How much is “ENOUGH MONEY”

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Yeah you guys keep asking me what enough Money is how many times I got to tell You first of all if you're asking a Question you don't have enough money Number two enough money by definition at Least my definition would be you can Take care of everyone you love everyone All the people your sister that you Forgot about your aunt that took care of You when you were growing up maybe a School teacher that helped you out a Bunch is struggling now but you can help Your two kids your wife or husband And your parents and beyond that you Know what I'm saying you can reach deep Start helping all the people you love That would be enough money and still Take care of yourself by the way I know Some of you out there taking care of Everybody else but you don't take care Of yourself so you'd have to be able to Take care of everybody you love all the People you forgot that you love and the People that can't take care of Themselves the guy on the street corner That you're like dude I feel sorry for This guy I want to help him out you can Take care of all those people and Yourself and I'm not done Okay When you expire and you're done your History you can't work anymore can't Produce anymore you're you're expired You would steal you had enough money to

Steal take care of the people you love The things you love the Charities you Love the causes that you believe in Yeah that's what would be enough money And still not be out by the way You would have abundance in every way You would have Wealth Beyond anything That's destructible It would last forever and you could Literally change the world With the money that you produce because You were committed you were charitable You cared enough to go big enough You guys man y'all just don't care about Enough people that's why you think so Small It's not about the cars And the shades and the clothes and the Watches yeah all those things are cool And everything but the real game is can Create enough wealth To continue and you can by the way I Mean it's possible for anyone to do if You dream big enough it's not possible If you don't make this big But if you did think this big You could think this big if you got Around other people that thought this Big They'd encourage you to think big and Really live into your full potential You could create create you could Absolutely 100 starting from zero still Create enough wealth to take care of you

All the people you love all the people You forgot that you love and even when You're done Taking care of people it seems pretty Word to me I know I'm not supposed to be driving And doing a video but I thought this Message was important enough to drive And do a video Thank God I didn't hit anybody hurt Anybody Hopefully I help you hopefully I stop You in your tracks today and said Dude what am I doing making 70 grand a Year 170 Grand a year What are you doing trading time for Money just to be able to help a handful Of people and you could really get Creative Living to your full potential expand Into your full potential start meeting The right people and you could like you Could change the world With what you do and the money that you Make Because look money money they say money Won't buy everything so you can't buy Everything money ain't everything Grant So yeah but it buys everything There's nothing money doesn't buy Sometimes it even buys a little Happiness You know for that guy on the street

Corner Give them a thousand bucks rather than 10 bucks and see if he's not happy God bless be great think big tonight Foreign

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