LET IT GO! Surrender to Happiness with Michael Singer | The Tony Robbins Podcast

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

You have to reach a state where you've Learned to let it go that's what's all About it's all about letting go not Letting go of life letting go of the Stuff you stored inside that you Couldn't handle [Music] This afternoon we're going to introduce You to a person that sage and I have the Privilege of calling a friend one of the Most unique loving and beautiful people We know and a man who's really brilliant And Brilliant in business and Brilliant In this thing called life spirituality Love joy happiness To share from the heart what he's Learned over these last basically five Decades of teaching pretty extraordinary If you've read the most amazing book The Untethered Soul yes Yes then you know this man Michael Singer hi hi sweetheart it's such a gift Thank you for your willingness to join Us this man is such a dear beloved Brother and friend you have served our Own inner World in such a beautiful way And it's such a privilege for you to Plant these seeds and these individuals Consciousness to flower at their right Timing so thank you for your presence we Love you we love you welcome that was Namaste Said at least I'm honored to be here and Obviously you all have they said four

Days you've been building your energy So I'm going to get right to the point The whole uh theme of your seminar is Happiness So let's talk about it What is happiness I don't need to tell You you've been experiencing it Happiness is an inner state of energy It starts from yeah I'm feeling better To yes I'm really happy to oh my God It's blowing me away to goodbye I'm in Ecstasy I'm Nirvana it goes all the way Up that is within the scope and the Different levels of happiness so what Everybody wants is to feel happy the Highest happiness they possibly can So the question becomes how do you do That well there's thousands and Thousands of techniques from teachers And everything out there So let's take a look at because a lot of Them are off after the same thing how to Get that experience inside so I'll start By asking a question What makes you happy Aside from this wonderful seminar you're Having in General Life what makes you Happy and the answer is very Straightforward getting what I want I Hope that doesn't sound selfish it's Real if I get what I want I'm anywhere From wow that's great to oh my God this Is the most wonderful thing What doesn't make you happy getting what

I don't want then you go anywhere from This is messing me up I feel Uncomfortable I'm depressed I this is Unacceptable let's do this one I can't Handle this you've used the words Everyone uses the words I can't handle This so there's your yin and yang if you Get what you want you're doing well if You get what you don't want you're not Doing well in between if you don't get What you want you feel disappointed and If you if you don't have to get what you Don't want you feel relieved I call that The truth table the four quadrant truth Table about happiness So let's look at that If what you're doing to attempt to get Happiness is to get what you want Let's talk about that is there anything Wrong with that no there's nothing wrong With that obviously if you do get what You want it's easy to get happy it's Easy to get one stage of happiness or Another How easy it is to get what you want well We call it work we the world in front of Us has to unfold the way we want Does it do that all the time of course It doesn't does it do it most of the Time of course it doesn't right the World goes about his business the Weather changes people change business Changes all kinds of things change and It's only if it actually matches what we

Decided we wanted that we are feeling a State of happiness And likewise with things that that we Don't want and they make us unhappy make Us sad make us make it feel that we Can't handle things it's not fair all Right we don't have control over the Weather we don't have control over the Driver in front of us we don't have Control over many many things in fact Almost all the things in our life are The result of cause and effect the Science based and they're not because we Want them to be that way or not want Them to be that way So what do we do about that well there's Two things you can do one you take my Statement if you get what you want it Makes you happy and will everybody agree With that I am am I talking to the wrong Crowd if you get what you want it makes You happy it's a very easy way to get Happy to get what you want So basically there's two aspects of that One is what is the outside world doing And two how does it match what I want Most people only pay attention to one Aspect which is I know what I want I really don't but I know what I want And I'm going to try and get it I'm Going to work with people I'm going to Change myself I'm going to get degrees I'm going to Wear certain clothes Drive certain cars

Have a certain house I'm just going to Work hard have a whole lot of money so That I can do what I want and basically If I can get that situation outside the Way I want I'm happy I like to take a moment to analyze the Probability of you getting every moment Of your life the way you want it to be I shouldn't have to talk about that I Usually ask people let's take a real Peak experience state where you're Really blown away it's a wedding day the First kiss just something really high to Where how do I Define that I wouldn't Trade anything for this this is exactly What I want to experience for the rest Of my life it's perfect all right it's a Peak experience how many of you had in General if you really be honest you Could count them on one hand you know Throughout your life how many things Really just totally blew you away Another question becomes how long did it Last did you ever reach a state that When you had an experience like that you Didn't need anything else for the rest Of your life when you said to your Beloved you're all I will ever need You're the totality of my dreams you're My soul mate how long did that last that You really meant I don't need anything Else I don't need money I don't need This I don't need anything else it Doesn't it doesn't last you get used to

Things I I I went through all bit of Dissertation with the doctor in Economics and they taught me the Following there's a law of diminishing Returns the more you get something the Less it feeds you the less you want it That's not economics that's life all Right so to go out there and say the Only way I know to be happy is to get What I want is really a losing situation Because one you're not going to get Every moment of your life in front of You to be the way you want and second Even if you did you change what you want Everything changes and it doesn't it's Not as fulfilling So as a mode to happiness that's Oversold all right getting what you want Is very very overrated What was the alternative the alternative Is to look at the other side of the Equation which is who decided what you Want you did how did you come up with The decision of what I want you get into A relationship it's working the person Is just the way you want them to be You're really blown away that they think The way you think they act the way you Want when you want to be close they're Closer when you want some space or some Space it's acting like that okay it Doesn't stay like that the person's Different you're different it keeps Changing so the question becomes do you

Go out there and attempt to manipulate The person my favorite my favorite quote When you ask somebody how's your Relationship working started dating Somebody they say it's a work in process That's real nice okay in other words I'm Attempting to manipulate the person to Be the way I want them to be and that's How I'm judging the relationship So if you work on trying to get the Outside the way you want that's one way To do it the other way to do it is to Question how did I decide what I want You we're not born with it it's not in Your genes it's not genetic okay Psychology looks at it very Straightforward Skinner says man is the sum of the Learned experiences it's really not true You are the Consciousness that is aware That your psyche is the sum of your Learned experiences all of you are Spiritually oriented you know about Witness Consciousness that part of you The awareness is not the some of your Learned experiences but it is watching The semi-learned experiences that's what Your psyche is your thoughts your Emotions all that stuff are based upon The experiences you had in your life You're programmed if you will you're Programmed by the experiences you had I Shouldn't have to go deeper into that You should understand that you sit there

And you like somebody then someone walks Up to you and says yeah you better go Talk to who they went dated with last Time where do you hear what they have to Say all of a sudden you're not so open Next time you see the person you're the Sum of your learned experiences Everything that comes in is an Experience to you and it changes what Your psyche thinks what what it thinks It likes what it thinks it wants it can Change not a dime can it you date Somebody you think they're really Wonderful is really great they turn out Someone tells you they're a serial Killer well that changes instantaneously So this thing about what I want is Programmed it is not something you did Not decide what you want hey I don't Care how big you are in business how big Your ego is and that you did not decide What you want it was decided for you Your parents influence the preacher's Influence the rabba's influence the First girlfriend infants the first Divorce influence all of these things Left Impressions on you and you are then Reacting to that and that's how you Decided what you want So there's two sides to the equation one Is you can work on trying to make the Outside be what you want and the second Is you can question how did I come up With this value system how did I come up

With this list of what I want and is That really what I want well it's not You just said would you want us to be Happy that's a totally Transcendent way To look at it if you want to be happy What has that got to do with getting What you want it just happens to be that When you get what you want you feel Happiness why don't you feel it all the Time if you feel real Joy inside Yourself then that means it's there You're going to understand once that There's a river of Joy that's flowing Inside of you it is there all the time All you have to do is go to it find it Get in and drown and you'll be happy all The time So we've made our happiness we call Conditional happiness I can only be Happy if I get what I want and so Instead of questioning this question of Where did you come up with the idea what You want Trying to work inside on that we are Completely committed it's just It's an addiction we're committed to Believing that we get what we want we'll Be okay and we work on that from the day From childhood I want the toy I want Mommy I want this I want that and Certainly all relationships everything Is about get you people do honestly Believe I need to get what I want to be Okay that's not the truth the truth is

When you get what you want this energy Opens up inside of you why is it not There all the time why don't you feel Ecstasy all the time when she feel Joy All the time once you feel true Happiness all the time why does it Require a condition outside of you to Make it so that you feel something Inside of you happiness is inside of you So you get to the point where you start To understand this there's two Directions we can go in and we'll do Both one is what is the probability that You're going to get what you want I have Found I've been doing this for 50 years All right and I'm very successful in the Worldly sends people say right but what Is the probability that the moments in Front of you are going to match what you Want it's very small you're sitting on a Tiny planet spinning around the middle Of outer space you did not make the Planet you don't make the sun you did Not make any of the things in the Universe you didn't make the environment Around you to make the ground you didn't Make you have what 25 trillion cells Within your body you didn't make those You say you had a baby you didn't make The baby There was this one cell got fertilized And it knew how to grow into a baby so Life is happening by itself that's What's happening you are not in control

Of all this if you took a list I know we Like to think that we're powerful people If you took a list wrote down what You're in control of and then wrote down What you're not in control of which is Everything every other person if you Were married to somebody and they go to Work they come back different Because they had a different experience And you had a different experience and Yet you think that you have control over All these things it's it it's not true The truth of the matter is you have Control over very very little of what's Going on so how are you going to be Happy by getting the moments in front of You to be the way you want And what you're going to find out and You all are there you wouldn't be at the Seminar is that's not going to do it you Can meditate you can do different things To reach a state inside yourself which Is nicer but what happens when you come Out whatever then you deal with the World having to deal with business Having to deal with relationships people Have not learned how to be Unconditionally happy they're Conditionally happy and they honestly Believe that getting what they want is The way to be happy so let's just jump Real quickly because you guys are very Advanced you wouldn't be at the seminar And say okay wouldn't I be happier if I

