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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Who feels a little alone sometimes in Your thoughts to want more desire more Want to impact the world want to tap Into your full potential want to make More money have more abundance give more Away fix problems in the world right and There's a lot of them Who feels that way but sometimes Sometimes you're the Oddball around your Friends when they're like ah not in this Economy not with the world the way it is Not with the race relations not with What's going on with the election like Some people just get accustomed to What's going on and accept it where this Is a group that wants to change it if Race bugs you then fix it if our economy Bugs it fix it if your life is Controlled by somebody else then fix it I know this is something our parents Told us our whole lives if you're not a Part of the solution you're part of the Problem right so whatever your beliefs Are this is the group that makes the Difference look at all the yeses coming In right And I I just want to say Um it doesn't it doesn't shed uh it Doesn't fall lightly on my heart and my Soul that I know so many times you feel Alone in that next level but you're the Dreamer you're the one that has the Breakthroughs you're the one that makes The difference you're the one that needs

To turn your flame up so bright and do Not Dull and turn down your flame to Match those around you get so bright That you bring them with you some people You eventually burn off because you get So bright I don't mean that in a bad way But just know that the world needs your Best version of you right now more than Ever I've been saying this a lot but the World needs Role Models the world needs Leaders yes you get tactical yes you get Strategic yes you get marketing momentum Strategies mindset strategies but even More so you're a part of something Bigger that you can come here and you Can be proud to say I want more I want To do more I want to be more I want to Impact more I want to have more Abundance it's okay and this is a safe Place don't dare apologizing apologize Before your success or the success that You crave that made this world amazing It's what made this incredible country I Live in America amazing there's people Going after because what do most people Do when they reach success What do most people do when they reach Success most people I'm not saying There's not some bad people but most People who reach success they give most Of it back they help other people they Give it away they hire people they Donate more right

So don't feel bad for wanting more you Know when somebody says money doesn't Buy happiness I would say and you Haven't given enough away Because I know my wife and I were Blessed to be able to give away more This year than we ever have in our lives And to Charities that really hit our Heart my dear friend Tony Robbins Introduced me to operation Underground Railroad where I had no idea there was That many children in slavery in today's World completely can't imagine it like It's one of those things that's so Shocking especially in slavery for Things that you would think the worst Case scenario is what they're in slavery For and even worse some of them are now In it's hard to even say and I know it's One of those things you're like Dean Don't even bring that up but I think we Have to in some cases I'm sorry I know that's heavy but my Whole point is We were able to donate this year more Than I've ever donated a life in my life To help that that same money can't buy Happiness my wife and I went home and Cried after we did it and then a couple Months ago I donated another big chunk Because I know every 1500 bucks saves a Child right I don't care what your Motivation and that's not all my Motivation I don't do it all for that

But that's a big part of it it's a big Part of my sex success to make sure my Family's okay that I take care of both Of my parents right like we all have our Own reasons the only thing I want to say Is don't get sucked into the craziness Going on in the world don't you dare Apologize for wanting success don't you Dare feel bad if you want to make more Money to retire your husband or make Sure that your parents don't have to go To a crappy old age home or you want to Get yourself out of debt or you want to Get yourself out of a job that's robbing You from being your best version you Want to eat healthier or you want to go On better more expensive diets like Don't you dare apologize because as we Grow we get to bring people with us we Get to imp impact other people and if You're on this chat if you follow me I Already know you're someone that wants To kind of like that saying on the Airplane put your oxygen mask on first And then we can put it on so many other People Right think about that like that's I I Had the opportunity to hang out with Richard Branson the billionaire guy and And I don't say that like oh I'm cool He's my buddy it's not like that I Donated I raised a million bucks with a Friend almost a million bucks we raised Over a couple years and for that we

Ended up going to his private island as A thank you and he happened to be there And I happened to get up at 5am and he Happened to get up at 5 00 a.m We were The only two up early and he's like hey You want to go sailing I'm like yes I do And we sailed around this island and That's kind of what he shared with me is Like don't feel guilty about being Successful that's the dumbest thing in The world that's what God gave you if You're on this If you're an inner circle you have a Desire for more that's the gift God the Universe whatever belief put in your Heart you're not satisfied with status Quo you're not satisfied with being okay Right So if that's what God or the universe or Whatever you believe put in your heart Then you need to go for it this is Basically what Richard Branson told me He said but here's the cool part if it Serves you Give a lot of it away make a bunch of Money then help people he has a charity Called virgin United he pays all the Bills on Virgin unite and all the rest Of it goes to charity So it's like I saw the happiness in his Heart I saw how everything was donated And dedicated to Virgin unite and it Just made me realize that I need to put My oxygen mask on first I love all your

Amazing uh comments coming in guys Um Put our oxygen mask on first get Yourself secure don't feel bad about Wanting to have a foundation that you're Okay if covid ends in a month or two Years you're okay if the world shifts Again you're okay if the opposite uh you Know president gets elected you're okay Fix the economy in your home fix the Mindset in this home Don't let the wrong people take give you Bad advice to steer you off track don't Let the inner villain be in control the Inner self-doubt And go get yours go make an impact go Make the money go launch the business Scale the business or momentum that Business through the freaking roof shift Because the world the shift stay Involved in a group like this be here Take the knowledge and then your oxygen Mask is on And then you get to help whoever you Want You get to impact lives you get to make A difference and um we get to live into Our full potential and isn't that the Isn't that the greatest thing that we Could say at the end of our Lives could You imagine if whether you have children Or not your children your nieces your Nephews your friends your loved ones Your spouse at the end of your life you

Get to say I used up every bit of potential I had I left nothing on the table I failed Some won some did some great things made Some dumb mistakes But I used all my potential And I think the complete opposite would Be at the end of your life like I knew I Had more gas in the tank I was just Afraid to use it [Music] Foreign [Music]

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