Finding Your WHY

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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Each of us how do we actually build our Own personal Brands because that’s what Takes us forward that’s what gives us The reason to wake up every day and That’s an important part so you want to Talk about that Absolutely so it so it starts with why Um uh a y is fundamentally An Origin Story Where you come from All of us our why is fully formed Uh by the time we’re in our mid to late Teens because we are all products of how We grew up the experiences we had when We were young molded us into who we are Today and you are who you are there’s no Changing Who You Are the question is Whether you’re making decisions that are In balance with who you are out of Balance we call that stress or we call It flow if it works in the right Direction So I can give you A simple and fun little exercise that Will help you learn your why it may not Be exact but it’ll get you in the Ballpark right Find a friend you love and who loves you The kind of friend who you know you Could call them at three o’clock in the Morning and if they called you three O’clock in the morning you’ll be there For them do not do this with a spouse do Not do this with a sibling do not do

This with a parent those relationships Are too close and they think they know Everything about you already right do it With a best friend And ask them this simple question Why are we friends And they’re going to look at you like You’re crazy Because the part of the brain that Controls our feelings like love and Loyalty and Trust the limbic brain Doesn’t control language so we struggle To put those feelings into words But then ironically you actually stop Asking the question why because the Question why is an emotional question we Need rational answers so you say come on What specifically is it about me That I know you would be there for me no Matter what and they’ll struggle I don’t Know of course they know they just don’t Have the part of the brain that controls Language I don’t know they’ll say uh and They’ll start describing you Uh you’re honest uh you’re always there For me when I need you and you’ll have To play Devil’s Advocate you have to say That’s just the definition of a friend What specifically is it about me that I Know you’d be there for me no matter What don’t help them don’t let anybody Help them let them go through the stress And they’ll go through this process a Few times why are you asking me this I

Don’t know and eventually they’ll give Up and eventually They’ll start talking about themselves And this is what my friend said to me I Don’t know Simon all I know is that I Can sit in a room with you I don’t even Have to talk to you and I get inspired And I got goosebumps in fact I’m getting Them right now because what they said What they articulated was the reason That the the value I feel in their lives That’s what they said And the reason I had an emotional Response is because that’s my why and if You do it with multiple friends which I Did you get almost the exact answer Because your why is the thing you give To the world when you’re operating at Your natural best And it’s the value you have in people’s Lives whether they’re your friends or Your teammates So you can go through this exercise it’s A lot of fun it’ll help you get get in In the in the ballpark and then then the Only thing is you have to learn to start With why

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