How to Identify & Overcome Your Enemy to Reach Your Maximum Potentia

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

There's always a story screwing me up That I have to identify and throw out me Like oh my God I can't believe that One's still here That I'm not smart enough that that People are going to figure out that I'm Not the smartest guy in the room and all These things and once you identify the Story it sticks out like a sore thumb Try to find that story uproot it you Have to identify it and you got to write It down once you write it down you can Say I know my enemy Sometimes Without realizing our brain says I thought we'd be further ahead by now Maybe it's too late I am getting kind of Older I don't have the energy I used to Have right I'm too old I'm too young I'm too broke I'm not enough Oh that's a big one it's too hard no one Supports my dreams It takes money to make money It takes more support it takes more time Listen I I don't know what the story is And maybe maybe you guys could share Some of the stories but if you really Think back at some of the thoughts When things get tough when you want to Go for it when you listen I'm not Talking about let's just say it like it Is I'm not talking about you doing the Things that are easy for you we teach

People for those of you who knew my Obsession my partner Tony Robbins and I Would teach people a lot of my family Members are in here in our project next In we teach people how to Be in the knowledge industry right Sometimes people will do the easy part Like create their site create the logo Create all the training and have this Beautiful sight and it's like how to Cure diabetes naturally or how to sell Better love better find love how to get Through menopause easier all these great Things Because that part aligns with who they Are they can do it really quick but then It's like oh I gotta start posting on Social media and my friends and family Are going to find out oh I think I gotta Shoot a video and all of a sudden That story is I'm not that good I might Not be good on camera my friends will Think I'm nuts this won't work and all Of a sudden I'm too old I don't know how To use this technology all of those Things start coming in without realizing It you're subtly backing up and you're Playing a little bit small And those stories as you get more Successful they're always there at every Level we have to identify I want you to Hear me I went from the broke as kid in My school to doing better than I ever Thought possible okay

Along that whole journey I want to tell You there's always a story screwing me Up that I have to identify and throw out Me like oh my God I can't believe that One's still here that I'm not smart Enough that that people are going to Figure out that I'm not the smartest guy In the room and all these things and Once you identify the story it sticks Out like a sore thumb I promise you there's a story or a Thought pattern that helped really Ingrain it in you and I'm going to Encourage you I'm going to encourage you please try to Find that story uprooted you have to Identify it and you got to write it down Because once you write it down Once you write it down you can say I Know my enemy Right that story listen someone asked me In a podcast about a year ago if you Could meet your 17 year old self and Tell them anything you only had a moment To talk to your 17 year old self what Would you say I'd say Change your story change your life What's going to hold you back is the Story around why you can or why you Can't Henry Ford said if you think you Can you will if you think you can't you Won't And that you got to realize that subtle

Story sometimes it's not the big you Can't you're too old you're horrible You're you're this it's like and you Really think that'll work do you really Think I'm smart enough do you think the Tech is too high do you think my I could Really have I mean love like that really Doesn't exist I mean Being 50 can you really get in good Shape It only takes this tiny little story for You to back out enough to play small Enough that it's self-fulfilling It's self-fulfilling see I knew that Wouldn't work and if you go in With half the energy and you get half The results then it's pretty much It's self-fulfilling it comes true right So I want you to think about it this way If you were an army Right Let me back up That story or a story has already cost You too much Can we just say it like it is that story That you might be thinking of to go to Even and somebody here so many of you Are so damn successful that are here it Doesn't mean you you're destitute and Have nothing but I'm telling you what's What's holding you back the bridge to Get from where you are to where you want To be is the story you tell yourself on Why you can or you can't get there and

It's not always the main story it's These subtle stories so I'm going to Encourage you to look for the enemy that Story that thinking pattern that's Already cost you too much I had this Amazing woman I forget her name it's Probably two years ago she comes on and And I call that like like chess is going To pop up like so what's hold what is it You want to do what's holding you back I Got everything ready she was talking About her course and I'm gonna and she Had everything seemingly she said but I Just I tell myself that I just suck on camera And I just can't shoot the video I just Can't shoot a video I want to shoot a Video and I'll post it on social And I'm like really so then she shares With me and we have a philosophy that we Teach the hook story clothes story teach Tool with all these cool things right so I'm not teaching that today it's about Personal development but long story Short she had all of it and she was so Articulate and she was so awesome I Could tell there was a story There was a story behind it So I said Okay so I'm talking about video and then I'm like is there anything else she's Like no I just don't think I'm good on Camera and we kept talking I said what About this what about your family and

