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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello YouTube Myron golden here and I'm Going to introduce you to Bishop Wayne Malcolm the business Bishop all the way From the UK we had him here in studio a Couple of weeks ago he absolutely blew Our minds he was dropping gold bars out Of his mouth showing us business Principles from the Bible that Absolutely blew us away make sure you're Sitting down not standing up I don't Want you to fall down and hurt yourself But I am telling you he is about to blow You away and here he is Bishop Wayne Malcolmen I am here today we are here Today we're gonna have an unbelievable Day today We have a regular Bible study coming up In about an hour And I've got my dear friend one of my Mentors a gentleman who knows who's got Insight into the word and Kingdom Entrepreneurship like nobody I know on Planet Earth And when you put these principles into Place it will change your life for the Rest of your life Bishop Wayne Malcolm Welcome glad to have you here brother I Am so excited to be with you Myron Building I'm right back at you brother Right back at you I met Bishop Um 12 years no a little longer than that 14 years ago in the UK I spoke at his Church and spoke at a conference that he Had and I was just blown away that this

Guy knew all this stuff and we just Stayed connected over the years we did a Conference in North Carolina together a Couple years ago well probably back in 2014 or 15 and it was just unbelievable So you guys are in for a treat we're Just gonna have a conversation this Morning we're gonna come back this well Obviously we're gonna have Bible study At 10 which I'm going to be talking About some stuff and you're welcome to Chime in if you'd like and then we are Going to be back tonight from 5 to 7 p.m Tonight and then from 5 to 7 P.M Tomorrow night I promise you if you do Not miss a session you will not be Disappointed so glad to have you all Here glad to have you all here in the Room glad to have you all here in the Zoom and Bishop very glad to have you Here so I'm going to start off by asking you a Question and I like I think one of the Biggest problems Um that people have when it comes to the Bible and their lives not just business But their lives because they don't Understand But the Bible is not a book that God Gave us so we could have religion Absolutely but it's a book that he gave Us so we could have guidance so we can Have an instruction so we can understand Heaven's government for Earth and that's

What the whole concept of kingdom is About and I know a lot of people use a Lot of people like use Kingdom as a Buzzword so they can attract attention And then you go to whatever their thing Is and they don't know the Kingdom from An ant hill right and so one of the Verses in scripture which I believe Solves all social problems okay and you Can disagree with me if you want to Because I've been wrong before it it's Been a while but I have been wrong Um but one of the verses in Scripture That I believe would solve all social Problems is uh Matthew 6 33 but seek ye First the kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all these things shall Be added unto you but the problem is Um if you ask a thousand people what the Kingdom of God is you might get 65 Different answers you might get 900 Different answers right yeah and if my Assertion is if you don't know what the Kingdom of God is and you're searching For it yeah when you find it how will You know you found it yeah yeah right so If you don't know what it is and you Find it you're going to keep on looking So Um some of the most profound Kingdom Principles I've ever heard taught I've Heard you teach them Jesus Christ Himself who is salvation his name Yeshua Means salvation right

So Jesus Christ who is salvation When he preached the gospel he didn't Preach the gospel of Salvation he Preached the gospel of the Kingdom right Because he understood something that Christianity or modern-day churchianity A lot of pastors don't understand a lot Of people don't understand that the Purpose of Salvation is to re-establish Kingdom so pick up where I just left off And share what your thoughts are and by The way if you disagree let me know well I certainly don't disagree Um I and I can't remember when you were Last wrong Okay here it goes here it goes but look I'm really really happy to be here and To be talking about my favorite subject Which which is the kingdom of God Because I think the Bible is Fundamentally about the king and his Kingdom yes sir um I think we we are Bound to reach all the wrong conclusions If we approach the Bible as a real as a Religious book about about how to do Religion right so good the Bible is more About about uh relationship all right so There I guess there are three critical Relationships that the Bible is about so So I'm going to ask you to speak up now Bishop Wayne Malcolm is from the UK and They're very very proper over there so I'm going to ask you to use your Preacher voice because we don't have

Assisted sound in here I mean I don't Know if we get assistance out in Here We Can't right now we'll go later okay some So the people in the room can hear you Well careful what you wish for Who knows And turn up the volume [Laughter] Okay so Uh I think we are bound to reach the Wrong conclusions if we approach the Bible as a religious book right uh the Bible is more of a relational book about Three critical relationships come on now Uh first is your relationship with God Your creator Second is your relationship with Yourself And third is your relationship with your Fellow humans that's Christ's answer to The question what what is the greatest Commandment come on now greatest of all The Commandments is to love God with all Your heart soul mind strength and the Second is like unto it love your Neighbor as yourself and upon these two Hang all the law and the prophets come On now so if you if you come out of your Biblical studies without an enriched and Enhanced relationship with God your Creator with yourself and with others Then you've perhaps missed the point so Kingdom the kingdom of God is really The the lens through which you are best

Going to get the mind of God from the Scriptures all right so uh the challenge For us is that we were born and raised In democracies right and there were no Democracies in the Bible Wow say that one more time there were no Democracies in the Bible Democracy actually appears In the 400 years of Silence there's a Gap between the Old Testament and the New Testament and that Gap lasted about 400 years I sometimes preach a message Called the blank page and I say let's Turn to the blank page and they're like What so yeah between between Malachi 4 And Matthew 1 in an actual Bible there's A blank page I say let's let's turn to The blank page because that's what we're Going to be reading from because that Sets the context for the New Testament So many things are different in the New Testament than they are in the Old Testament because of everything that Happened in those 400 years but what Happened was a lot of Greek philosophy Began to dominate the world view and out Of that you you you have the the Democratic system which is perhaps the Very best that we can do as human beings Right so I'm not knocking the system but When Jesus preached and talked about the Kingdom in his day the kingdom made Sense for us we're still trying to Understand what he means by the Kingdom

So that's that's why people have such That's one of the reasons why people Have such a hard time understanding the Concept of Kingdom yeah okay yeah yeah Absolutely I'm tracking so I'm I so I Think what I'm gonna do is uh I want to Quote the passage it's Proverbs 19 21. And it says many are the plans in the Mind of a man But the purpose of God that will stand Right so basically means A lot of good people have good ideas but God is standing by his purpose what's That verse again 19 21 Proverbs 19 21. So many good people have many good ideas But God is standing by his purpose and The best definition for the word purpose Is original intent let's go all right Let's go so I may have good ideas and They may even be great ideas but God is Only standing by or backing his original Intent all right so it simply means God's going to get what he wanted in the Beginning Right and if I want God backing me best Thing I can do is align my plans with His purpose 100 100 all right because The only thing he's standing by is his Original intent his actual purpose And I think that's what is meant by I am Alpha and Amiga the beginning and The end the first and the last that is Only possible in a circle Only in a circle is the beginning the

End The first the last Okay no you didn't just you you can't Have the Alpha and Omega at the same Point in a straight line you can only Have that in a circle which would Suggest that no matter how far we have Moved from his purpose he's going to Bring it right back to exactly what he Intended

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