Get Your Plans In Line With God’s Purpose – The Business Bishop Pt. 2

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Hello YouTube Myron golden here and I Know you like this part of this video Series but you're going to love the Entire thing I invite you to go back and Watch the entire thing in sequential Order so if this is if you're jumping in The middle somewhere go back watch the First video then the second then the Third like watch these videos in Sequential order they will bless you Beyond measure and so God is standing by His purpose I've decided to align align All of my plans with his purpose and Subsequently the power of Heaven is Available to me the power of Heaven is Backing me because God is not really It's not that he's backing me he's Backing his purpose and all we've done Is aligned our plans to his purpose You're a wonderful audience already are We having fun okay so you know I never Preach a long sermon by the way It's my introduction that takes all the Time But I'm I'm gonna make to you the same Promise and pledge that King Henry VII Made to his many wives When he said I will not keep you too Long Okay uh uh but but I can also assure you That my preaching and my teaching is Never As Long As It Seems Okay I'm just checking your humor Quotient because you're going to need a

Humor quotient to work with me all right Because half of what I say is jokes even Though there's there's some good truth And better than the jokes all right so I'm going to go very deep uh tonight and And and I'm hoping that we've got our Thinking caps on and that we're ready to Think on a very profound level because I'm gonna share some things that are Quite profound and they may not come as Revelation they may simply come as a Confirmation because I actually don't Think that God is ever saying anything To you that he hasn't already said Within you And what happens is you resonate with Things that you hear they make sense to You because that is profound spiritual Level you've already heard them That makes sense it's kind of why we Like people straight away and we Resonate we we connect with people Straight away Do I have a biblically studious audience In front of me tonight do I do I so I Guess I can tell you a little story out Of the Kings How that Elijah Basically called for a famine over the Kingdom of Ahab and Jezebel perhaps the Darkest period in Israel's history was The result of a marriage between King Ahab and a sidonian princess called Jezebel and as the result of that

Covenant uh it opened the door for a lot Of demonic activity Darkness idolatry to Prevail in Israel the prophets of God Were outlawed they were being hunted Down they were being murdered it was a Very dark period and Elijah called for a Famine over the land and he said there Will be no rain except I say so all Right you all remember that story okay But careful what you wish for okay Because if there's no rain then the Prophet has to find something to eat and So God said to him okay look go down to The brook karif there's water in the Brook right and I've commanded the Ravens to feed you there now I love that That because God didn't say I've Commanded the Ravens to feed you he said I've commanded the Ravens to feed you There in other words I have sent the Ravens to an address I'm now sending you to that address and If you are in the right place at the Right time you're going to be sustained He then says to Elijah go to Zarephath Because I've commanded a widow to Sustain you Interesting Elijah gets there meets a widow baking a Cake for herself and her son And if God has said to me okay I've Commanded this person to feed you I Would at least expect That the person was expecting or

Anticipating my arrival But when Elijah showed up the Widow Didn't know nothing about it Okay God has said I've commanded I've Commanded the Widow to feed you but he Shows up and the Widow knows nothing About it but when Elijah says to her Okay look bake me a cake first she Complied because something in his voice Resonated with something that was Already inside of her because the Commandment of God was not made to her Conscious mind but it was made to her Spiritual Essence and because she had Received it spiritually she recognized She resonated with an opportunity to be Of service and so I think that we're Going to go very deep tonight and are You happy to go deep Okay you sure you don't mind careful What you wish for we are going deep Because I'm going to speak about I'm Going to start tonight and I hopefully Will take it to another level tomorrow Night but I'm going to start tonight on Something that I call spiritual Intelligence For entrepreneurs Spiritual intelligence For entrepreneurs so I might as well Test the pen now And uh And and and see how we go okay so this

Is Spiritual Intelligence For Entrepreneurs Now If you cannot read my writing Join the club Okay we already have something in common All right But we're we're gonna get spiritual Intelligence For entrepreneurs there are Three intelligences that are known to Give you an advantage in business All right Uh and it's accepted in virtually old Schools of business Theory And philosophy There are three that give you an Advantage okay now let me Define them Before you before you define them as I Write them okay so the first is academic Okay so academic Intel so the idea is Uh not that you have academic Qualifications but do you have the Ability To grasp quickly a new idea Or to comprehend something that is Complex or complicated If you can quickly grasp a new idea or Comprehend something that is complicated This will give you an advantage in

Business Specifically because The terrain is changing all the time Because new tools make old models Obsolete All right so what we call a disruptive Innovation is one that basically Makes obsolete the old model and of Course you're all familiar with uh Uber Right Uber it was considered a Disruptive business model Um because it made obsolete it's Certainly in our country the minicab and The taxi industry uh because people were Able to order a car to wherever they Were they didn't have to stand on the Street waiting and hoping they could Order the car to wherever they were and This meant that the taxis suffered the Mini cab offices suffered uh what about Amazon Amazon has perhaps been one of The most disruptive business models okay Because we're able now what has made Amazon Airbnb uh or Uber effective is Disruptive technology right so the the Digital Revolution the app it has Basically changed the business landscape But it has only changed it for people Who possess a degree of academic Intelligence in that they can quickly Grasp a new idea and they can quickly They can comprehend something that is Complicated so of course there's some People who are still way back in the

Past simply because they won't even find The courage to try to use apps That makes sense

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