Then I said what about your husband and I saw her face kind of change a little I'm like so what's up with your husband She goes nah Well he kind of thinks I I I believe he thinks this is stupid that I'm trying this you know we're okay Financially I just know I want to impact More lives I want to do bigger things I Want to do something that really calls Me I feel I'm called to serve and he Thinks it's kind of crazy I said have You ever shot a video around him he goes Yeah the last time I shot a video he Made fun of it I realized right there it doesn't matter What we taught her about shooting a Video it doesn't matter if her me and Tony Robbins sat right here and she was In the middle and we were coaching her You know what's stopping her from doing The video is the story she tells herself If I shoot this my husband's gonna think It's stupid he's going to make fun of me It's silly there is no way in history She's ever going to shoot a video Because of the story now I know this is A micro of a macro but it just she was Telling herself that story so we talked For 20 minutes we came up with a Strategy to get her husband to say hey If you love me all I ask is for your Support he felt so now I never talked to Her again but she talked to my team she Said her husband felt so bad he thought

He was just joking with her it was a Story that she created and manufactured When he found out he was a great Duty Supporter they started doing together She shot a video and crushed it and Destroyed it it had nothing to do with Capability said nothing to do with the Outside world it had to do with this Inner story if I shoot this video he's Gonna think it's stupid when she changed That she changed the stories changed her Life Now that's only in a micro but what Story What story has stalled you or held you Back we need to convert that story Listen I wrote a book called the underdog Advantage because I remember being in School thinking how the hell can I be Successful I don't mean money I have Dyslexia Sandy's got that book you know What I'm talking about Julie's got that Book right I remember thinking to myself How the hell can I be successful I'm not Going to go to college my parents have Never made anything I can barely read I Got a sixth grade reading level my Teacher Miss Thompson thinks I'm dumb it Takes money to make money I remember all Of those stories and I'd love to say That there was this day this Epiphany Someone came to me I don't know Maybe I'm uni I have no idea where it

Came from but I remember there was a Moment that they went from my Disadvantage they went from the anchor Holding me back And I started flipping all those stories I remember thinking oh I don't have Money Mrs Thompson you want to make fun Of me I'm gonna be the most successful person Ever graduated from this school I Remember thinking because I don't have Money I'm going to be resourceful think About that if you don't have is money a Loan make does money alone make people Successful or happy can we just be Honest Does Lotto make you rich forever even Though you got the resources does Lotto Make you happy it is the biggest group Of people who go broke and get the most Depressed they got the money what Happened they had resources not Resourcefulness I would thank God the Heavens Your creator or the universe whatever You believe in For the journey that you've been on Because I believe your journey has set You up for success and the day we Realize that that journey is the wind Behind our sail it is our Underdog Advantage that we can turn I had Dyslexia I'm writing my first book my First book was a New York Times

Bestseller right and I almost deleted The book and almost threw it out I was So embarrassed of it at first But what happened was I used Resourcefulness instead of resources I Used will I used communication I used Enthusiasm I'm not the smartest guy in The world I don't have a vast vocabulary Those of you who are way smarter than me Which is most of you you can tell I use Very little words I I when I write I Write little words I don't have a vast Vocabulary But I hope I cover it with caring Passion and enthusiasm I hope I cover it With sincerity that's who I am some of You can articulate your words way better Than me But my gift is I just love being Passionate I love being sincere I love Not having slides it might I might have To follow or pattern right but that's me And when you start understanding that These are our gifts not our anchors These are the wins behind our sale That's when we start manipulating those Stories of I can't it's the wrong time This isn't going to work in a time when People are struggling no I want to make Sure people struggle less because of What I want to do I don't think I could Ever be in a good relationship my Parents I'm not joking my parents were Married nine times five for my mom four

For my dad nine marriages do you know What my first marriage isn't working you Know what some of the beliefs I had is Like well that's the experience I got to See how the hell could I make a Relationship work that was BS was the Biggest BS in the world after my Relationship didn't work and this is Only you know in my 40s I went and read Every book I possibly could on love I Got a love coach I interviewed couples That were 60 70 80 years old and still In love and I obsessed and realized it Wasn't about finding the perfect soul Mate I had to step up my game I had to Be a better man to attract the right Woman to be a solid human to be that man When no one's watching my wife knows the Man I am when no one's around I don't Know if I was that guy years ago But why did I do that how did I do that Because I created a new story my past Doesn't dictate my future you know I Wrote things down now is my time I Thrive Under Pressure here's some things I wrote down maybe they resonate with You maybe they don't I thrive Under Pressure I'll dominate in winter you Know the economies who knows I'm not an Economist but I think we're heading Towards winter and people smarter than Me say we are an economic winter so Instead of saying wow Winter's coming as I have a new story I thrive in winter

That's you know everybody's scared I'm Gonna go skiing I'm going to thrive in An economic winter when others want Certainty I want creativity My creativity will create my certainty What is your new story right Because I'm dyslexic I'm going to crush This because I'm older I'm going to show My grandchildren how to do this because I'm broke I'm going to make money Because my spouse doesn't believe in me I'm going to show them that they married The woman of their dreams I don't know What your story is but you need a new One and when we place the story nothing Changes And the outside world but man everything Changes on the inside world [Music]

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