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My favorite leadership quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, "Leadership is about making hard choices and being accountable for those choices." To me, it illustrates the importance of having a strong moral compass and being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in. Being a leader is not always easy, but with courage and conviction, anything is possible.

Shift from focusing on what you are Getting And focus only on what you are giving Because happiness means to be a giver [Music] Our next speaker is coming from India And she is extraordinary she's an Example of my mind of love and strength Some people of Love are not enough Strength to actually break through some People are just strength up the love she Uses truth to cut through the BS and Bring people to a deeper level and I Think you're gonna love her name her Sister Shivani The sister Shivani it's such a privilege To have you here I understand Namaste Namaste Om Shanti and greetings of peace love And happiness From India First and foremost I must thank each one of you For coming together Just so that you can raise your internal Vibration Because when you come together like this Introspect Reflect Take personal responsibility And create a shift When you create a shift Within You are not creating a shift just Within You are creating a shift in the

Collective consciousness of the planet Like the room where you are right now It's vibrating with the energy which is The energy of each one of your minds Similarly the world the planet For the last two years Has been vibrating with fear and anxiety And that fear and anxiety Has taken a toll on millions of Minds We all knew about the virus pandemic But there was another pandemic going on For over two years and that was fear and Anxiety spreading very fast all over the Planet And now When you come together like this To release not just fear of two years But release fear release guilt Release any uncomfortable emotion you've Been holding on to Probably since childhood Sometimes From even before that And when we release any uncomfortable Emotion We raise our vibration And when we raise our vibration We're radiating a higher vibration into The energy of the planet not just the Energy of the room where you are not Just the energy of the country where you Are but into the energy of the planet And thereby Shift the vibration of the planet

And this higher vibration Is going to touch someone somewhere And they're going to feel better And they won't know why they are feeling Better why they are feeling lighter from Where are they experiencing this Strength which has come to them But it's traveled from you into that Consciousness of the planet So really really really thank you to Each one of you for taking out this time To create a shift in the world Let's take a minute of Silence It's been a very interesting day for you I heard about it and I saw you right now Very energetic very vibrant very excited And now the human mind has the power to Shift From being excited and energetic to Suddenly going into Deep silence Absolute silence so just take a minute It's just for a minute Close your eyes if you want if you want To keep it open it's fine just take this Minute for yourself To shift your attention From everything that you see To shift your attention To what cannot be seen But what can be felt And that is our feelings Happiness Is my nature

Happiness Is who I am Happiness And love Is what I radiate to everyone I am A happy being I am A Love full soul Powerful And divine Let me just check Any corner of my mind Or even deep Deep layers of my subconscious Do I still hold any person Past of my life Anything Which I still believe Is The cause Of my emotional heart Scan the mind Check It could be recent It could be very old It could be brushed aside But it's still there deep Is there anything I still believe Is the cause Of any kind of emotional pain Something that happened Something that someone was responsible

For A mistake they made Or a mistake I made Do I still In a very subtle way Still blame someone For my heart For the rejection I feel Or the insult I experienced And today I'm certain That I'm going to release them from my Mind And shift them From not a painful past But from a present And a future Full of love and blessings Because I I'm a powerful being What I feel Is not because of what they did What I feel Is because of what I think about what They did My feelings Are not about them It's about how I choose to think about Them And I choose Forgiveness I choose Acceptance

I choose Love Because that is truly My nature It's who I am It's the vibration at which I live my Life Because that's where True happiness is Thank you so much And you can gently come back into the Present Keeping the vibration the same And just reflecting The only one thing that we need To be happy always Happy we all are but the word to be Underlined is always And always means When situations are not favorable When people are not my way And when people are completely opposite To what I expected them to be And when someone does something Which I never ever imagined Could happen with me So irrespective Of what Situations and people The energy that they throw towards me I only need to remember that their power Is outside Their power is outside People have the power to say what they

Believe is right People have the power to do what they Believe is right And we have the power To think what we believe is right So the only one thing that we need to Shift today Is shift from a life of blame To a life of personal responsibility And blame not only in these specific Situations But we live a life of blame Often during the day If someone had to ask us right now Who is the creator of your thoughts and Feelings it wouldn't even take a second And we would say obviously it's me I create my every thought my feeling Who's that I that I is the energy Which we call light power Consciousness Soul Spirit words are many important is The understanding I am this energy the Creator of every thought feeling and Emotion it's something that I need to Affirm many many times in the day I am The creator of my every thought feeling Word and behavior I am the Creator and Then gently shift my mind to a different Vocabulary So instead of saying I am stressed Because of I'm upset because of I'm happy because Of I'm angry because of I'm hurt because Of all the because of has to fall off

Because it's not because of anybody I am What I am because I choose to be that Way yes the stimulus is there sometimes It's a very beautiful Pleasant stimulus And sometimes the opposite but I choose How to be in the face of that stimulus It sounds very simple because it is very Simple and right now we understand it we Accept it we live it but we need to live It in those situations during the day Where our mind is speaking this old Vocabulary I'm feeling like this because Of I only need to change this line Even saying something like The first thing that I need when I wake Up Is my cup of coffee Fine Have your cup of coffee But change the vocabulary which says I Cannot live without my morning cup of Coffee That line makes me dependent on a cup of Coffee I chose to have a cup of coffee I cannot Say I cannot live without my morning Coffee see the difference in the Vocabulary one makes me a master and the Other makes me dependent on that cup of Coffee Then it's no more a cup of coffee after That and I will have something else for Which I will say I cannot live without This I cannot do without this every time

I'm using this vocabulary I'm saying my Mind is dependent on situations people Objects substances and that is what Makes me a victim A victim may my happiness my love my Peace my power is not mine it's Dependent because I've said it so many Times during the day I'm dependent I'm Dependent so just one shift today just One shift is going to shift everything Else Just from today very subtle even if you Say it stop it and say it again I choose To do this not I cannot live without This I cannot do without this no I am a Master I am the master of my mind I am the Master of my sense organs and I choose What to do once we start practicing this It will become a natural way of living I become a natural way of living then we Take it to the next level I create the stress that I'm Experiencing right now it's not work Stress it's not relationship stress it's Not travel stress it is I create the Stress work relationship travel exams These are pressures So again keeping the simple formula with You stress is equal to pressure divided By resilience we used to learn this in School Stress is equal to pressure divided by Resilience

Pressure is not in my control Pressure could be a behavior pressure Could be the weather pressure could be Covered pressure could be the current Situations in the world pressure could Even be the health of my body because It's my body again outside to who I am I Am the being this is my body so pressure Which means challenge in life sometimes Could be the health of my body but we Cannot say because I am not healthy I am Not happy no it's not matter over mind It is Mind Over Matter Body may be unwell Body may be experiencing a terminal Illness And I can be calm And happy because my mind is not Dependent on my body this is the truth This is a reality and we've seen Everyone around us many of you must have Met someone who's going through a Chronic ailment and yet very light Vibrant happy and someone could just Have a little cold cough fever and they Say oh I'm not well what to do horrible Day better They can blame Just a little cold for not being happy That day people open the windows in the Morning and say the weather is so Depressive he can't say that then I'm Saying I'm feeling low and gloomy Because of the weather this is very