Liked everything What if my preference I I came up with One preference all right that is I Prefer that it be the way it is But if you liked all the weather instead Of just liking certain climates and Certain humidities no matter what the Weather is cold I love the cold I love To bundle up it's hot I love the heat oh My God I feel so open then you would not Be making yourself unhappy because of Different situations that are happening In your life you're the one who decided What the weather needed to be which has Nothing to do with what the weather is Going to be the weather is based on Meteorology not based upon your thought Processes or your preferences So you finally get to the point where You realize there's work to do outside Which is attempting to get the world to Match what I want but there's work to do Inside which is questioning how I came Up with what I want and is that really What I want that's why I started a Discussion by saying what you really Want is to be happy so why did you Qualify that by saying can only be happy If I get what I want I can only be Feel Love tremendous love if the person I'm With is treating me the way I want and Being the way I want and thinking the Way I want etc etc because that's not True that's called conditional love

There is unconditional love which is Exists inside of every single one of us There's unconditional happiness Unconditional Joy And To jump again very quickly with you guys Is what is stopping me from feeling Unconditional Joy unconditional love and Unconditional happiness and the answer Is you You have built within your psyche within Your mind the concept that it can only Be happy if certain things happen I can Only feel love in certain circumstances Why did you do that why don't why not be More open it's sort of like when you When you decide that you want something You have limited what can make you happy To that thing Versus all the other things that could Possibly happen won't make you happy So you're just limiting yourself to a Tiny little world a tiny slice that Things have to be exactly the way you Want in order for you to do what open That's the key in order for me to be Open use that word You meet somebody you say I felt so open With him and her or her I'm so open About this new job What do you think you all talk about Passion what is Passion that you're open To the experience you're having then you Feel all this Joy you feel all this

Passion well up inside of you why can't You feel that all the time wouldn't that Be nice would it be nice to wake up in The morning and here's your attitude I'm Back well I wonder what's going to Happen today this would be a lot of fun I don't care it's just going to be fun I'm going to do my best or whatever's Happening and I'm going to interact with Everybody and meet different people you Can do that but if you limit yourself to What your preferences are then you can Only be happy with the things that match Your preferences so spirituality is not About renunciation of the outside world Spirituality is about working on Yourself to be more open the more open You are the more joy you feel if you've Become completely open unconditionally Open like the Dalai Lama these really Great beings They're just they just say it's about Being happy and so despite these Terrible things that happen in the world I'm going to start off by being open and Not closing myself then I will do what I Can to help it's not that you don't come Into the world if you're filled with joy And filled with love you're a blessing On this planet you're a rarity whoever You meet is lifted I mean look give me People like Tony if you'll have a lot of High energy and you get that energy you Can be that all the time except that you

Have defined yourself as someone who's Limited to being happy if only certain Things happen So let's take a moment and talk about Where you came up with your preferences Talk about the psyche You sit in there and you watch an ego You watch a psyche Troy talked about id Ego and superego it being the desires And drives of the body superego being What what your Society programmed you With and the ego being the attempt to Build a self-concept that can Be okay between those things you sit in There as a conscious being watching that All the time that's what witness Consciousness is all right that's what Objective observation is you have a State of being which is consciousness And it is aware of what is going on Inside your mind is it where is going Outside your heart if you start having Trouble with your heart I would tell Everybody don't come to me for therapy You don't want to if you came to me and Said my heart's killing me my boyfriend Or girlfriend left me and have all this Pain in my heart I know what I'm going To say to you how do you know How do you know that your heart hurts And eventually you yell at me because I'm in here I'm in here experiencing it And I'll pronounce you because you who's In there experiencing it are not in pain

You're looking at and experience Something that's in pain so you are the Objective Observer the Consciousness and You're watching this preference system That is limiting your ability to be Happy And it says all the time I don't like That I'd rather have this it's not the Way I want it to be it's just complains And judges all the time because it's Been programmed with a preference system How did that happen I talked about that let's talk about how It really happens you have experiences In your life that are not comfortable Throughout your life you've had various Experiences that are anywhere from Slightly uncomfortable to traumatic You don't like experiencing that that's Not a nice experience so what you do Inside is you push the experience away The experience happened the outside Actually happened you can't stop that But you don't have to let it come all The way into you you don't have to Experience it fully you have hands Inside and you can push away these Experiences once they come inside of you You push away the energy of the Experience and that's called suppression Repression or suppression I call it just Resistance you resist the events do you Know where they go again you're Advanced I don't have to go to great detail the

Energy with those Impressions that came Into you and now they're in there and You push them away because you don't Experience them are literally going into The channel where your Shakti comes from They're going into the upward with all That beautiful upward flow of energy you Have inside of you you're blocking it With those things you push inside every One of them if you sit there and say I Don't like the weather you're not happy They sit there and sound only but you Did you're not happy every single Experience you have that you can't Handle that you resist is pushed down on Top of this beautiful energy flow that You have inside of you that's the Deepest thing I have to say to you right Every single thing you resist the car in Front of you is driving slow than you Want it's hotter than you want it to be Somebody said something at least you Think they did that you might not like Every single one of those you are Resisting the experience that you're Having and that resistance builds up Inside of you and that resistance is What blocks your energy and that's the Bottom line of learning you can do all The techniques you want when it's said And done as long as you are doing that You will never reach unconditional Happiness why because you said so you Said I don't want this to have happened

And that becomes a really interesting Discussion like personally purposely Stuck in the word to have happened it Already did happen but I don't want it To have happened you tell me how that Works out Reality wins it actually took place like We're talking about things you did in Europe that happened in your past that You've pushed away you resisted when you Resisted them they built up and they Blocked your energy You can't change your past no one has Ever changed their past in your time Machine to go back all you can do is Deal with how you dealt with your past And right now you keep pushing it back Down if you had a bad experience you're Not doing well somebody something Reminds you the bad experience you get Uncomfortable and so you push that back Down I can't sit there and look in your eye In some clothes but do you understand You do it all the time that basically Something remind you what somebody said That bothered you ten years ago you have An ex-husband an ex-wife and somebody Says oh let's go to the party and you Still think well I hope George is in There and if somebody's calls out at the Party George where's George doesn't mean It's your George but I promise you heart Jumps because you stored this stuff

Inside of you as long as you're storing Problems inside of you you're gonna have Problems inside of you if you store Inside of you that made you Uncomfortable you're going to be Uncomfortable I don't know we're very Intelligent people I don't know why we Don't understand that people collect all Kinds of things they collect Coins they collect stamps they collect Teapots from all over the world you Decided that it would be wise to collect Bad experiences and that is what's in There and that is the only reason you Don't feel ecstasy all the time it says Make sure you've got your attention Right you're an ecstatic being there's Total love and joy Welling through you All the time period all the time And the only reason you don't feel it is Because you've stored problems inside of You and so now you need to try to get Situations outside to be comfortable to You even though you have this stored Stuff inside of you when I did the Interview with Oprah with the new book Which you all have I know I heard Tony Gave you the new book living untethered She said her favorite line in the book Is the moment in front of you is not Bothering you repeat that the moment in Front of you is not bothering you you Are bothering yourself about the moment In front of you

Oh true or not okay the weather's not Bothering you you're bothering yourself About the weather the driver in front of You is not bothering you you're Bothering yourself about the driver in Front of you every single thing it it Comes in you don't have to bother Yourself about it you can accept it you Can let it pass through and then deal With it nobody's saying you don't deal With life but you don't deal with it as A way of making yourself okay you don't Deal as a way of manipulating it so that When it comes in it doesn't bother me That's very that's just about you that's Selfish Okay and that's how we live our lives And that's why we have to get the world The way we want it to be to be happy Because we stored too much stuff in here And if the world is a different Different than the way we want it we get Upset we get Disturbed and we think About the future right what's the future Hold well if it holds what we don't want You get concerned and you worry about it But the main thing I like to point out Because you're very intelligent people Is the thing about the past have any of You stored bad experiences you had in The past inside of you they've noticed They come back up in your dreams when You're when somebody talks to you it's Still it stimulates this stuff and the

Next thing you know you're uncomfortable About what about your past well why Would we keep that inside of us we can't Change it So this is what you start to understand True spirituality is you just look at it And you say what is the benefit of Having stored stuff from 20 years ago That's still inside of me and the answer Is none there's no benefit at all the Only reason it's in there is I can't Handle it I couldn't handle it when it Happened I can't handle it now and you Start building this collection of we Call some scars Impressions blockages That you now have to live your life in a Way that doesn't hit those and you're You're basically that's that's how we Live our lives right we try to make it So that situations don't bother us well If you deal with your past properly You look at it and you say I don't want You stored in there I thought I got Divorced 20 years ago but I'm still Having the arguments inside my head it Does not have to be that way there's Nothing nothing don't let them convince You with that there's no super glue in There There's no fly paper nothing has to stay In there The only reason it's staying in there Because you're using your will to push It away if you get to understand that

That is what's stealing your happiness I'm not to the core that's why you don't Feel ecstasy all the time and God you're Not into the highest state that's Possible is because you've stored the Stuff inside and you use your inner will Excuse me to keep pushing it away why Not take the attitude I don't want it in There I don't want anything in there That's what be here now means it means I've reached the state that when I walk Into the present moment it's allowed to Come into me and not hit stuff I'm allowed to enjoy let's diverse for a Second let's say it's hot out nowadays With a lot of hot days all right and you Complain about it it's so hot I can't Handle this heat it was so I was 98 Degrees okay what I've learned to do Is I'll look at Mickey and I'll say okay Why is it hot Instead of complaining why is it hot and He looks at me and says well because There's a son out there and the Sun is Hot and then you start using your Intellect it's called Guyana yo you Start using the higher intellect of your Mind that says how far away is the sun Plus 93 million miles away that's a long Way away to sit there and be complaining About the heat I live in Florida so Miami is 360 miles away from us and I Ask everybody what if all of Miami Caught fire would you feel it here the

