the guest bedroom because you Had to have two people to record it And so wow yeah so but I I was just kept Doing the work and doing the work and Then While I'm on stage and we're looking Over at this in Marina del Rey out of The the I guess the marina with all the Yachts and boats I'm like oh I'm on Stage I am doing this the view is way Better on stage than it is sitting in The audience so I said I I'm gonna do an Event on my own next year so that's what I did wow so just a couple of things I Want you guys to get this She said that I did tell a seminars

My cell phone and the landline on under The bed because you had to have two People on in order to record it and so That's what I'm talking about when I Talk about the gravitropic nature of the Work that we do the work that you do When nobody sees it the con the Conference call that you have when Nobody's on it but you and you do it Anyway just so you can get the practice And get the recording like people think We live in such an instant era we got Microwaves and we've got instant coffee And we got drive-through restaurants and Drive-through dry cleaners and Drive-through banking people want Drive-through microwave success and it Just doesn't work like that right it Doesn't take 45 seconds no it takes a Little longer yeah yeah yeah and so you Said you you decide you're gonna have Your first event next year okay so did You have that event the following year I Did so I live in Salt Lake City Utah and I have the little kids so I didn't want To go in to a big city like California Or Florida I decided to have an event in Park City and this was oh how close is Park City Salt Lake City 20 minutes okay Cool so I decided to have this event and I didn't know what I was doing so I went And I I invested in a very high-end Event planning team from New York City For 40 000. it was legit forty thousand

Dollars I didn't know I'm just like okay 40 000. my coach was 30 000 because and The funny thing about Coach what do you Mean so I had hired a coach and this is A funny story I hired a coach to work for you no no to Help me coach you okay how to do events Okay so I at that time was making good Money so I could I could fund these Things at that time and so I hired the Coach but the funny thing about the Coaches years before I had a sales Conversation with her and she told me Her program was three thousand dollars And I was like oh I cannot afford that That is too much money but she left she Had such a lasting impression of Kindness and generosity with me that I Remembered her years later because I'd Been following her and I saw she did Events so she came back into my mind so I hired her to help me for thirty Thousand so I was going into this thing I had never been on stage I had never Had professional hair professional Makeup the lashes you know what I'm Talking about ladies like they put on The lashes and I was like are you Kidding I can't even see they were like Awnings over my face anyway I was so Uncomfortable I was like in this dress And I had the clicker and I had never Worked the clicker on the stage it was Very uncomfortable

And but I pulled it off and it was Successful I had 80 people come from all Over the world oh cool even from Australia from I think Jamaica had Someone come from Jamaica Park City Utah To Park City Utah let's go New York all Over Florida every way everywhere around The U.S so Um it was super terrified for the event Do you remember I think it was 297. okay 297 yeah you had 80 people show up I did Okay And yes so that's like what 24th Thousand dollars Okay yes so I went in and then I made an Offer and my offer was 18 000. or I was Scared so I did 8 000 but it worked out In the end I made a hundred and fifty Thousand dollars in those three days wow That's where the term wealth and weekend Comes from yes okay I figured it out now Okay wow 150 000. can I tell you a story Yes so I know that doing weekend events Can make you a lot of money yeah right I Know that for a fact yeah you do I've Done it for decades but uh my so that Was your very first event it was my very First event I did a big old ginormous Whopping 350 in sales oh my gosh right so I'm Like your first event you did 150 000 in Fact yeah in fact I was probably doing events for At least three years before I had my

First hundred and fifty thousand dollar Weekend wow That's crazy yeah it was your first one Out of the gate You Came Out Swinging Like that I did and I remember walking For after I made the offer and I made I Remember walking down the hall like yeah Yeah He was like yeah she went all Hawk I Literally felt like I was But yeah it was fun it was fun for a Minute yeah cool cool so Um it's really interesting how most People don't like sales and don't like Selling yeah right and I I really I I Would say it like this if I were going To say it more accurately from my Perspective most people think they don't Like sales and think they don't like Selling because the only sales Experiences they remember are the bad Ones right and I'm talking about I'm Talking about whether it be they're Buying something they remember the bad Experiences or they're selling something They write bad experiences right and so When you're buying You remember all the bad sales Experiences because of how yucky it Feels right and the person who's Attempting to get you to buy this thing Is not good at it and so it feels yucky To you and it feels yucky to them you're Like I would never want to do that to