Subtle but it's become our vocabulary And the more we speak that way the more The Mind becomes dependent So what is happiness happiness means Being emotionally independent Emotionally independent physical Independence social Independence Financial Independence emotional Independence That is power emotional Independence is Power which means I am emotionally independent Come in a crisis Loveful when someone is in pain and not Behaving the right way with me Respectful And radiating blessings When someone could be using abusive Language Because they are emotionally unwell Right now When someone Is not in their right Behavior We need to remember They are not doing this to us They're only showing us their state of Mind at the moment They're just showing us that they are Emotionally in pain And so their words their behavior their Energy It reflects their pain Their pain could be just as words and Sometimes it could be more than that

Recently a young sister about 30 35 Years old She came to learn meditation at the Center And she was sitting in the meditation Room and when she walked out She just said I've released something that I've held On to for almost 30 years I said what happened And then she shared That she had gone through an experience When she was five years old Her parents Had left the house With her Uncle she was five years old That time And she experienced abuse And now she was about 35 and she said You know what 35 years I have hated People I can't trust people She chose not to get married not to be In a relationship she said I can't trust Anybody And she said I don't even trust my Parents actually And she said I've not had a very good Relationship with them for 30 years And she said while I was sitting and Contemplating what we have studied today She said I just realized That what I experienced 30 years back Was somebody else's mistake

But all that they could do was to my Body which was horrible But you know what did I do for 30 years To myself She said I held on to hatred for 30 Years I held on to doubt and insecurity for 30 Years She said what they did Was bad But I think what I did to myself Was completely my choice And today She said today I release I just release what I've held on to Because I realize what I've held on to Is not what they did What they did was to my body but what I Held on to was my creation And I'm not going to live in hurt and Pain anymore That's all It was just that one minute of a Realization And that doesn't mean what the other Person did was right not at all But what it just means is what I was Creating here Was my choice what they did was not in My control at that age but what I did For 30 years was completely my choice And I chose to create hatred and she Changed her vocabulary images she said I Chose to create hatred before that she

Was saying people are horrible see the Shift in the vocabulary I chose hatred She said I chose not to forgive she said I chose not to like my parents and blame Them for what happened And then when she started this healing With herself and healing was just an Understanding Her relationships with her parents Changed because she had released that Emotional blockage which she had held up To for so long And when she did that She suddenly shifted towards being happy Earlier she was doing everything the Normal way working she's not innately Happy because I cannot be happy when I've held on to something there in my Subconscious I just cannot be happy So it's a very fundamental thing I think We should have been taught this when we Were in kindergarten it's very Fundamental that people can be here They can cheat they can betray they can Abuse they can use wrong language But that's because they are emotionally Unwell It's because they are going through Something very turbulent inside them But my thought and feeling my emotion is My choice It's my creation And I choose

To be empathetic I choose to be Compassionate And in most cases I choose to even Forgive Forgive because actually I'm not Forgiving them you know we say how can I Forgive someone who's done this but we Are not actually forgiving them The law of karma we all know the law of Karma law of karma means anything that I Have done will always have a consequence In my life law of karma works with every Soul And if someone has wronged me My saying I forgive them doesn't mean Law of karma is not working with them Law of karma is working with us always But when I say I forgive I'm actually Forgiving myself I cannot forgive their karmic Consequence I cannot even if the whole World says we forgive them their karma Consequence will always be there with Them but when we say I forgive it Actually means I forgive myself by Releasing this hatred hurt and pain that I have held on to so there's only one Person we can forgive we cannot forgive Anybody else There's only one person and that's me So when we say I cannot forgive somebody And even if I forgive I cannot forget What they did What does it mean to forget what someone

Has done obviously we won't forget the Incident we know what had happened we Know what somebody had done so it's not That I forget the incident but I forgive I forget means it doesn't hurt anymore That's all it means it's like a physical Wound when we were children Psycho bicycle falling we injured Ourselves small wounds big wounds Some bones healed and because they Healed we don't even remember when they Happened but some scars are still Visible on the body Every time we see the scar we can Remember what happened similarly for the Mind if I heal myself It's over It's over but if I hold it as a scar and Say no I cannot forgive them Then not only I cannot forgive I can Never forget what happened How do I why should I forgive someone Why should I release what has happened Why should I relieve myself from that Emotional pain that I'm holding on to Because it will never allow me to be Happy it will keep me at a lower Vibrational energy and when I am at a Lower vibrational energy Then my ability to respond right into my Day-to-day living also starts getting Affected we are all a vibrational energy We can be anywhere from let's say Hypothetical words but from 10 to 100.

We have the ability to go up to divinity We have the ability to go up to purity But we're choosing to live here Only because they did what they did Just because they made a mistake I Should choose for the rest of my life to Live at a lower vibration no not at all Not at all and when I chose to live that Way it stays in my aura it's in my Energy field and everywhere I'm moving It's my aura my energy field that walks With me it's moving with me it's Radiating from me to people what am I Radiating out to people hurt that I Created because of their mistake no No one and no one's mistake is that big That I will Spoil the rest of my life by keeping Them here so all that I need to do is For a few days I create that releasing process I need to teach my mind how to think Right When it happened what happened what we Said that day was I'll never forgive Them I can never forget what they did I will Never talk to them again we gave very Strong instructions to our mind If someone had to ask you what did you Have for breakfast yesterday We'll have to think for a few minutes What did I have for breakfast yesterday And even then you might not remember but

If someone had to ask you what did they Do that time you will know it every Specific instruction everything what They were wearing where they were Standing out they were looking what they Were saying everything why is it that I Don't remember what happened yesterday And I remember what happened many years Back because when it happened I told my Mind I will never forget what they did That's it and my mind Is my best friend I am the master of this mind my mind Follows my every instruction so tell Your mind I'll never forget and it never Will forget And from today just tell your mind it's Over It's a past it's over I'm not taking it Into my present I release it I let it go And just within a few days It's so simple even physical wounds take Longer to heal emotional wounds very Easy because it's only a thought it's Only an instruction it's we who held on To it by thinking about it by talking About it by going and sharing with Everybody and every time we repeated it The wound only got because we were Scratching it again and again you know What they did you know what they did do You know what they did do you know what They did And the other person also said oh they

Did this or they did that so we are kind Of going on reaffirming what they did We don't need to reaffirm what they did Because if we reaffirm what they did the Wound only gets deeper let's reaffirm Who I am I am a Love full soul I'm an empathetic soul I am a compassionate soul And I have the ability to release Anything Anything Anything and I forgive only means I Release the pain from here Sometimes There are people With whom we invest a lot in that Relationship A lot of trust a lot of love a lot of Respect unconditional And we visualize it to always be a very Beautiful Karma connection And suddenly Suddenly Everything Changes And the first thing that my mind says Why did they do this to me Why did this happen to me and sometimes It happens repeatedly and we say why Does this keep happening with me every Time Is this how my destiny is going to be The same thing is happening with me Again and again repeatedly why does this Happen to me

