Kingdom Conversations With The Business Bishop Pt 5

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

[Music] Previously in this series And you have to prioritize the kingdom Seek first the kingdom for everything Else to be added to you so this is all Bad ground which means the good ground Is simply this people who understand it People who take it seriously and people Who prioritize it now according to Jesus That word of the kingdom is going to Produce Sons of the Kingdom I know you like this Part of this video series but you're Going to love the entire thing I invite You to go back and watch the entire Thing in sequential order so if this is If you're jumping in the middle Somewhere go back watch the first video Then the second then the third like Watch these videos in sequential order They will bless you beyond measure word Of the kingdom is going to produce Sons of the Kingdom let's all say sons Of the Kingdom sons of the Kingdom a son Of in Hebrew is one bearing the Characteristics of the nature of that's Why someone could be called a son of Thunder you know one of the uh disciples Sons of really you you are manifesting The nature of so the sons of the kingdom Are the people who uh embody the culture Of the Kingdom the mentality of the Kingdom the the characteristics of the Kingdom that's what the word of the

Kingdom produces right so the word Produces Sons let's all say that the Word the word produces son produces Sons But in the second parable The seed was not the word come on now Come on now talk to us the seed was the Sons He now says what it says Uh that that a man sowed seed into into His field and then an enemy came and Sowed weeds into the field when he Interprets it he says the good seed are The children of the kingdom and the Weeds are the children of the wicked one In other words in the first Parable We've sown a word the word produces a Harvest of sons now we're going to take The sons and plant them as seeds Right where is he going to plant the Machines in his field here's what it Says the interpretation is as follows by Jesus the field is the world Not to the church Oh say that one more time the field is The world not the church so what the King was saying is look I'm going to Preach this word of the Kingdom it's Going to raise up sons of the kingdom When we have sons of the Kingdom we're Now going to plant them into the world Okay and of course the world is not just A geographic Mass the world is is an Array a complex arrangement of Demographies of spheres and sectors and

Industries and Brands and corporations And cultures and subcultures all of that Makes the world Tampa is not just Tampa Because of its Geographic uh location on A map it has its own culture it has its Demography it has its it has its its Economy it has its polity it has its Groups so when Jesus said I'm going to Plant my sons into the world what he's Saying is it's pure King talk I am Targeting territory And I'm going to put my sons my children Into those territories come on now Here's the problem so is the enemy going To put people into those territories And you and unfortunately see there's a Grass in Israel called Darnell grass At the earliest stage it is Indistinguishable from wheat come on now That's the weeds At the early stage you cannot tell is That wheat or is that a weed And so an enemy typically a farmer would Not PL you know grow wheat anywhere near Darnell grass but an enemy came in and Began to sow the Darnell grass among the Wheat But this required the patience The patience of the farmer to say let Them both grow together I'm going to Come to something with that let them Both grow together until the time of the Harvest in other words there comes a Point in your maturation where you where

You are obviously distinguishable from Everything else interestingly enough Bishop Darnell grass and wheat Darnell Grass grows faster than wheat I'm but wheat grows taller than Darnell Grass anyway just oh that's that's Beautiful a caveat here here's the last Point I'm going to make on that It is that when Jesus says let them both Grow together He is saying there is nothing The weeds can do To stop you growing They cannot stop you growing they can't So instead of focusing on ridding your Life of Toxic difficult Aggressive Energies Focus on growing Come on man Because as you grow The distinction The separation becomes an inevitable Part of your maturity Okay okay so so so Somebody is going to see this in the UK And they're going to report you to the King because you're showing out brother You're showing out so let me let me say This I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm Gonna bring It full circle and then We're gonna by the way for those of you Who are here on Zoom we will be back on Zoom tonight I mean we're gonna I'm

Gonna do Bible study here in a few Minutes we'll be back from five to seven Tonight and this man is going like Hopefully you're gonna finish a little Bit about letting them grow together You're going to go into a little detail About that because you're an already you Don't already opened the can you might As well pour it out okay so so and y'all Don't I promise you if you miss your own Birthday party in 2023 don't miss the Night okay so The last thing I'm going to say is this Because I started with Matthew 6 33. but seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and All these things shall be added unto you What is the kingdom of God and you've You've already said it but I'm gonna I'm Gonna give it to you in a sentence so You can begin to look for it Intentionally instead of haphazardly The kingdom of God the word kingdom is a Compound word that means King's Dominion So the kingdom of God is when I yield my Life to God as The Sovereign King Of My Life When I understand that my mind is his And I think the thoughts he wants me to Think I understand that my mouth is his And I say the words he wants me to say I Realize my eyes are his and I'm looking At what he wants me to look at my hands Are his I'm doing the Deeds he wants me

To do my feet are his I'm trying the Path he wants me I'm yielding my life to God as The Sovereign King Of My Life Notice I did not say I surrendered my Life to God Because the word surrender is not a Bible word All the Jesus I Surrender it sounds good It's good for a song but it ain't in the Word you cannot find the word surrender In the Bible not one time Especially when it comes to man's Relationship with God but it's not just Not in there but the Bible talks about Us yielding Our Lives to God surrender Is something you do to a foreign enemy Yield is something you can do to a Friend I yield my life to God as The Sovereign King Of My Life When I yield my life to this God is The Sovereign king of my life he makes me The king over an assignment The carpenter is the rules over the wood The plumber rules over the flow of the Water the electrician rules over the Flow of the electricity it's not it's Not that it's not that people who are Owned banks are Kings and Carpenters or Not Kings everybody's just King over as Bishop said so eloquently their thing So I yield my life to God as The Sovereign King Of My Life He makes me the ruler or the king over

An assignment you ladies he makes you The queen over an assignment Here's where here's where the kingdom of God ends up we use the assignment that He gave us to rule over to serve every Human being we come in contact with We become king servants Yielded to God serving people and when You do that People will seek you out When you can deliver something to them That they could not find by themselves They will seek you out and they will Happily pay you For the assignment that you ruled over And serve to them And that's why the scripture says seek Ye first the kingdom of God when I'm Yielded to God and God's Sovereign came In my life he makes me the ruler over an Assignment and I use that assignment to Serve people Those people happily pay me Happily I happily pay the people who Served me I happily pay them so I yield My life to God as a sovereign king of my Life I rule over an assignment because He gave me authority over that Assignment and then I used that Assignment to serve every human being I Come in contact with which goes back to What you said Love the Lord your God with all your Heart all your mind all your soul and

The second is like Undead Thou shalt Love thy neighbor as thyself which by The way if you hate yourself you can't Love your neighbor right right I've never met somebody who hates Themselves Who doesn't struggle with loving other People 100 anyway and by the way the Reason people hate themselves is because They're walking around with a heart full Of Pride because they think their Standard is higher than God's Okay Bishop I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go we Gotta go I gotta go recuperate from you Yeah I need I need to create some space Give it up for Bishop y'all All right stay blessed by the best

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