Somebody right But when you're really good at sales And people buy from you they do it Because they feel like it's their idea Right right but the reality is anything We've ever bought we've bought because Somebody sold it to us nobody was born Wanting an iPhone or MacBook Pro or a Cadillac or Mercedes nobody was born Wanting any of those things the only Reason we want those things is because Somebody sold it to us whether they sold Us on the idea of wanting it for Ourselves or sold us the thing just sold Us the thing we were like they sold us Right right so if you could but I think Of most people could sell Without it feeling yucky without feeling Like they're begging without feeling That they have to twist somebody's arm I Think they would love it what do you Think about that 100 okay sales is love Sales is service and it's it's literally Helping people so yeah I think once you Reframe your mindset around sales and Understand it's good and it's it's Helping good yeah yeah well that's That's how I perceive it Um and and I am one of the highest Priced business coaches in the world yes You are and um and I don't I don't I Don't apologize for it it's just it's Forehead Sports not who it's for it's Not for right but most people don't

Realize so let me ask you this question Okay You are successful No what were you when you worked at your Mom's practice what were you again Therapist therapist okay so you're a Therapist you went to school to be a Therapist how much does it cost to get An undergraduate degree and then a Master's degree in social work Undergraduate degree in communication Master's degree in social work probably About eighty thousand eighty thousand Dollars were you making more or more Yeah today it would be a lot more Because of inflation in other things 150 Yeah so let me ask you this were you Making 80 000 a year no when you started Out I was making 17 an hour as a Therapist yes you're making 17 an hour See this is the part people don't think About here's the part people don't think About they don't they They they don't think about how much it Costs because it didn't just cost you The 80 000 of the year degree it cost You eighty thousand and six years of Your life oh yeah to figure out That you were on the wrong train on the Wrong plane your ladder was leaning up Against the wrong building and then you Figured it out you start doing this Other thing and you come out of the gate And it's like 150 Grand at a weekend

It's crazy that is crazy It's the best I highly recommend it you Do I wouldn't imagine I wouldn't have Imagined that no just kidding so it's Fascinating because Like I know it's true now but I couldn't Have imagined it before like I didn't Know how to imagine it until I met Somebody who's already doing it and so My first business coach my first like Sales coach like selling from the stage Was Jerry Clark and he showed me what to Do the first event I did I spoke to like 35 people I made 350 the Very next event I did after I had a Coach fascinatingly enough after I had a Coach there were 135 people there and I Did 5900 in sales which to me back then Was still a lot right right because that Was on a weekend yeah now the next like Literally the next event I did I made Sixty six hundred dollars the next event I did I did eighty eight hundred dollars Oh my gosh and then it just kept growing From there yeah and that's the thing it Grows and grows and builds it does take An avalanche it it does and the more you Do it the more it grows because it Increases Um your Authority it increases your Impact it increases your influence and All of a sudden you turn around you're Like This is because of speaking what you

Teach people how to do because of Speaking this is what happened to me in The last week because of speaking and YouTube because but that's what I do on YouTube what I do I speak right I do the Same thing I do on stage except I do it In front of a camera right so Here's what's here's what's happened to Me in the last week I was at Um I was at Eddie V's And I'm leaving And somebody says to me Myron golden oh My goodness Um I watch her on YouTube right okay so Then the next day I'm taking one of my clients to the Airport and there's a guy who comes up To my car he's ah Myron golden I watch You on YouTube he said I was all the way Over there on the other side of the Thing and I looked out and I saw that Car I said I know that car that's my own Golden car so I ran down I ran down the Stairs and I ran across the street just So I could say hi to you oh right okay Then I'm like this is this is like turning Into a thing it's like you're a YouTube Celebrity basically yeah I guess that But but it's really interesting how it I Don't feel like a celebrity I just feel Like a regular person who a whole bunch

Of people found out who I am then Where were we yesterday yesterday Morning we were at First Watch yesterday Morning we were at First Watch and This couple comes over to me and says I Just want you to know we watch your YouTube channel all the time and and so The reach is crazy and and then this Morning yeah I went to LabCorp before I Came here to do some blood work but the Computers were down and the guy says the Guy who's one of the phlebotomist he Comes out he says I finally get to meet You oh my gosh like this is insane it's The amount of reach that you get when You learn how to have stage presence Right right you get on stage and it's Really interesting because you probably Are aware of this the average person is More afraid of public speaking than they Are of dying which is fascinating that's Sad yeah that's scary that is like I can Think of a whole lot of stuff but I'm Way more scared of than talking to a Bunch of people right anyway but I but I Understand why right because we remember In our lives some traumatic experience That we had speaking in public or Speaking up and then somebody saying Something who had more influence than we Did and then everybody laughed at us Right we all remember something like That that our childhood my traumatic Speaking experience oh no I was probably

