Giving Up on Improving this 1 Thing can RUIN Relationships, both Professional and Personal

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

In your business Whatever business I hope you're in the Self-education industry I hope you're Already making sales around your way to Making sales or whatever business you're In you must find groups of people that Are your ideal demographic [Music] [Applause] Define your ideal Democrat uh Demographic And get in those groups and everything We just said ask the questions See what the the the common threads are See I don't want to oversimplify this But we really must know if we're going To call our future Clients our prospects we must live Inside the mind of our Prospect and that Really is just to knowing two things What are their biggest goals dreams and Desires so what are their goals And what are their biggest fears and Worries We got to know that you want to Communicate with somebody know what Their biggest fears and worries are my 13 year old He wants doesn't want to look stupid in Front of his friends it's one of his Biggest word he doesn't want his dad to Have his arm around him and kiss him Anymore and try to hold his hand right Like I understand his biggest fear his

Biggest fear is that he likes this girl And she might like someone else who's Older or taller like I'm learning his Fears what I also know his goals but I Do that in business I want to know your Biggest fears I know if you're in the Self-education industry I know one of The biggest fears is being an imposter You feel like you're not good enough to Do it you feel like you need permission You feel like there's people smarter Than you you feel too old and technology Is too hard you feel like you missed Your window you feel like marketing is Too hard I know all those fears but you Also have the dream of impacting others Making money from home being in Something you could be proud of changing People's lives being on stage someday or Having a big audience online I know your Fears I know your dreams every single Week I try to squash your fears overcome Them and deliver you the tools to get to Where you want to be so many of you Every one of you is successful in your Own way don't we want more success even If success is just being happier joyful More love happiness intimacy passion Freedom This is part of it there's no magic wand There's no get rich quick button have Intimacy button kids love you to death Button there just isn't if it was I'd Mass produce them and I'd mail them to

All of you But these are the things we got to do When we communicate if we're doing it Face to face or on video don't be one Size fits all is really what I want to Say match the room Match the person you're dealing with Right some people are slow and more Methodical and more logical some people Are high energy and like the rabbit just Give it to me tell me what I need to Know in the next 10 minutes and I'll be Yes or no that's me like I am not the Law I get things really quick or at Least I believe I do it's like tell me What you're thinking tell me what the Outcome could be and I'll let you know My sister who's more logical based you'd Have to sit with my sister for a good Hour and explain you know if Laura You're selling one-on-one coaching you Could say to me hey I'm a coach on how To be a better parent I know how to get Through the teenage years better than Anyone else if we work together once a Week your kids will love you you'll be Connected and bonded more than anything Else good done you talk to my sister She'd say so what are your references What have you done in the past how long Have you been doing this she'd still say Yes at the end but you'd take an hour to Sell my sister you'd take exactly six Minutes max to sell me

Match figure that out figure out how to Sell the room how to communicate with Someone on the other side I know my Daughter I literally can give my Daughter like a quick little two Sentence lesson and she's like that Makes sense dad my son would be like That doesn't make any sense that I do Not understand what the hell does that Mean like same message completely Different I gotta spend more time with Him with my wife man all I got to do With my wife is listen know that she's Loved letter real let her know that I Truly not just hyperbole or fake I truly Love what she loves and what's important To her is important to me if I let my Wife know what's important to her is Important to me if I let her be seen if I let her be heard damn I got the best Wife in the history of the world she Spoils me rotten when I forget to do That I'm a different place so where do You need to step up your communication Skills is it with your spouse or Significant other is it with your Children is it with your co-workers is It with your team is it with your Potential clients is it with your Current clients Is it your future clients if we don't Change our communication if I didn't Change my community I'm I'm the last Thing I'm going to share here is if I

Didn't change my communication with my Son Brody I share it now because we are We have a great relationship and I'm not Talking about this last 13 year old Hiccup I went through a really weird Phase from like seven to nine with my Son and then again at 10 for a little While Is I really couldn't figure him out at Least that's what I told myself it's Like everything I did just was like oil And water and I just I found myself a Couple times yelling at him and freaking Out anybody yell at your kid and raise Your voice and you go downstairs you're Like what a jackass I am like that was The dumbest thing in the world why the Hell would I yell it didn't solve or Serve in any way possible and I have to Tell you there was a point where I said Wow I'm never going to be close to my Son Brody he's going to be one of those Kids that goes away to college never Comes back and on Christmas I get a card Maybe a text literally There was times where I thought that Because it was so difficult and if I Didn't address that if I didn't Understand the code of brother Brody and Learn how to communicate with him That's possibly what could have happened And there's no way in hell I'm gonna go Out maybe it happens but I'm gonna go Down fighting and I am going to be the

Person that learns grows and shifts our Communication but take that for all Areas of your life if we don't Understand the way our Prospect our Future clients are thinking in today's World you're going to miss it if you Don't communicate with the right Messaging in your marketing you're gonna Miss it if you don't communicate to get Your spouse or significant other on Board to support this Mission you're on You're going to miss it if you don't Shift your communication with your Children your sister your spouse your Friends you're gonna miss it So that's why I wanted to plant this Little seed today That complicated put on their glasses Walk in their shoes allow them to feel Understood listen more understand their Dreams understand their goals understand Their fears and their biggest worries [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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