Answer is you want to feel a single Thing that thing's 93 million miles away And you're complaining about the heat You should be in Awad you're sitting There that's kind of neat that it's that Far away and I still feel all this heat Okay and by the way if it makes your Face red you didn't get sunburned you Got star burned and you start looking Things a different way wouldn't it be Fun look you all like Stars Do You Realize you're circling on a star that's Hot enough to where you feel its Presence so you have the right to do Things inside yourself Besides complaining besides pushing away The experiences because they don't match Your preferences and you'll find that if You do that all of a sudden it's fun and Now when it gets hot you think about a Star floating out there in outer space And and and that's one star there's 300 Billion in your Galaxy and all of a Sudden it starts raising you the sun can Be like a mantra because it's hard to Remind you to bring up the most Spiritual part of your being you can do It anytime you want if you're driving Behind a driver who's driving 10 miles An hour below the speed limit you're in A rush you know you can't pass let's say There you are what do you do instead of Complaining you know I don't know Mickey's been known to talk to the

Driver I don't think they listen I don't Think they hear a word I say all right Why not sit there and say okay life is Now presented me with a situation I have No control I have to relax I have to relax I'll do a mantra I'll Use this time instead of bothering Myself about it I'll use this time to Raise myself So this is what spirituality is it is Every moment of your life realizing We've made a mess out of this thing We've complained about everything Because it doesn't match what we want And what we want is based upon the fact That we had past experiences that Bothered us and we don't want them to Happen again and so now we've come up With this entire value system and Preference system that is destroying our Life So you get to the point where you start To do some work and the work I want to Talk about to start with is your past Because that's a real problem if you Have had bad experience in the past and You all have and you store them inside Of you then what you did is say I'm Going to store inside of me everything That bothered me then you're going to be Bothered Why people sit there and say why am I Bothered so much what did Buddha say Buddha said first Noble Truth all of

Life is suffering that's what he's Talking about he's talking about that You're making yourself suffer by storing All these bad experiences inside and now You're afraid they'll happen again We haven't had an experience yet you Know what we call beginner's mind you Can just experience things you're open You should be that way about everything It shouldn't be that you've collected These experiences inside from the past And you decided I don't want it I want To keep them away from me I don't Experience them I can't handle them and Now I have a whole list of things that Can't happen in my daily life because They're going to remind me of the things That happened before do you understand That that's a non-starter you can't be Happy if you do that I don't care what Psychiatry teaches you right that oh you Poor little thing you've got this stuff Stored in there anybody would have that No you're higher than that you are the Consciousness you have the right to Learn how to let that stuff go and that Becomes the essence of the highest Spiritual teaching and the highest Spiritual path it's not about us and This is not about gurus it's not about Mantras it's not about that it's about Are you willing to work on yourself to Let go of this garbage that you stored Inside you're going to find out that if

You do the more you let go of it's not Even an All or Nothing situation the More you if if you can handle the heat The way I just said talk to yourself About how exciting it is that it reminds Me that I'm sitting on a little planet Spinning a little of nowhere I can't Help it I tell everybody did you know That 1.3 million Earths fit inside the Sun However you knew that 1.3 million are Inside the Sun how small is this little Dinky thing that's just spinning around And you're complaining about everything The reason you complain is because you Stored all these blockages inside all These bad experiences so now when the World comes in it has to pass through Your psyche has to pass through that and Then it looks like there's trouble There's going to be trouble but I'm Scared I worry everything has to be the Way I want if you work with yourself A start but I teach from the book talks About that If I were to tell you right now it Doesn't make any sense for your past to Bother you it's not happening anymore do You understand that I understand if Something bad is happening we can deal With that later that's bigger but your Past is not happening anymore if your Past still bothers you there's something Drastically wrong with that you

Shouldn't be bothered by things that Aren't happening fair enough But if I tell you let it go you you Don't know how to no one ever taught you To they actually reinforce that you have The right to stay upset for long periods Of time because something happened to You And the true Spirit spiritual stake Right Yogi's great great beings sit There and say no if something happens Does not happening anymore I'm going to Let it go I don't want to store it Inside of me I want to bring a pure Being clear being an open being into the Moments that I'm experiencing I can't do That now because I've stored all this Stuff so the principle becomes letting Go well how do you let go because right Now if I said to you it's easy now I'm Done just let go let go of your past let Go of everything the current moment is Happening to you don't store any more Stuff okay just when it comes in accept It pass it Pass it through don't resist it then you Can deal with you can try to raise the World okay you should once you're clear You come out here you try to help you do Everything you can to help but not Because you couldn't handle what Happened All right then you're just helping Yourself if you couldn't handle what

Took place then the reason you're doing Outside is to try and make yourself feel More comfortable if you let go of the Disturbing circumstances as they happen You process them you let them pass Through then when you face the world You're a giver instead of a taker so This this is the essence of spirituality So how do you do this well if I say to You let go of all the bad things that Happened in your past don't let them be In there anymore that's a joke because We don't know how to do it we don't Taught how to do it we don't know how to Do it what we do is open up blogs where We can get other people that have the Same bad experiences we do and see who Had the worst one okay you're supposed To laugh So we were just reinforcing our right to Be disturbed do you understand that That's what we do as a society as a World we reinforce our right to be Disturbed and then we wonder why we're Disturbed So in In Living untethered I don't start With letting go your past I don't start With being able to handle Bad situations that happen I start with In the current moment there are things That happen I call it a low-hanging Fruit there are current things that Happen that they don't need to bother You the heat doesn't need to bother you

The weather does not need to bother you You're bothering yourself about the Weather and the cost benefit analysis on That is 100 costs zero benefit am I Communicating your own business people Right would you make would you invest in Something that had a hundred percent Cost and zero benefit you were being Bothered by the weather is 100 cost zero Benefit then why are we doing it Most of you are evolved enough to where You don't eat food that makes you sick Right you try to have a reasonable diet Why would you go there if something may Just say just keep eating it but why do We keep being bothered by the weather When there's no benefit to it so the Question becomes take a few of these Situations every day that you're Bothering yourself again repeating what I said the moment in front of you is not Bothering you you're bothering yourself About the moment in front of you the Weather is not bothering you you're Bothering yourself out the weather by Complaining about it Believe it or not it is essential that You learn to work with that that's to me That's more essential than your Meditation time that's more essential Than these supposedly spiritual things You go meditate go to a good State then Come down and complain right come down And be bothered by the driver in front

Of you be bothered by the weather be Bothered by what somebody said it Doesn't work you have to sit there and Say I understand that I'm the only one In here it's a single occupancy Apartment I'm the only one living in Here the way it is in here is under my Control outside is energy control but Inside is a hundred percent under Control you're the one who decides when To resist you're the one who decides When to grab you emphasize them to Complain it's yours you decided to be Happy when you got what you wanted but You decided what you wanted it's that I I you're living in your own house and It's a mess And you don't understand that you made The mess So you have the right to come inside and Do the work every moment of every day That to me is the real spiritual work It's every moment it's while you're Driving while you're picking up the kids From soccer while you're having a Discussion with your with a friend or With your spouse and just work every Moment of everything you are in there Are you willing to do the work on Yourself that says if I don't resist or Suppress the moments that are happening Now I won't have to carry them with me For the rest of my life and I I know You're intelligent to understand you do

Carry them for the rest of your life Somebody says well you call out to Somebody hey Sally how you doing she Doesn't respond she's a friend of yours Right you're going to be weird next time You see her do you understand that it Carries inside of you it doesn't need to Do that it's because you resisted it That it stayed inside So you finally wake up and you realize I Got some work to do all right I got some Cleaning up to do inside myself and it's Way bigger than just some spiritual Practices it's about being walking into Life and realizing life is going to fold In front of me that's what it does okay I can't control everything life's gonna Unfold in front of me Can I learn to handle the moments that Are unfolding in front of me or do I Have to keep fighting with them or Resisting them to make them be what I Want so the low-hanging fruit is defined As following if you let it go there's Nothing else to do now if your house Burns down or the hurricanes or Hurricane things that's not a little Hanging fruit right you're disturbed if You let go the disturbance you still Need to deal with the disaster that took Place outside so nobody's saying is all About renunciation or letting go and you Don't do anything no that's ridiculous You interact with the world but not

Because you're not okay you in you first Be sure you're okay that you can handle Things all right as they take place we Start I want to go hurricane yes but you Started with low hanging fruit I Define Low-hanging fruit as saying if you let It go inside there's nothing else to do If you can handle the weather there's Nothing else to do you're liberated You're free but if you can't handle the Weather that's something you did and It's going to bother you and you'll tell Other people about it you complain about It so this key to understand that it's Not about getting what you want It's about letting go of the Disturbances you're creating inside Yourself that makes it so you have to Have things be a certain way to be okay Because you shouldn't need to have Things be a certain way to be okay so You start with the weather you start With the driver in front of you you Start with variety you know go to lunch The serving isn't the size I want okay Or it's not hot enough or you know the Waiter wasn't nice go on ruin your lunch That's what you're doing come on look at Me all right you're just ruining all These moments of your life and then You're wondering why life is so tough All right you don't need to do that you Have the right to sit inside and say the More open I am to the unfolding of Life