So we need to understand the Journey of The Soul When we reflect on our life and on our Karma we only see what we've done in This lifetime It's very very important without knowing This we will not be able to answer most Of the questions of life but once we Know this we're able to answer every Question of our life I'm not this body I took this 40 one day and I will leave This body one day birth and death is Going to happen for everybody But who is it that is born and who is it That leaves when someone dies we say They've left Who's left the body is there who has Left When someone is in the hospital taken in For a surgery the doctor says sister Nurse take Mr so-and-so inside In case something goes wrong The person is no more the doctor says Sister take the body out Why the difference in vocabulary take Mr So-and-so inside And take the body out that means after That it's only a body It's only your body so the master of the Body has left the energy has left left And gone where energy Cannot be destroyed cannot be created It's eternal I am Eternal so where do I go so I the

Energy Leave the body take another costume Enter the womb of a mother and very soon Start a new life After Life After Life After Life it's Only a change of costume It's only a change of costume just like You're wearing a nurse dress today Tomorrow morning new dress Now The people who were sitting around you Right now just see them tomorrow morning They will also be in another dress And you will also be in another dress Similarly the people in your lives When you meet them in this body They have also changed their bodies But sometimes We are meeting Souls whom we've met Before Your meeting Souls whom we've met before Souls with whom we have very beautiful Karma connections we've met them before And souls with whom we have a little We've met them before and in our Previous meeting whatever was the karmic Exchange whatever behaviors words Energies interactions we had Either Soul leave the body but that Karma that impression carries forward With me And when two Souls meet and this is Something you would have all experienced Sometimes you feel very nice meeting

Somebody and you say they are not Related to me I hardly know them why is It I'm feeling so nice meeting this Person It's a past Karma carry forward You don't recognize them with these eyes But the soul instantly recognizes them And feels that same energy which the Soul has experienced before with them And with someone even though they may be Imitate family So I don't know why we keep having Problems with each other why we just Don't seem to be getting along I don't Know why they have a problem with me We Are All Souls on a journey and it's very Important to always remember this I am a Soul on a journey and they are a soul on A journey and a soul on a journey means Many many karmas many many experiences Many many thought processes many many Emotional patterns and when we look at Them in this lifetime we say My partner my child my mother my sibling That is just a role we are playing in This lifetime a soul on a journey A very pure loveful soul on a journey And so I need to remember that if I have Some karmic discomfort with somebody in This lifetime it may not have started in This lifetime And that's why a lot of people today go Through a past life regression to see What had happened in the past

But we don't even need to go through a Past life regression to see what had Happened in the past it's really not Needed actually we don't need to go and Find out what happened in the past we Just need to know what do I have to do Now because it's the present which is Powerful past is already done it's Finished it's over I can't do anything To the Past But I can change the karmic energy in The present So the power lies in the present Irrespective of whatever had happened in The past the power lies in the present And what I choose to do in the present In terms of my thinking will also decide My future Because my present is my present Karma It's the present energy I create and That decides the future and that's why The world says everything is Pre-destined no doesn't the world say Everything is pre-destined which means My destiny is already decided it's Predestined but predestined by who Predestined by who predestined by me When I created that Karma I already Chose what will happen next with me so Now when I receive an energy from Somebody which is not as per my Expectations Let me just remember This is a return energy of something

That I had created before Let me now send the energy which I want To create in this relationship So shift from focusing on what you are Getting And focus only on what you are giving Because happiness means to be a giver A giver a giver not in physical things But a giver in thoughts feelings and Emotions instead of living a life saying I need happiness I need love I need respect I need somebody to Understand me We're not like this needing seeking Wanting this is not happiness happiness Means I give love I radiate love because I am love so what I am automatically will radiate from me It's some belief system somebody taught Us when we were kids we need love from People no we don't need love from people We radiate and give love to people But then who's going to give me when I Give It is first I create so I create and I Give and the first one to experience it Is me So it's very very important that we are Going to settle our past karmic accounts Something that we created in the past Creates a discomfort in the present but To heal it in the present is very Important otherwise it remains as a

Discomfort in my present and if I don't Heal it before I leave this body Big chances that I carry forward with me And so forgiveness is very important Because forgiveness means I am changing My present Karma I'm changing my present Karma so forgiveness becomes very very Important otherwise we're carrying A personality of feeling rejected Feeling humiliated feeling hurt not Created in this lifetime we've created These emotional patterns before And we're not aware and we say why am I Feeling like this why do I keep feeling Like this why repeatedly with me Repeatedly with me because I'm not Changing my past emotional hurt For us it is life and death but for the Soul it is you're in this body tomorrow In another so today if you were dancing Or playing or horse riding and you Injured yourself and if you don't heal It tomorrow you will change your dress But your injury remains where it is and It's going to pain you again tomorrow Because you didn't heal it while you Were in this dress similarly I am in This dress someone did something to me I Didn't heal my pain tomorrow this dress Will change but I will carry that pain With me so a lot of personality traits We're carrying from birth by carrying From the womb of the mother and we are Probably carrying from the past so it's

Time to heal it's time to heal so let's Create a few affirmations right now for Ourselves so that healing and releasing Will become very simple for us very Simple and then we will start saying These affirmations every morning let's Keep it as the first thoughts of the Morning and every night before going to Sleep because these two timings deep Deep impact on subconscious and what we Are healing is in the subconscious so During the day I can say it but very Very important first thoughts in the Morning and last thought in the night I am A pure powerful soul Purity is my personality Love And happiness Is who I am I create Happy thoughts always I read it love and compassion To everyone Past Is past it's over In case someone this is not the Affirmation I'm just sharing in case Someone's doing something not right with You and you understand that it's not a Present life Karma but a carry forward Then first in our minds we need to say Sorry to them for a pain that maybe may Have caused earlier which we don't

Remember So we say I am sorry I am sorry For what I have done in the past So we are saying sorry for something we Did in a past life We don't know what we had done And we don't need to know That we need to apologize I'm sorry for what I have done in the Past I forgive you For what you have done in the present I forgive you for what you have done Our past karmic account Is over Which means that past energy that we Were exchanging is over A new beginning I rate it Only love and blessings to you Because this is who I am I Am the master of my mind I I'm the creator of my destiny That's it So just these few seven eight thoughts We will just need to say them for 10 15 days 20 days one month depends on How old the wound is How deep the wound Is initially when you say it you might Not feel it but just say it because

We're just overwriting an earlier Thought pattern and we're teaching our Mind to think differently and gently Within four or five days a week you will Start feeling what you are saying and a Few days more And you will start believing what you Are saying and then the past is over and What we are doing right now could also Be with the soul whom you are not within The present which means they may not be A part of your relationship Circle right Now but it's something of the past even Then we need to settle That negative karmic exchange that was There It's not necessarily it's with people Whom we are within the present it could Be someone in my childhood it could be Some anything anything but I need to Settle any uncomfortable karmic energy Exchanges so that that karmic account is Closed and we whenever we meet again It's always going to be a beautiful Energy exchange always so then we are Traveling light here no baggage no Emotional baggage in the present we will Not create emotional baggage because we Understand we are the creators of our Thoughts but we are releasing past Emotional baggage so we travel light and Light is always happy it's always pure And when the moment comes and I the soul Leave this body it's going to be with so

