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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

What things do you do that make you feel Like you're not the captain of your ship [Music] Doing it Not trying to be over simple here stop Doing it and then what makes you feel Empowered being a part of a certain Facebook group listening to a certain Audio watching a certain podcast talking To this that one friend what do you do That makes you feel empowered feel on Fire feel alive And do more of it some of us are like we Got the hammer and we're smashing our Thumb and it hurts And we continue to smash our thumb with The hammer it's like if hitting your Thumb with a hammer hurts Stop it in your thumb We are on in uncertain times Things are scary and the companies that Are going to launch the companies that Are going to scale even in your career The job you have those that'll win are The ones that find a way to meet this Day with love and what do I mean by that That might sound too Fufu for some of You guys sorry Sorry sorry But I want to tell you something I'm Here today and you might you can believe Me those of you are part of my family Would know I'm here today because of Love I care about you I love you I love

You getting the results you want and in This crazy time I am going to step up The love I'm going to step up my service I'm going to step up my preparation I'm Going to step up the ability to create Things I'm going to step up everything I Do through the lens of love and loving The results you get if I do then I Become a different man I become Different the way I present I become Different when I go to sell something I Don't feel like I'm selling I feel like I'm serving that I can do more for People in times like these the companies That will thrive in uncertain times are The ones that go from being a Transactional company to a relationship Company you want to grow in your career Turn your transactional relationships Into real relationships you want to grow Your company make your clients fall in Love with the person and the company you Are not just the thing that they bought Step up the customer support Step Up The Listening if you want to Take this into your relationship in Crazy times your spouse might be Stressed more today than ever before Step up how you care step up how you Listen This has been fundamentally one of the Biggest shifts in my life Is because when you fall in love with Your clients and your clients results

You make decisions as if they were Family you make decisions differently Than you just if you look at it like oh Are they giving me money is it a Transaction it's like no this is a Family member step up your game So number five I will meet this day with Love Fall in love with your client your Product your and and ultimately if you Do that you kind of fall more in love With yourself because then you love what You create you love selling you love Serving And it makes all the difference in the World Over the next 12 months We need to be more bold than ever before We need to take courageous Uncomfortable action Usually I think we can all agree on this Usually Our next level of income impact Happiness abundance Joy lives on the Other side of the thing we're little or A little uncomfortable with You guys agree on that There are things in your business Maybe you need to lean into your Marketing because that's a little I love Every other part of my business but the Marketing is weird so you avoid it when Actually if you faced it and you were Bold and courageous your next level your

Business lives on the other side of you Attacking the marketing Right or making that first sale or Asking for the yes or telling your Family I love you and I respectfully am Okay with you disagreeing with my dreams But I am going for it with zero Hesitation and I don't give a what You think I love you but this is for me Not for you that is bold that could be Scary but your next level lives on the Other side when you finally say that and It might be scary but let me ask you Something hesitating waiting for the Perfect time What does that already cost you I want To tell you when things are uncertain Like we're going to experience over the Next 12 months most people sit and Freeze you know there's fight and flight Fight or flight the third f is freeze a Lot of people are going to freeze this Is not a time to freeze this is a time To be bold to be courageous to stop Hesitating as I said early stop waiting For permission stop dimming your glow There is no perfect time than right now Take that bold courageous uncomfortable Action because your family End the world need the best version of You right now that's just it we have to Train our brain over the next 12 months To really not just Kinda but really be

Solution have solution oriented thinking When things go sideways we can say our Brains go how could that happen to me How could she let me down how could he Say that about me why didn't that happen This technology is not working oh my God It's not what I thought Our brains can focus on what went wrong And then try to analyze why it went Wrong or why this person did this or we Could train our brain to say what can I Learn from it and how do I focus on a Solution I know that sounds simple and you're Probably like duh Dean I thought I was Going to come here today and get some Stuff that I never heard before These are the little things that are Actually the big things These are the little things that are the Big things when people ask me the secret To my success I've been blessed to start Over 15 companies and do more than I Could have ever imagined possible Beyond anything I could ever imagine and Everybody that's the first thing people Ask well I mean hey come on tell me What's the one thing and I really can't Give them an answer these are the one Things these are the little things that Are a part of my DNA on a regular basis And do I want to slip back to the man I Used to be every day Every day that's why doing something

Like this stay engaged staying a part of A community getting this information and Staying here this is what makes the Difference because I have trained my Brain that when I when something goes Sideways my brain wants to go oh how Could they do this to me and what Employee did it or I could say hey what Can I learn And how do I focus on a solution those That focus on Solutions will always win The game of life Right you spill a glass of milk you Could say whose fault it is why did it Spill is it going to stain the carpet It's going to smell or you just go get a Towel and a new glass of milk Right we must train our brains to focus In fact all of your energy All of your energy we only have if you Look at energy like a gas tank you don't Want half your gas going to trying to Figure out why it went wrong and how Somebody could do this to me and half Towards a solution you want to be the Winner Gas to the floor solution oriented Thinking focus on the fix small hinges Swing a big door so think about that Are there Tiny micro routines that you could Implement Starting today That could start making changes in your

Life As some of the things we went through What if you just said I'm just going to Audit my friends little thing I'm just Gonna audit my friends I'm not gonna Throw away my friends but there's Certain friends when I'm in a creative Mode I'm not going to see them at that Time because they'll take away my Creativity Small little tiny shift right small Little hinge or I'm going to be with Them but I'm not going to allow any of Their thoughts to sink in we're going to Talk about something stupid and I'm not Ignore that but I'm gonna do it what About solve bigger problems I'm going to Make a note in my journal or on my phone I'm going to have a small little thing I'm going to set an alarm for two O'clock every day in my phone and when The alarm goes off it's going to say Solve bigger problems so I'm going to Remind myself every day three seconds a Day to solve bigger problems isn't that A small little thing small little hinge Or what about I'm going to set another Alarm at six o'clock in the afternoon And when it goes off because you know You can do that in your phone you can Write the the text underneath what the Alarm is it's just simply going to say It's on me It's on me

I'm gonna set that alarm every day at Three o'clock I'm gonna go like this It's on me it's my life I'm in control No one's steering my ship Right I'm going to just decide when someone Goes sideways a rogue or treats me Shitty I'm gonna decide to greet this Day with love As hard as it is I'm gonna get mad I'm Going to replace all those emotions with Compassion and I'm just going to treat This day with love tiny little thing But these are the things that stack on Top of each other I'm going to remind myself to be bold I'm going to focus on the fix these are All little things that we could be make Routines I wrote down we could journal For 15 minutes a day about these things We could make sure we get the right Courses we could be a part of an online Family I could shift my disciplines I Could read certain books I could listen To certain podcasts I can have 15 Minutes a day of focus time where I'm Focusing on the man or the woman I Should be bigger future thinking Innovative thinking creative thinking I'm going to do some mindset practices I'm going to create my goals today and I'm going to read them every day for the Next 90 days I don't know what it is That you need

But I promise you the little things will Add up [Music]

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