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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

If you're human I would bet to say that There's some things in your life that Have gone wrong right when you thought You were getting momentum you thought You were going to another level you Found you know the business the Partnership the money uh the job even The relationship you talk in your Personal life and then something Happened something went sideways there Was an incident there was a moment there Was something that changed that screwed It all up [Music] [Applause] I know those feelings as well but here's What I want to tell you today in this Training today we're gonna bust all that We're gonna change the way you look at Life the way you look at success And change your framework change the the Hard wiring I really believe that this Success Loop that I'm calling this the First time again I'm going to probably End up tweaking this a few times I'm Actually doing it on stage uh next week In front of like 10 000 people so I Better get this right right Um but this is the first time so today If you're here if you're ready to make Goals and dreams a reality I don't think There could be a better training in the World listen I mean that because because I'm always obsessing on how to go

Upstream right I'm always obsessing on How do like like setting goals and Attaching emotions to them amazing like Oh there's so many hacks to make goals And dreams a reality but when you can go Way Upstream it's like you know you Could take medicine to fix the problem But what if you could go upstream and Eat differently so you never had the Problem in the first place right that's Kind of like that with medicine if You're into healthy food healthy eating So you optimize your body you know You're doing the things way Upstream so You never end up sick right there's some People that are born with diabetes and That that's horrific I have family Members that are and other people that Their eating habits cause the diabetes Right the diabetes could if you could go Upstream and change certain habits the Diabetes goes away right so I want the Same thing with goals what can we do to Go upstream and do things on on the Foundational level so the goals just Keep happening and you're like I keep Hitting these goals I'm going to set More because more keep happening that's What we're going to talk about today so You ready for this All right let's do it let's go wide Enough so you can see this and I'm not Being lazy I'm kind of sitting here I Might get up but

Let's just talk about life I created This thing I'm calling the success Loop And these Loops happen again first time I've ever explained but I really want You to get into this thought process Right now and and going as tight as you Can on us right now Um these Loops always happen this Loop Is failure something went wrong it Didn't go right right so I'll get to it I don't want to give too much away in Advance but I want you to think about Any time in your life Where it went sideways where you had a Hard realization Or an incident So I want to talk about this a hard Realization is I hate my job I can't do this another Day enough is enough I hate being broke I'm done with it I'm Done struggling I'm done feeling this Way I'm going after it a hard Realization is could be in a Relationship I tried for five years I've Done given all of me I went to Counseling this relationship is done or I need to fix it now right people have Hard realizations when they're smoking They cough one day going upstairs they Look at their grandchildren and go her Grandchild and go I'm never going to see Him get older Puts a cigarette down hard realization

It's changed stomp it out it's over or There's an incident your partner screws You over the company goes bankrupt You're advertising on social media and It they change the algorithm and social Media advertising goes away There's these moments in life whether They're a hard realization or an Incident That changed the course of everything And how you handled that is how your Life will turn out you see so many times In life people go through several of These Loops they have a loop when They're people tell them they're crazy And they start their business it doesn't Work out but they learned and they get Another business but there's a point and I want you to think about this there's a Point as we go through this process There's certain points where people opt Out and go flat right hard realization My partner took all my money and ran off You know what I'm never going to be in Business for myself again that's it this Was too hard this was too painful and That's when people Flatline and they Don't really Flatline because there's That old saying if you're not climbing You're sliding so people go you know Many people I meet and go ah Daniel back In 97 back in 2005 I started a business It was going good but then the economy Shifted I lost everything the hell with

That man I'm never going back there you Know I had it but They flatlined the hard realization or That incident was too much for them Because they didn't have the process I'm About to share with you right now and I Want to give you an example that I want To kind of track As we go through this In this probably had to be 15 years ago So maybe more so I first when I first Started sharing with people how to make Money how I made money I created a Course called motor Millions like so Many years ago in 1998 or 99 I created It And it was a course on how I made money Host sailing cars matching buyers and Sellers and how I started a car Dealership and it was a cool little Niche product now that company grew to About five million dollars a year with Blood Sweat and Tears and teaching People how to make money with cars and Now at the same time I was doing real Estate I was doing cars in real estate So I'm telling you this for a reason So as the company's growing I wanted to Put all my efforts all my energy Into my real estate education because Real estate's what really moved the Needle real estate is what made me a Millionaire in my 20s right so I wanted To share that so someone that I worked