Much ease and dignity so light not Carrying any burden not carrying any Burden at all because I was settling and Releasing and cleaning and forgiving While on the journey While on the journey so even every night Before going to sleep if there's Anything that happened during the day Release clean forgive before going to Bed Every day release clean forgive before Going to bed Apologize before going to bed Even if it's just in the mind because Everything is only about thoughts and Energies release clean forgive Apologize even if you just said a rude Word even if you got irritated apologize In your mind it will send healing energy To the other person Just apologize I'm sorry for what I did If you can say to them beautiful if you Can't just create a thought thoughts Travel they reach I apologize I'm sorry and if someone was Not right it's okay I understand you Were in pain I forgive So we're cleaning the Clutter on the Mind every day Like we clean our bed we clean our home We clean our body we clean our mind Every day and if we clean it every day There's no baggage that we're carrying We're traveling light and traveling

Light is Happy pure lawful and extremely Powerful extremely powerful because your Mind becomes very powerful The Mind becomes weak if it's getting Too much baggage old stuff there very Subtle we're not even aware So it's very simple Being happy and radiating happiness is The simplest thing to do in life Thank you so much and I'm open to Whatever you now want to share let's Have a handful sister [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] Yes Please grab a seat off a few questions Sister Shivani would you share with us How you came to these truths The truth that everything is created by Our own thoughts the truth of Forgiveness because these truths have Been known but not everyone embodies Them so would you share with us a little Of your story of how that came to be and How you've come to embody them so deeply I got introduced to the Raj yoga Meditation which I learned at the Brahma Kumar is about 25 years back And it begins with experimentation it's Not something that I understood Immediately I come from an engineering

Background so I was looking at Everything very very logically but then A scientific background also teaches us To experiment so I was experimenting With it experiencing it and then one day I was asked to be a part of this TV Program which I did called Awakening it Was not that I was prepared for it I Knew nothing of what will happen I was Just there because somebody was not Available that day and I was kind of Literally forced to sit on that chair And uh I said I know nothing what's going to Happen and they just said just sit we Have to create an episode and send for Today and it just happened it was like I don't know it was just coming out Whatever I was sharing and but while I Was sharing I was the first one who was Learning and that's been the Journey of The last 15 years whatever I'm sharing It's actually I'm learning first and Then using it and then seeing the result Not just in my life but have had the Fortune just like both of you to see the Result in so many people's lives and When you result when you see a result in So many people's life you know it you Know it's 100 certain that it works it Works always I'll teach what we most Need to learn right that's beautiful Thank you for sharing this sister Shivani it's such a privilege and a gift

To have you so thank you for your Presence uh I'm curious so the Affirmations they set and they frame the Day and then as well the cleaning the Purification at night those are both the Rituals say for example if somebody is Charged in the moment if they have Discord in the moment uh and they're Feeling In the Heat of it uh Beyond Doing the uh the affirmation is there Anything that else that you can do to Help to unravel uh the tension of Somebody's experienced such someone's Feeling very stuck stuck or frustrated Or angry or whatever it might be or even Sadness for that matter what do you Recommend if somebody's actually in the State of the emotion Right First and foremost there are two options It's like what to do when I'm unwell you Know physically if I'm unwell what Should I do but second important is also What should I do on a daily basis yeah So that my immunity system is high and My chances of falling ill are minimal Right yeah I would prefer the other one First so like we all take care of the Body for a good physical immunity system And more or less we're leading having Healthy bodies similarly for emotional Immunity system So I need to build up my emotional Immunity system so just few simple

Lifestyle habits one is a very good Sleep cycle a lot of our emotions that We are experiencing today is because we Are emotionally fatigued yes and that's Because we don't give good rest to our Mind you know like a tired body if the Body is tired we sometimes get very Irritable so like you've been doing this Program and I am understanding that the Organizers must be having a late night And they know it's going to happen for Four or five days they're happy while Doing it but yet body will get tired and Sometimes we can get irritated because We are tired and people will say it's Okay she's tired she'll be fine once She's rested we know that on a physical Level but what do we do with a tired Mind when are we giving it rest so very Important thing for good emotional Immunity and health is deep sleep a lot Of us are sleep deprived today yes we Can doze off to sleep anytime on the Flight even early morning because we are Not experiencing deep sleep we are Sleeping long but not deep so it's not About how many hours it's about the Stage of my sleep so our sleep also Should be a meditative sleep and for That the highest energizing time for Sleeping is between 10 pm to 2 am never Miss out on these four hours of sleep 10 Pm to 2 A.M is a high energizing time And the best waking up time is 4 AM to 5

Am it's the highest vibrational time of The 24 hour cycle in terms of energy the 4 AM to 5 a.m time now if when I came Here 25 years back that's the first Change that I created in myself sleeping Early and automatically waking up early Doesn't have to do and don't have to do Much on the waking up part just have to Sleep early have an early dinner finish Your two two and a half hours of Digestion before you go to sleep so that Your body doesn't have to go through Digestion during sleep second at least An hour before we go to sleep we Disconnect from work communication And we disconnect from any negative Content consumption yes so not a single Negative word should go on my mind Actually take care even during the day Because we're consuming so much of Content now and that's a big cause of Our emotional health it's a cause of our Overthinking it's a cause of our Reacting it's a cause of feeling fearful Sad upset very easily it's because we're Consuming a lot of that kind of content What we watch read listen is who we Become yes content is equal to Personality is equal to Destiny So content is someone's business and They're doing well with their business But we are changing our Destinies just Because we're consuming that so restrict Content consumption and definitely any

Content which has fear hope to ridicule Criticism lust anger aggression It is not entertainment yes it is not Entertainment it is toxic for the mind And for the body both now just before Going to sleep 15 minutes Consuming pure content Which means that's where spirituality Works very well because it's content Which has words of Purity acceptance Compassion forgiveness so consuming it Just before going to sleep which means It goes into your subconscious during Your sleep so those 15 minutes before The sleep are very important take that High nutritional emotional diet just Before going to sleep then immediately After waking up because again the Subconscious is active that time so Meditation in the morning and consuming Again pure content in the first 15 Minutes of the morning these two timings Are very very important just before Going to sleep and just when you wake up If you nourish yourself with pure Powerful content at these two times The chances of you becoming vulnerable During the day are minimal yes Are minimal actually because you are Becoming emotionally fit you know it's Raising our emotional Fitness levels or We say spiritual Fitness levels because We're taking the right diet at the right Time and during the day restricting

Negative content consumption we have Enough of our negative to finish why Should we consume negative from the World even something like world news you Know people feel oh it's not just before Going to sleep we are watching the world News If I keep consuming the world news my Mind will keep becoming what the world Is and if my mind keeps becoming what The world is the world will keep Becoming more of what it is today yes I Need to become that which can change the World not just consuming that what is Going on in the world so yes being Informed of what's happening in the World but not consuming that just before Going to sleep or the first thing in the Morning and that is the highest trp time Of news channels late night and early Morning so you know it's only about the Timing of what we're doing so emotional Diet Exercise for the mind is self-reflection Meditation anyone does these two things They're going to be emotionally very fit Another very beautiful thing that we do Is we take a pause of one minute every Hour it's beautiful it's called just a Minute it's a just a minute meditation Yes so taking a break of one minute we Have apps on the phone a very beautiful Music will play every minute and we will Just sit back take a minute and reaffirm