The happier I'm going to be and I'm Going to do that I'm just going to work With myself I'm going to change my Attitude about all the things that are Happening and it could do positive Thinking that's a nice positive thing to Do I I could talk about the sun Um there's a star then it's heating me So I like that you can talk about the Driver in front of you can do many Different things or what I have found You can relax I have found that to be The highest technique there is despite All the different things that are being Taught if something happens outside and It comes into me and I feel resistance And you know what I'm talking about I Feel weird it starts to get Uncomfortable inside relax just relax All right and people say to me but but But the disturbance won't relax of Course the disturbance won't relax Disturbance doesn't know how not to be Disturbed is by definition disturbance You who experiences it the self the Ottman the Consciousness the witness you Can relax from that point inside of you Behind it's always behind people ask why Do I point back here because you're back Here looking down Looking down at your psyche looking down At your body looking out of the mirror The Consciousness is back here it's Behind all of that and the Consciousness

Does not have a single problem the light Doesn't care what it's shining on do you Understand that okay because China Something ugly Something Beautiful Something Old Something young something Broken something new it doesn't matter The light is just light Consciousness is Aware of good things bad things happy Things sad things it's just awareness of Being And so there from that place where You're experiencing the complaining Experiencing the disturbance that God Created by something for no reason it Just didn't match what you wanted so you Let disturbance happen inside relaxing Is the highest technique you can do not Just relaxing through an Asana not just Relaxing through meditation relaxing the Moment the energy gets weird inside Relax now what does that mean why does The manager get weird inside because it Hits your blockages I go into this in Great detail in living untethered all Right These blockages are real they're like Taking a rock and putting in a stream of A clean flowing stream put one Rock in It what happens Eddie's currents sprays Those are what you're experiencing these Blockages you push down into your energy Flow are causing all these emotions and All these disturbances that you're Feeling all the time and you know what I

Mean somebody system you don't like what Do you feel inside here it just gets a Little weird inside that's because you Have these stored blockages the energy Comes up and it hits them and what you Do instead of dealing with the blockages You try to make sure that nobody ever Says it again you're trying to make sure That everybody is the way you need them To be business unfolds the way you need It to the paper newspaper is the way you Want it to be et cetera et cetera so if It isn't it creates disturbance so that That's a point I wanted to make what Year were these disturbances inside they Are the Shakti and Pharaoh mind I will Call that energy Shakti that's a yogic Term they are the Hitting the blockages which in yoga we Call some scorers they're the sharkty Coming up hidden the blockages that's What causes all your emotions Anger is energy coming up it starts to Come up and it gets blocked and wants to Shoot out okay all of these emotions all These disturbances are caused by the Blockages if the blockages are removed You're going to find out who you are You're going to find out that there's This River of bliss of ecstasy pouring Inside of you it comes out the top of Your head it pours out your third eye Literally you feel it pouring out of Your hands that's what healers do when

They heal but there's the highest thing To do is relax behind it because the Shakti the energy will push the Blockages out of the way that's what She's doing that's her job the energy is Supposed to come up it's supposed to Feed you that's what the Bible means I'm A nice Jewish Yogi I always qualified That but I've read the Bible once in my Life 45 50 years ago and when I'm talking I Hear it I don't know why but I hear Christ talking he said man does not live By bread alone but by every word that Leadeth the mouth of God that's what We're talking about you're not living Off of what's coming in from outside There's this beautiful energy that flows Inside Christians call it Spirit you Know he's called it Shakti and he used To call Chi whatever it's all the same Stuff there's this beautiful energy Inside of you when you're experiencing That energy you you feel Joy you feel Happiness when you're not you get Depressed or you get disturbed because The energy is hitting and the energy is Shooting out by being disturbed by the Blockages Like God I hope you get this all right That's the essence of understanding they Don't teach us this that's the essence Of understanding what's going on inside Of you which is what your life's about

If you push that stuff down there it is Blocking your energy flow now if you go Outside to try and compensate for that By relationships and this and find this In cars and all kinds of things which Are wonderful it's not you're not Renouncing anything spiritual a real Spirituality does not renounce anything Well I guess they can handle everything How would they choose what to renounce But but renunciations about is I can't Handle it so I better renounce it so It's not bothering me all right that's Not openness so you get to the point Where you understand these blockages are Serious and there's only one reason the Boxes are in there you push them in There and you're keeping them in there And that's like one of the 80s we like This whole thing about empowerment right You were completely empowered your state Of being is not dependent upon your Spouse or your children your finances or Your business or or the world you're in There it's yours you can have Beauty Inside beautiful and then keep Qualifying then of course you come out And help it's not that you're just going To sit sit off in a mountain somewhere All right you take the beauty that you Found inside yourself and you express it You share you you give it's a beautiful Thing so don't don't think that this is About just yourself and being selfish

And trying to feel good It's about raising everything around you When you raise yourself you raise Everything So it's all about the blockages it's First of all it's all about Shakti it's All about Shakti it's all about that Love what is shock what is love Shakti The energy rising up to the fourth Chakra and pouring out the foot chakra That's what you would call love and to Cut the tuning with somebody who you Like if if they talk the way you want Dressed the way you want act the way you Want etc etc you open and then the Energy can come up and you feel this Experience of love but what if you're Not closed what if you're never close This is all love you know it should take For you to feel love anytime you want Just wave your hand in front of your Heart and Bliss pours through your heart All the time anytime you want that is What it means to reach a state of Happiness a state of pure unconditional Happiness it's inside of you it's Available to you anything I once was With a very high evolved involved Yogi And I was years and years ago and I was Driving him somewhere and I felt he had A lot of energy I felt the energy of the Car just get tired get a little weird And it wasn't me and I'm telling you I Watched him he did this

The whole energy and entire car just Almost blew me out all right there's two Breaths that's all it took to completely Change the energy flow you have that Ability you're the most beautiful thing That ever walks the face of the Earth You're whole you're complete there's Nothing wrong with you except that you Have blocked yourself and because you're Blocked you feel protective and Defensive Etc because you don't want things Hitting your blockages so the answer is One you want Shakti if anybody has what He really wants if God comes out and Says what do you want say Shakti I want an infinite flow of Shakti Pouring through me all the time now I'll Come out and I'll work with the rest of The world okay well why don't you have That because I I blocked it nobody else Did it yes somebody else did something When you were 10 or 15 or 20 whatever it Was that Disturbed you I'm not saying Nobody did anything but you're the one That couldn't handle it you're the one That blocked it inside of you for the Rest of your life you have to own that That's something you do and I'm glad I'm Glad you understand I'm glad you did it Because you don't have to keep it in There right it keeps coming back up you Understand that doesn't it something Reminds you of somebody says something

You see a poster right you hear a name And this the past stuff comes up you Have to reach a state where you've Learned to let it go that's what it's All about it's all about letting go not Letting go of life Letting go of the stuff you stored Inside that you couldn't handle when Life unfolded in front of you and so Basically what do you do I told you the Highest state is to relax but we'll We'll work with some other things Highest state is the moment you start Feeling disturbance you should get Excited you should say oh boy it's time To grow it's time to let go of more of This stuff that I stored inside myself And committed my life to letting it run My life it runs your life because you're Afraid of it or or you store something Really nice you want it to happen again Those Impressions run your life they Don't have to all right but right now if I sit there and say let go of everything You store from the past and accept Everything that's happening right now You should laugh at me because you don't Know how to do it why you were never Told how to do it when you went into I Tell the story you went into Calculus Class you guys will probably know how to Do all that stuff even in the Calculus Class first day and you sat down the Teacher walked in Professor walked in

And said okay this is calc 101. you Raised your hand and said oh I'm in the Wrong room why I don't know any calculus Okay you're supposed to laugh Then their result is that's why you're Here you're here to learn of course you Don't know how to do it of course you Don't know how to let go of all these Impressions you stored inside yourself Over the course of your life that when They come back up they're disturbing and They're hard to deal with and the Tendency is to protect yourself from Them and push them back down you never Learned and nobody if you go go on the Go to tennis go play tennis against Borg Or Mcenroe for the first time you pick Up a racket that's a joke it's the same Thing with this inner work you have to Learn to do it just like playing a piano You don't start with Beethoven or Mozart You start with this thing called the Scales and that's what I call low Hanging fruit by being able to handle The weather instead of complaining about It but being able to handle the driver In front of you instead of complaining About it working with yourself using Those opportunities to learn to relax And release so R and R that's the type Of r r right you relax and release the Energy comes up it hits something and You let it go and you're going to find Out that all of a sudden the heat is fun

And the driver in front of you is fun Because you let go there's no cost to Doing that all that happened is you're a Happier person right then right there But people don't think it matters that Don't think it matters that they Complain about everything of course it Matters you're building a psyche that is Complaining and therefore it gets Disturbed by things you don't have to do That you have the right to be in there And say okay today I'm going to start Working on myself instead of working Everybody else to be the way I want I'm Going to work on myself so that I'm Letting go of these disturbances that Build up inside when you learn how to do It with a low-hanging fruit with the Weather with the car in front of you With what I think she said something I Might not like now there's a real nice Thought I think she says in my mind I Like well then why are you disturbing Yourself about it why don't you decide I Think she said something I like it's Like why would you make your life so Miserable by allowing your mind to think Like that and so basically you start Letting go and what's going to happen is And people write me all the time every One of you can do this and it's a major Change in your life what happens is You'll start finding it's easier and Easier to let go of these little things