With came along introduced me to a guy And he ended up wanting to buy the Company motor Millions more of a Structured company more of running it um More of running it through Um Committees and a corporation and and I Was kind of running it like a mom and Pop if that makes sense right so he Comes in and he buys the company now Gave me a little bit of money up front But was going to pay me every quarter a Big chunk of money so now I'm so excited I built this company I sold it for Millions of dollars I'm going to get a Check every quarter and now I can put All my focus into my real estate Education which I was so packed and my Real estate at the time and learning Marketing and learning success and going To masterminds to be able to figure out How to be a better businessman So I'm really excited But what they did to motor Millions was Was odd they started changing stuff Dramatically they started making it much More corporate it lost its like Emotional connection to the people that Were were putting their faith in me and All of a sudden the first quarter came And I didn't get my check and then the Second quarter came I didn't get my Check even though we sent emails and Letters and I find out that they

Literally blew up that company in six Months it went from a great company like A horse give them a horse that's a that Can win Races they broke its leg and now It's done And then I find out that they hadn't Paid refunds that means people bought a Product they didn't like it for some Reason they wanted their money back and They didn't pay it So my attorney calls me and he says we Did a deep dive there's a million Dollars in refunds They use your face as the brand You're not on the hook you could go Bankrupt but you're gonna have to do Something and we have to go to court to Take the company back I had to go to Court to take a horse with a broken leg Back basically so I want to tell you When I had that moment of all this like I made it here I'm doing good I got Momentum I sold the company I'm going on to my Next one all of a sudden I had a hard Realization I had an incident happen in my life and I want to tell you when I got off the Phone with the attorney I just sat there And said wow this is a lesson for me I'll be better I'll be stronger no I Didn't I had a cordless phone not a cell Phone a cordless phone in my hand I Threw it against my wall and smashed it

Into a million pieces I put a hole in my Wall and I went into the most self-pity Deep dive of negativity that anyone Could ever do I said I'm like who are You you thought you were smart you you Knew you didn't go to college you that's People who told you you were a dreamer Now they're right you I was playing Above my above my head who did I think I Was selling a company I should have got A better attorney I should have slaught More I should have got more money up Front what am I going to do now then all Of a sudden I did what everyone does and We start stacking What happens when you have a hard Realization or incident is we start Stacking oh my God I should have never Done this this was stupid oh my God if I Can't do that I can't pay my employees Then I can't pay the rent I got a 10-year lease oh my God I give my mom Money and my dad money every month I'm Not going to be able to pay them oh my God all the people who told me that I Was a dreamer they're going to know that They were right I'm going to go bankrupt What if this gets in the newspaper and People are going to think I owe the Million bucks because they saw my face When I don't even own the company and I Just started stacking until I was almost Crippled to almost almost crippled and This is the moments I realized this is

When people can Flatline this is when They jump off the loop and go flat for The rest of their life But I realize now what I've been able to Do in these Loops that I want to share With you today because I'm betting Something like this has happened in your Life small big massive it all feels the Same on the inside it hurt me when I was Doing it with going from firewood to Cars from Cars to real estate whether it Was ten dollars ten thousand or ten Million the Motions feel the same So I started stacking but here's what I Realized after and I don't know if I Waddled in pain and pity for three days Or three weeks I'm not sure it was a While ago but I remember this is the Lesson you need to write down right now What I started to do As I started stacking what could go Right Just to counter balance the dizziness of What I was doing and abusing myself and Not sleeping I started stacking what Could go right Could I take the company back can I get It back on track can I use this Knowledge as information to scale my Real estate education company and I Started finding things that I learned This lesson listen did I like it hell no But did I find a way to say I'm learning This is trial and error yes and it

