If You’re Waiting For THIS, You’re Never Going to Jump

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

I love that saying jump out of the plane And grow wings on the way down That might be a little extreme But that's how we have to approach it More especially going into this new World is we're we're waiting for all This Perfection and it's not coming [Music] [Applause] One of the lowest form of thinking in The world is perfection Because really what perfectionism is Is your subconscious that scary thing Inside that's trying to protect you it's Really just masking fear well I do it if I understood it all I'd do it if Everything was perfect is anything ever Perfect Raise your hand if you're a parent Right and this isn't not knocking those That aren't But did anybody have that figured Out when you had your first child Was anybody a perfect parent right now I Am the parent of a 16 year old I have a 14 year old boy and I have a two and a Half year old and a baby who loves to Cry at night If you think I got that figured out You are completely wrong I am a taxi cab Trying to figure out teenagers while Trying to support my wife when our baby Cries the middle of the night it is Something else

If you waited To have children Until it was perfect would any of us Have children No that is so sloppy and the most Amazing thing in the history of the World simultaneously Simultaneously there is nothing more I Enjoy nothing I love being with you guys Today I love being Tony's partner I love Being with my team there's nothing I Love like being a dad nothing and it's The hardest job I have Who in here has ever reprimanded scolded Or yelled at your children And an hour later you go I am such a I am such a like that was the Worst example in the history of the World like I took my day out I took my Dad's parenting style I did something Popped out of my mouth that had nothing To do with being a good child anybody Else an hour later like this on the door Uh Brody you got a minute can I talk to You uh this guy screwed up so can we Talk about what just happened what you Did wasn't cool but the way this guy Handled it was way freaking worse right If you waited to be perfect to have a Child you would never have children There is no Perfection well Simultaneously It is godsend it is magical right

Isn't the same with our businesses us Going into a new role a different role Scaling trying something new it is messy It is imperfect and that is incense the Beauty of it our brains are saying wait Till everything's perfect and you will Never engage you will just wait And wait and wait because nothing is Ever perfect I love that saying Jump out of the plane and grow wings on The way down That might be a little extreme But that's how we have to approach it More especially going into this new World is we're we're waiting for all This Perfection and it's not coming So what if we fell in love With this sloppy achievement What if we just fell in love with action Not perfection What if we fell in love With and if you know I talk about it Mastermind right of just being a better Version of ourselves tomorrow than we Were yesterday What if we just fell in love with again I'm going to go back to Matthew McConaughey because I love this did Anybody ever see his uh Oscar speech Pretty damn good if you haven't seen it You should Google it Um He's up giving his Oscar speech and

You know he said so many people ask me Who my hero is anybody know who he said His hero is Uh dad his dad his dad seems like it was His dad's a there you go Tom Martin Winner ding ding ding He said his hero is him in 10 years How cool is that how deep of a thinker Is that guy my hero is me in 10 years as Long as I take that uncomfortable action As long as I Forge forward as long as I'm more afraid of not doing than doing As long as I change those stories I take Uncomfortable action I try new you Think about what he did he he literally If you read his book he was a lawyer Going to school to be a lawyer and one Day something changed he took the Uncomfortable action have to call his Dad and say sorry I want to be in film And then he did romantic comedies he was The most sought after in romantic Comedies remember when he just did Romantic comedy after romantic comedy And then one day he said man this is not Who I want to be and he stopped and his Manager said you say no to work in Hollywood you'll go ice cold you'll Never come back He's like good then that's what I'm Doing he made a decision he was afraid Of the not knowing what it would be like To do something different than a Romantic comedy

Two years it went dry two years in his Manager said you ready to go back to Romantic comedy he said no Told you I want to do something deeper His next role in one of an Oscar His next role of one of an Oscar It's legendary only one Oscar a year Think about that Where do we have to take uncomfortable Action where do we have to stop thinking About perfection where do we have to Start Evolving towards more uncomfortable Action to just be a better version of Ourselves to tell ourselves a different Story to be more afraid of the unknown Or the undoing than to doing Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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