They just come out you relax and release And then you deal with the moment in Front of you because you didn't need to Be disturbed by them and that was going To happen is somebody's going to come up And say something to you that is not low Hanging fruit you know your boss calls You in so I want to have a talk with you About some of your work okay and you Start feeling well that's disturbing but Because you work with the low-hanging Fruit you understand it does no good to Get all neurotic about the fact that You're going to go to a meeting with Your boss tomorrow you'll be in the Worst shape you could possibly be if you Worry about it the whole time so all of A sudden you now have an ability that Very few people have to say okay I'll Deal with it tomorrow I mean tomorrow I'll do my best if I have to be prepared I'm not saying won't prepare right but I'm not going to make myself get all Disturbed inside or allow myself to go All Disturbed inside because I'm afraid Or desirous whatever it is so I relax Through it but now I can because I Learned just like you've learned to play Tennis better and you'll be better at it Every take the piano if you play scales You can play Twinkle Twinkle play Twinkle Twinkle you can start to play Some music you know that it's called Learning have you bothered to learn how

To do this inside yourself not to store These things inside then what will Happen So before the past will come up that Always bothered you and you're gonna Find out it doesn't bother you as much Because you're capable you've learned How to handle these things and so you Relax through that and that's when it Starts to get really nice you relax Through some of the bigger things that You've carried throughout your life that Were running your life by avoiding them And all of a sudden and again don't take My word for it I want you to experience It this that started as disturbance when It was coming up and I looked at it that Was some some of them in the past and Use that push it back down I have to Take time to push it back down this time Because I learned how to be back here And relax and let it go through it Starts to go through and the started as Disturbance comes up as ecstasy as Joy It's called the transmutation of energy That's the essence of yoga it's the Essence of spirituality you don't you Don't express the energy you don't Suppress the energy it transmutes by Letting go of the blockages that it's Pushing up if you can keep letting it go Those blockages will go they will go you Know it's amazing you know your body has A thing called the immune system what

Does that mean you don't have to do Anything for small bacterias and small Little things get get in there it just White blood cells come up they take care Of it they fight it off it's happening All the time isn't it you're entered Your energy body your Shakti body your Energy body is way more intelligent in Your physical body it wants to cleanse Your heart does not want these blockages And these fears and insecurities that Keep you from being able to feel love And it will push them out but you push Them back down you call that a bad Experience okay if something happens and Disturbs me this this shook me up Because it reminded me something from The past you should be excited about That you change your whole attitude of What's going on what's going on is You're being given the opportunity to Release What's blocking your whole life Blocking your happiness so it's not About going out there to get something That matches so you can feel happy it's About letting go of What's blocking your Happiness inside most of you have heard Of somebody called roomie that one Beautiful beautiful uh was a fifth Century Persian Polo whatever he was all Right this is what he said about love It is not for you to seek love is but For you to seek and find all the Obstacles you have put in her place

That's exactly what we're talking about You're out there trying to find a lover But you've blocked love and so you're Trying to get somebody I've met somebody And all of a sudden they can get around My blockages believe me it won't last Your blockages are real they're going to Come back up the newness of the Experience of the relationship will wear Off and next thing you know you're not Feeling all that beautiful attraction And love like that you all know that but You can you can feel it all the time if You remove the blockages so it's not About finding things that will Compensate for your blockages it's about Being willing to remove your blockages And what you're going to find out it's The Natural State that's what that's What you're here for you took birth to Do this look at me right literally you Took birth so that when you leave you Leave with less than you came down with That's what evolution that's what I mean Spiritual Evolution you're evolving the Question is are you doing this every Minute of your life you're trying to Earn money everybody's life you're Trying to have relationships be good Every minute of your life you're trying To have people like you dress you know Trying to be accepted and have approval Every minute of your life but are you Doing this inner work that is the

Purpose of your life because if you do That everything else works out Everything else falls into place doesn't Mean you mean I'll get what I want this Is a law of attraction no it's not a law Of attraction it's a law of evolution And what happens as you evolve and stop Getting all caught up in all these Personal energies you'll notice that Life unfolds it's an amazing thing right There's 300 billion stars in your Galaxy They all work together there's 25 Trillion cells in your body they all Work together or he said to you a tiny Little single cell You know as a woman who's had a child Don't you dare say you made that trial You didn't make the child right the best You did is not screw it up by smoking or Drinking while it was making itself that A single cell made itself into a baby it Made a you know pancreas a pineal gland You know they wrote these things are That's the world you live in you're part Of that your life is that all of life is That except for the fact that we've made This mess of ourselves by blocking the Experiences in life and now we are out There fighting with life to try and make It be the way we want instead of Understanding What's called the Dao the Fact that there's this balance this flow But when you start letting go of Yourself you'll start noticing it you'll

Start noticing that you're much happier Than used to be and you'll start Noticing that all your relationships are Better of course they are you're not Trying to take from people you're fine Inside yourself how would you like to Have a relationship with somebody that Was filled with love all the time no Matter what if you messed up and were Laid and forgot the anniversary that It's not going to affect the love you Just know that love is unconditional it Will never change that's a nice Relationship isn't it why don't you Offer that to your spouse to your Significant other that's the gift you Can give to everybody what if you were I Ran a big business not a big business But you know building our business but Basically Um if my employees count what how would You like to have an employee that every Time they came to work they were so Passionate they were so excited to come To work I couldn't wait I woke up early Every single day they came in here and Any job you gave them they said I want To do that one oh my God right how well Would that employee do right they'd be Elevated up very very quickly you can be That instead of having to have things be The way you want which is based on your Blockages that's how you came up with Your wants that which compensates for my

Disturbances instead you get rid of your Disturbances you can you let them go and Then the more you let go the higher you Get and the higher you get the easier it Is to let go and you're on this thing Called an Ascent that's the true Ascent Right meditation helps yes yoga helps All these things help but this is what They help when you do meditation you Know what they say did you do your Practices today don't they this is what You're practicing for You're practicing for coming into life And saying you are my teacher you're my Guru you are bringing up what's blocked Inside of me you're you're a mirror That's showing me every moment why I'm Not enlightened all right and what I'm Going to do is honor and respect that Whatever disturbs me inside I'm going to Use that to let go of myself all right It's like it's like an inner fire walk Okay all right that because when it Comes back up it hurts It was stored with pains coming back With pain you understand that okay it's Going to come back with everything you Stored it with can you handle that and The answer is right now for us no no Okay But you learn to just because you can't Handle it right now doesn't mean you Can't learn and that's what I'm teaching That's what we're talking about is that

You have this ability to To let go of the disturbances which Makes you stronger and then you learn to Handle more Distributors and more Disturbances until eventually You get to an amazing state which is the Day doesn't scare you you can actually Live in the moment and say this is a Gift there's no other planet like the Planet Earth I understand where there's Global warming we're making all kinds of Problems but still we went all we we Sent probes out to all the planets you Understand that we land on many of them Right we ain't found squat We want to go live on Mars it's sand Okay Jupiter it's gas there's nothing And we have these giant telescopes the James Webb Telescope and the Hubble that Have looked so far no one has seen Anything at all and nothing's really Compared to the planet Earth there's Flowers there's fish oh my God I can't Talk about it do you understand Earth is The Garden of Eden now go look for it in Iraq if you look at that little tiny Planet spinning through outer space and Nothing's going on anywhere else and you Have all this stuff to do in situations And people and animals and plants and my God it's a heck of a place and what do You do complain Because you develop these preferences That can't appreciate what you've been

Given so what you do is you let the like There's a saying in the Thursday Patriarch one of the deepest writings Ever written that says the great way is Not difficult for those who have no Preferences but that's very deep very Beautiful very Buddhist right but then People say to me how do I have no Preferences I have preferences am I Supposed to suppress my preferences no No not at all you're supposed to accept That you have these preferences and then Look to see why you have these Preferences not get rid of the Preferences get rid of the cause of Preferences and I'm telling you and Again you read the book or read your Life right the preferences are created By your blockages They are the the mirror image of your Blockages if I if I got divorced and a Bad relationship when I started dating Somebody else they better not have any Qualities that match that remind me of My ex right or wrong okay so you've Developed your preferences because of Your blockages so you don't have to get Don't get rid of your preferences get Rid of your blockages and your Preferences will fall off naturally they Just shed right off like the skin of a Snake God I hope you're hurting me I I it's Like we can have such a beautiful life

Right John Lennon imagine all the people If everybody did this they wouldn't be Invading other countries they wouldn't Be killing each other they would we Wouldn't need the Ten Commandments I Always say I think the same members are An insult to humanity God comes down to Me doesn't say oh have a beautiful life Love everybody no he sits there and says Don't kill each other don't eat each Other don't steal each other's spouses Don't don't lie don't cheat don't whoa You don't think very high level but you Know he's right because we have these Blockages we fell from the garden and Now we have to work by the sweat of our Brow to try to be okay that's that's Quote direct from Genesis all right but Instead we don't do that we must go out There and try to work by the federal Brown and we have the most powerful wins No you work inside to release these Blockages which you put in there and you Keep them in there nobody could put a Blockage inside of you nobody you're the Only one in there do you understand that That's a single occupancy apartment There's nobody in there but you your Consciousness things can happen outside That are disturbing they can they do all Right but when they come in you have the Right to process them to say the highest Mantra is I can handle this I can handle This I can handle this well if you can

Handle it then you're not going to push It away okay we've handled it now what Do I do how do I help how do I serve Okay well this is the you know I've lost Track of what an hour is an hour or 15 Minutes Um okay I see it's on the screen here so Basically you learn to go inside every Moment inside yourself every moment of Every day and ask of yourself are there Things that I'm blocked inside myself And kind of let them go they will pass In their own time you don't have to Fight with them you don't have to go Tearing them out it's not about a Struggle or a fight that is not strength The real strength is Judo as opposed to Boxing right Judo says if a force comes At you and you try to resist it it could Be stronger than you and you're going to Get hurt anyways if you lean away relax It will pass through you that you can Deal with it so this is what you're Doing inside you're sitting inside Consciously meditation helps do that and As the energy Disturbed inside you're not trying to Figure out how do I stop it you're Trying to figure out how do I let it go And you will learn I'm telling you You'll learn every day you'll learn you Go to it's not that when you you were Born when you want to go back up and you Die with less than you came down with

