How to Build Trusting Teams

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

How do you build that trusting team So I'll tell you a funny story it's a True story that really captures what it Means to be on a trusting team I went on a business trip to Las Vegas And they very generously put me up in The Four Seasons Uh and the Four Seasons happens to have A coffee bar in the lobby in in that Hotel and so one afternoon I went and Bought myself a cup of coffee And the Barista working that day was a Kid named Noah Noah was funny and charming and engaging And I stood there for far too long Buying a cup of coffee because I just Enjoyed talking to Noah So as is my nature I asked Noah do you Like your job Without skipping a beat Noah said I love My job Now in my line of work that's Significant like is rational I like the People I like the challenge I get paid Well I like my job love is emotional It's a higher order connection for Example if I ask you do you love your Wife and you say I like her a lot right I I know there's a difference Right And Noah said I love my job in other Words he told me he's got a higher order Connection emotional connection to his Work so I immediately followed up and I

Said tell me specifically What the Four Seasons is doing That you would even say to me I love my Job and again without skipping a beat he Said throughout the day managers will Walk past me and ask me if I'm okay ask Me if there's anything that they can do To help me he said not just my manager Any manager And then he said I also work at another Hotel and there the managers catch us Doing things wrong There the managers are only concerned About what our performance is he says There I keep my head below the radar Just want to get through the day and Collect my paycheck he said only at the Four Seasons do I feel I can be myself Now think about that for a second this Is the exact same human being and yet Our experience of him in one hotel with Versus the other will be profoundly Different not because of him But because of the leadership Environment in which he works Uh the one with good leadership he'll be Amazing like I experienced and the one With bad leadership he'll be terrible we Always think it's the people but very Often it's the leadership environment And so we've all been we all know what It feels like to be on a trusting team We all have been there it's when you can Raise your hand and say I made a mistake

Or I'm having trouble at home and it's Affecting my work or you've given me a Job and I don't feel trained or Qualified for it I need more training or Uh I don't know what I'm doing Um and we say these things with the Confidence that our leader or our Colleagues will rush in to support us With no fear of humiliation or Retribution that's what it means to be On a trusting team unfortunately we also All know what it means not to be on a Trusting team where we would never admit Mistakes or say we don't know or say we Need help for fear that it will hurt our Ability to be promoted or it will be Humiliated by somebody in public Um or somehow jeopardize our careers and So we keep it to ourselves And eventually things break it's only The organizations where we can talk About the truth in a supported Environment that thrive over time that's A trusting team and that's one of the Primary responsibilities of a good Leader is to build an environment in Which a trusting team can happen

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