Kingdom Conversations With The Business Bishop Pt 2

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

[Music] Previously in this series Only in a circle is the beginning the End The first the last Okay no you didn't just you you can't Have the Alpha and Omega at the same Point in a straight line you can only Have that in a circle which would Suggest that no matter how far we have Moved from his purpose he's going to Bring it right back to exactly what he Intended I know you like this part of This video series but you're going to Love the entire thing I invite you to go Back and watch the entire thing in Sequential order so if this is if you're Jumping in the middle somewhere go back Watch the first video then the second Then the third like watch these videos In sequential order they will bless you Beyond measure All right and that is why does the king Know you're over here showing out like This that's what I want We can't say anything Okay he's new he's new now and you've Been doing this for a while yeah yeah Yeah so this is why there are striking Similarities between the books of Genesis and revelation Genesis being the first book of the Bible Revelation being the last book of The Bible you will find that there are

Things which disappear in Genesis as a Consequence of Adam's fall That reappear in Revelation as a Consequence of Christ's Victory come on Here So this tree of life it disappears in Genesis yes sir but it reappears in Revelation okay the garden the river god Dwelling with men in the cool of the day That all disappears in the Genesis but It reappears in Revelation likewise There are things which appear in the World in Genesis as a consequence of the Fall They disappear in Revelation as a Consequence of the victory come on here Right so sin appears in Genesis death Appears in Genesis disease appears in Genesis poverty appears in Genesis even The division the divisiveness the Division of all appears in Genesis when You get to Revelation there are seven Things which shall be no more they are The seven things that were consequences Of the Fall So God is going to bring it he's going To get what he wanted in the beginning I Tried to warn you all y'all ain't ready Y'all ain't ready I tried to warn Ed what Yeah so so the reality is best thing I Could do Is take my plans and align them with his Purpose go ahead because he's gonna get

What he wanted And if I want to understand what he Wanted I have to go back to the Beginning I have to start in the Genesis Because he's standing by his original Intent go ahead And this is why this is another Confusing issue right Jesus said the son of man has come to Seek and to save that which was lost not Simply those who were lost In other words I have come to fully Restore everything that was lost as a Consequence of the Fall Okay So you have to understand the original Intent to understand what Jesus was Actually doing Uh so can I go to some original intent Let's talk about some original intent Okay because let's copy intense ain't it The original intent that's the one yeah So uh originally the Earth Was made to be an extension of Heaven Or a colony of Heaven Governed by people who are governed by God come on say that one both times the Earth was originally meant to be an Extension and a colony of heaven and I Think you understand what I mean by a Colony meaning that the culture of Heaven would be visible and evident and Present in the Earth the atmosphere of Heaven would be visible and present in

The earth and the government of Heaven Would be the presiding government of the Earth so the Earth would be an extension Of Heaven A colony of Heaven that is Governed by people who are governed by God So fundamentally God made everything in The world for Adam But he made Adam for himself And he effectively says Adam you can Have all of this So long as I can have all of you go Ahead You know it's early don't you yeah you Trying to act like it's afternoon no I Started with a protein shake it's a Protein shake man I'm wired So this is why What God Made You know you'll you look At Vegetation Animals everything has within itself a The capability of reproducing itself But only after its kind So man okay Was the god kind Um all right because he is not in the Animal class Now I'm going to confess to you I have met Some people [Laughter] And I thought to myself Maybe Darwin had a point

Maybe there was a common ancestor right You know But but Fundamentally there there is a Distinction a huge difference between Human beings and animal kind You're not going to see it in our Biology Right You're going to see it in our Insatiable appetite to create And our Limitless capacity to create We unlike any other creature have an Insatiable appetite to create And we have a limitless capacity to Create so that no matter how much the Monkey looks like a man or the man looks Like a monkey The monkey doesn't have a chance in a Billion years of ever making this cup Right okay and this this in the in the Hierarchy of value is relatively low A monkey has no chance of ever Manufacturing this cup It's us that have this insatiable Appetite to create Bishop if I may Interject yeah you just you're running My blood pressure up over here I'm gonna give you a chance to pump the Brakes and uh drink some of that protein Shake so so interestingly enough When you started talking about the Difference between man and animals you Talked about heaven God made everything

For Adam but God I made Adam for himself God created three categories in creation He created creation the Sun the moon the Stars the planets the trees the grass The water he created creatures the dogs The cats the giraffes the alligators and Then he created creators Man now here's what's really interesting If you look at the difference between in Hebrew in the Hebrew the etymology of Hebrew if you look at the difference Between an animal that God created And the man that God created the animal That God created is called Which means in it is what it is But in Hey what I mean Um yeah uh Ba hey Ma in it is what it is in other Words what you see is what you get a Horse is a horse is a horse of course Wow right but the word for man is the Word Adam Olive solid Mim The letter Olive represents God See a beast doesn't have an olive in it It doesn't have it doesn't have God's Likeness in it right a beast doesn't Have that but man has God God likeness In him Olive dollar men what's dollar mem Dollar mem spells dome which is what Blood In the life of the flesh is in the blood So what is a man a man is a god-like

Creation creature Creator creative a God-like creative with flesh and blood That's the difference between a man and An animal and the reason like oh man you Got me you got to get me all worked up Here I need I need to pump the brakes But what's interesting is to me is when When God Created everything if we look at you Talked about original intent God's original intent that we see we see What God did he made us like him the Thing he made Was first thing he did was he created Yeah right so that's the first thing He had creation And so after he created creation and the Creatures He had this creation but he didn't have Anything to connect with so what did he Do he created man for connection yeah he Created somebody who was like him but Not him That he could connect with And then man sinned and severed that Connection yeah and then God Did the final point that that final part Of that this whole Creation Kingdom Process which is he contributed by Giving his son to die on the cross for Our sin and so just like God when we see His whole purpose original intent Creation connection and contribution That's why human beings see an animal is

Perfectly fine not creating yeah not kid Not connected perfectly fine and not Contributing but human beings can only Be fulfilled when we are creating Connected connecting contributing and Contributing so anyway that's what I Thought of when you were talking about That man that is so powerful and that's That that's yeah that's it right

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