Every day you're a different person Listen to me you woke up in the morning With a certain amount of stuff You went to bed with less that's all I Ask of you if you do that over time you Will start to feel this Joy now let's Talk about what what real Joy is first You're not complaining you're not Disturbed because you accepted you Accepted the weather except the car in Front of you you if you can't do Anything about it accept it don't bother Yourself about it there's nothing you do About it they said that's what we're Going to sit there and say there's Another way to find low hanging fruit Right the only thing you can do about it Is bother yourself about it well what is The purpose of that right you can't Change what's happening in that Situation so don't bother yourself Release relax and it will train you to Be able to do it with bigger things so What happens at some point you let go of Enough I'm assuring you I'm promising You to wear from behind you a flow of Energy starts to come up the same flow Of energy you felt when you fell in love The same energy when you got married the Same energy when you won the lottery It's the same energy it's all shocking But now it's not blocked now it's open And will start to flow and feed you Every second of your life you're you

Have this Joy flowing inside of you all The time the only thing that can take it Away is you if you decide no I don't Like what you did and I'm going to stop My joy it's a pretty funny thing to say Okay and instead you say no I'm never Going to stop my joy once you start Feeling this energy really you fall in Love with it you realize oh my God this Is all I ever want in my whole life Because we're all relationships are About this is all money was about There's all success was about it's all Being accepted by people and being Clapped when when people see you all Right it's because it made me feel this But now I feel this inside naturally It's just a natural high and it's going On so what happens now now you start to Fall in love with that energy flow Really why would you not is this what You felt when you felt love for somebody Else but now it's coming from its source And then you start to fall back into to It and what happens is the more you feel The more you realize I don't need Anything doesn't mean I don't interact With it but there are no more needs I Mean a physiological fine you have to Eat okay to the body of life but by the Way you don't need that right you're Just feeling all this Joy I'm telling You it's overwhelming it's full of This Joy all the time and then you you make

Sure that you let things not take it Away that's your choice you want to Trade the joy because somebody what Somebody did and you say no and so then It gets stronger and stronger and keep Letting go more and more blockages and At some point it becomes a torrent it Becomes this tremendous Rush of holy Waters I quote the Bible again I'm a Yogi I just think it's meat that Christ Tried to teach you this he failed all Right he manipulated his teachings to Where they don't make sense that is What's meant by the rush of holy Waters The Shakti flow the yoga talks about the Shakti flow and it gets stronger and Stronger all the time and you'll see That the only way it stops is if you Stop it if you decide no I can't accept This okay keep letting go and at some Point it starts to pull you into it it's Not a matter at some before Letting Go Meant Letting Go the stuff that's below You now letting go means letting go into The flow the flow has a source we know What the source of that is we talked About what happiness is it's going to Flow what is the source of that flow and That becomes real spirituality I talk About the high states that the great Ones go to you start to seek the source Of this beautiful flow you feel and it Starts to pull you into like a vacuum Cleaner it just pulls you up it's hard

To not not go with it all right the Great Masters like mayor Baba and Others May Obama specifically said the first Time he reached the state of Enlightenment of total openness his Consciousness had been a drop of water Looking at himself All of a sudden that drop fell into the Ocean Find it find a drop you'll never find it Again that's what Christ meant by my Father I won that's what's meant by Merger that's the high States every Single one of you had that going on Inside of you right now Instead you're doing this instead you're Protecting yourself and blocking the Energy and complaining and thinking you Have to have certain things to be a Certain way to be able to be high to be Able to get what you want no you're Whole and complete within yourself but I Keep stressing that does not mean you Don't interact with the world but you Don't interact with the world in order To get what you need in order to be okay That's taking you interact with the World giving I feel now I feel all this Love all this joy and the world can't Bother me now I can serve now I can come Out and give and I have to think about What to give give to the moment that's Unfolding in front of you well what About my job give to your job well what

About my marriage gift your marriage Well my kids gifts your kids take all of A sudden you enjoy driving into soccer Instead of sitting there thinking God I'd rather be doing this or doing that I Gave my life to my kids you don't never Think like that ever Because you already have everything you Want you're filled with this beautiful Energy and now you can enjoy taking the Kids of soccer you can enjoy Bringing them up all right you can enjoy This tough one you can enjoy the Terrible twos when you're standing in a Store and the kids throwing a tantrum Right what do you do first you say okay They're two years old that's what Terrible twos mean and you're okay You're not embarrassed not ashamed you Don't pick them up and hit them you Don't get them what they want you're Just centered you're clear without Trying there's no effort it's a natural State that's happening inside of you and Then you deal with the situation how There's no answer to how you're there You only you will know how to do the Situation there's no formula for life Right there's just this understanding That if you let go of yourself how did Christ say it die to be reborn if you're Willing to let go of yourself on a Regular basis something higher than you Is inside

And that that's God you know that's That's the whole spiritual energy that's What's all spirituality is about Vicky that was magnificent tell me um I Love your description of saying you know You don't have to worry about letting go Of your preferences you just let go the Blockages and they kind of drop away Like a snake could you amplify a little Bit about that because the the other Thing you talked about is just letting Go those things that you can't control But I think a lot of people in this room Have a hard time telling what they can And can't control right so I'd love to Hear your perspective on that fine I Know that's beautiful beautiful question Well I can only share what I've Experienced okay that doesn't mean that Everybody else's teachings and so on What I've experienced is that Mickey This guy in here that I live with has Issues okay and there are and if he Doesn't get what he wants or or guess What he doesn't want whatever it is There's these shifts in his energy it's All a question of experiencing these Shifts in energy okay I don't call them Good or bad I just notice he's getting Nervous I notice he's self-conscious I Notice he's embarrassed I notice he's Judging himself whatever it is all of it Causes shift in the energy then the Answer is you have to understand it you

Have to analyze it just relax Because that is the Shakti attempting to Push these blockages out of the way But you can handle it learn to handle it Not tomorrow it always takes time just Like playing tennis or piano right but If you were willing to do it to the best Of your ability that's all that's asked The best of your ability you will find That your preferences would do to the Fact that you were not okay if you look At your preferences right I want to have A new car why I'm not okay and I want to Impress people and I want to do this or That whatever right you're serving Yourself because you're not okay I mean You're a beautiful beautiful person Right but do you see that right that we Generally want things to compensate for The fact that we're not whole and Complete within ourselves so that as you Let go of your blockages those Preferences naturally fall off because You are okay So that sometimes people say I need a Vacation I want to go to Hawaii I want To go to Alaska I want to do something I Need to get out of here okay fine go Don't not go to vacation but you're Doing that because you're not okay all Right what if you were okay but if you Were just perfectly if you loved going To work so much it was as much fun as Going to Hawaii I'm not too bad is it

Okay so that's what it means it means as You let go of these disturbances you're Not Disturbed and when you're not Disturbed there's no reason to have all These preferences When this shows up okay even today if This shows up for you your way of Relaxing is it is there a trigger for You like taking a breath is it a thought Process I'm curious when you say that Because relax everybody has a different View of what that means what's your Trigger yes going into relaxation Yeah well first of all my trigger my Trigger is that the energy shifted right And I've been doing this long enough That's all it takes for me right the Energy shifted then what do I do how did I notice it shifted well that's the key The key is the only part of it's really Okay is the Consciousness the Consciousness is always okay all right How did I notice that this energy Shifted And then instead of getting into the Energy shift or what to do about it my First Act is okay I am the experiencer Not the experience and I'm willing to Experience the experience and I will Just relax from the place I'm Experiencing you tell me Tony whether That makes sense to you yes it is There's a place I'm experiencing from Right rather than getting involved in

The object of of Consciousness I relax Into the source the the seat of Consciousness yes and I know you know What I'm talking about and even as you Do that physically I notice you kind of Drop back physically is that a typical Situation yes so it's almost breaking From the pattern dropping back that's Right okay that's right the pattern is Do you take a breath when you come back There I know you're not maybe conscious Of it but I'm curious and making that Shift to Consciousness is there a breath Change in you it's a yeah it's a natural Thing right instead of Leaning forward And resisting yes right when you lean Back and relax obviously your breath Changes it all changes that's cool thank You for sharing that it's a natural Process that's the key is it's a natural Process it's some to possiers extremes That you're doing it's just natural yeah Beautiful Nikki it's such a treat to be With you again uh today there's just so Many gems and you made this so Incredibly simple and yet relatable uh I Love how you reflected not only our own Beautiful internal nature but just the Beauty of this existence Uh the threads of low-hanging fruit uh I Find so applicable if somebody's going Through something more cute maybe They're going through you know uh an Illness or cancer or something like that

Or you know their beloved is maybe Passing uh you know is it that same Practice do you also have an internal Frame of a dialogue of okay Mickey you Know you're stuck right now let's take a Breath do you speak internally as well To yourself that helps to guide Consciousness through or is it more of Um I I don't want to speak I'm actually Just curious yeah right Well I don't generally talk about myself There's no we're all different right but I I will say I used to do that okay and Then just get to a point where it's come On man 50 years I hope I grew enough Right you get to a point where it just Happens yes right it's like like I've Certainly all right I'll tell you here's A beautiful example Rama Krishna Rama Krishna the great Saint Paul all right Very great fully aligned one of the Highest means or face of the earth I Love them to Pieces right somebody asked Him does an enlightened Master ever feel Anger And I was shocked by his answer he said Yes But it's like riding on water It just passes through what's the Difference then right it doesn't Express So that's what starts to happen is You've been around the block enough Times to understand the heart can hurt Because somebody did something can you