I'm pure I'm powerful I let go of what Happened in the last hour I'm available And accepting in the next hour you know So my mind again gets recoded every hour Again it's like how doctors say move Away from the screen blink your eyes for 20 seconds get up take a stretch now This is for the little exercise for the Mind so when these things happen on a Daily basis you're emotionally very fit In spite of that if there is a situation And I create pain or I create hurt for First thing that I immediately do is Pick up something to read which means Immediately give myself something which Is nutritional immediately and what is What that is what we call an emotional First aid kit it should always be there In your bag or your purse yes a book a Video or audio it may not be related to Your situation but just consuming pure Powerful words will first give strength To your mind so immediately consume it And then just take a minute don't allow Your mind to keep crying take a minute Sit with yourself and counsel yourself As if you were doing it to a friend yes You can write out your thoughts which Say they did this to me how could this Happen to me just write out those Thoughts leave a line blank after every Thought and now write out the next Thought which you would say to your Friend if they were saying this to you

How could they do this to me why did They do this to me people are so Horrible so write out your thought and Then write out a thought which you would Share with that one whom you love and Very soon your mind will know what You're trying to say and the mind will Say okay I'm fine I released and I'm now Okay but mostly I feel that if we take Care of our daily lifestyle in building Emotional Fitness These times hardly ever come yes yes They hardly ever come this is the Difference between that because you've Heard somebody talk about before Emotional intelligence is wonderful it's A capability but Fitness is a state of Readiness and it's because you're Awakening that part of your nervous System throughout the evening the Morning and perhaps throughout the day That's beautiful thank you for sharing That yeah you had one more question Before we go to the group yes sister Shivani uh I'm curious of the mindset And practice uh a lot of times people Feel that if they lose somebody that It's a grief uh you know that is so Difficult to overcome is there a Practice for an individual if they've Currently had somebody that they have Lost that connects them and Oneness with Their beloved or is it the recognition That we are all one and I am a soul they

Are a soul and the recognition of the Affirming that and going into meditation And that reality to connect in that Heart space whether they are here or not I'm just curious if you could shed light On that yes especially that office of a Child since that has been wondering yes People have had the most difficulty Absolutely absolutely Need to remember if we are a family of Three or four and we lose one family Member yes we are in so much pain yes But now just think about that Soul who Has lost everybody Um Next if I'm a family of four and I lose One family member the pain is so much But we are still three together and we Lost one but that one lost all three That one lost everything they achieved That one lost their body so imagine how Much pain they are in you know we never Ever think that the one who experienced Death is in pain because we feel they Are no more so it means as if it's Finished it's not finished only the body Is no more yes the soul is exactly what They were with you they can catch your Every feeling your every thought your Every word even more than what they can Catch when they are in a body it's like Out of body experience you can catch Every thought and feeling and then this Soul enters into the womb of a mother

And that's why all those mothers just Rewind and see how your experience has Been during your pregnancy And if you've had two children you would Have noticed that two times the Experience would have been different Depends on who the soul is who enters And depends on what the energy the soul Is receiving from their family yes so One to remember that we are in pain yes But the one who's moved forward is in Much much much more pain than me and my Responsibility right now is to heal them Before they begin their new Journey so It's a priority shift yes my priority Now is and especially like you said Child so parent would do anything for Their children right yeah so while we Were doing it while they were with us Now what we have to do is even more Important than what we were doing when They were with us they are entering a New body a new body Health a new Destiny Is going to start it needs to start with Happiness and love and power and Blessings They have to be healed before they begin Their new journey and most important When I'm in pain here My vibrations of pain reach them And sometimes the pain is like Why did you go away How do you think I'm going to live Without you

You have to come back My life is of no use without you what You have done is unfair so you know These thoughts seem so normal But we are actually complaining to them We're actually angry with them if Someone comes to your place it's not About for how long they were important Is what was the quality of that Relationship so even if somebody was With me for 10 years Let me not complain that why did you go Away so soon let me radiate gratitude Thank you for every moment of those Beautiful tenures thank you for filling Me with so much love and Power in 10 Years so you know you're saying the Farewell with gratitude yes not with Hurt and not being angry because the Other person there will create guilt yes The soul will create guilt I left them They are unhappy because of me no we Have to send them with gratitude we have To send them with blessings so every Morning and night and of course any Number of times during the day again Affirmation I am a powerful soul And you are a very very powerful soul Thank you for every moment that you were With us and we know you are still with Us We know you are still with us and most Important you don't worry about us

We are absolutely fine we will take care Of our each other don't worry about us Your new Journey Perfect healthy body Happy Love full mind And beautiful relationships Are your destiny You are always with us and we are always With you We will always remember you with love Love and only love and blessings So let's just say this for a few days Initially again we could be crying or Hurting while we are saying it yes but We are teaching the mind to start Thinking another way and within a few Days the mind will shift we will always Miss them but miss them with love not With pain So just remember that when you're crying When you're hurting it's not just you Who are in pain it's they who are Receiving the pain do I want to send Them that no I don't want to yes Absolutely beautiful thank you it's Really lovely some questions from the Room Yes [Applause] Emma Emma Grace Um I want to ask you what do you think About alignment because I've been Reading and listening many people that Has been guided through meditation to

Look for the Enlightenment and the path That you are showing us today is part of The people that is going through that Way so my question is about that how do You see it Enlightenment Only means when I awaken from my old way Of thinking which was taking me into Pain and darkness even one change of Thought and you are enlightened yes Enlightenment is happening every day Because we're always on the journey Enlightenment is not something that Happens once Enlightenment is every Single day because when I'm shifting in My energy in my vibration I'm shifting Towards a higher energy light So it's a process it's a journey it's Not a one-off that today I'm enlightened It's not like that it's a gradual gentle Very beautiful journey and you enjoy This journey yes So we are on the way of alignment here We already are we're only moving higher Yes okay we're only moving higher thank You [Applause] I I'm so glad I'm so glad you asked that Question because I know so many people Are pursuing Enlightenment like they Pursue objects of achievement And that is nothing to do with what Enlightenment is it's every moment it's Not something you're going to arrive at

And then it's over if you do that your Furthest Thing from Enlightenment it's Not something you can pay someone to Give you or you can get after X number Of days it's something you live every Day there is no other form but that Couldn't agree with you more sorry yes Question Thank you very much I really honor your Soul and your presence my question is What do you recommend for us to exercise Like for the family members like my Father I love my father I love it myself feel Very happy when I see my father But he's not always surrender about Positive energy so why do you recommend Me so when I see my father You feel he's not surrounded by positive Energy yeah like when I see my father Like um His energy like Okay I can hear the negative energy of Him Okay so It's like if your father was physically Unwell what would you do you would take Care of him you would heal him so Similarly if someone you feel is at a Slightly lower vibrational energy in Their emotions we radiate those emotions To them we radiate those feelings to Them Simply by first being it yourself right

So being it yourself and that's why the Principle of taking care of others first Begins with self-care amen first Self-care so you yourself Take care that you've deleted all the Negative that you were carrying in your Aura and keeping your energy clean every Day so you know just being in your Presence even if you're not physically Present but emotionally Your father is connected to you so he's Always receiving your vibrations and When somebody receives fiber it's like We've all experienced like you are in This room you're in a room of a higher Vibrational energy so don't you feel it Assists you to move up yes does it help You to shift higher similarly your Higher energy will help him to shift Higher You know we always are able to enable Others to shift but if we don't take Care sometimes we shift other people Lower because we were very low so that's Why taking care of your vibration is the First thing and second from today don't Create a thought that he's at a negative Energy even that becomes our affirmation So we will never think that again we Will never say that again and we will Only say he's a pure Soul always happy Always happy always light always Powerful and even when you talk to him You say you say you're a very beautiful

