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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Solve bigger problems in 2023 So many times I'll meet somebody who Wants more success and they'll think They say to me I can't wait To have more success so I can just get Rid of all the problems problems just Get bigger they don't go away we don't Want to get successful to avoid problems We want to get better so we can handle Bigger ones [Music] [Applause] Think about that Some of you know that maybe you need to Hear it say we do not want to get Successful to avoid problems we want to As Jim Rohn says for things to get Better we have to get better we have to Get better at handling bigger problems So when a problem comes up you go I got This one bring it to me not oh I can't Get this one because here's what I know When I did some of my first real estate Deals 20 something years ago man it was A heavy lift to make 5 000 bucks oh my God what I had to go through and the Stress and the worry and trying to get It done and get it done under budget and Get it sold and go through the closing Process and juggling credit cards to to Make the deal happen man it was Stressful and it was big problems to Solve to make five thousand bucks which Is amazing

Here's what I realized The same energy to close a five million Dollar deal in a 50 million dollar deal It's the same it's the same so if I'm Going to solve problems the bigger the Problems you solve the more success you Have if you don't want to solve any Problems zero you could go get a nine to Five job working maybe in an assembly Line where every day you do the same Thing I take this bolt I put it on this Nut and I tighten it zero problems to Solve Is that what you want does anybody want That and would you do that for even a Lot of money would anybody do it for 150 Grand a year just sit on assembly line And go oh I take this I put it here okay I take this I put it here I take this I Put it here would any of you do that There's probably no amount of money for You to do that But man to go invent the assembly line That's a pain in the ass invent Innovation flow what it looks like how Fast it moves with efficiency efficiency And Effectiveness that's the creative Juices that Keep Us Alive someone solved The problem of the assembly line that Guy's a multi-millionaire the person who Has no problems goes I hate this Freaking job every day at night falls Asleep like oh I'm putting nuts on bolts Every night

Right we want more success we do not Want to avoid problems we become a Problem lover Christina said it Perfectly we just want to solve bigger Problems How's that for a shift in your mindset I have developed this skill I'm not Perfect at it I don't like confrontation Confident but I have I think if you got To my team it's like you got a problem You bring it to Dean I literally love When people are dealing with that's A big problem to solve I'm telling you The bigger problem you solve the more Money comes to you it's as simple as That So in 2023 why don't we don't look for Less Problems why don't we get bigger Skills to solve more problems you know If I if who in here has ever gone to Swear go to the next Lane in a Multi-lane road and you looked in the Mirror They call it your blind spot for a Reason right You looked in the mirror and then you Peeked over your shoulder you didn't see A car and you start going over with your Blinker on and somebody beeps at you They were hiding there who's done that Before right Okay a couple of you are lying but it's Okay you're the perfect driver I'm not Okay

And when I do that I'm like oh my God I'm so sorry and the person is like Double finger screaming wanting to drive Over and fist fight you I immediately Have a fault of like I'm so sorry your Whole life is screwed because if that's The biggest problem you have today it's Because I swerved over three inches that You got to give me the double finger Tell me f you and you want me to pull Over to fight you if that's your biggest Problem you don't need me to give you The finger back you're already screwed Your whole life is screwed you ever see Anybody that orders medium well steak And it comes medium and they lose their I know in my head can I just swear you Guys excuse my language I'll never say That word again it's a bad one but You're screwed when I see people Screaming at a waiter because they Ordered medium rare and they brought Them well done oh my God solve bigger Problems you're focusing on the That does nothing for anyone except Frustrate everybody Right so think about that the next time Like literally I'm at a space in my life Where if I order a medium rare steak and They bring me well done chicken I just Eat it who cares I like chicken it's Okay right I want to solve bigger stuff That changes the world that impacts

People solve bigger problems change your Life sorry about the F-bomb I'll try not To do that anymore [Music]

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