Counterbalanced it a little bit but then I went on to the next step And the next step is who do I not want To be I want you to think about this again This might be stuff you've heard before I'm not sure because I never really Thought through this process this was This has been years in the making to Extract this when I really boil it down If I want to get to the base there's a Lot of personal growth that I've done But it all boils down to who do I not Want to be you know who I didn't want to Be I didn't want to be the guy that Started his own business and people go I Knew he wasn't going to make it he Didn't go to college he's not that smart Didn't have money uh Mr big shot look at Him now I didn't want to be that guy I Didn't want to be the guy that my Parents come and go it's okay Dean you Know what you can get yourself a job I Didn't want to be the guy that put my Tail between my legs and went and worked For somebody even though I was thinking About it when I first started I didn't Want to be the guy that used to be Successful I didn't want to be the guy That missed my opportunity I didn't want To be the guy that had to get a job and Have someone else tell me how to run my Life my deep why is to be in control of My time my life and everything I do

I didn't want to be that guy And when I started thinking about that I Started thinking about the next thing is Who do I want to be Who do I want to be not what not how Much money what's the brand how much Money does it make how many employees do I have what's my significance how cool Do I look what car do I drive what house Do I have none of that who the hell do I Want to be as a human When I started to think about that All of a sudden I started getting Momentum and I started having this Little incantation saying if I can get Through this I can get through anything If I can get through this I can get Through anything you know who I want to Be I want to be the rebound King I want To be the person that no one can hold Them down I want to be the person that Proves all the naysayers wrong I want to Be the person that that shows the world That you could throw whatever you Wanted me I got this I want to be the Person that learns from my mistakes even Though it's painful when I started Feeling that way as you can feel now I Started saying Hell with this this this Company has not taken me down I have the I have lives to change I have impact to Make I want to be a different human Being when I started thinking who I Wanted to be man that everything changed

The Goosebumps on my arm were coming the Way I felt when I was stacking Negativity I was becoming somebody Completely different you see how you can Bail and go Flatline but you got to go Through the whole Loop the next thing I Started to think about is the hard Reality the hard reality of who do I not Want to to be who I want to be and then The hard reality is who am I actually Being Who am I actually being in this very Moment Who am I being I'm being someone that Had self-pity I'm being someone who felt Bad for myself and I didn't want that And when I noticed that I went right Back to who do I want to be Then after that This is the one that might be the most Important thing for every single one of You watching Is if I stayed with this stacking if I Stayed with being the person that I Didn't want to be Who would I be in five years from now Think about that it's five years from Today what's going on in your life what Right now is difficult what can you Stack when you go through this process What's holding you back what obstacle Is challenging you right now What is stopping you from starting the Business whether it's real estate online

Marketing what's stopping you from Scaling your company going out and doing Your own thing what's stopping you from Getting that raise or making an impact On the world or starting your life Coaching or your your your Fitness Coaching business what is stopping you Right now What's stopping you I want you to think about this right now What if it was five years from today Right now and we're back here in my Studio we're talking and still Nothing's really moved in your life the Needle hasn't moved you still got the Same thoughts you still got the same Dreams still being you know getting your Fix on personal growth by watching Videos and the same thing I do listening To books but what if nothing changed What if you're in the same I want you to Think about this right I don't care if You close your eyes what if you were in The same exact boat What if The same problems were there what if the Same money issues what if the same Grumpy boss or dead-end job or not Enough money come in what if it was Exactly the same in five minutes and how Can you feel that right now how can you Feel that in your body How can you feel that in your bones to Where it's disturbing get Disturbed