Soul you're a very beautiful soul I can Feel love and compassion from you and Create a thought that he is surrounded By a Divine Light Energy Circle of Love And Happiness visualize that surrounded By a Divine Light Energy circle of Happiness just radiate this energy to Him energy is the easiest we can catch Faster than kobit We love you sister Savannah you're spot On How about back here Whenever you talk I feel your Peacefulness and also how slow you talk About things because I realize sometimes When I talk I try to talk super fast so That people can listen to me but you Speak in the way that make me feel maybe It's okay to speak a little bit slower It could be more powerful And I have a question because I've been Listening to Tony's material since I was 13 years old in China like we have a Chinese version of Tony Robbins like Book Awakening So like because I've been learning this I realized I'd be really careful with my Languages since I was a kid and it Worked really well however I feel there Could be a numbness because I trying to Explain everything in my head it's like If somebody doing something I don't like I just say oh that is inconvenience like Something like that but then I realized

I'm really angry about it but I try to Be positive in my head yes and then I Realized there has a lot of surprising Emotions of negativities so how am I Knowing and purifying my energy instead Of I'm just being numb and avoiding to Face the real emotions Okay first and foremost I want to tell You that 25 years back I used to speak So fast that even my parents would have To say please say it again we didn't Understand what you said just to speak Very very fast and the change that has Happened in the way of speaking has only Happened because there's a change in the Way of thinking so I have not practiced Or made any effort to talk softly or Slowly it just happened I was not even Aware when it happened and how it Happened and it's still continuing it's A journey we still own now very Beautifully you said when a situation Comes You have learned how to say positive Words and you know that's a big big Achievement big achievement that here is A stimulus and I have learned how to Respond to that stimulus with positive Words because had I not learned that and If I was not using that vocabulary I Would have been using another vocabulary And we know what that vocabulary could Be and that vocabulary would have Escalated my reaction it wouldn't be

What it is today it would have escalated My reaction which had would have got Rebound energy from somebody else from There and the situation would have gone To another level altogether so it's like Immediately when my first sentence when My first response is positive it's Solution based I have protected myself big big big big Protection I have protected myself Second part what we can do is Whenever you're sitting with yourself Early morning sit with yourself and just Sit in silence and just see what are the Thoughts that come to you You know like a physical wound If I hurt my foot somewhere and I just Put a medicine quickly and I got back to Work But then when I sit back at the end of The day I suddenly realize it's hurting A little bit right but I didn't realize It during the day because I put some Instant medicine and I was back to work So when you sit in silence with yourself And just see what are the thoughts which Come to you you will know that this is Your emotional pain that means this is a Wound which was created we were very Powerful and positive in our words which Is a big big achievement but somewhere I'm holding on to that little pain and Now what we do is you write out your Thoughts of pain

Write it out what is your mind saying You know it's like somebody else saying Something to you so write out those Thoughts of pain and you already have The beautiful positive vocabulary with You right so you know what you have to Say to that so then you also write out Those positive words And when you do that every day for three Days four days five days six days do it When you're in silence Very soon the change that you have Created in words will also become the Change in your mind And second very important thing is take Care that you don't consume that quality Content It's like I heal my mind and then I Again hit my mind with some content Where they're using negative vocabulary See what you are learning from Tony is Positive vocabulary but what you are Learning from the world in terms of Entertainment and content could be a Completely opposite vocabulary now how Much time are you listening to him and How much time are you listening to other Content So what is going to happen with the mind Which one is going more on their mind so Along with consuming positive content we Also really really need to restrict Negative content it's like healthy diet And junk food so if you eat healthy food

One meal a day and otherwise Thrice in a Day you're consuming junk food which one Is more powerful so try and keep a Healthy diet throughout the day that Itself will make the whole process very Simple I would add that the questions that We've been talking about here is to Question the meaning So when you feel it's great it's given a Label initially so you don't go deeper Down there but then to ask yourself the Question in these times who's talking About when you're silent when you're Quiet you know what does this really Mean is this really true the questioning Of the negative thought right you can Only most of us doubt our beliefs and Believe our doubts And the question is done to ask the Question is this really true and could It be a misinterpretation could this be A misperception do I know all that I Could possibly need to know about this And then as if you're using the format We're talking about for Byron Katie as An example you could say when I think This thought how does it make me feel Because we only stay with something as Long as we feel certain consequence how Do I feel when it's there how do I Behave how do I act is that really true Is that how I want to feel I wonder if I Never had this thought this thought

Wasn't here what I would experience and Then those reversals which you look at It and say what if the opposite were True and you look for three or four Options because the secret is yes you Don't want to just consume things and Allow your mind to go crazy but you also Don't want to just affirm something Without going to the deeper meaning Remember the three decisions we teach All of you is the control your whole Life is what are you going to focus on That's what she's talking about whatever You focus on continuously we said this The first day you don't experience life You experience the life you focus on There are millions of things we can Focus on what's wrong is always Available so it's what's right so it's It's the habit of that component and Then the second one is what is the Meaning and can we find the empowering Meaning not bsing ourself not just Labeling it but by questioning we can Get to the Natural empowering meaning And then from that we have different Emotions and our actions will change but The same thing we noticed it came up Earlier when I was talking with the Young lady over here talking so fast It's not just talking so fast it's Acting so fast learning to use those Gears instead of only having one gear is What makes life great but most people

Are speeding up because if they slow Down they start to feel what they don't Want to feel they start to notice that They don't want to notice and it's like If you're if in the middle of your fear You'll dive deeper into it you'll Discover it has no power over you if You'll dive into the thing you're trying To avoid In a calm State a centered State over And over again suddenly there'll be no Fear because it's all imaginary it's not Real So these daily disciplines you're Sharing are so consistent with Everything we've been talking about here Whatever you feed the Mind whatever you Focus on is what you're feeding it There's so much you could be noticing In This Moment the smell of your neighbor After the jumping up and down these Beautiful words right this incredible Soul that's in front of us sharing from Our heart there's so many things you Could be thinking about the past the Present or the future we do not take in All of life we take in a very small part Of life so our responsibility if we want To have a joyous life if we want to be a Source of pleasure and joy and happiness For others as well is to become more Conscious about that in these times These short times of giving yourself a Chance to feed the right Focus the

Nutritious Focus so to speak as well as To question the limiting meanings they Can be done during meditation but Meditation comes in many forms some of You don't like the traditional idea of Meditation you could do it on a run you Could do it while you're sitting down Looking out at nature you don't have to Do it one specific way there's so many Ways but it's just questioning the mind When it has pain or limitation because Anything that's questioned continuously You'll start to feel there's nothing Real there but you've I really love uh Sister you're so beautiful she she Acknowledges the truth you've done the First step and you want to own that First step that you've done beautifully Now just going to the next step that Will give you more freedom Give her a hand thank you so much Right here So I help people break free from alcoholism Addiction and unhealthy dependencies and Many times I do it similar to Tony where I have to go I have to go direct I have To it's just my style let's say Foreign From you how do you deal with people That are really stuck in denial Like you seem very Not like me So so what is what is your way

