Kingdom Conversations With The Business Bishop Pt 3

Curated By Ralph

My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

[Music] Previously in this series Just like God when we see his whole Purpose original intent creation Connection and contribution that's why Human beings see an animal is perfectly Fine not creating yeah not kid not Connected perfectly fine and not Contributing but human beings can only Be fulfilled when we are creating Connected connecting contributing and Contributing so anyway that's what I Thought of when you were talking about That man that is so powerful and that's That that's yeah that's it right I know You like this part of this video series But you're going to love the entire Thing I invite you to go back and watch The entire thing in sequential order so If this is if you're jumping in the Middle somewhere go back watch the first Video then the second then the third Like watch these videos in sequential Order they will bless you beyond measure We are different we are different our Fundamental difference Um is in this creative appetite and Capacity this puts us in the god class Now when God has made Man In His Image And likeness First thing he does is bless bless them Okay And because God called their name Adam Adam later called her name Eve right

Right he blessed them And he said to them be fruitful Do multiply Replenish the Earth Subdue it subdue it And have dominion right so Dominion is King dumb language it's King language Right Because a kingdom is a king's domain And you can only have dominion Where you dominate where you rule okay Therefore what God is is showing here is The fundamental difference between the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of men So here's the difference between the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of men The kingdoms of men typically have a King A royal family A royal extended family called the Nobility or the aristocracy and every Other person is a subject in the Kingdom All right so in the you know in the United Kingdom You have British citizens and you have British subjects Countries that were colonized Who applied for British citizenship Would get a passport that said British Subject Okay and then they'd have to fight for Citizenship because citizenship would Give you more rights But

In the eyes of the aristocracy everyone That is not a part of the royal family Is a subject now I've got an issue with The word subject which is that it starts Out with the with with sub right and Anything that is sub is what it's it's Underneath which suggests that the royal Family is the object governing the Subject right okay but in the kingdom of God You will notice God does not give Adam Dominion over Eve He does not give Eve dominion over Adam He doesn't give people dominion over People why because the Jesus is not the King of subjects and slaves he is the King of other kings come on now Come on now let's go so that in the Kingdom of God Everyone is the royal family Um All right there are no subjects in the Kingdom we are the royal family Jesus is The king of other kings So this now Is the Revelation or the realization of Your own royalty like it's it's it's Really difficult to understand the Kingdom until you get a revelation of Your own royalty come on now right it And it's it's the power of who you are In essence and who you are from God's Perspective from God's perspective the Earth and its resources should be

Governed by the people who are governed By God they are the royal family and Therefore they are the kings and You know Once you realize your royalty then the Search is on the search is on now for my Domain Because since my domain is not other People And I can't be a King Without a kingdom I gotta figure out what is it I am here To rule what realm should I rule over Come on now Bishop what what what domain Should I dominate Okay and what you're going to find Fundamentally Uh is that your Dominion Uh is going to be linked to a skill set Oh wow what you say yeah because see see It it requires a skill To to transform the natural resource of The earth Into a valuable Item that we can use to enrich Humanity In other words God doesn't make tables And chairs he makes trees We because we are creators will look at The tree and we'll see tables and chairs In it come on now And so then a skill set right of Transforming natural resource which is What we have dominion over into a uh you Know a viable Pro uh product or service That's a skill set carpentry okay let's

All say carpentry carpentry Now I can be the king Of my thing When it comes to carpentry Um And once I'm king of my thing I am no Longer competing with you come on now Once I'm king of my thing you simply Cannot compete with me I don't need to be you you don't need to Be me because we can all be Kings of our Things We can be masters of our mission I tried To tell you and what happens now is I'm No longer intimidated by your progress I'm inspired by it come on now All right Um and what we've got you know We we've got too many people who have Embraced the doctrines of scarcity yes And they are believing that if you're Winning I'm losing well If you know if you're getting more I'm Getting less But that's perhaps the first lie 100 I Mean I like the way you deal with that Could you just ex how that scarcity is Is the LIE well First and foremost We have to understand that the very First Temptation in the history of the World was the temptation to focus on Lack So what do you mean Myron the very first

Temptation in the history of the war was The temptation to focus on lack well Here's what God Said Genesis chapter 2 Verses 16 and 17 God said of he's Talking he's talking he says of every Tree of the garden thou mayest freely Eat so he said every tree Freely eat every freely what are the Words every freely okay so every tree Freely right or everyone freely lack Words or abundance words total abundance And then he said but of the tree Of knowledge of Good and Evil Thou shalt Not eat of it How many is that one for the day thou Eatest thereof Thou shalt surely die so At here's here's here's what that's Showing us Showing us that Adam and Eve had Everything but one thing They had everything But one thing Here's what Satan did Genesis chapter 3 verse number one now The serpent was more subtle than he Beast of the field which the Lord God Had made by the way you need to Understand how Satan operates he Operates in the realm of subtlety he Does not operate in the realm of Overtness Satan is always covert he is never overt He does not tell big lies he tells Little lies

And so here's what he said the sovereign Yea hath God said ye shall not Eat of every tree of the garden so Here's what he did He added the word not And took out the word freely Does that change the meaning 100 he added the word not took out the Word freely when he added the word not And took out the word freely he got Eve To thinking about something that was not Even in her Consciousness right he got Her to start thinking about the tree she Didn't have She said now by the way Satan is a Master at changing words why because he Understands something we still don't Understand in 2022 and that is this Words are not just a communication tool Words are the window through which we See the world So if you change what you say it changes What you see If I don't call it adultery it doesn't Seem that bad if I call it an affair it Sounds like a party and maybe I should Bring a gift and flowers Is what I'm saying making sense so so The woman said we may eat of the fruit Of the Trees of the garden guess what She did she took out every end freely Wow Because we don't want to offend anybody We don't want to call it what God Called

It original intent we want to call it What everybody else calls it so nobody's Offended by what we call it oh y'all Y'all picking up what I'm putting down So here we may eat at the fruit of the Trees of garden but in the tree that's In the midst of the garden here's what She said God has said you shout not to Eat of it neither shall you touch it Lest you die but guess what God never Said don't touch it She was trying to use willpower to do Something willpower can't help you do um Because Satan wanted her to pay Attention to what was missing why Because he understands where attention Goes intention follows yeah and as soon As he got her attention on the tree that She couldn't have he knew she would put Her intention on the tree that she Couldn't have And so here's what happened it says when The woman saw that the tree was good for Food Pleasant to the eyes desires to Make one wise she took the fruit there Oven did he gave also into her husband With her and he didn't eat now here's What we see from that There's one tree they couldn't have they Had apple trees and pear trees and plum Trees and peach trees and avocado trees And Um olive trees and mulberry trees and Trees upon trees upon trees upon trees

That they could have eaten from here's What they had to do As soon as she got her attention and Intention on the thing that was missing She had to walk past all of her Abundance to get to the things she Lacked Um And the more we focus on What's Missing The more likely we are to lose what we Already have geez and so the first Temptation in the history of the world Was for Adam and Eve to focus on what Was missing And as soon as they focused on what they Didn't have they lost everything they Did have so How's that Bishop that's rich

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