Four or five And sorry Sorry it's okay okay so every every year My brothers and I we had to memorize an Easter speech oh to say in church okay And I can remember one and sometimes I Did well because I knew what I knew I Had the speech down you know it might be Depending on how many I might have been Fought four five six seven I was really Little I was in elementary school Um or smaller and I got up to say my Speech I remember standing there looking At all those people and I couldn't think Of anything except why are all these People looking at me right and I just Broke down and started crying oh so so Like I remember people look at me and Think oh he's always been a natural Public speaker One of my favorite things that you say Is and I told my son this you say I was A really great student until the third Grade yeah yeah I was great in school Grade school all the way through the Third grade it was so funny it went Downhill from there though yeah yeah I Remember being in communications class And doing a speech in college and being Terrified because all the like the boys On the football team were looking at me And I was so afraid I get you yeah yeah You got to have that fear but then you Have to just Own It focus on loving the

People and it's not about us it's about Helping others 100 the last person you Should be thinking about when you're on Stage is yourself right so yes give me a Couple of of your wealth in a weekend Client success stories tell me what You've helped other people do I get what You do So one of my clients she came to me and She said oh Amanda I see you doing these Events she actually came out to Utah and She then built her first event she had 140 people from around the world come True then how many people 140 from I Think 12 different countries and she Enrolled 400 000 from her first event Did four hundred thousand dollars in Sales yes first event yes That's what you mean when you say walk On a weekend that's what I mean that's I Mean so she got a pool after that she Got a swimming pool and a much of other A bunch of other wonderful things and She also Um then repeated it last the next year And then made multiple millions and Repeated it and repeated it and repeated It okay and then another client who Recently I worked with she was a health Coach no she is a she was a covid nurse And after covid she said I want to start My own business because what's happening Is she wants to help people be healthy So she is an IV specialist like IV

Vitamins vitamins vitamin IV yeah my Wife and I get those all the time we Call them needle dates Yeah it's a good business clearly let me Tell you her results it's a really good It's a really good business so she had An event with 500 people and she Enrolled 750 000 she's helping nurses Get out of the nursing world and Absolutely yes I'm all I would have never thought of that isn't That smart as a business that's great That's a great idea I know so she is Crushing it now from what I from what I Know she's just got a new house and is Taking her girl she's a single parent Taking her girls to Hawaii for an Amazing vacation I mean that changes Your life 750 in a weekend actually hers Was two days okay it was two days but Still a weekend yeah I mean she had Travel dates It's really interesting so for me As I think about what you're talking About it reminds me Of Robert kiyosaki's Cash Flow game I Love that game yeah okay so you played It oh yeah get out of that rat race Exactly so and for those of you who Haven't seen it It's got two tracks it's got a little Track in the middle it's called the rat Race right and you keep going around in Circles and getting paid you get a

Paycheck and then you go around in Circles and you you land on opportunity Pick an opportunity card if you can Afford the opportunity you buy the Opportunity if you can't you have to Pass or if it's a bad opportunity you Have to be able to so the game teaches You how to recognize good and bad Opportunities but it also teaches you Um like the waste of time that just Going around in circles and getting paid Is one of the things that I believe is One of the reasons it's hard for people To succeed as an entrepreneur is because They're so addicted to a paycheck They're only willing to work for money Right you have to learn how to work to Build something whether it makes you Money or not if you're going to be an Entrepreneur right and so initially Anyway and so what happens is you have To accumulate enough enough income Producing assets while you're in the rat Race right To Um Surpass your monthly expenses and when You do that in the game then you get on The fast track on the fast track it Doesn't have paydays anymore it has cash Flow days and cash flow days are amazing Because when you get out of the Rat Race Let's say your monthly expenses are four Thousand dollars

Get out of the Rat Race you got six Thousand dollars in like in positive Cash flow well when you get on the fast Track the the game gives you like a Hundred times that six thousand dollars So you get six hundred thousand dollars Soon as you get out of the Rat Race then Every time you pass cash flow day and I Think there are three cash flow days Spots on the board every time you pass It get another six hundred thousand Dollars but you're also buying Businesses on the outside and so to me What you're talking about reminds me of The cash flow day on Robert kiyosaki's Yes board game that's a cash flow day That's a cash flow day like you have a 150 000 Day 400 000 a day 700 it sounds Insane actually it doesn't like I get it This doesn't even sound possible let Alone normal but it has become the Normal of a lot of people who stand on Stage and do events and make offers and Change people's lives amen is that right It is and it's about assembling your People into the audience and then Selling one to many versus one to one so You're not wasting time frames exactly Collapsing the time collapsing Everything thing basically wow yeah I Recommend it yeah yeah I I I do like I Did wealth in a weekend for a very long Time I would do If I would do the usual stuff I did all

