Kingdom Conversations With The Business Bishop Pt 4

Curated By Ralph

My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

[Music] Previously in this series Satan wanted her to pay attention to What was missing why because he Understands where attention goes Intention follows yeah and as soon as he Got her attention on the tree that she Couldn't have he knew she would put her Intention on the tree that she couldn't Have and so the first Temptation in the History of the world was for Adam and Eve to focus on what was missing And as soon as they focused on what they Didn't have they lost everything they Did have I know you like this part of This video series but you're going to Love the entire thing I invite you to go Back and watch the entire thing in Sequential order so if this is if you're Jumping in the middle somewhere go back Watch the first video then the second Then the third like watch these videos In sequential order they will bless you Beyond measure well I I want I want to Take this a little bit a little bit Further because Uh you know the Revelation or the Realization of your royalty you know Initiate a search at least at a Subconscious level you are now looking For your domain so I want to say Something about how you can find your Domain because I think it's very Important that we as part of this

Kingdom uh establishment I think it's important that we number One discover our domain and that we Number two develop it and that we number Three defend it and that we number four Dominated come on okay so once you Discover your domain you're gonna Develop it and you're gonna defend it And you're going to dominate it and so I First saw this I saw this in the Genesis Right because the garden the garden Was Adam's Was Adam's domain To work with initially Because how many of you think the Garden Of Eden was beautiful Okay so I want to make it very clear God Did not make it beautiful Adam made it beautiful The Bible does not say that God created The Garden of Eden It says he planted a garden Eastwood in Eden which means that at one stage it Was a field of mud It emerged around Adam And his job was to number one dress it Which means something is growing around You and it is your job to see the beauty In it and to dress it you dress it and You keep it you make it beautiful you Keep it beautiful I think of it as a Beautiful place but it didn't start that Way and when it comes to your domain Okay it's not about looking for a

Ready-made situation come on now it's About realizing that the seeds of your Own economic Redemption have already Been planted beneath your feet that You're walking on an opportunity and Into opportunity all the time that You're looking at things and labeling Them wrong if you are not thinking Abundantly you're looking at things and Labeling them wrong you're looking at a Problem and calling it a problem when You should be saying here is an Opportunity because if it irritates me It must irritate thousands of millions Of others and if I can figure out how to Solve this for me then I can package That and make that available for others Yes sir this is so this is so wild bro Ephesians chapter 5 verse number 16. A lot of people know what it says almost Nobody knows what it's saying Redeeming The time because the days are evil guess What the word redeem means it means to Buy back To rescue from loss and to improve Opportunity So I'm supposed to buy back my time Rescue it from loss and improve Opportunity why because the days are Evil that word evil is not evil like the Devil is evil go look it up it's Literally full of turmoil difficult in Nature we are supposed to buy back our Time rescue it from loss improve our

Opportunity because life is hard wow You blow my mind bro Likewise Likewise so it's interesting that all of These secrets are right here in the Genesis and they give us a sense of God's original intent all right Originally he wants you to be a Reflection of himself uh using your Gifts your skill set to transform the Field of mud into a beautiful garden and To keep it it's about it's it's about Dominion he rules the world through you Because he is the king of your heart Because he has your heart he has Everything that you have so he wants you To have everything and as you have Everything and he has you that's the Plan that's the original intent so it Gets disrupted in Genesis 3. it does and Jesus said I have come to seek and to Save that which was lost it's called the Restitution of all things it's God Getting what he wanted in the beginning And Jesus has come to do that but he's Keeping it secret because if the princes Of the world knew what he was really up To They wouldn't have crucified him Actually they would have they would have Taken care of him right so His plan was a mystery and I'm I'm gonna I'm not sure how much time we have left But let's say 10 minutes 10 minutes well

I'll I'll share something about the the Secret plan of Jesus is that what would That help oh that could help me yeah and And and I can biblically call it a Secret Because that's what Jesus called it come On now okay in Matthew 13 he gives seven Parables and the word Parables of the Kingdom and the word Parable means a Parallel okay it's a parallel and when He was asked why are you speaking to People in Parables he said because it is Given to you to know the Mysteries or The secrets of the Kingdom but to them It is not given because to him who has More will be given if you understand the Secret of the Kingdom you will get more Of the Kingdom seek first the kingdom of God his everything else it gets added to You so these are the secrets and there Are seven of them and numbers are not Accidentally placed in the Bible come on Now numbers have meanings they give Context to the text there are seven Because seven is God's number Signifying a finished work the Conclusion of the matter the ultimate Outcomes so there are seven Parables and He calls them secrets of the Kingdom all Right In the first Parable there is a sower Who is sowing seed And some Falls by the wayside Some Falls among stones and some Falls

Among thorns And some falls on good ground right Okay Good news is we don't have to interpret That because he interprets it himself He says The Good Seed is the word of the Kingdom Not The gospel of salvation The word of the Kingdom And he says Where it falls by the wayside this Refers to those who hear it but don't Understand it Okay so if you don't understand the word Of the Kingdom that word cannot produce A manifestation of the Kingdom in your Life So we should seek to understand the Kingdom if the kingdom is going to be Manifested for us the second group is The seed that fell among uh uh stone or Shallow ground and he says that it Didn't take root and then the sun came Up and scorched it because it had no Roots in itself okay so these are people Who didn't really contemplate or take Seriously the word of the Kingdom to Where it could actually grow roots Inside of them so people talk Kingdom They're not really convicted of the Kingdom they're not really convinced of The kingdom and so if they get Persecution for the Kingdom's sake they

Will quickly abandon that all right the The third group was uh the group who's Who the the word was choked out By the cares of this life and the Deceitfulness of riches and the lust of Other things in other words this group Did not prioritize the kingdom And you have to prioritize the kingdom Seek first the kingdom for everything Else to be added to you so this is all Bad ground which means the good ground Is simply this people who understand it People who take it seriously and people Who prioritize it if you understand the Kingdom which may take some seeking and Searching out you understand it you uh Take it seriously and you prioritize it That's good ground now according to Jesus that word of the kingdom is going To produce Sons of the Kingdom let's all say sons Of the Kingdom sons of the Kingdom

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