Identity Is The Master Key To Destiny

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello YouTube Myron golden here and I Know you like this part of this video Series but you're going to love the Entire thing I invite you to go back and Watch the entire thing in sequential Order so if this is if you're jumping in The middle somewhere go back watch the First video then the second then the Third like watch these videos in Sequential order they will bless you Beyond measure so God wants you to Fight with the part of you that he made And when I say identify with it I mean to utilize the power of the two Most powerful creative productive Industrious entrepreneurial words in the Whole English language The two words are I am Yeah because I am now speaks to your Identity I am speaks to your essence I am doesn't speak to circumstance it Speaks to the truth of you I am And incidentally God identifies himself As the I am that I am And when Moses said well who shall I say Sent me God says tell Pharaoh that I am has sent You to him I am Well that's difficult because it seems Like an incomplete statement Seems like there should be something on

The end of that And I love it Because it's open-ended So I'm going to take the statement a Little further I am that let's pause there I am that Now now now when you get a vision Of your destiny As A creator Of value Of solutions Of breakthroughs of Deliverance And you stop and say I am that Now what's happening is you're beginning To identify with the part of you that God made And if there's something called fatherly Pride it happens when you hear your Children Identifying greatness within themselves I am that I am Huh let's try it here tonight let's try It oh let's try it on the zoom I'm gonna I'm gonna call out some words and I want To hear your response are you ready Prosper us Unstoppable Courageous Victorious Abundant Enough

What happens now when you start tapping Into your I am That I am that not in ego but in essence you Have to differentiate between who you Are in person and who you are in Principle In principle I am that in essence I am That at a core level I am that Even though In person and in ego there are things I Am unlearning there's a journey that I Am on there are struggles Issues challenges I'm having to deal With doesn't take a that's all where I Am it doesn't tell anyone who I am who I Am is that I'm a king in the kingdom of God Because Jesus is not the king of slaves And servants he is the king of other Kings He has a royal family and I am that And I was born to Reign to rule over a Realm it is my Birthright to have Dominion and to dominate a domain it is My purpose And you're now you're you're now Speaking not from your circumstance You're you're speaking from your Revelation Of your who-ness Now the Hebrews took the name of God so Seriously That

When writing when scribes wrote the Ancient texts They would replace The sacred name of God Which is called the tetragrammaton the Name of four letters which translates to I am that I am They would replace it With Adonai Lord Which is why if you if you actually Still have a actual physical Bible You'll see the Lord in capital letters That That was put in out of respect for the Sacred name of God Because they were afraid of taking the Lord's name in vain Because one of The Commandments said God will not hold him Guiltless Who takes his name in vain in other Words there will be a negative Consequence There will be a repercussion to misusing The name of God What was the name again I am Oh so there will be a negative Consequence To misusing the words I am Like if I'm gonna be afraid of something I should be afraid of attaching to the Words I am anything that is incompatible With the nature of God Because if I do that I've taken his name In vain

And there will be a negative Repercussion So even if you are weak Let the weak say S I am strong Don't say that Because you're messing with God's name Even if you are circumstantially poor Let the poor say I am This is now identifying With who I am in essence How much time do I have left by the way Oh really oh really all righty then All right is this making sense so far I Want everyone to make me feel at Homeless in in here right now and those Of you on Zoom to put your hands Together and and thank God for this word Good Good all right Okay so I am convinced that there is a Forgotten intelligence it's the root Intelligence and it is the intelligence That Informs all the other intelligences Enables the other intelligences and Facilitates the other intelligences and It is your spiritual intelligence And so as much as I value the academic And the emotional and the relational I am learning to listen Well I need to say it again I'm learning

To listen to the part of me that God Made Because the part of me that God made is Afraid of nothing Oh come on now The part of me that God made doesn't Know any limits And doesn't respect boundaries Because that part of me was not only Made by God It was made from God oh Because your breath Into the nostrils Is pouring out of yourself Into the ceramic that was Adam God was breathing out of himself So there's a part of me that was made By God From God For God we'll say it again by God From God For God at a biological level Children are made by their parents From their parents Does that make sense And at the spiritual level your Spiritual Essence which is the real you The real you if you want to know who you Really are okay you are a spirit You have a soul you live in a body Most people that think they've met you Haven't met the real you The real you is the spiritual Essence That has a soul and that lives in your

Body and every now and again you meet Someone and you can feel the energy The love the radiance of their being you Ever been in that situation where you Meet someone and there your defenses are Lowered straight away because you're Actually feeling out of them something That you can only describe as spiritual Foreign Meeting that part of you Is it's it's revolutionary to start with Okay that that's a revolution all by Itself learning to listen to that part Of you Is transformational

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