Week and then I used to do one live Event a month so you're talking about Like people doing a live event and then You go make sense well me when I find Something that works that well I rinse And repeat rinse repeat rinse and repeat So I found all these different markets These different Pockets around the United States and even in Europe and I Would go there and I would go at least Once or twice a year and go do a live Event there and I would Market to the People that were on my list people would Show up I'd sell them things and now We've got so many of my students over The last couple of decades Who have become millionaires right and So you've got students that have become Like me like gone from the pit of Poverty to the Pinnacle of prosperity With your weak wealth in a weekend Philosophy so let me ask you this how Can people find out more about you And how they can learn from you how to Create wealth on a weekend okay so lots Of places I'm all over social media okay And how do they find you on Instagram What's your Amanda J Amanda J Moxley M-o-x-l-e-y okay so and what about on You and then YouTube Amanda Moxley one Amanda Moxley one on YouTube and then Facebook Amanda Moxley Amanda Moxley Okay and then yeah and then so where do They go if they want to find out like

More about your wealth on a weekend Where do they go for that oh they got to Join my challenge okay and so so where Do they where they find okay so the Challenge is www.wealth in a weekend Workshop Well within a Welcome to the weekend So so welcome commercial well wealth in A yes and then They're going to come spend how much Time with you so we have a I have a Five-day Challenge and come to it Because I'm going to teach you how to Build wealth in a weekend in this Workshop cool yeah and how much is it 297 297 297 or that's for the VIP which Obviously your VIP that's where you're Going to get laser coaching with me and I get to help you laser in on your Business and support you in building Your wealth in a weekend for just 297. I Mean that's like the best deal of the Century yeah so wealth on the weekend it Is yeah and for people who don't believe In themselves enough to do VIP do you Have another option I do I have a 97 Dollar Ticket as well general admission okay Cool well like if I didn't already know How to do this I would come and learn How to do well for the weekend maybe

I'll have you on sometime okay cool I'd Love to do that okay because I know a Thing I think you do thing or two when It comes to walk on a weekend well Definitely I'll see if I can get you on My schedule there you go there you go so Guys Amanda Moxley Teaching people how to create wealth on A weekend the question you've got to ask For yourself is is it my turn And I hope when you ask yourself that Question the answer you give yourself is Absolutely Amanda any last things you Want to say before we say bye to this Wonderful YouTube audience yeah thanks For watching I'm excited that I get to Be here and just remember the other Thing is speak and Grow Rich so I'm also Going to be teaching you how to speak Because that's a very important part of This 100 speaking to Grow Rich and Wealth in a weekend Workshop good stuff Thank you it's interesting that you said Speaking for risk one of the one of the Principles that I teach is the four Levels of value right the four levels of Value the lowest level of value is Implementation you use your most muscles To make money this is where most poor People and lower middle class people Live yeah right then you have Unification which is the second level of Value which is basically management Right this is where your middle class

People live wealth doesn't start to get Created until you get to the third level Of value which is communication and the Highest level is Imagination if you Operate the majority of your time in Your wealth creation journey in the Imagination and communication levels of Value you will make way more money and Work way less time that's what I've Discovered so it's interesting that you Should say speak and Grow Rich because That's exactly kind of how it works it Is yeah and it's so fun because you get To show up and serve and shine and help Other people because people are they Need us right now us as Leaders because The world is changing so fast That by the time you tool up tool up With a college degree the world has Changed so much the stuff you learned in Your senior year is no longer relevant Yeah right so you have to stay on The Cutting Edge and the Leading Edge of Technology and marketplaces and markets Etc etc so wow really good stuff Amanda Really good so thank you for joining us Thank you for joining us I think you Really helped some people today thank You I'm so glad I got to be here all Right guys make sure you go follow Amanda on all of her channels make sure You like comment subscribe hit the Notification Bell or smash it that's What they say all those YouTubers say

Smash that notification Bell so smash it And then any other YouTubey thing that I Forgot to ask you to do make sure you do That too and in the meantime in between Time peace out Cub Scouts

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