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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hey There YouTube Myron golden here I Want to share with you strategies for Creating a best-selling book I've Written several books my first book was Called the ebony treasure map the Roadmap the riches for African Americans And I published that in 2006 and we sold I don't know tens of thousands of copies I don't know exactly how many 2007 we Changed the title to from the trash man To the cash man how anyone can get rich Starting from anywhere and we sold over 160 000 copies of this book in fact it's So interesting Um this book is it's a paperback book we Sell it for twenty dollars we we only we Sell about eight to twelve thousand Dollars worth of these books a month and Then this book sells another couple Thousand dollars worth of tickets to our Some of our like events and so that's Good but what's really amazing about This book is there are people on Amazon Who sell this book for 150 like I've Seen it as much as eleven hundred Dollars for sale on Amazon because I Don't sell it on Amazon I'm going to Tell you all some of the reasons why I Don't sell it on I have it on Amazon as An e-book but I don't have it on Amazon As a physical I'm going to tell y'all Why okay in a few minutes I would rather Somebody go buy it from somebody else For 150 or buy it on my website for

Twenty dollars then sell it on Amazon I Don't want to sell it on Amazon for 20 I'll tell you why in a minute so then I Wrote this book in 2021 this book is Called boss moves this book sells about Twenty to thirty thousand dollars a Month worth of this book and that's one Of the cool things about a book you Write the book once and if it's good It'll pay you forever and ever right It'll pay you from now on and so it's Interesting I uh a friend of mine said He said writing a book is so important That even God wrote a book right it's Called the Bible right so that's that That ought to be a clue right so Um a couple things about writing a Best-selling book first thing you need If you're going to write a best-selling Book is you need some kind of Big Idea The book needs to be about something That people care about like people say I Want to tell my story I used to be a Trash man I made 6.25 cents an hour Keith did you know me when I drove a Trash truck too no you knew me right After that right okay so so I drove a Trash truck for 6.25 cents an hour okay Um and now we make considerably more Than that Um and so and I don't have to drive a Trash truck anymore that's the other

Cool part but the book from the trash Man to the cash man even though it tells My story it's not about my story Okay your story is only as important in Your book as people can see themselves Being transformed in Your Story by your Story Are y'all tracking okay so that's first Thing so you need a big idea you need so How do I find a big idea the way we find Big ideas for anything not just for Books but for anything is we look into The marketplace and we find a big gaping Hole Something where a large number of people Are not being served and then we create Something for those people and when Those people those people show up in Droves and they'll pay you like hand Over fists it's crazy right so you need A big idea next thing you need is you Need a best-selling title right so what Is a best-selling title look like well a Best-selling Title looks like this okay a Best-selling title is not catchy it is Not catchy and is not clever a Best-selling title is a clear word Picture by the way In my best-selling author course which I Don't even sell anymore so nobody's Going to be able to accuse me of trying To sell it to you because I don't even Sell it anymore in my best-selling

Author course one of the this is stuff I Used to teach in my best-selling author Of course that I would only teach people Who paid me ten thousand dollars to Learn how to write a best-selling book Right so so Um best-selling title what is a Best-selling title A best-selling title Is a clear word picture so that when you Say the title they immediately See Clearly what the book is going to be About A clear word picture right if it's not a Clear word picture it's not a good title Like if it riddles like people want to Make riddles titles like this guy he was At one of my events he said and he won a Trip I mean he won like a lunch a VIP Lunch with me right he's like Myron can I share my book title with you Over lunch I was like sure what is it he Said what are you going to do with the Yoke and it's got a picture of a book With a picture of an egg on it And I said is it okay if I coach you he Said sure I said that's a terrible title It's terrible Like your your book title doesn't need To be a riddle people don't like you Enough to figure out what you mean Right so your book needs to be a clear Word picture it needs to tell them Something not ask not confuse them okay So it needs to have a best-selling title