Of breaking people from denial like What's what route do you take is The limitation right the police sister Shivani denial about Let's say they don't They don't believe that their problem is As bad they you know everybody everybody Loves them everyone knows it's it's Terrible Um but they're not there yet with drugs Or alcohol for example drugs and but you You're there to help them Break Free of That what how would you do that Actually when We don't talk about the alcohol or the Drugs we're talking to the soul yeah so We work on this Soul healing The soul is definitely carrying Something of the past which is not Allowing them to be happy and they're Looking for that happiness somewhere Outside Unless they heal themselves internally Many are able to give up even without Doing any inner healing of course they Can and many are able to give it up for Life a substance abuse but that's not Something that I work on working on the Addiction we work on the emotional Addictions that they've held on to Whether it is guilt whether it is lack Of self-love or lack of love from people So be completely working only on that And in the process while the soul heals

Themselves They don't realize that that substance Just is not needed in their life So not working directly on substance Addiction or anything which is working On the healing of the Soul which they Have to do themselves because we can't Heal people we can only share with them What we're learning about healing the Self and they will use that to heal Themselves and depending on what Internal vacuum they have created They just have to fill that space and The need for something from outside will Just automatically fall away it's it's a Result that happens of the emotional Heal Something I think would that be building That emotional immunity as well as You've described same exact patterns Developing those new patterns until they Begin to take over Because if If not experiencing something then I'm Looking for it outside when I start Experiencing it I will not find the need For it outside that could be not just Addiction of alcohol or drugs it could Be Gadget addiction it could be people Dependency addictions come in a lot of Way attachment comes in a lot of Different ways even attachment to me Being right always Attachment that my idea attachment is so

Subtle yes you know a very subtle Attachment is an addiction so once we Start working on ourselves gently all These addictions the very visible ones Which the world can see and the very Subtle ones which we only we know but we Didn't even know it's an attachment or An addiction so even they start falling Off the seed I would plant with you also As your language of breaking them from It Shows that there's you've got a really Nice hammer and you might be treating Everyone as a nail it might be I don't Think so I'm sure you have many Different Tools in your toolbox but when You come across something that's really Resistant and you're really trying to Help the family I know how much you care And your intensity increases and there's Nothing wrong with that but perhaps we Need some other metaphors besides break And this one is more healing this is More building this is more creating Something or Awakening something that Already exists within someone that They've forgotten And is something else to consider Adam Uh the practice of recognizing their Soul if you think about it they have an Identity that they are an addict and so There's a lot of Shame around that There's a lot of guilt around that it's A lower identity rather than reflecting

Their sovereignty reflecting that you're Such a beautiful soul beyond the Behavior beyond the addiction and to Reflect that that they they probably Haven't seen themselves possibly ever Like that and the fact that through your Eyes that you recognize the purity of Their being the beauty of their being Beyond the behavior and hold the space From from From that Clarity of Love uh I think is Just so such a gorgeous practice uh Sister Shivani and you're reflecting the Truth of their being I can't think of anything more profound And that would be healing in itself and Would create a space of receptive Receptivity uh that they would want to Share and trust you and open that door To their heart to be able to have a Deeper and more meaningful conversation Possibly and it's less of a push so the Less pushback right you push and there's Push back Um one of the things I really honor in You as Mrs Bonnie has so much love but Still strength yes but it's not a push Strength it's a pull strength Can you Feel it yeah she's pulling you towards Where it is because she owns it within Herself she's not pushing it on you so That you have to accept it or not that's Not where she's coming from that's part Of the power of her message comes from

Her heart from her soul and you have That Adam but sometimes when we feel Like we're not getting to level we want To help and we think it's life and death Sometimes more push happens and I Certainly made that mistake plenty of Times myself but you're you're the Toolbox of your heart and soul is much Larger than just breaking them and I Think that might be a helpful thing to Remember and then just think of the Example she just gave for the other lady Here about her father that's the exact Same model Right Just remember you're talking to a pure Beautiful Soul yes yes you know we go Beyond labels of even relationship roles Positions we're living in a world where It's a roll to roll connection it's a Position to position connection it's an Achievement to achievement connection or It's a relationship connection but those Are all labels that we have acquired in This lifetime connect to the soul yes so You know just all the labels fall off And but that is if we are living in that Consciousness ourself not living in a Consciousness of what we've achieved That is there to use that is there to Work and live with but who am I and then Connecting to who they are becomes very Easy actually you don't have to do it Just have to do it for the self so what

You see in yourself is only what you Will see in others if you see yourself As a gender your attention will go on The gender of the other person if you See yourself as a nationality or a Religion that's what you will see in the Others if you see yourself as a Qualification and a position that's what You will pay attention to but if you Remember that you are a pure Beautiful Soul then that's that's what you will See the other person and they'll receive That vibration from you yes Yes Jack Namaskaram sister Shivani Um I've you know this is my third Spiritual trip with Tony and sage and I've learned a lot I've learned a lot From the speakers that have come to These events and I've gone to a lot of Their Um their events and read their books Um recently a lot Um Of you know the universe is speaking to Me about death and I think you mentioned Death as well and Um You know satguru just wrote a book about Death that's sitting in my nightstand When I get back I want to read Um and yesterday we had a gentleman Speaking Mo about Um how the death of his son changed his

Life and put him on a mission Um you know And one thing he said that kind of stuck Out to me was you know his son's dream And mission in life was to impact people And it was Kind of that mission that he's Continuing and He accepted that his son's passing was You know him going into the spirit the Divinity and being in touch with Everybody And you know Coming from a Christian background you Know we're always taught you know Different things and there's a little Bit of conflicting values there um that You know like my grandmother passed a Year ago and for me seeing her soul go Through that Journey You know for me was a very beautiful Process but for my mother you know she Grieved for months and she couldn't let Go it was a very difficult process and You know and again I spoke to her soul Instead of telling her you know you're Doing right you're doing wrong and she Eventually released Um that identity and connection with her Mother but I heard you also mentioned That death is a difficult process that The person that's passing is struggling And you know I wanted you maybe if you Can address that point

The experience the experience of death Would depend on how we've lived our life So if my life is A lot of attachments Then just leaving this attachment it's Like if you're wearing a very tight Dress costume which is like clinging Onto your body then taking off is thing Going to take a little time but if You're wearing something which is very Loose you can just pull it off like that Right so it all depends on how attached I am to everything and how much burden That I am carrying if you are living a Life where you are with everybody But emotionally detached detached Doesn't mean indifferent detached just Means that your mind is not dependent on People and situations Then you're living a life where you will Be able to leave the body with a lot of Ease With a lot of ease but if I'm very Entangled and attached then of course I Don't want to leave the people who I'm Leaving so I am creating pain while Leaving and it's not just my pain it's Also the pain that I'm receiving from The people who I'm leaving So that's why the soul when they live in That state They are in a little pain that's why we Were all taught to pray for them why are We say pray for them why do we say rest