Show me a close with didn't it was Expected right or somebody died that you Were very close with it it should hurt It's natural you understand that it's It's if somebody dies that you love Don't giggle let me believe you're happy Right instead you look at it and you say Thank you heart for playing a tune That's in in harmony with the situation I feel lost I feel some pain that's like Saying I love you that's what I think That it means when you hurt because Somebody died well it's wonderful to say I love you but you're okay you're not Fighting it you're not resisting it you Know hating it you're not afraid of it Right there's a key right I'm afraid of This pain how will I be you just relax Through it and you relax and you welcome It's right to play the tune it should be Playing so being I'm so glad you asked That people so misunderstand being happy Unconditionally happy does not mean that You don't feel human things yes it means You honor and respect the aspect of your Being as human and it has the humanness And then it's clean it helps cleanse Right so somebody dies you feel you feel Lost right somebody does something you Didn't expect you feel you feel a little Uncomfortable trust and this and that And you smile like a child you smile of The child it's okay but you know so Anyways it's wonderful to talk your way

Through it right but you asked me at Some point that's not what happens at Some point there's just a relaxing every Riding on water right am I perfect no Way shape or form Rory Christian was Perfect that's something perfect go talk To him yeah You'd mentioned uh you know just the External experiences like once we let go As well our Consciousness notice is more Beauty because if we're in a disturbance We're usually missing that because we're We have an eternal frame and so would You say that that's part of uh really That's the mindfulness that's meditation Extending beyond the sit meditation is As we relax and let go in real time we Are noticing our perception uh our Consciousness includes or or recognizes More would that be an accurate statement Absolutely of course that's they say the Man who has seen God sees God everywhere Amen in and that was just the extreme of What you said yes right so when you're Filled with God and God's energy and God's Consciousness that's all you see You see what created this Amazing Creation Beautiful some questions from the Audience Yes Thank you Professor singer you've been Very enlightening today this is an Intriguing concept for me so I

Appreciate it Um so I'm I'm interested by this This concept okay you remove your Blockages which then removes your Preferences right So if you remove all the preferences And are accepting of all and everything In every moment For these more highly evolved beans that Have achieved this what would Differentiate these highly evolved beans From the one from the other If you're just happy if I take Right what's your name Um it tell me your name I'm I'm Nomad Tina the lead teamer very good so I'll I'll let Yogananda answer you because He's hotter than me right and he Literally said once when you reach the Final State there's no different than Anyone mastering any of the master They've all merged into the same Oneness So if that's the level I'm not sure but If that's what you're asking right there Is no difference Okay but what what I would love more of A question No is that what you were asking I'm I'm Still going after that but finish what You were saying I'm sorry no no I I want To make sure that I understood your Question and just ask it better more That definitely answered the question so

Then I guess I would follow that up with Um So then Maybe the majority of people don't Really want happiness all the time as Much as they say they do I think a lot Of people are are pretty attached to Other states and some kind of Differentiation and uh motivation but From what this is sounding like it kind Of takes away Some of that differentiation motivation And desire for Betterment in this the way that we most People in the world would see it I guess I don't know if that makes it no I I did Actually think when you first asked the Question at church we're really getting At but but I answered that that question About the Masters so here's the answer Okay what you're saying is and people Ask this all the time right if you're Totally satisfied and whole and complete Within yourself forget Enlightenment That's that's the whole other thing Don't worry about merger let's just talk About a high being who has learned to Accept an honor and is happy all the Time and so on why would you go to work Why would you have a relationship okay You would go to work you'd have a Relationship because you're so filled With love who love love wants to share Itself love loves to give why would you

Go to work because you feel passion to Create you're still doing everything Everybody else is doing is doing it for A totally different reason right and if If somebody's in a state where they're Not okay but they find that if they Something happens it makes them okay What you're saying is why would I give That up because what you feel when it Makes you okay you have all the time and Then why would I do anything because you Love loves to express itself everything Loves to give and so you have more Expression not less you have more Expression because you're whole it's not Like you go sit in a closet somewhere That answer you Yes I I think so the conflict between we Mentioned yesterday which is more Important you to be special or to be Happy Exactly I think that's what it comes Down to I know exactly To you that if you were truly in that Place where things were flowing that it Happiness is special it's the most Special thing of all Right and also Tony the only reason we Want to be special Is because it makes us happy yeah right Exactly so if you go to the root and Right or wrong right is that true right You want to be special because it makes You happy to feel special but if you are

Already happy then you can be happy no Matter what happens and but the main Point is you do give you end up giving That's what you do you don't not you Don't not go to work you know if it was All said and done if you read the Deep Buddhist teachings is if somebody looks At you you look the same as everybody Else no special clothes no special Edition a special name no special Anything right except you're different Anyone who interacts with you is raised You raise the people around you it's a Very beautiful thing don't be afraid of It okay don't be afraid of being happy All the time it's just uh difficult to Imagine then no preferences aspect and So that that I'm I'm wrapping my head Around so I appreciate the exercise okay Well thank you thank you for sharing Thank you Sage the question is how do you Interpreted the ego in this learning how Can we name that ego do we dance with The ego with the fear like Tony said or How can we interpreted the ego this I Would love to hear you okay all right That's very beautiful I love to let the Masters answer the Deep versions what is the ego All right and he said the masquerading Self And it takes a moment to contemplate in Other words you are the self the

Consciousness the awareness of being Correct that's who you are in there the Self Because you drop down into this body You say it separated itself it has all These inputs coming in now all these Senses and and world and all kinds of Stuff and so it needs to grab something It needs to hold on to some solidity Because it doesn't know itself as God it Knows itself as this body and all that So it builds a mask the self-concept That he was the self-concept right so Bill I am the one who married this Person I am the one that had this Experience you're defining Yourself by The experiences you have that's what the Ego is okay it's the concept of yourself It's not the self right and the self can Watch the ego can it they can watch it Be an ego it's kind of funny okay so That's what the ego is and that's where It came from what happens as you go deep Enough it thins out it thins out it Doesn't need the thing now it comes to Know itself as itself the self knows Itself it doesn't need this false Concept of itself so it lets it go Little by little the great Masters say There always has to be a little bit left To stay in the body okay so don't worry It won't all go away all right but all The noise all the noise that's a food Event you guys are so beautiful Buddha

Said all of life is suffering he's not Negative yes he's talking about the fact That it's suffering you're not always Getting what you want you're worried That you're wonder you're scared you Follow me right and and the way to end Suffering is to is let go of preference To let go of the desires but all right So basically that answer you that's what The ego is it's something you developed To hide yourself in because you lost Yourself Beautiful so basically I create my own Ego You did indeed not just I the self did The Consciousness got lost when it Dropped in here and it was uncomfortable So it built a self-concept if you ever Had a child you'll see it does it very Early right It builds a concept of what it likes and Doesn't like all right thank you Nikki for those of us that have little Ones uh on the path our daughter right Now is 18 months and just a pure being Of light up here you've seen her Um you know is there anything that we Can do as parents to hold a container Ship uh you know uh that or is it just a Part of the human experience is to Experience and recognize our false self So that we transcend it I'm just curious Of your perception of that is it a part Of the journey until it's not until we

Find our way home and there's nothing That we can do to stop that Right people ask me that question a lot And it's very beautiful right and I love You know your daughter's gorgeous you're Probably exceptional like there's a beam Of light but basically when parents ask What can I do To help my child learn this earlier to Be more open to be more spiritual Etc And my belief and understanding is the Only thing you can do is to let go of Yourself in other words is your child Better off with sage as a mother or God Yes okay as you get out of the way yes What's left is the purest most beautiful Thing in the world and she will learn From that and she will be nurtured by That and so that's the answer right Perfect yourself yes and that helps your Whole family Hi Michael my name is Nuria Rivera and I Want to thank you because you've been a Big teacher for me the last few years And Um all of your teachings putting them Into practice have helped me Uh let go more do a lot of healing and Also I'm still working on it but I did have a Question on your last book you talked About How we're not the creators of life and In my studies I've felt that

Really learning to take responsibility For my life and in my perception of this Spiritual journey is that I am the Creator of everything that's around me Due to me being Connected To Source but There was a part on your book where you Said we're not creating life and that Kind of threw me off and I got stuck on That and I'd love to Perhaps get a distinction From you on what that really meant All right so as a very very deep Question obviously okay and it depends On what level Of honesty and depth you want to Interact with I'm not insulting or Anything but that like this whole thing With the law of attraction for example My experience is that the universe is Perfect and you will be presented every Moment with exactly what you need in Order to go to God in order to grow So the question becomes how can it Happen if 10 of us are experiencing the Same moment As great as God is how can it be that That moment is perfect for every one of Us to go to God the reason is because You're looking at the moment through the Veil of your ego look at the moments of The veil of your blockages therefore one Person sees this the other person sees This is all the same thing all right There's just a world out there that is

Independent of you and you're looking at It through the veil of your stuff fair Enough therefore it's perfect for Everybody to grow so You understand I don't have to go into Detail right so it's like a raw shark Test I go into the new book you know Remember the ink block tests yes okay by Psychiatrist shows an ink plot and you See people fighting you see people Making love you see see whatever all Right what you see is yourself as a Reflection of yourself so to that extent You are the creator of your universe That I'll talk I'll talk at different Levels but at that level you are Creating your Universe because you're Projecting yourself out onto onto what By the way onto a Quantum field of Energy that has no form that's what the Scientist said right it's not it's not Even atoms there's no person there it's Atoms there's no atoms there it's Electronuclear protons there's no Electrons or protons there's quarks Bosons and right in other words there's Nothing even there but you are Projecting yourself your stuff onto it To the extent that you're enlightened You're not doing that ramakrishna Literally saw a light that's all he saw Is light he said every once in a while You know how you guys see ghosts in your World I see the buildings and the