Because of pain projecting a painful Picture Can get you to take action more than Anything pleasureful Because if you think you're going to be Here if you think you're going to be Here in this exact spot in five years or Worse because if you're not climbing you Know the other side of that you are Sliding you might not even be here you Might be down here Let that pain sink in you want Motivation for the best 12 months of Your entire life let that sink in But now once you feel that what is the Opposite before we went from who do I Not want to be to who I want to be now I Want to go what's the painful Future that you project compared to What's your compelling future What's your compelling future I want you to think about this If you have a Ferrari a Lamborghini Whatever car you would be like a dream Or just a fast car maybe it's a Corvette I don't know But if you have the fastest car I just Bought a new Tesla oh my God it's so Fast I can't even hit the gas I get Vertigo I I hit the gas it goes it's 2.7 Seconds 0 to 60. it is so fast it's Ridiculous and it doesn't make any noise It's just a fast golf cart right But if I don't have GPS

And I don't turn it on And I want to go to a destination but I Don't have any directions does it matter How fast my car is You ever feel in your life that you're Going really really fast you're working Harder than everyone else you're moving And shaking But you're not really getting the Results that you want you ever feel that Way I know I have Because you know what you didn't have You didn't have a compelling future you Didn't have something to point that fast Car in the in the direction in which you Want to go you're just going down the Back road super fast so you might feel Busy you might feel overwhelmed you Might feel you're doing everything you Want to do in your power but you're not You're just running on a treadmill it Doesn't matter how fast you go on a Treadmill you don't get anywhere you Stay in the same place so let me ask you Right now Are you running on a treadmill And if you're running on the treadmill In most cases it's simply because you Don't have a compelling future Listen I went through this I'm really Open about my divorce I went through Last year I'm really open about this I Went through this Loop the worst most

Heavy Loop of my entire life pain I've Gone through 10 of these Loops in my Life just so you know and some of them I Never thought I'd come out of but They're part of it and I'll share that In a moment But I have to tell you something I got to a point where I was the hard Realization I knew was over and my wife And I were splitting and my kids would Only be with me half the time I started Stacking I stacked so bad you have no Idea my kids are going to be ruined I'm Only going to see them half the time What if they don't like me what if they Change the personality that they are Because of me what if Um What if I don't get along with their mom And she says bad things about me what if What if what if what if all the hard Work I did to create solid little human Beings changed what if I'm lonely and Sad and can't see him what if when I Travel and I come home if it's not my Day I can't see him what if what if I Was stacking so much that I gave myself Anxiety for the first time in my life Like legit not I am anxious legit panic Attack anxiety No Sleep popping a Xanax Once a week just so I could sleep and This is something I do every single day Because I was living here But then I went through the loop

And I said who do I not want to be you Can imagine that who do I want to be who Was I being I projected a painful future and then I Then and my buddy Tony Robbins is the One that helped me snap at him he goes Dude I hear you talking about all this Crap where's your compelling future Where is it And I'm like dude I can't even see it I Don't know why I could see it in Business I can't see it in my personal Life he said put your head out of your Ass basically and write down your Compelling future right now It was start of the shift it was the Start of this ship of going through the Loop I want to tell you everything I Wrote down over a year ago Is in fact completely true my kids are Thriving I have quality over quantity they were Just here with me now they just walked Out two minutes ago I see them pretty Much every single day their mom my ex is One of my dearest friends I have new Love in my life I'm happier than I've Ever been in my life everything I wrote Down about my compelling future Became my reality and more more than I Ever imagined but I couldn't see it Until I went through this process you Can't see where it is you want to go if You're stuck here or you're stuck here

Or you're not feeling the pain of Staying there you need to get your Compelling future down on paper New Year's resolutions goals all those Things are amazing but if you just write It down without this process they're Just words on a paper that they work Last year that they worked the year Before the months before In most cases no that's why you've got To go through this whole process see all These places people can opt out and go Flat for the rest of their life oh my God divorce is so painful I'll never be In a relationship again I'll never have A good relationship with my kids again All those things are times places you Could opt out and that's not a place to Opt out But when you get to this point when you Go through this process and you get to The compelling future After stacking negative and positive After who you don't want to be after who You want to be after the hard reality of Who you're being after you project a Painful future when you get to hear this Is when momentum begins Foreign [Music]

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