In peace because we know that they may Not have left very peacefully we want Them to be in peace that's why we pray For them but art of dying Is actually Art of Living and Art of Living is actually art of dying so if I Live my life in a way where all my Karmic accounts I settle every moment Not carrying clutter and baggage then We're ready to leave any minute it's Like people who travel often they have Their bags packed you give them a call And they will leave and people who are Not ready they'll say no wait I need Time to pack so often we don't get time To pack before leaving the body so it's Good to keep all things sorted and so Then when you leave you leave with Gratitude and blessings not with any Pain or bitterness carrying with you so The ease of leaving and also for us we Also need to learn or be able to do it The ease of letting other people live You know if someone is in a state where The body is not going to heal the doctor Has also said that they cannot do Anything but sometimes we see people That the soul doesn't leave They don't leave they are not able to Live so if you talk to the soul even in Cases where it's a coma where you feel That the person cannot listen to you but Actually the soul can listen to Everything that you're thinking and

Saying and you gently hold their hand Talk to them radiate lot of love and say Don't worry about the people behind We'll take care of your children we'll Take care of your people a very Beautiful costume is waiting for you Just send them like you have to send Somebody out of the house you say go go Go you have to go to work and the person Says no I want to stay with you I said No no you have to go to college you have To go to work similarly you have to Jane Please send them away that you know you Have to go to your new Destiny so it Also becomes easy to allow people to Leave their costume I've experienced this myself and two Different people in my lifetime both of Which were in a coma for weeks and died Within minutes of by having those Classifications twice absolutely it just Takes a few minutes for them to leave After that truly miraculous I want to Mention one thing if I may Um because there are many different Faiths in this room and I heard you say That it creates a conflict in values I Would question and consider is it a Conflict in values of Christianity or Conflict and beliefs and rules yeah Because the values of Christianity the Values that most religions have a base In something called love or service or Connectedness

It's the rules that men have made It's the belief structures that we've Been taught the common conflict it's Important to make the distinction Between values and beliefs I don't think I could be wrong I don't Think you have a conflict in values I think you might just have a conflict In what the mind believe Something just to consider thank you Thank you One or two more Thank you thank you Sage Tony Um Sister thank you very much uh just A question about Um You mentioned uh the young sister who Had had 30 years of hate in her heart And her mind And you know I have three daughters Um you know I love them and my wife Uh and it just uh I wanted to know your thoughts on how They're going to go through troubles in Their lives as we all do as we all are How valuable and how would you recommend Using some form of pre-framing so that When they do have these issues that They're already prepared and have that Emotional strength and vitality to get Through it and they don't have to you Know wait 30 years or how would you Introduce it to a maybe not a

Six-year-old but maybe I don't know when Would you introduce these ideas thank You First and foremost we need to remember As a parent our thoughts and vibrations Which means our ideas are already Radiating to them The time that the soul starts absorbing Your ideas and your beliefs of Life are When they enter the womb of the mother And that's why today when there is Healing a lot of people are regressed to The womb and they say what was the Parent going through when the soul was In the womb of the mother You know so if a parent means both it's Not necessarily just the mother but it's Both a the parents were going through Any turmoil any conflict any fear any Trauma then sometimes the soul absorbs That in the womb and then they carry it In their life but similarly if the Parent is going through self-reflection Meditation love compassion the soul Absorbs it right from the womb so there Is no age of when we are going to teach Children It's about what we are learning what we Are holding What is our belief Belief meaning understanding not just a Belief understanding how I live in my Consciousness and what's the aura that I Carry it's radiating to Every Soul

Around you and children catch it faster Which means as I grow older and more Information keeps getting coded on my Mind in which we say the ego gets Developing my ability to absorb and Catch reduces but a child absorbs very Fast very fast so it's actually the Easiest time when they're five six years Old it's the easiest time for them to Learn but learn not by talking about it Repeatedly but learn by living it and of Course your vocabulary you know your way Of talking to them Starts becoming their way of thinking Starts becoming their way of thinking We need to learn and therefore be able To share That we are not just the body and Everything that we do We are the energy in this body that is I And the rest everything is mine This eye and mind is very important Because everything is mine I believe It's I So when if somebody did something to my Body I don't say they did something to my Body I say they'd say did something to Me nobody can do anything to me The power there only lies with me it's The room here that's the only place no One else can enter So never they say they did this to me or They can't do anything to me no one can

Do anything to me so that I and my Difference is very important And then First and foremost don't think that they Will definitely go through all these Challenges and these issues no Every Soul comes with a different destiny Different Karma different vibrations Don't already start thinking that they Will go through this that is also an Affirmation that's also a vibration Don't send it's like it's like me saying My child will meet with an accident in This life no why why will we ever think Like that but we think like that because We feel many people are going through it Doesn't matter Every Soul's journey is different so we Will not create a thought that they will Go through these challenges that's also Not an energy so we are empowered we Empower them As they go through those little things While they're five years old six years Old from there we start the principles Of cleaning the Mind forgiving Apologizing letting go self-respect Self-respect should not be dependent on Public approval is what we can teach Them when they are in kindergarten Especially for a generation which is Growing up on social media handles right From the time when they are kids It's a very deep conditioning that what

People if people approve of me then I'm Good And if people don't then I need to Change to become what they want me to be Yes so self-esteem should not be Dependent on public approval I should Know for myself what is comfortable what Is right for me What makes me at ease And so as young girls They don't need to change and become What somebody else wants them to be yes They take advice They see if it works for them yes but Only just so that I get more likes on my Social media handles we start changing Simply start changing from the way we Dress up the way we eat the way we speak The way we behave we start becoming like What the world wants us to be just to Get more approval so self-respect is What We developed and it can start from any Age but more important is just about who You are as parents children will just Absorb it my mother started meditation And she used to tell me to do it and the More she told me I said like no I'm not Interested in all this I don't need it My life is perfect there's nothing wrong In my life and then she stops saying it And this I'm saying when I was 25 years Old not even five years old and then she Stopped saying it but she was living it

And the vibration was in the house and One day I just got up and I said I also Want to learn what you're doing I don't I still don't know why I said it Actually It was in the air It's in the air that's why I say Vibrations travels faster than Kobe you Just catch it and you don't even know When you caught it there was nothing Wrong nothing I just got up one day I Also want to learn what you're doing That's it so just live it and it Vibrates and radiates and they catch it And everything sister Shivani has been Sharing with you as an example of Priming right you're priming the mind With these affirmations you're priming The Mind by also what you're deciding Not to consume when you're not time Consuming I mean think of everything she Shared with you it's been a form of Priming priming the mind the body the Heart the soul to be at its best and That starts with you your energy will Have that impact and and how incredibly Profound for our children once again to Reflect that they are a beautiful soul That they are a pure Soul reflecting Their sovereignty back to them so then They go into school and if there's maybe A child that's a bully once again is you Know the recognition and awareness that They claim who they are in this world

And that they're not here to please the External World we're here to serve the External world and we get to raise not Only B but also raise a generation that Are aware of the fact that we're here to Be a blessing to life there's nothing More profound the fact that your soul Stood up and asked that question for Your children is just it moves me so Thank you sister Shivani for offering Your light Thank you for all that you've shared With us we work so hard to find you we Chase you through many different Locations so we're so grateful we caught You and so grateful we got to share with You and we hope to meet you in person Sometime indeed in the near future and Next time yeah next time you plan to Come to India please come to India Bharat it's a very beautiful country and I know you love that country and yes and Mount Abu is a very beautiful place of Vibrations of meditation so look forward To having each one of you over there Look forward to it namaste Thank you very much [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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