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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

You want to change the world stop with The negative thoughts about yourself Stop with doing stuff that doesn't work It's like I tell my kids all the time so Many times in life it's like if you hit Your thumb with a hammer and it hurt You'd stop but somebody having a Negative thought that I'm not good Enough it doesn't work my husband will Never believe in me I'm not smart enough I'm not rich enough you'll do that To yourself all the time and it's never Worked for you ever [Music] [Applause] Beating yourself up has never got you to The Finish Line at the level you want to Be it's a true story I've never seen it Happen stop it whether it's a thought Whether it's an action whether it's a Friend you hang out with that makes you Feel absolutely miserable about yourself Stop it you're in control we just agreed Life is going by too fast it's going by In a heartbeat So stop it what can you learn from it Right all obvious stuff I'm not Reinventing the wheel I'm not oh I never Heard this before but the things that Went wrong In the first half of this year What if they're a blessing What if if you take Tony's word life Happens for us not to us and you're

Supposed to fail they were supposed to Let you down they were supposed to not Be there for you when you thought they Should be there was supposed to question You and say ah it might work for other People I don't know if it'll work for You they're supposed to do that why Because God's got a bigger plan and Wants to know if you have the stamina to Keep going and actually use that as fuel Not your anchor so what went sideways How can you analyze it and how can you Learn from it then this is my this is The brilliant part what if what went Wrong was just a millimeter or two away From going right how can you adjust it How can you tweak it how can you modify It And if it's not how do you throw it away I used to say this all the time on New Year's I have these crazy visuals this Is this is how my simple like seventh Grade education brain works okay Um I look at my past as if It's a your past is on all these shelves In this little building right everything That happened in the first six of the Month six months of this year as as Everything's on the Shelf The Good Bad And the Ugly right And you have a suitcase And the building catches on fire and you Got five minutes to put in your suitcase

Everything you want to bring with you Into the second half of this year And then you know what you do with the Rest of it You let it burn You let it burn if you fail what lesson Can you learn from it and let that Burn down right don't hold on to it we Make mistakes listen I have to tell you One of the biggest things that I had Regrets on and I can't do anything about It except learn from it and I've shifted Is being a parent to my daughter Who has more than one child Did anybody ever tell you in advance That you could have two children raise Them the same way Same Love same Everything and their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde they're completely due humans right Like not even the same both my children Are amazing I love them both the same But the way I raised my daughter the way I communicate with my daughter it just Seems It's effortless With my son It's like oil and water like if I say Something's black my my son will find a Way of saying it's white and you're Wrong dad and I'm like oh my God right And it took me a long time to realize He's just wired different and I have to Communicate with him differently and I Have to figure out the puzzle of my son Brody and the truth is I made some

Really shitty parenting decisions with Him and I've lost my temper with him and I've yelled at him and I've swore like Damn it bro to your what are you Thinking Like Really bad like not bad I've never Physically I've never screamed never Belittled him I just made dumb decisions On how I parented them because I wasn't Listening he just has a completely Different language and I felt like it Was disrespect I felt like I'm just Being completely transparent the dumbest Thing I could ever do is look back hold That regret and keep doing the same Thing what I need to do is look back and Go that way to communicate with him Ain't working and if I keep doing it What's the definition of insanity doing The same thing over and expecting a Different result let me just keep Yelling at him let me just keep raising My voice because that works so well no All it does is he doesn't change and I Feel guilty as hell when I go to bed and And want to go upstairs and hug him and Tell them how sorry I am that I tried Right What I know is I let that burn down but Before I did I learned from it and I Have to tell you this last year with my Son's a completely different space I Have different patients I talk to him in

A different way I am figuring out the Puzzle of my son Brody in an exponential Way because of everything I'm sharing With you and is that more for me You can take all my money away at the End of my life if my boy Brody wasn't by My side because I screwed up and he Moved away to another state and I talked To him once a year and he barely you Know wanted to chat with me You could take away every dollar put me In a freaking put me in a sidewalk and And with a with a blanket and a pillow I'd rather have my son loving me than Having a dollar in my life but these Same principles apply wherever you are And when you don't change them right my Father I mean I come from a long line of Generations of parents not talking to Their kids my dad didn't talk to his Father from when he was 11 years old to The day he died never talked to his dad His grandfa his father did the same Thing with his dad and it could repeat In my family and ain't I'm stopping it It's done I'm not doing what other People have done not what other Generations have done I've learned from It and shifted I get a little personal Here but I just want to show you how Important these things are and we can Change them today we could stop it today We can learn from it today we could stop Hitting our thumb with the hammer and

Expecting it not to hurt anymore it will Continue to hurt it will continue not to Serve you so how do you let the past Burn to the ground and just learn and Carry over the finish line what you need Make a list today of what didn't work And what you need to stop doing to make That list today what do you want to Accomplish in the second half of the Year okay you know I talk about this all The time but here's what I think you Should do Today tonight whenever time allows is Really sit and let's pretend it's the End of the year let's pretend it's the End of December and you're looking back And you go damn did I kick some butt in The second half of this year wasn't so Sure in the first half but man I crushed The second half of this year visualize It happening so much not as if it could Happen pretend it did happen so you Literally feel it in your cells like Close your eyes and just think for a Moment What happened oh my God my my my Training I'm I'm selling 10 courses a Week I'm generating x amount of money There's passion back in my relationship My health is optimal I look in the Mirror and love myself I found true love Again or I found inner love again I Don't know what it is for you but I'm I'm encouraging you to write it down and

Feel it right I said what are you making Profits online do you have the course Launched the revenue the freedom you Have control of your time you're Spending more time with your family I Don't know what it is but you do And I'm going to ask you to take time And pretend it's the end of this year It's December end of December and you're Just on fire What would that look like What did you have to accomplish to make You feel that way and write it down Listen When we create these mini road maps When we create them then how often do we Have to look at them what I'm going to Encourage you to do is do this exercise And I'd look at it every week I'd look At every every day if you need to but I'd look at it every week for the rest Of the year so you don't let yourself Down so you remind yourself of the Emotions you feel at this moment because I promise you an hour from now Life's gonna be right back at you you're Going to be homeschooling your kids or You're going to be driving them to the Mall or you're going to be doing your Work or finishing something up at your Current business or you're going to get A call from somebody you work with or a Friend that needs you and man you get Out of this state and you get right

Triggered into the rest don't get Addicted to the learning you get your Value when you take the uncomfortable Action and you actually apply what it is I'm sharing just know the differentiator The the momentum the movement is in the Uncomfortable action of implementation Right it's like the book eat better Exercise more right we have to actually Do it you just don't want to go to the Event that tells you how to get Healthier you want to learn how to get Healthier and implement it I I don't Want you just to hear this like oh Dean Gave me a great training it's like no This is for you these are the little Things that are actually the big things That I wish someone would have shaken me And said do this because here's what Happens I know how the brain works when you want To make more money it's like yeah yeah I Know how to be more positive I know how To set goals Dean that's all good give Me that secret that made you rich dude Come on come on you've already heard a Million ways to make money you already Know that you already know how to Achieve in your company you already know How to get the uh the promotion you want You think it's some tactic tools trick Fancy thing when really the stuff you Really need to know is the stuff that I Just shared with you and I'll call

People out and I'll tell them all the Time you want the tools and the tactics You've already heard them you already Know eat better work out more it works You already know how to get there but This is screwing you up Foreign [Music]

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