A best-selling title is a clear word Picture so that's the this is my formula For a best-selling title clear word Picture okay now Needs to have a best-selling subtitle a Book without a subtitle Is a wasted asset Like you fumbled like you got you got Space on the front of the book why would You not put a subtitle there now here's What a subtitle should be a subtitle Should be a powerful Promise Now The word picture the clear word picture Tells people what the book is about The powerful promise tells people what They can expect to get as a result of Reading the book Are y'all tracking what I'm saying by The way this is why we make Thirty to Forty thousand dollars a month just Selling physical books not including our Ebooks on Amazon I've got three ebooks on Amazon I've got Trash man the cashman's an e-book on Amazon it sells for ten dollars and We'll tell you why in a minute uh I've Got one called make lots of money on MLM I got one called line them up and sign Them up Um the golden keys to recruiting and Sponsoring in MLM so those are my three Ebooks on Amazon okay so it needs to be

A subtitime needs to be a powerful Promise like boss moves boss is an Acronym that stands for what business Optimization business optimization Success Secrets From A Million Dollar Round Table okay that's the powerful Promise from the trash man to the cash Man that's the you know what it's about Somebody used to be a trash man they Obviously got rich what's the powerful Promise how anyone can get rich starting From anywhere Y'all see that okay so now the table of Contents Four The table of contents what is the table Of content the table contents every Chapter chapters Equal Complete Thoughts What does that mean that means every Chapter title should be a complete Sentence you don't need to have one word Chapter titles the more you can Pre-digest any of your content for your Clients the more likely people are to Say yes to your offer Did I say that too fast I think I did The more pre-digested your content is For your audience the more likely people Are to say yes to your offer so Somebody picks up a book they look at The back of the book it's a good idea to

Have your picture on the back of the Book or not it doesn't matter but if you Think your picture will help put it on There okay if it adds to the clarifying The word picture then you have to have a Powerful promise you want every chapter In the book like Robert for I'm going to Give you a perfect example Robert Allen Robert G Allen wrote a book called Multiple streams of Internet income Everybody's heard of multiple streams of Income well the first book of his that I Read was multiple streams of Internet Income guess what the name of the first Chapter was Twenty four thousand dollars in 24 hours I picked up that book and started Reading it in the bookstore This was back before the con before I Had ever even thought about making two I Had never had a twenty four thousand Dollar day But I like the sound of the music 24 000 in 24 hours it had such a nice ring To it right so I bought that book and Then I read it and then I went out and Bought like every copy from every Bookstore I could find and gave them Away as Christmas gifts to all the People in my family why because that Book impacted my life like that right so Make sure every chapter title is a Complete thought if you will do those Things have your book cover

Professionally designed And then your book will you'll have to Do some selling you'll have to do some Marketing but your book will sell itself It will be very easy to sell that book By the way now so let me talk about why I don't sell trash man to cash man on Amazon because our Bible study starts in Three minutes so here it is one I don't Sell my my physical books on Amazon Because Amazon controls pricing I think One of the most ridiculous things for an Entrepreneur to do is to start a Business and let somebody other than you Determine what your price is even if It's Amazon so if I sell this book if I Sell this book right here On my website I make if I sell it for twenty dollars And I do I make Um 18 and 25 cents because it cost me About a 75.75 to print So that's what that's what we call Thousand percent margins right so okay So I make that now if I sell this book On Amazon for twenty dollars they only Pay me Six dollars Because if you sell a book on Amazon for More than 9.99 they only pay you thirty percent But if you sell it for if you sell it For ten dollars or less for 9.99 or less They pay you 70 percent

Right so that's why so literally if I Sold this book if I sold this book on Amazon for for 9.99 for for twenty Dollars I'd make less than I make Selling the ebook for 9.99 so that's why I don't sell it on Amazon besides I Don't want somebody else controlling Plus if I sell my books on Amazon I Don't get those customers Amazon does Most like one of the most valuable Businesses I'm going to end on this one Of the most valuable business lessons You can learn is most amateur Entrepreneurs think that the purpose of Uh getting a client is to make a sale Professional entrepreneurs know that the Purpose of making a sale is to acquire a Customer or client clients are more Valuable than sales so the only reason I Sell stuff is so I can acquire clients Because clients are more valuable than Sales so I hope that helps and will make You a lot of money as you write your Book or your ebook and you go out there And sell in the marketplace one of these Days I'll do a book Um a a YouTube video onto ebook or to Physical book right that'll be the name Of the book okay the name of the video So that hope that helps thank you for Subscribing thank you for liking thank You for sharing thank you for commenting And thank you for doing all the YouTube Stuff that you all know how to do in the

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