Different things you tell me are there Kind of come in and Float back out Otherwise all I'm seeing is God so That's a deeper way to look at it is and I can't answer what everybody else Teaches I can only answer what I've come To know and that is you are projecting Yourself out onto the screen of God and What you're seeing seeing as yourself And that's perfect because that means You're reflecting yourself back to Yourself and you're having problems with Yourself right Science tell you there's not There's not there it's just a a harmonic A homogeneous field of energy throughout The universe that's manifesting in Subatomic particles which become atoms Which become this and become that but It's there's nothing there so I don't Teach what other people teach about you Are your Universe you can create Whatever you want to create because my Question is how are you deciding what's Great and you're going to find out it's Your blockages all right I will have a Child okay there's nothing wrong with Having a child it's wonderful to have a Child it's a very natural thing to do But if you're 10 years old and you Decide I better have a child by the time I'm 22 33 my biological clock is ticking You're just projecting all your your ego And your problems onto the world so so I

Answered you two ways one is you are Projecting yourself onto the situations You're seeing that's why we all see them Differently and that's perfect because Then you have your it reflects back to You and you have to deal with yourself As you thin yourself out and there's Less of that there's no reason to Attract your Universe you're not trying To attract your Universe you're trying To experience the universe as God Created it uh I I it's it's too deep to Answer for people who want to attract Their Universe okay and but but I always Have to answer the deepest level I know Okay so is there a law of attraction Absolutely it's a law of attraction but Where are you deciding what you want to Attract you wouldn't have attracted the Same thing 10 years ago you would ask For something different you might have Something different five minutes ago Right that's getting pretty hard to deal With you're like and all of us want Something different it's like no other So much conflict so to me that is not The depth of it it is a part of the Spiritual path it's wonderful but it's Not the depth of the spiritual path the Depth is I've let go of myself and all That's there is God so I'm not Attracting or repulsing or I'm not Making decisions of that kind of thing I'm just letting go of myself there's

This tremendous joy and that joy that Merges with the universe and that's the Highest way to deal with this stuff so I'm not going to deny anybody else's Teachings okay and then in the end They're right it is all God and you are God therefore you are the equator of the Universe the trouble is you don't know It if if you're an enlightened being Telling me isn't it all God and R and I God yes but but we're not and therefore It's our egos and our personal self That's saying I want to be able to Create my own universe I'm sorry I have to be sorry that's Awesome Last three How about yes hey guys Sean from Lia Thank you so much for being here for Sharing your wisdom through your three Books Um they're just such clear guidance of What reality is and how I can work on Myself to clear through to become a Channel so that I can help show God Through myself as much as possible oh That's beautiful thank you Um so in that desire So let's say I'm working on this for a While I've worked on the low hanging Fruit and then things happen I feel it And then I let it go and I let it go and I'm really interested in what you said About

Am I working on this every day so let's Say those things don't happen But I want to continue to work through These is that what meditation is for That I sit there and then allow things That actually don't come in this Waking Life arrive and then I work through the Um some scars Uh meditation helps you Center back to the seat of self that's What meditation does okay The problem is when you come back To this and enter the world that's what I'm interested in okay can you maintain That seat or when you come back out are You getting all involved in all your Problems and if you sit there and are Saying to me which I'm not sure I heard It right that well what if I don't have Enough things bothering me well Namaste But anyway I'm not there yet Okay You you will every moment of your life Be challenged at one level or another Okay that's why you're here all right And and when you're not then your whole Life is meditation there's no difference Between going sitting in the deepest State the great Masters they meditated That someone asked Robert Christian why Are you still meditating he said I don't Know I always did you got to do Something might as well do that okay Because he didn't need to he was out he

Was finished So that that's the best I can say to you Is yes meditation is wonderful it is Wonderful it's very my Guru yup my Guru Yogananda that's all he taught was Meditation okay but to mature Spiritually you realize it is your daily Life That is tempting you in teaching you how To let go of yourself and the fact that You understand that and you're working With that is very very honorable and You're not perfect at it and none of us Are perfect at it and that's wonderful Because that means we have somebody was Asked Ananda right do you ever regret Anything right you have any regrets he Said yes I regret them I saw them the Days of my son are over they were so Much fun okay That answer you John I guess the answer is I don't need To answer that because it's all going to Keep coming and coming and coming coming You shouldn't even be thinking about Your growth yes you should only be Letting go of the here and now and leave It to God leave it to the Shakti leave It to the Masters you hear me and you Don't have to know who they are Literally to know anything you just have To be willing to let go of what's Keeping you down All right this is the question

Beautiful thank you [Applause] Hi Sorry I have to give my own body a Moment to not be nervous when I pick up A mic Um I want to thank you so much I've read Your book a few years ago four years ago And it turned into an owner's manual Of every breath of my life Um returning to that seat every moment As an opportunity to release Um the stage I'm at now Which is so beautiful so again thank you Oh Um Is that the mind the body doesn't really Have a place to really capture purchase It kind of floats it's there every once In a while you know it turns into circus Clowns and hijacks but my seat of Consciousness is still aware Uh which is such a gift And I'm just curious in the evolution of This Um what how do you experience the mind As you continue to progress through this You know What does that experience for you or for Any Masters that you would suggest I I Look at next Right I go into it deep in living until living Until it goes very deep it takes a

Couple of reads I mean you get it they Get it the first time but it goes deeper The next time all right so what I look At with my mind for example when I look At my mind I appreciate it I I say thank you I mean It wrote a computer program that I did All this stuff I was like what the hell Where did that come from right I am not My mind I didn't make my mind I have no Right to be proud of my mind being Intelligent or any or be ashamed if it's Stupid to understand that it's just Where did it come from this thing called Mind all right so when I look at mind Even if it's misbehaving you know Complaining about something I it's like An adorable thing and I I just I'm in Awe that it exists you understand that Where in the world did Intelligence come From but and I understand the philosophy Is that God is infinite intelligence and Since it dropped down into the body it Made all these different coaches all These different levels the physical body The emotional body the mental you Understand that but for me sitting in Here you just appreciate it you say Thank you that's how I deal with mine I Look at it I almost cry just thank you Thank you thank you you're so amazing And beautiful what a reflection of God Imperfect because it's still in form you Follow me but that's how I look at mine

That's my experience with mine now does That answer you Now if you want to go to the great Masters which I'm not through okay Is uh ramakrishna said and this is very Deep I'm going to leave it with you to Contemplate the purified mind is no Different than the self In other words when you don't have these Blockages in there The mind doesn't need to be personal You understand that so it becomes a Perfect mirror of who's looking at it Like a lake if you look at a still Lake Your reflection is in there but if it's All stirred up it's all garbage right so The purified mind doesn't mean the mind Doesn't swear it means the mind that's Still right that's not making personal Noise is reflecting the self so the Purified mind is no different than the Self otherwise the mind is reflecting The subscribers the problems from Underneath it can reflect from above Also Beautiful thank you thank you one more Thank you so much I have read your book The untetheaded Soul and learned a lot From it That when there's an experience Happening to step away And look at it like it's A movie or objectively Emotionally

Emotional intelligence tells me to do That However On a day-to-day basis when things happen Consistently that I don't want them to Happen it it throws me off my game and Then I think And I get riled up so And then I have to mindfully do the work And take back and say okay deep breathe It's okay surrender accept all of these Things are emotionally there What is the best tip that you could Possibly give that that allows us to go With the flow and and navigate through Life on a day-to-day basis using these Teachings more Accessibly I I don't know if I'm Participating this little but oh that's A beautiful question what's your name is Charlie Okay beautiful name that's a beautiful Question it's perfect for the last Question for the final question okay uh First I'll tell you that that's why I Wrote living and tether okay so when you Get a chance to read that you will see It answers your question of what I can Do on a daily basis all right so what's Happening is you're not done yet okay That you know it's very sensitive the Heart is very sensitive the mind has got All kinds of pollution in it and so on So that when the world unfolds we lose

Our Center we get pulled down into it Right so by practicing don't don't judge Yourself don't that don't think that's Wrong all right you just you know if You're playing tennis and you get into The net that's a good thing because then You know how to do it different next Time all right so that this is your Growth the stuff you just described to Me you're sincere in your growth and I Love that and you go through these Different stages don't judge her just Come back as soon as you can and sit There and say okay I went through that One I'm more capable of going through Another one do you understand that and You just keep letting go you keep Letting go you keep letting go so that That is the advice is your life is your Friend it was a saying I once met who Said the phone following I wasn't ready To hear it yet it was back in the early 70s problems are the nectar of life Okay because they cause you to grow they Stimulate an understanding of where I'm Still not done yet don't judge that love That treat her like a child you don't Yell at a child because they have a Problem right I hope right you you see As an opportunity to raise them Vegeta Says one should raise the self with self Not trampled down the self right talking About capital A ottman and lowercase Ottman so you just every situation you

Go through is a learning experience it's All wonderful if you fall fine if as Long as you're doing your best now if You don't even try that's that's a Different story all right but if you're Doing your best and trying to stay Conscious and trying to stay clear and Putting some time aside from meditation And so and so forth and then something Happens and knocks you off your game Right that's wonderful that means I have Work to do in that area so you just do a Little bit better next time you're Trying to understand and see what the Blockage is that got hit and then you Look at it and say boy what will life be Like and how does it look when a Blockage gets hit instead of worrying What to do just look at it what will it Be like when it's no longer there look At me what will it be like when that's Not there what will my life be like when I don't have that in my heart to cause All this trouble and look at it that way And to be grateful that you have this Opportunity step by step right to let go Of yourself but don't judge no shame no Blame just growth Fair enough fair enough all right and You'll let me know how you do with that Type of soul [Music] Foreign [Music]

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